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Like all museums, the Norris doesn't have enough space to display more than a fraction of the items in our collections. So we try to have the most interesting ones on show most of the time, and we hold special exhibitions three times a year to give you the chance to see some of our many other treasures
Our usual schedule is to hold a display using museum objects each summer in May, June and July.
In the autumn, usually for the whole of September and often including the end of August as well, we have a special display of paintings and prints from our art collection.
And over Christmas, running for the whole of December and January, we aim to display some of our old photographs.
You can check on this page to see what we've got planned for the coming months. And to give you some idea of the scope of our exhibitions, check out the "Past Exhibitions" page to see some of the displays we've held before.
Even when there's no special exhibition being held, the Norris is still worth a visit! We hold our special displays in the Museum art gallery - so in the months when a special exhibition isn't on, you can see some of our local paintings and landscapes on display there.
As well as our special displays, the Norris Museum holds other events as well whenever we can. Sometimes we stage special activities for children during the school holidays. And sometimes we have an archaeologist available to identify things that you may have found. Check this page for details of these events as well.