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00000ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST NEOTSButton: made of metal (probably brass); circular in shape; front side decorated with squares; reverse side centrally has raised but corroded area where it may have been attached to garment. Diameter: 26mm.
2000.12RomanLondon?NO PROVENANCELigula: bronze rod with knob at one end, the other end (presumably the spoon bowl originally) now missing; decorative rings round the shaft; broken in two pieces. Present length 102mm.
2000.14 a-uRomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBones from a burial: a) skull, jawbone and skull fragments; b) 2 femurs; c) humerus, radius and ulna from right arm; d) ditto from left arm; e) pieces of right ribs; f) pieces of left ribs; g) fragments of ribs; h) 5 cervical vertebrae; i) 7 dorsal vertebrae; j) 5 dorsal vertebrae; k) 5 lumbar vertebrae; l) pieces of the pelvis and sacrum; m) parts of the right clavicle and scapula; n) the left clavicle and fragments of left scapula; o) 3 pieces of the right tibia, one of the right fibula and the patella; p) a patella and 2 pieces of the tibia, presumably the left ones; q) 15 bones of the right foot; r) 7 metatarsals of the left foot; s) 9 metacarpals of the left foot; t) unidentified bones and bone fragments; u) bones and bone fragments found with the burial but not part of the same body, including the jawbone of a child aged about four, most of a femur, a sacrum and two vertebrae.
2000.14 a-u (contd.)Roman
2000.14-56RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERVarious items from the collections of the Longsands Museum, St Neots, given to the Norris Museum when the Longsands Museum closed in 2000. See Entry form no. En/142 and correspondence with Peter Brice of White Cottage, Front Street, North Walsham NR28 9RW, the Longsands trustee who arranged matters. 2000.15-56 are coins found in London Road, Godmanchester, date and exact location not known as yet: 2000.15-50 were found as a "scattered hoard" - note that the dates are rather scattered too, so they may not have been a hoard in the strict sense; 2000.51-56 are unrelated coins from the same site.
2000.15RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, Constantinopolis (330-337). Obv. …NOPOLIS. Rev. illeg.
2000.16RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPart of a barbarous radiate, broken and illegible, probably illiterate, c.330-340.
2000.17RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constantine II as Caesar, AD 337. Obv. ...NVS.IVN.N.C. Rev. GLORIA…, ?TRS in the exergue.
2000.18RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Theodora, AD 337-40, illeg.
2000.19RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constans, AD 346-48. Obv. CONSTANS P.F.AVG. Rev. VICTORIAE DD.AVGG., mint mark illeg.
2000.20RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBarbarous radiate, Constantius II, AD 354. Obv. …ONSTAN… Rev. illeg.
2000.21RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. [RESTITVTOR] REIPVBLICAE.
2000.22RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. GLORIA ROMANORVM, mint mark illeg.
2000.23RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. illeg., mint mark SCON.
2000.24RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of ?Valentinian I, AD 364-375, illeg.
2000.25RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSilver coin of Valentinian I, AD 364-375. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. VOT.V MVLT.X in laurel wreath, RT in exergue.
2000.26RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, ?House of Valentinian, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.27RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.28RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378. Obv. D.N.VALE… Rev. illeg.
2000.29RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.30RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378, illeg.
2000.31RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens, AD 364-378. Obv. …P.F.AVG. Rev. …VM, mint mark SMAQP.
2000.32RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383. Obv. D.N.GRATIANVS… Rev. illeg.
2000.33RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383, illeg.
2000.34RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383, illeg.
2000.35RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gratian, AD 367-383. Obv. D.N.GRA… Rev. VOT…V MVLT…X in laurel wreath.
2000.36RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER4th Brass of Valentinian II, AD 375-392. Obv. illeg. Rev. …LICAE.
2000.37RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER4th Brass of Valentinian II, AD 375-392, illeg.
2000.38RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Theodosius I, AD 379-395. Obv. D.N.THEO…AVG. Rev. VIC…AVG…, mint mark …CON.
2000.39RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER4th Brass of Arcadius, AD 383-408. Obv. D.N. ARC… Rev. illeg.
2000.40RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass, illeg.
2000.41RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.42RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.43RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass. Obv. D.N.VALEN… Rev. figure holding labarum (standard with chi-rho).
2000.44RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.45RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
2000.46RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg., mint mark SMAQP.
2000.47RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER4th Brass, illeg.
2000.48RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER4th Brass. Obv. …S P.F.AVG. Rev. …REIPVBLICAE, mint mark T…
2000.49RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER4th Brass, illeg.
2000.50RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERVery small 4th Brass, illeg.
2000.51RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER1st Brass of Domitian, AD 81-96. Obv. IMP.CAES.DOMIT.AVG.GE… Rev. illeg., SC in the field.
2000.52RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Trajan, AD 98-117, illeg.
2000.53RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Gordian III, AD 238-244, illeg.
2000.54RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Carausius, AD 287-293. Obv. IMP.CARAVSIVS AVG. Rev. …AX AV…
2000.55RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Carausius, AD 287-293, illeg.
2000.56RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBarbarous radiate, probably Tetricus I, illeg. and with small hole for suspension.
2000.57RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSherds of a folded beaker of Nene Valley ware, white paste colour-coated red on the inside and brown on the outside, with scale decoration in barbotine on the outer folds; some sherds glued together.
2000.72ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEYVarious sherds, including part of the neck of a green-glazed jar with bands of yellow slip; a green-glazed sherd with relief decoration; various coarse ware sherds; pieces of animal bones and teeth.
2000.73ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSherds of coarse ware, including the bottom of a jar with sagging base; part of a fluted handle of green-glazed ware; ?a piece of burnt daub; various coarse ware sherds; a piece of oyster shell.
2000.75MedievalHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSilver penny, long cross type, ?Edward I, II or III,
2000.76MedievalHuntingdonshireRAMSEYCoin or token, larger than a silver penny (and apparently bronze or similar), with cross on one side and IHS on the other.
2000.77MedievalHuntingdonshireRAMSEY?Token or jeton or similar.
2001.02PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCETwelve small ammonites, all well preseved and with fine, delicate ribs, with some fragments of grey matrix. Max diams. from 59mm down to 13mm.
2003.01SaxonHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONSilver hook tag: a small roughly shield-shaped silver plate with two holes at the top corners and a hook on the bottom, decorated on the outer face with incised lines in a floral pattern. Length 16mm, width 10mm.
2003.01 (contd.)Saxon
2003.04Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSherds of a Food Vessel: thick red-grey ware with stabbed decoration; below the rim is a concave band between two horizontal ridges, a wide vertical neck below that, then an outward shoulder below which the body of the pot probably curves inwards towards the base; one sherd has a hole, presumably for hanging the pot up, in the vertical neck.
2003.04 (contd.)Bronze Age
2005.01ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEYTwo rim-sherds of green-glazed jugs: hard, thin, grey-red paste with green glaze added roughly to the outside, each sherd with the top of the handle pressed onto the neck with thumb impressions; one sherd has three impressions and a yellowy glaze; the other has two neater impressions and a shinier, greener glaze.
2005.03RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRYLarge jar of red ware, coarse and gritted, with two girth grooves on shoulder and everted, vertical-sided rim; most of the jar complete, though cracked and with the rim reassembled from broken pieces; found with it when it came to the Norris (and so presumably associated with it) were cremated bone, also a few pieces of uncremated bone and small sherds of the pot. Ht. 249mm.
2005.03-08RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRYPottery and cremations from a Roman site identified only as "SF 74" - presumed to be "Sawtry Fen 1974" but with no definite information. They were in the possession of Harry Milford of the Sawtry Archaeological Society, who brought them to the Norris when he moved to Leicester in April 2005. With them are a short typescript giving the information recorded above but not much more, and 14 photographs of the dig which aren't very helpful. The typescript and photos are kept with the objects.
2005.04RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRYSherds of a jar of quite well made grey ware, with two girith grooves on the shoulder and everted rim; sherds have been glued together to make up part of the pot up to the shoulder, present ht. 190mm.
2005.05RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRYSmall jar or cup of hard grey ware, with hollow foot, girth groove just above it, low carinated shoulder about half-way up the pot, and plain, slightly everted rim - mostly missing. Ht. 112mm.
2005.06RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRYSherds of a folded beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, white paste with red to black colour coat, red finger marks or similar on the foot.
2005.07RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRYThe bottom half of a miniature jar of thick white ware, with narrow foot, restored from sherds.
2005.08RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRYCremated bone.
2005.09PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireCONINGTONMolar, presumably from a mammoth: complete and well preserved, length 218mm.
2006.03(Medieval)HuntingdonshireBRAMPTONA copy or cast of a roundel from a misericord in Brampton church: showing a weaver or cloth shearer holding an enormous pair of shears, standing beside a roll of cloth; cast in a ring round the outside of the roundel: "A TAILOR OF 600 YEARS AGO. A XIVTH CENTURY CARVING FROM HUNTINGDONSHIRE, ENGLAND"; made of ?resin, with two pieces of wood cast in the back for extra strength, painted yellow on the back and imitation wood on the front. Diam. 203mm.
2006.03 (contd.)(Medieval)BRAMPTON
2007.16NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSlender axehead of brown flint, flaked and polished, length 145mm.
2007.17RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBronze bracelet: of thick bronze with diagonal grooves cut into the outside, hook and eye fastening. Max diam. 72mm.
2007.18ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONSquare floor tile of hard red ware with worn yellow glaze on one face; the edges taper slightly so that the upper, glazed face is larger than the bottom; 115mm square, 26mm thick.
2008.17ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCECorbel of oolitic limestone carved with a woman's face: rectangular with the face on one end, a woman with high forehead, downturned mouth and curled hair down each side of the face; a cut or flaw in the top right of the face is filled with a different material - is this natural or artificial? 32 x 16 x 20cms.
2008.18ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCECorbel of oolitic limestone carved with a monk's face: rectangular with the face on one end, surrounded by the folds of a cowl; small area of paint on top left border of cowl; 29 x 16 x 20cms.
2008.27PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireORTON LONGUEVILLEThree pieces of the dorsal fin spine of Hybodus: curving and tapered with nodules all over the leading sides and a double row of spikes, or sockets for them, on the trailing edge. Length of all three pieces put together 147mm.
2012.05Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONCremated bone etc: bone fragments more than 4mm, 2-4mm and less than 2mm; two boxes of larger fragments; fired clay fragment less than 4mm; charcoal fragments more than 4mm and 2-4mm.
77.15SaxonHuntingdonshireST IVESCopper follis of Justinian II, Byzantine emperor AD 685-95 and 705-11: indistinct figure ?in armour on the obverse, abstract design or large letters on the reverse.
77.27PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireGT PAXTONSmall ammonite, sandy-coloured with closely spaced ridges. Diam. 31mm
77.39.01(Palaeontology)HuntingdonshireST IVES
77.39.02PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil bivalve, Gryphaea.
77.39.03PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a fossil belemnite.
77.39.04PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil sea-urchin.
77.39.05a-cPalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESTop of fossil sea-urchins.
77.39.06PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a fossil sea -urchin embedded in rock.
77.39.07PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a fossil oyster, Upper Cretaceous or Jurassic, Lopha colubrina or diluviana.
77.39.08PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFlint from Gravel, derived from Middle/Upper Chalk, containing fossils of bivalve - Inoceramus of some kind - and cast of spine of sea-urchin.
78.03RomanHuntingdonshireNEEDINGWORTHHorn core of small bison or domestic ox (Bos longifrons), early Roman date. Broken off near its natural base, length 94mm, max diam. 45mm, min. diam. 39mm.
78.27PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESTwo small fragments of fossil belemnites.
79.24PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORDPart of a large ammonite,
79.31ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireCOLNEJug of green-glazed ware, with girth grooves round the body, wide mouth with slight pinch for spout, reeded handle with stabs up the middle and thumb impressions on either side at top and bottom; restored from fragments, present ht 235mm.
79.34PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireGRAFHAMFossil bivalve, Inoceramus crippsi.
80.35ZoologyNorfolkCROMERTooth of a whale or shark.
80.36PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a fossil belemnite.
80.45SaxonHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYCircular bone counter or gaming piece, with incised decoration. Diam. 45mm.
80.46SaxonHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSilver penny (debased) of Aethelred II (978-1016). Obv. sceptre with bust, Rev. Hand of Providence.
80.53PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil bivalve, Gryphaea.
81.07RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERHuman skull and jawbone, largely complete though the jawbone is in pieces.
82.02RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Fragments of an iron plate, orginally about 10cms diam., with grips. ?From the end of a pole used to stoke a kiln.
82.03RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Iron bucket-handle, square-sectioned at ends with round-sectioned centre. Length 273mm.
82.04Roman?HuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Wooden ?handle, the centre section carved with a spiral, the ends shaped to double knobs. Length 285mm.
82.05RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Two pieces of a flue-tile.
82.06RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Most of a thick triangular tile. Length 167mm
82.07RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Pieces of burnt clay, fragments of the clay dome of a pottery kiln.
82.08RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Kiln-bar from corn-drying kiln, square-sectioned, of grey clay. Length 80mm.
82.09RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Numerous sherds of Samian (inc. sherd of Drag. 18/31 stamped . . . O? . . . TRI M.); amphorae; colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware, + 2 sherds of Colchester ware beaker with part of a scene in barbotine); coarse ware; pieces of burnt daub.
82.10[Neolithic object from Roman site]HuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Neolithic flint side-scraper: small flake retouched along one edge. Length 47mm.
82.11RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of colour-coated and coarse ware, animal tooth (?pig).
82.12RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian, painted parchment ware, and coarse ware.
82.13RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse wares.
82.14RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian, colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.15RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian (base-sherd with concentric rings in place of stamp); colour-coated ware (Nene Valley ware, inc. sherd of castor box lid); and coarse ware.
82.16Roman etc.HuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware. Also medieval and post-medieval sherds & glass.
82.17RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian and colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware.
82.18RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Numerous sherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware) and coarse ware (inc. large storage jars).
82.19RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Numerous sherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware) and coarse ware (inc. large storage jars).
82.20RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware), and coarse ware. Also pieces of tile (flue-tile and tegula) and of millstone.
82.21RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian, colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware), mortaria and coarse ware. Also pieces of stone, some squared, one piece ?used as hone.
82.22RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware, piece of ?burnt daub, piece of ?grit-stone from quern..
82.23Roman etc.HuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of mortarium, colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, painted and coarse ware; also two flint flakes, one of them very large, ?Neolithic.
82.24RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware.
82.25RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.26RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherd of a small flanged bowl of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, colour-coat very abraded.
82.27RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.28RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Rim-sherd of a large bowl of orange ware, with grey core.
82.29RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and coarse ware.
82.30RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware.
82.31RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian and coarse ware.
82.32RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of amphora and coarse ware.
82.33Roman etc.HuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware, mostly Iron Age.
82.33*Iron AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESSee 82.33, catalogued under ROMAN: St.Ives (Meadow Lane).
82.34RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Part of a thin slab of micaceous, gritty grey stone. Purpose?
82.35Roman?HuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherd of coarse ware, and small piece of thin slab of sandstone or limestone, ?purpose.
82.36RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware, amorphous lump of ?sandstone.
82.37RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware, pieces of burnt daub, lump of charcoal.
82.38RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware.
82.39RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware.
82.40RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian (Drag. 18) and coarse ware; piece of animal jaw-bone.
82.41RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Fragments of coarse ware.
82.42Roman etc.HuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Samian (decorated, Drag. 37, and undecorated); colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware); mortaria; and coarse ware (inc. Iron Age sherds). Includes sherds of a very blistered ?waster of thin grey ware. Also three flint flakes, one with hinge fracture, ?Bronze Age.
82.42*Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESSee 82.42, catalogued under ROMAN, St Ives (Meadow Lane).
82.42**Iron AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESSee 82.42, catalogued under ROMAN: St.Ives (Meadow Lane).
83.06ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireKINGS RIPTONTwo sections of a stone cross shaft, rectangular in section and carved in relief on all four sides. The figures on each side are: i) a quadruped, perhaps the Agnus Dei; ii) a robed female figure with a staff, perhaps the Virgin Mary; iii) another similar figure, only the feet surviving; iv) a stylized plant or scroll. Probably 2nd quarter of the 12th century. Larger section c.55cms high x 30cms x 25cms. Smaller section (which fits beneath the larger one) c.30cms high x 30cms. x 25cms.
83.07Iron AgeHuntingdonshireEARITHMost of a jar of coarse grey ware, handmade, slightly everted rim. Ht. 112mm.
83.08PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESAmmonite, large and largely complete. A species of Perisphinctes, of Corallian (Upper Oxfordian) age, Upper Jurassic. Known only in Boulder Clay, and in the clay facies of the Corallian in E. Yorkshire; so this specimen presumably transported from there by glaciers.
84.13ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSherds of coarse and glazed ware, 11th-15th century, inc. a sherd from a green-glazed figured jug with a face on it; post-medieval sherds of coarse and glazed wares, piece of window glass; two Saxon sherds, Ipswich & St Neots wares; curved segment of bronze, ?section from the blade of a Bronze Age sickle; also various undated objects: cortical waste flint flakes, piece of a bone needle, fragment of a glass vessel, piece of oyster shell, whelk shell, piece of burnt stone.
84.13*Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSEE 84.13, catalogued under Medieval, for a possible Bronze Age sickle blade from Bodsey House.
86.01PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMHand axe, large and tapering to a point, of glossy brown flint with little patination. Some cortex on one side of the butt. Length 180mm, max width 83mm.
86.02PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMHand axe, fairly flat, of dark grey flint with some patination, some cortex on the butt. Length 112mm, width 84mm.
86.03PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMThe broken-off top of a hand axe, of glossy dark grey-brown flint with little patination, some cortex on one side. Length 79mm, width 60mm.
86.04NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMBlade core of glossy black flint. Length 33mm, width 38mm.
86.05RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERJar of grey ware, wide-mouthed, with two girth-grooves on the shoulder, two narrow grooves at the base of the neck, two grooves round the outside of the bead rim. Damaged but restored at the top, part of the shoulder and rim missing. Contains cremated bones. Ht. 242mm, rim diam. 182mm.
86.06RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPoppyhead beaker of coarse grey ware, with narrow foot, cordon on neck, and everted rim; four roughly diamond-shaped panels of barbotine dots. Two small pieces out of the rim, one of them restored. Ht. 108mm, rim diam. 69mm.
86.10RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOESilver denarius of Tiberius (AD 14-37), mint of Lugdunum. Obv. TI.CAESAR DIVI AVG.F.AVGVSTVS. Rev. PONTIF.MAXIM. (BMC I p. 125 no. 42). Good condition.
86.16PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFragments of Mammoth molars. Two fit together to form a small but almost complete lower molar, the third is a fragment from a larger tooth.
86.17PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossilised vertebra of a plesiosaur. The centrum of a dorsal vertebra, probably Pliosaurus brachyspondylus, which comes from the Kimmeridge rather than the Oxford clay. But it is unusually small for brachyspondylus and is perhaps a juvenile. Max. diam. 45mm.
89.06RomanHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYMost of the upper stone of a beehive quern of puddingstone; concave grinding surface with part of one side of the stone knocked away on the side where the handle would have been. Max diam. 30cms, ht. 16cms.
89.07NeolithicHuntingdonshireHILTONPolished axehead of brown flint, the edge slightly chipped away, but apart from that smoothly polished all over. Length 134mm.
90.01RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPieces of human and animal bone, and potsherds: three sherds of a bowl of red colour-coated Oxfordshire ware, imitation samian, AD 325-400; one sherd of a Nene Valley colour-coated dish, grey slip on white fabric; the rim, neck and handle of a Nene Valley colour-coated flagon, same slip and fabric, presumably also of 4th century; human bones include piece of skull, half a jawbone with one tooth, and two vertebrae; animal bones include two teeth and a piece of rib.
90.01 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
91.01ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireSTOW LONGAA lead wool tally: a small rectangle of lead with holes at each corner (three of them pulled out). The back is plain, but cast on the front is a frame containing an animal in relief, perhaps a greyhound. It has long legs and a long snout, with a long tail curved over its back. 30 x 28mm, about 4mm thick.
93.01Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYCremation urn, Aylesford-Swarling type, containing calcined bones, c. 50B.C.- A.D. 50. A narrow-mouthed wheelmade jar of coarse red-grey ware, with three girth grooves around the shoulder, the pot swelling outwards between them; the rim missing. Restored from sherds at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, present ht. 216mm, diam 240mm.
94.04PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENThe upper molar of a Mammoth, large and apparently complete, although some of the plates at the back of the tooth are loose from each other at the grinding face and only held together at the roots. About 29cms from front to back, 28cms from top to bottom.
94.04 (contd.)PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDEN
95.02RomanHuntingdonshireST IVESBronze pin, well-preserved and sharp, with flattened knob at the top and smaller bulge just below it. Length 102mm.
95.03SaxonHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYCarinated jar of black ware with decoration of grooves, chevrons and stamps, probably 6th century: with slightly sagging base and everted rim, complete except for two pieces missing from the rim; three grooves round the neck and three round the shoulder, with a zone between them of chevrons formed by double grooves with stamps in the shape of concentric circles in them; below the shoulder are more chevrons, widely and irregularly spaced, outlined by three grooves each and with circle and S-shaped stamps. Ht. 136mm, max diam. 158mm.
95.03 (contd.)SaxonHEMINGFORD GREY
95.04Roman?NO PROVENANCECarved piece of bone, purpose unknown: some kind of long bone trimmed into facets round the edges and cut across at the ends. Length 134mm.
96.05RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERVoussoir from the north gate of the walls of Roman Godmanchester: a block of limestone, originally forming one of the stones next to the keystone to judge by its shape: the rough suface finish may be because it was originally rusticated. Length 37cms, width 21cms.
97.01RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPipeclay figurine of the goddess Venus: naked, with right hand to her hair and left hand down by her side holding drapery; with hair in a bun and wearing some kind of diadem The face and hair quite detailed, other modelling crude. Hollow moulding with hole in left back; some damage repaired with plaster. Feet missing. Present ht. 160mm.
97.01 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.02RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERA copy cast in ?plaster of a bronze votive plaque with an inscription, perhaps to the god Abandinus: most of a circular plaque with ribbed decoration round the outside and rows of letters across the middle; pink material mounted on glass fibre. Max diam. 62mm.
97.02 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.03Roman[Huntingdonshire][GODMANCHESTER]Plasticine impression of an intaglio showing Ganymede - similar but apparently not identical to one found in the hoard of coins and jewellery of c. A.D. 300 at the baths in Godmanchester; showing Ganymede in Phrygian cap feeding an eagle. Length 16mm.
97.04RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERJar of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware: with three girth-grooves round the shoulder and two round the neck, flat-bottomed bead rim; white fabric with buff to purple colour-coat, and traces of a black outer deposit here and there. Reconstructed (rather badly with UHU), one fragment missing. Ht. 188mm, rim diam. 160mm.
97.04 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.05RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERFlagon of white ware with narrow foot with vertical edge to it, two-reeded handle and everted, slightly undercut mouth with two girth-grooves below the rim; a pebble is jammed in the mouth. Exceptionally well preserved, with the marks of throwing the pot still visible on the surface. Ht. 120mm.
97.05 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.06RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSamian dish Drag. 36, with spiral mark in the centre. Reconstructed from fragments (not very well, with UHU) with plaster restoration of missing rim fragments. Diam. 250mm.
97.06 (contd.)RomanGODMANCHESTER
97.07RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBone pin with knob head, point missing. Present length 98mm.
97.08RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBone pin with miniature knob head, length 77mm.
97.09RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBone needle with eye in flattened head, point missing. Present length 71mm.
97.10RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERTwo sherds of black ware with burnished decoration.
97.17PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSRibs and vertebrae of an Upper Oxford Clay ichthyosaur found in Warboys Brick Pit in 1994: 97.17.1-8: eight vertebrae; 97.17.9-11: three masses of material, mostly vertebrae with some pieces of ribs, still partly embedded in the clay; 97.17.12-21: fragments of the pieces of bone that protrude from the dorsal sides of the vertebrae; 97.17.22-50: varying lengths of ribs, made up of many fragments glued together with some gaps filled with Milliput putty; 97.17.51-60: ten ammonites or pieces of ammonites found near or between the bones (in addition to these, note that some of the bones have ammonites attached to them). As well as 97.17.1-60, there are also numerous fragments of ribs, some of them glued and filled with Milliput to make longer sections, but which were not fitted into the laid-out bones after they had been treated at Peterborough. These pieces have not been individually numbered.
97.17 (contd. 1)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.17 (contd. 2)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.17 (contd. 3)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.17 (contd. 4)PalaeontologyWARBOYS
97.18PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireGLATTONFossil bones of an ichthyosaur found during the building of the A1(M) in 1997: 97.18.1-6: vertebrae or groups of vertebrae, counting from the front of the animal: 1) ?five vertebrae in a mass; 2) two vertebrae with the impression of an ammonite; 3) three vertebrae; 4) one vertebra; 5) three vertebrae; 6) one vertebra. 97.18.7: the coracoid bone (found between the scapula and the strenum), made up of fragments glued together. 97.18.8: part of the scapula, two fragments glued together. 97.18.9: the inter-clavicle, fragments glued together. 97.18.10: the humerus and some bones of the front paddle,all together in one mass. 97.18.11-22: twelve bones from the front paddle. 97.18.23-42: parts of 20 ribs, all of them made up of fragments glued together. 97.18.43-48: six pieces of the skull, some of them assembled from fragments. 97.18.49: the articular bone (?the piece of the jaw that joins the skull), assembled from fragments. As well as 97.18.1-49 there are numerous fragments of bones not individually numbered.
97.18 (contd. 1)PalaeontologyGLATTON
97.18 (contd. 2)PalaeontologyGLATTON
97.18 (contd. 3)PalaeontologyGLATTON
98.02SaxonHuntingdonshireST IVESThe end of a square-headed brooch, gilded: a rectangular plate of bronze with raised geometric decoration, gilded between the raised parts; the beginning of the bow is attached to one side; the back is flat with the catch plate protuding at right angles - there seem to be traces of rust, perhaps from the iron pin. Length 31mm.
98.03Roman?HuntingdonshireST IVESSmall pewter bowl, hemispherical body on a ring foot, with slight groove below rim; a few small holes on one side. Ht. 32mm, rim diam. 81mm.
98.04RomanHuntingdonshireRAMSEY2nd Brass of ?Hadrian, illeg. Obv. Bust with laurel crown, facing right. Rev. Standing figure with SC in the field.
99.01RomanHuntingdonshireWOODHURSTThe bezel of a ring with a Christian inscription: a small rectangle of silver with a curved back and traces of the cut-off hoop of the ring on each side; the face of the bezel is engraved: VRS/ACI[Chi-rho]/VIVAS. A trace of niello survives in the lower curve of the top "S". Ht. 12.4mm, width 11.1mm, thickness 2.0-3.4mm.
99.01 (contd.)Roman
Alconbury IAIron AgeHuntingdonshireALCONBURYIron Age sherds marked "Weybridge I" and "Weybridge 2": what is the source of these? CHAS vol. 6 p. 193 reports a dig at the site but records only medieval and later pottery.
Alconbury Weston IAIron AgeHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONSee also under Roman. Site published in CHAS 6, p. 203.
Boughton RBRomanHuntingdonshireBOUGHTONSee DIDDINGTON.
Brampton BABronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONThe Bronze Age barrow cemetery and Iron Age enclosure at Brampton, grid ref. 204713, were excavated by D.A. White in September and October 1966 and published in PCAS 62 (1969) pp. 1-20. The Norris Museum is said to have stored the site notes and finds, but if the notes were kept here their present location is a mystery. Some notes, drawings and sections were transferred from Dorset County Museum (where White worked) to the Cambs County Council Archaeology Field Unit at Haggis Gap, Fulbourn in January 1996. Finds from the Iron Age enclosure are catalogued and stored under IRON AGE.
Brampton IAIron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONThe Iron Age enclosure and Bronze Age barrow cemetery at Brampton, grid ref. 204713, were excavated by D.A. White in September and October 1966 and published in PCAS 62 (1969) pp. 1-20. Some notes, drawings and sections were transferred from Dorset County Museum (where White worked) to the Cambs County Council Archaeology Field Unit at Fulbourn in January 1966. The PCAS article mentions notes stored at the Norris Museum, but if they remained here their present location is a mystery.
Buckden IAIron AgeHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSee also under Roman: Buckden.
Colne Camp Ground RBRomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Site published in CHAS 4, p. 305ff + plate and map; and VCH i 256. Also Antiq. Journ. vi. 2 (April 1926), p. 190.
Earith Fen Drove RBRomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)For H.J.M. Green's excavations, see PCAS 48, p. 44. See also "The Fenland in Roman Times", p. 194.
Eaton SoconNeolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONThe boundary of this parish has changed. It was originally all in Bedfordshire, but in 1965 the eastern part was transferred to Huntingdonshire. The western part of the parish stayed in Bedfordshire, as Staploe parish.
Godmanchester 1903RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)For Roman Rubbish Pits, Cambridge Road, grid ref. 252707 (F.G. Walker excavations), see CHAS 5, p. 439ff. See also X.915, found in these excavations, but indexed under Iron Age.
Godmanchester 1904RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)For Roman Rubbish Pits, Cambridge Road, grid ref. 252707 (F.G. Walker excavations), see CHAS 5, p. 439ff. See also X.703, found in these excavations but indexed under Iron Age.
Godmanchester 1905RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)For burial groups from Roman cemetery found in the orchard at Green End (grid ref. 243709), see CHAS 5 p. 439ff.
Godmanchester 1926RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)For finds from the Vicarage, Godmanchester, 1926 (grid ref. 246705), see Antiq. Journ. 7 (January 1927).
Gt Staughton villaRomanHuntingdonshireGT STAUGHTONVilla at grid ref. 13486310, and bathhouse at 13466304, excavated by Ernest Greenfield in 1958 and 1959 respectively. Published in PCAS 83 (1994) pp. 75-127; also a brief reference in the Hunts Post of 7th August 1958. Other finds are in the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
Hartford PitsPalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit/Maddy's Pit)Allen's Pit and Maddy's Pit are given the same grid ref., 255728, but the book of 2½-inch maps shows that Allen's Pit (find spot no. 69) was on the west side of Sapley Lane while Maddy's Pit (62) was just across the road on the east.
Hemingford GreyPalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSee also material from Galley Hill, catalogued under FENSTANTON. Galley Hill is on the border of the two parishes, and these objects could have come from either. Note particularly P. Cambridge's article in the Hunts. Fauna & Flora Society 17th Annual Report (copy filed under HFFS) which does not distinguish between remains found in the West End Gravel Pit, in Fenstanton parish, and the Innes Gravel Pit (Grid Ref. 297685) in Hemingford Grey parish. Both are described as "Galley Hill". Also see X.195, catalogued under HOUGHTON, which may in fact come from Hemingford Grey.
Hemingford Grey Saxon penniesSaxonHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFor silver pennies minted at Huntingdon and found at Hemingford Grey, see under HUNTINGDON.
Houghton & Wyton NeoNeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONHoughton and Wyton are the same parish, but the fieldwalker (probably Mervyn Coote) who found our Neolithic flints in this area assigned those in the north part of the parish (north of the St Ives to Huntingdon road) to Wyton. This rough division has been followed in our catalogues
Houghton 1843RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON(1843)Published in VCH i 266. But the VCH account includes a number of items whose provenance is not specifically given in the HLSI catalogue, though all seem to have come to HLSI from R. Fox.
Houghton BABronze AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFor Coote's 1929 excavations that produced the Houghton beakers (X.676-7) see CHAS 5 pp. 248-50. We have photographs of the site catalogued as PH/HOUGH/35-41.
Houghton IAIron AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThere seem to have been several sites at Houghton, very close to one another, dug at different times and yielding material of many different periods, with finds going to the Norris, Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, and the Huntingdon Museum. The result is very muddled.
Houghton IA (contd)Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON(contd.)CHAS 7 p. 71 refers to the excavation of a Saxon hut also in field no. 119; the date of the excavation is not clear.
Houghton MesoMesolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSome possible Mesolithic objects from Houghton are indexed under Neolithic: see X.2061, 2066-7, 2070, 2080, 2087.
Houghton RBRomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFor sites at grids 286717 and 288716, see CHAS 5 p. 248 and CHAS 6 p. 155. Finds from the first site are also indexed under Iron Age; finds from the second also under Iron Age, Saxon and Medieval. See the information card under Iron Age Houghton for more details.
Huntingdon Henry I penniesMedievalHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONHenry I silver pennies minted at Huntingdon are catalogued with other Huntingdon silver pennies under SAXON.
Le MoustierPalaeolithicFranceLE MOUSTIERX.1667-69 are part of a collection of Palaeolithic tools from Kent and France given to the HLSI by the British Museum in December 1927 "through the kindness of Reginald Smith FSA, Director of British & Medieval Antiquites" (HLSI catalogue). See also X.1661-66 from Sturry, Kent; and X.1670-76 from the Vézère, France.
Leighton Bromswold Salome Lodge BABronze AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDFor material from Salome Lodge, Leighton Bromswold, see also Iron Age and Roman. Site is published in CHAS 6, p. 66.
Leighton Bromswold Salome Lodge IAIron AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)See also Bronze Age and Roman.
Leighton Bromswold Salome Lodge RBRomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)See also Bronze Age and Iron Age. Site is published in CHAS 6, p. 66. Two of Dr Garrood's site notebooks are indexed as BMS/LEIGH/01.
Palaeolithic datingPalaeolithicHuntingdonshireTim Reynolds in the "Atlas of Cambs & Hunts History" (2000) says the characteristic Cambs Palaeo assemblage is handaxes, Levallois cores & flakes etc. which fits into S. British & Continental patterns usually called Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition (MAT). It's usually associated with Neanderthals and dated to c 60,000-40,000 BP. Cam/Ouse terraces are now dated to OIS3, a warm phase within the last Ice Age also dated to c 60,000-40,000, so contemporary with Continental MAT.
SAVNM2014.9MetalHuntingdonshireHuntingdon DistrictA complete cast silver heart-shaped brooch of probably Medieval date. The frame of the brooch is caset into the shape of an asymmetric heart with a small protrusion at the point to the right. The frame narrows to 1.94mm to encompass the hinge of the pin, but there is no pin rest on the opposite side. The brooch pin is complete and also composed of silver, with the hinge end loosley looped over the frame and the terminal end narrowing to a rounded point. The surface of the frame and pin is undecorated. The frame has a D-shaped cross section and the cross section of the pin is oval. Overall the brooch is in good condition. Analysis has shown that the brooch frame and pin also contain copper, lead and zince in addition to the silver content. L 1.22mm, W 2.2mm, thickness 1.22mm, weigh 1.65g
Sawtry Stocking Close IAIron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Published in CHAS 5, p. 89 & p. 181. See also finds catalogued under Neolithic & Roman.
Sawtry Stocking Close RBRomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Published in CHAS 5, p. 89 & p. 181. See also finds catalogued under Neolithic & Iron Age.
Sawtry Tort HillRomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Site discovered during reconstruction of the A1 in 1939, grid ref. 173842. Published in CHAS 6, p. 178, and Antiq. Journ. 20 (1940) p. 504.
St Ives Meadow LaneRomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)For H.J.M. Green excavations, grid ref. 325702, dug 1955, see PCAS 52, p. 23 and "Fenland in Roman Times", p. 190.
St Ives RBRomanHuntingdonshireST IVESSee also material from St Ives Priory, catalogued under Medieval.
StaploeNeolithicBedfordshireSTAPLOESee card at the beginning of the section for Eaton Socon, Huntingdonshire. Present-day Staploe parish was part of Eaton Socon parish before 1965, when part of Eaton Socon was transferred to Huntingdonshire. Finds from Staploe may have been indexed under Eaton Socon, Hunts.
SturryPalaeolithicKentSTURRYX.1661-66 are part of a collection of Palaeolithic tools from Kent and France given to the HLSI by the British Museum in December 1927 "through the kindness of Reginald Smith FSA, Director of British & Medieval Antiquities" (HLSI Catalogue). See also X.1667-69, from Le Moustier, and X.1670-76 from the Vézère.
VézèrePalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREX.1670-76 are Upper Palaeolithic tools from the River Vézère in the Dordogne, part of a collection of Palaeolithic tools from Kent, Le Moustier and the Vézère given to the HLSI by the British Museum in December 1927 "through the kindness of Reginald Smith FSA, Director of British & Medieval Antiquities". He identifies the Vézère material as Aurignacian or Solutrean. (Information from HLSI catalogue).
Water Newton 1958 MedvlArchaeologyHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTON(1958)The site at Water Newton dug by Charles Green in 1958 produced finds from two phases of occupation, late Saxon and 13th century, also a scatter of Roman material probably from the nearby villa. All the finds are catalogued together under Medieval. See the publication in PCAS 56-7 (1964) p 68ff.
Water Newton 1958 Medvl (contd.)ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTON(1958)There was also another set of trenches with Arabic numerals instead of Roman, A 14.1 to D 17.2 (test trenches dug by Graham Webster before Charles Green took over the site). We don’t have any finds still with these trench numbers. But there is a second set of finds individually marked with numbers starting WA. Were these from Graham Webster's trenches? Note that one WA find, a whetstone marked WA 31 +, is illustrated in PCAS (fig. 5), so we know the WA finds came from this excavation. The whetstone came from a Graham Webster trench, so perhaps all the WA finds did too.
Water Newton 1958 RBRomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTON(1958)The Saxon and Medieval site at Water Newton dug by Charles Green in 1958 also yielded Roman finds, probably just a scatter from a nearby Roman villa. See the finds, catalogued under Medieval, and the publication in PCAS 56-7 (1964) p 68ff.
Water Newton 1958 SaxonSaxonHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTON(1958)The site at Water Newton dug by Charles Green in 1958 produced finds from two phases of occupation, late Saxon and 13th century. All the finds are catalogued together under Medieval, qv. See also the publication in PCAS 56-7 (1964) p 68ff.
Weald deserted medieval villageArchaeologyHuntingdonshireWEALDWeald deserted medieval village and chapel: see EYNESBURY parish.
Wyton MesoMesolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONSome items included under Neolithic may in fact be Mesolithic: see X.2248-9, 2251, 2258. "Wyton", for the purposes of our flints, is that part of Houghton and Wyton parish which lies north of the St Ives to Huntingdon road.
X. 4579ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireGodmanchesterPinfold Lane (19??)From Trench 4.7, layer 4. Saxo-Norman. "RT/W25" right side of wall 25? 3 pieces of green glazed ware, mouh of jug (40mm diameter) with part of handle (labelled P.L 8.6), 1 set of body sherds reassembled into larger piece, and 1 single body sherd. 8 sherds of coarse ware pinkish to grey and black colours, shell temper, 1 rim sherd 280mm diameter, and 3 other rim sherds.
X.0001PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWOOLLEYTen bones of a plesiosaur (?Cryptocleidus oxoniensis).
X.0002PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHARTFORDTerminal phalange of Bos primigenius.
X.0003PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireEARITHVertebra from the tail of a Saurian.
X.0004PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireCONINGTONVertebra of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0005Palaeontology?BedfordshireNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a Straight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.0006PalaeontologyHuntingdonshirePAXTONPart of the lower jaw of a Mammoth.
X.0007PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMMost of the molar of a Mammoth.
X.0008PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHARTFORDPart of the molar of a Mammoth.
X.0009PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONMolar of Mammoth.
X.0010PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of the molar of a Mammoth, length about 18cms.
X.0012PalaeontologyKentNORTHFLEETMolar of a Mammoth.
X.0013Palaentology?BedfordshireNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a Staight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.0014Palaentology?BedfordshireNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a straight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.0015PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSix fragments of Saurian bones.
X.0016PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONA piece of Mammoth tusk.
X.0017PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPart of the molar of a Mammoth.
X.0018PalaeontologyCambridgeshireWHITTLESEYVertebra of a grampus.
X.0019PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWOOLLEYPaddle-bone of a plesiosaur (?Cryptocleidus oxoniensis).
X.0020PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMPart of the tooth of a Mammoth.
X.0021PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHARTFORDTooth of a Mammoth or Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0022PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSAWTRYPiece of fossil wood, length 212mm.
X.0023PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEAmmonite, with top missing, showing on reverse side cretaceous worms, Glomerula cordialis (Schlotheim).
X.0024PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireEARITHBivalve, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0025PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of fossil wood, Ipswichian interglacial.
X.0026GeologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPiece of rock showing ice scratches, from the Boulder Clay.
X.0027PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Piece of fossil wood, common maple (Acer campastre).
X.0028GeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of stone.
X.0029Roman?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPiece of puddingstone quern.
X.0030PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Piece of fossil wood - ash (Fraxinus exersior)
X.0031PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWYTONPiece of ammonite.
X.0032GeologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLump of rock.
X.0033PalaeontologyHuntingdnshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil sponges in flint pebbles.
X.0034PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYPiece of limestone, with gervillia.
X.0035GeologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENNodule of flint.
X.0036GeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock.
X.0037GeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of rock.
X.0038PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil.
X.0039GeologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYThree pieces of St Ives Rock.
X.0040PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of coral (cup coral), Jurassic. Oppelismilia mucronata (Duncan), syn: Montlivaltia mucronata, Stylophyllopsis mucronata.
X.0041GeologyHuntingdonshireWYTONPiece of chert.
X.0042PalaeontologyCambridgeshireELSWORTHRock with impressions of bivalves.
X.0043GeologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of rock.
X.0044GeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of rock.
X.0045PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ostrea, with cretaceous serpulae, Glomerula gardians? (Schlotheim).
X.0046GeologyCambridgeshireELSWORTHPiece of Elsworth Rock.
X.0047GeologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSPiece of stone.
X.0048GeologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of rock.
X.0049PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock, with traces of bivalves.
X.0050PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of rock with traces of fossils. Labelled "Worm tubes and astarte, derived Jurassic, serpula".
X.0051PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock with worm tubes. Derived Jurassic.
X.0052PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYA pebble of shelly chert, containing the brachiopods Gigantoproductus cf. dentifer; Schizophoria sp.; and Eomariginifera sp.
X.0053PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil belemnite, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0054PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0055PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Laevitrigonia gibbosa (Sowerby) (syn: Trigonia bibosa).
X.0056GeologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of rock.
X.0057GeologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of rock.
X.0058PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil fern, Neuropteris.
X.0059PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Neithea quinquecostata (Sowerby) (syn: Pecten Quinquecostatus).
X.0060PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMTwo pieces of a large ammonite.
X.0062PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil sea-urchin, Holectypus depressus (Leske).
X.0063PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWOODHURSTFossil echinoid, Cretaceous, Catopygus columbarius (Lamarck).
X.0064PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Inoceramus labiatus (Schlotheim).
X.0065PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYFossil bivalve (ostrea), Gryphaea dilatata.
X.0066PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWYTON?Two chambers of an ammonite.
X.0067GeologyNO PROVENANCECalcareous concretion.
X.0068PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESTwo fragments of ammonite.
X.0069PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Gryphaea
X.0070PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFragment of an ammonite, derived Jurassic.
X.0071PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ?echinoid, Pygarleudae.
X.0072PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil sea-urchin.
X.0073PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil bivalve in rock.
X.0074GeologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of oolitic limestone.
X.0075PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESAmmonite, upper liassic, Dactylioceras commune (Sowerby).
X.0076PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Fossil sponge.
X.0077PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEAmmonite, Oxfordian, Perisphinctes pickeringus (Young and Bird).
X.0078PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Liassic, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck) (Syn: Gryphaea incurva - Sowerby).
X.0079PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWYTONFlint with moulds of fragments of a large bivalve shell, inoceramus.
X.0080PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil bivalve with serpulae, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (Syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0081PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPolished section of ammonite.
X.0082PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSTUKELEYFossil bivalve, Oxfordian, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0083PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESSeveral ammonites, in a single lump of rock, Grammotoceras strictulum.
X.0084PalaeontologyCambridgeshireELSWORTHFossil bivilve, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0085PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireYELLINGFossil bivalave, Cretaceous, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (Syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0086PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWYTONPiece of ammonite.
X.0087PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of derived Cretaceous flint, with impressions of branching sponges.
X.0088PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYSlab of Rhaetic Fish Beds, limestone, with ripple marks, pyrites, suncracks and fish-scales and teeth.
X.0089PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Sea-urchin, Catopygus columbarius (Lamarck).
X.0090PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Oxfordian.
X.0091PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil bivalve, Ostrea.
X.0092PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFossil bivalve, Oxfordian, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0093PalaeontologyCambridgeshireBURWELLFossil bivalve, Radulopecten vagans (Sowerby) (Syn: Pecten vagans, Chlamys vagans).
X.0094PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFLETTONFossil belemnite, Jurrasic, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0095PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil bivalve, Jurassic, Pholadomya deltoides (Sowerby). In St Ives Rock.
X.0096PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil ammonite, Oxfordian, Peltoceras engenii.
X.0097PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock with worm tubes.
X.0098PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil ammonite, Oxfordian, Quenstedtoceras lamberti (Soweby).
X.0099PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossi ammonite, Oxfordian, Quenstedtoceras mariae or lamberti (Sowerby).
X.0100PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireCONINGTONFossil bivalve, Neithea gibbosa (Syn, Pecten quadricostatus - Sowerby, Neithea quadricostata).
X.0101PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEAmmonite, Pavlovia pallasioides (Neaverson).
X.0102PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireYELLINGFossil bivalve, Cretaceous, Exogyra latissima (Lamarck) (Syn: Exogyra sinuata - Sowerby).
X.0104PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONPart of a reindeer's antler.
X.0105PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireEARITHLower molar of bison.
X.0106PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWOOLLEYPart of ?paddle-bone of plesiosaur.
X.0107PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONFragments of teeth of wild horse.
X.0108PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCE8 Teeth of equus, wild horse.
X.0109PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFragment of the tooth of a polyptychodon (type of Ray).
X.0110PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFooil bivalve, set in ?limestone, Neithea gibbosa (Pulteney).
X.0111GeologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYLump of chalk.
X.0112PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERFragment of ammonite, showing ice-scratches.
X.0113PalaeontologyNorthamptonshire?PETERBOROUGH?Saurian tooth, labelled Plesiosaurus kimmeridgii.
X.0114ZoologyNO PROVENANCENumerous very small snail shells, Planorbis vortex.
X.0115GeologyGermanyHARZ MOUNTAINSManganese.
X.0116GeologyNO PROVENANCETorberite (Uranite Philipi), oxide of Uranium Copper.
X.0117GeologyNO PROVENANCEUranite.
X.0118GeologyNO PROVENANCEHipatic calcites.
X.0119GeologyBorneoNO PROVENANCECinnabar.
X.0120GeologyNO PROVENANCEAntimony.
X.0121ZoologyHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCETwo snail shells, Hyalina excavata.
X.0122GeologyNO PROVENANCEActinolite.
X.0123GeologySpainNO PROVENANCECarbonate of lead.
X.0124ZoologyHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESnail shell, Helix granulata.
X.0125GeologyNO PROVENANCETemmentite with [illegible] of copper.
X.0126ZoologyHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEShells of small bivalves, Pisidium amnicum, Iphaerium corneum.
X.0127ZoologySurreyEPSOMShell of the Roman Snail, Helix pomatia.
X.0128PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMPaddle-bone (humerus) of Plesiosaur.
X.0129PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHARTFORDVertebra of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0130PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSlab with Pteromya sp. and small bivalve, Rhaetic erratic from the Gravels, probably derived from the Boulder Clay.
X.0131PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil worm, Serpula.
X.0132PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireYELLINGFossil brachiopod, Cretaceous, Terebratula dutempleana (d'Orbigny).
X.0133PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil bivalve in St Ives Rock, Corallian Beds.
X.0134PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONRock with spines from sea-urchins.
X.0135PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSFossil sea-urchin, Cretaceous, Echinocorys scutata (Leake).
X.0136PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFive fossil ammonites, Quenstedtocerus lamberti.
X.0137PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Fossil sponge, Cretaceous, Perosphaera globularis (Phillips).
X.0138PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Fossil sponge, derived chalk.
X.0139PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSFossil ammonite, cardioceras cordatum.
X.0140ZoologyNO PROVENANCEShell of bivalve, marked "Chlamys sp."
X.0141GeologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYPiece of cretaceous flint.
X.0142PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil sponge, Cretaceous.
X.0143PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Oxfordian, Gryphaea dilatata (Sowerby).
X.0144PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil sponge, Cretaceous, Porosphaera globularis (Phillips).
X.0145PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil sponge, Cretaceous, Porosphaera globularis (Phillips).
X.0146PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSTwo fossil ammonites, Quenstedtoceras lamberti.
X.0147PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFlint, derived Cretaceous, with impressions of branching sponges.
X.0148PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESAmmonite.
X.0149PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil coral, Jurassic, Oppelismilia mucronata (Duncan) (Syn., Montlivaltia mucronata, Stylophyllopsis mucronata).
X.0150PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Sea-urchin, Echinocorys scutata (Leske).
X.0151PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck) (Syn., Gryphaea incurva - Sowerby).
X.0152PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSFossil Sea-urchin, badly malformed.
X.0153PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin, Micraster cortestudinarium (Goldfuss).
X.0154PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart).
X.0155PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of St Ives Rock with indentation of sea-urchin spine, Cretaceous.
X.0156GeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPiece of igneous rock.
X.0157PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFossil Diastopora michelini, inferior oolite to forest marble.
X.0158PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil worms, Serpulae.
X.0159PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil belemnite, Jurassic, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0160PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil coral.
X.0161PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil sea-urchin, from St Ives Rock.
X.0162PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil sea-urchin, Bajocian, Stomechinus bigranularis (Lamarck).
X.0163PalaeontologyCambridgeshireELSWORTHFossil bivalve, Lopha gregarea (Sowerby) (Syn., Ostrea gregarea).
X.0164PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESmall fossil sea-urchin.
X.0165PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin, Catopygus columbaris (Lamarck).
X.0167GeologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONRock showing ice scratches.
X.0168PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil mussel, Pleistocene, Potamida littoralis.
X.0169PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFossil Brachiopod, Cretaceous, Rhynconella . . . ?
X.0170PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Piece of oak, Quercus robor type.
X.0171PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPiece of rock with impression of ammonite.
X.0173PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, Asaphus tuberculatus.
X.0174PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck) (Syn., Gryphaea incurva - Sowerby).
X.0175PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, Encrinurus variolaris (Brongniart).
X.0176PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireCONINGTONRibs of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0177PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSAWTRY22 bones of Saurian.
X.0178PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireNEEDINGWORTHBase of antler.
X.0179PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLPieces of bone.
X.0180PalaeontologyNorthamptonshire?PETERBOROUGH?Saurian vertebra.
X.0181SaxonHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of the jaw of a red deer.
X.0182PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMPiece of fossil bone, rolled and naturally pointed, ?proboscidean. Length 173mm, max width 20mm.
X.0183PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONFragments of mammoth tusk, restored.
X.0184PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMTwo pieces of reindeer antler.
X.0185PalaeontologyHuntingdonshire?FENSTANTON?Fore portion of the jaw of a ?Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0186PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONSaurian vertebra.
X.0187PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFragment of antler.
X.0188PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPortion of antler.
X.0189PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSAWTRYSaurian tail vertebra.
X.0190PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEPart of left scapula, unknown animal.
X.0191PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwo small black horns.
X.0192PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYAntler, broken but complete.
X.0194PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYAntler, broken but complete.
X.0195PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?Antler tine.
X.0199PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireYELLINGFossil ammonite, Lower Liassic, Arnioceras semicostatum (Young & Bird).
X.0200PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCE?Fossil.
X.0201PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil mollusc.
X.0202ZoologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of coral.
X.0203GeologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of stone, shaped like a spoon.
X.0205PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin.
X.0206PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThree ?fossil sponges.
X.0207GeologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of iron pyrites.
X.0208PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCELarge Saurian vertebra.
X.0209PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0210PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0211PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0212PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESmall Saurian vertebra.
X.0213PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0214PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0215PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0216PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0217PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0218PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0219PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEBone from the paddle of a Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaur.
X.0220PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ammonite set in stone; the ammonite has been cut across, showing its various chambers, and the cut surface has been polished to give a striking marbled effect.
X.0221PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil sea-urchin.
X.0222PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0223PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESaurian vertebra.
X.0224PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEHalf of a Saurian vertebra.
X.0225PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEHalf of a Saurian vertebra.
X.0226PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of limestone, with dim impression of an ammonite.
X.0227PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwo fossil Gryphaeae, joined together in a single lump of stone.
X.0228PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil gryphaea.
X.0229PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCE?Piece of fossilized bone.
X.0230PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of fossilized bone from the jaw of an Ichthyosaur.
X.0231PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPiece of fossilized bone.
X.0233ZoologyNO PROVENANCESkull of dog.
X.0234ZoologyHuntingdonshireHARTFORDSkull of badger (not contemporary).
X.0235RomanHuntingdonshureSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Half of the jaw-bone of a pig.
X.0236PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENMetatarsus of horse.
X.0237RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Half of the jaw-bone of a sheep.
X.0238PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEPieces of Mammoth molars.
X.0239PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPlates of Mammoth molar, now joined together again.
X.0241PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHARTFORDPhalange: catalogued in HLSI as Bos but marked in pencil "C. Elephas" (i.e. Giant Elk).
X.0242RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Horn core of Bos Longifrons.
X.0243PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCESmall left calcaneum of Bos.
X.0244PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ?fish scales.
X.0245RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Upper part of skull of Bos longifrons.
X.0246ZoologyNO PROVENANCESkull of tortoise or turtle; also a jawbone which seems more or less to fit it, although it was found elsewhere in the Museum (in March 1993): it's probably too much of a coincidence for the collection to contain bits of two such skulls.
X.0247PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEMetatarsus of Bos.
X.0248RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Part of lower jaw of Bos sylvestris, end cut off. 5 cheek teeth.
X.0249PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEBoar's tusk.
X.0250RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Radius of an ox.
X.0251RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Metacarpal of ox.
X.0252RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Metatarsal of ox.
X.0253PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENTwo metacarpals of Bos.
X.0254RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Two metatarsals of sheep.
X.0256RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Part of jaw of Bos Longifrons.
X.0257PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENTarsal of Bos.
X.0258PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURYChert (quartz) or Hornstone (Carboniferous), with impressions of crinoid stems.
X.0259PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMBases of two antlers of Giant Elk.
X.0260PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPart of the jaw, with a molar, of the Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0261PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONAtlas vertebra of Bos primigenius.
X.0262PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONMolar of a Mammoth.
X.0263PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONThird upper molar of Rhinoceros trichorrinus (Woolly Rhinoceros).
X.0264PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONPart of the lower jaw of Rhinoceros leptorrhinus.
X.0265PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireEARITHMolar of Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0266PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENVery large piece of Mammoth's tusk, length 142cms, max circumference 425mm.
X.0267PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONFossil ammonite, Oxfordian, Clydonicerus discus.
X.0268PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil ammonite, Macrocephalites macrocephalus (Schlotheim).
X.0269PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a large ammonite.
X.0270PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFLETTONFossil belemnite, Jurassic, Cylindroteuthis puzosiana (d'Orbigny).
X.0271PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil spine from a sea-urchin, embedded in chalk, Plegiocidaris florigemma (Phillips).
X.0272PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil bivalve, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck).
X.0273PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSFossil bivalve, Liassic, Gryphaea arcuata (Lamarck).
X.0274PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEYFossil shark's tooth.
X.0275Palaeontology?NorthamptonshirePETERBOROUGHHumerus of a plesiosaur.
X.0276PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFossil scales and bones of a fish. Probably derived from the Oxfordian Middle Jurassic.
X.0277PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCETwo dorsal spines from the fossil shark Hybodus.
X.0278PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireCONINGTONHumerus of Ophthalmosaur.
X.0279PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONTibia of a Mammoth.
X.0280PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONTwo molars of a Straight-tusked Elephant, complete and well preseved.
X.0281PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONPart of the jaw of a beaver.
X.0282PalaeontologyHuntingdonshire?HUNTINGDON?Canine tusk of Hippopotamus.
X.0282*PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONSee X.0282, catalogued under HUNTINGDON, which may in fact come from Alconbury Weston.
X.0283GeologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENBoulder of pressed clay, showing ice scratching.
X.0284ZoologyNO PROVENANCESea-shell, univalve, not British, ?one of the Strombidae; with the shell roughly cut away to show its internal structure.
X.0285GeologyNO PROVENANCEChips of stone.
X.0286PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONFlake of black flint, ?crude retouch round edge. Length 84mm, width 69mm, thickness at bulb 25mm.
X.0287PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake-tool of honey-coloured flint, struck from faceted striking-platform. ?Retouch round edges. Length 87mm, width 67mm, thickness at bulb 9mm.
X.0288PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESSmall ovate hand-axe of black flint, final Levallois, slight water rolling; point broken off and retouched. Length 83mm, width 60mm, max thickness 22mm.
X.0289PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONScraper of grey flint with hinge fracture at one end, retouch on one side and corner. Length 68mm, width 47mm, thickness 21mm.
X.0290PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONAwl of white-patinated flint, retouch on two edges. Length 70mm, width 59mm, thickness at bulb 16mm.
X.0291PalaeolithicCambridgeshireFEN DRAYTONBlade of grey flint, with retouch round three edges. Length 65mm, width 31mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0292PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSmall ovate hand-axe, final Levallois, of grey flint. Length 77mm, width 59mm, thickness 22mm.
X.0293PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSmall side-scraper of brown flint, with retouch on two sides. Length 46mm, width 35mm, thickness 11mm.
X.0294PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESScraper of grey flint, retouched along one edge, several recent breaks. Length 82mm, width 53mm, thickness 12mm.
X.0295PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYThin flake of brown flint. Length 72mm, width 52mm, thickness at bulb 9mm.
X.0296PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYThin flake of brown flint, with secondary flaking and retouch round edges. Length 85mm, width 63mm, thickness 8mm.
X.0297PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlint flake, length 61mm, width 93mm, thickness 17mm.
X.0298PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONDouble-edged scraper of dark brown flint, length 68mm, width 49mm, thickness at bulb 17mm.
X.0299PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONRectangular scraper of grey flint, retouch round three edges. Length 64mm, width 30mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0300PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENPiece of reindeer antler, Rangifer tarandus.
X.0301Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEDelicately worked semicircular blade of black flint, with part of cortex on one side. Length 81mm, width 31mm.
X.0302PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENScraper of dark grey flint, retouch on both long sides, length 78mm.
X.0304PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITH?Side-scraper of brown-grey flint; length 52mm, width 40mm, thickness at bulb 17mm.
X.0305PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHBifacially-worked tool of grey flint, length 94mm, width 68mm, thickness 23mm.
X.0306NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONRectangular blade of grey flint, retouched on three edges. Length 78mm, width 35mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0307PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWOODSTONSmall hand-axe of grey flint, length 87mm, width 49mm, thickness 21mm.
X.0308PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlake of grey flint, length 68mm, width 49mm, thickness 12mm.
X.0309PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDLong thin blade of brown flint, retouched down long edges, Upper Palaeolithic; now in two pieces. Length when complete 142mm.
X.0310PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlake of brown flint, length 72mm, width 52mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0311PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESThick flake of grey flint, length 72mm, width 52mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0312PalaeolithicCambridgeshireFEN DRAYTONThin blade of grey flint, retouched round three edges. Length 73mm, width 27mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0313PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESThick rectangular scraper of brown flint, retouched round three edges, length 59mm, width 48mm, thickness 19mm.
X.0314PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONLarge flake of grey flint, retouched round three edges, length 129mm, width 69mm, thickness at bulb 33mm.
X.0315PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENLevallois flake of brown flint, circular, retouched round much of the edge. Length 71mm, width 66mm, thickness at bulb 16mm.
X.0316PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENThick flake of grey flint, patinated white, with retouch on edges, length 91mm, width 35mm, thickness 12mm.
X.0317PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Thin flake of grey flint, length 64mm, width 49mm, thickness at bulb 9mm.
X.0318PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Blade of white flint, retouched along edges and broken obliquely across. Length 57mm.
X.0319PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Flake of grey flint, length 73mm, width 55mm, thickness at bulb 17mm.
X.0320PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Flake of grey flint, length 77mm, width 49mm, thickness 15mm.
X.0321PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Pointed blade of white flint with retouch on point; length 71mm, width 24mm, thickness 7mm.
X.0322PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONCircular flake of brown flint, length 42mm, width 38mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0323PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENFlake of brown flint, length 75mm, width 40mm, thickness 11mm.
X.0324PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONThick blade of black flint, retouched round edges, length 105mm, width 43mm, thickness at bulb 14mm.
X.0325PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Long flake of brown flint, retouched along edges and broken obliquely across; length 85mm, width 38mm, thickness 11mm.
X.0326PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONBlade of brown flint, retouched along edges and broken across, length 82mm, width 29mm, thickness 13mm.
X.0327PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Flake of brown flint, retouched round edges, length 64mm, width 29mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0328PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFlake of grey flint, length 71mm, width 59mm, thickness 18mm.
X.0329PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHBlade of white flint, retouched along edges, length 105mm, width 38mm, thickness 13mm.
X.0330PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENLong flake of brown flint, length 70mm, width 34mm, thickness 14mm.
X.0331Palaeolithic?HuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYFlake of brown flint, water-rolled, ?natural; length 82mm, width 45mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0332PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Pointed flake of brown flint with retouch on edges, length 60mm, width 45mm.
X.0333PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHTriangular flake of brown flint, length 64mm, width 51mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0334PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlake of white-brown flint, length 87mm, width 71mm, thickness 13mm.
X.0335PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESHand axe of brown flint; length 109mm, thickness 40mm, width 69mm.
X.0336PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHLong flake of brown flint, length 80mm, width 26mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0337RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Metacarpal of sheep.
X.0339PalaeontologyNorfolkMUNDESLEYFragment of ?2nd lower molar of Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0340PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESPointed flake of brown flint, length 97mm, width 46mm, thickness 17mm.
X.0341PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Pointed flake of grey flint, with retouching on edges of point, length 71mm, width 38mm, thickness 10mm.
X.0342PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONFlake of brown flint, length 85mm, width 36mm, thickness at bulb 11mm.
X.0343PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYThick flake of brown flint, length 111mm, width 58mm, thickness 23mm.
X.0344PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Side-scraper of brown flint, with retouch along two edges; length 46mm, width 38mm, thickness 9mm.
X.0345PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWOODSTONRectangular flake of brown flint, with retouch on three edges; length 64mm, width 43mm, thickness 15mm.
X.0346PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake of brown flint, length 76mm, width 64mm, thickness 20mm.
X.0347PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWOODSTONHand-axe of brown flint, tip missing, length 119mm.
X.0348PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThree pieces of crinoid ossicle.
X.0349PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireWARBOYSThree small bivalves, brachiopods.
X.0350PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDON?Fossil Sea-urchin, Cretaceous, Catopygus columbarius (Lamarck).
X.0351PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESFragment of Mammoth tusk.
X.0352PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Hammerstone of brown flint, 60mm x 58mm.
X.0353PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITH?Side-scraper of brown flint, water-rolled, length 114mm, width 59mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0354PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Large blade of grey flint, retouched down both long edges; length 162mm, width 50mm, thickness 23mm.
X.0355PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake of brown flint, showing marks of fire; length 98mm, width 69mm, thickness 19mm.
X.0356PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHCore of brown flint, length 87mm, width 68mm, thickness 44mm.
X.0357PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENLarge flake of grey flint, retouched round one end; length 108mms, width 80mm.
X.0358PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDPoint/scraper of grey flint, length 88mm, width 78mm, thickness at bulb 20mm.
X.0359PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Thick flake of yellow flint, retouched all round edge; length 76mm, width 52mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0360PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERHammerstone of brown flint, diam. 70mm.
X.0361PalaeolithicHuntingdonshirePAXTONLump of yellow flint, ?naturally shaped.
X.0362PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEHand axe of brown flint, length 123mm, width 68mm, max. thickness 44mm.
X.0363PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlake of brown flint, retouched round edge, length 94mm, width 80mm, thickness 29mm.
X.0364PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSmall hand axe of brown flint, length 110mm.
X.0365PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONCore of black flint, length 78mm, width 62mm, thickness 44mm.
X.0366PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Levallois tortoise-core, length 120mm, width 105mm.
X.0367PalaeolithicNorfolkCROMERLarge block of brown-patinated flint with some flake scars.
X.0368PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHLarge core of black flint, length 160mm, thickness 38mm.
X.0369PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITH?Hammerstone of brown flint, length 125mm, width 49mm, thickness 43mm.
X.0370PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSide-scraper of brown flint, length 90mm, width 87mm, thickness 26mm.
X.0371PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a large hand axe of brown flint, broken across the middle; length 119mm, width 101mm.
X.0372PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHPart of a large handaxe of white flint, broken obliquely across one end; length 150mm, width 85mm.
X.0373PalaeolithicHuntindgdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)Heavy-butted blade of brown flint, retouched round edges; length 125mm, width 58mm, max thickness 30mm.
X.0374PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONLarge hammerstone of grey flint, length 120mm, width 116mm, thickness 104mm
X.0375PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESSmall hand axe, water-rolled, of brown flint; length 92mm, width 57mm, thickness 53mm.
X.0376PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDSmall ovate hand-axe, delicately made, of brown flint; length 90mm.
X.0377PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake of grey flint with secondary flaking; length 92mm, width 67mm, thickness 22mm.
X.0378PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESThick flake of brown flint with retouch round three edges; length 90mm, width 57mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0379PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWOODSTONFlake of brown flint, water-rolled, length 97mm.
X.0380PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHLevallois tortoise core of black flint, length 118mm, width 102mm, thickness 25mm.
X.0381PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONFlake-tool of brown flint, length 80mm, width 82mm, thickness 22mm.
X.0382PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHThick flake of brown flint, length 106mm, width 60mm, thickness 33mm.
X.0383PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYThick flake-tool of yellow flint, length 95mm, width 71mm, thickness 40mm.
X.0384PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENFlake of brown flint, length 82mm, width 60mm, thickness 18mm.
X.0385PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENPart of a reindeer antler.
X.0386PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSmall hand-axe of black flint, delicately made, Final Levallois; length 96mm, width 68mm, thickness 31mm.
X.0387PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYThick flake-tool of black flint, with some retouching, length 129mm, width 64mm, thickness 30mm.
X.0388PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLHand-axe of brown flint, length 140mm.
X.0389PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONThin hand-axe of yellow-grey flint, Final Levallois, length 126mm, width 93mm, thickness 27mm.
X.0390PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Pointed hand-axe of brown flint, length 117mm.
X.0391PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake-tool of white flint, retouched along the edges; length 122mm, width 67mm, thickness 15mm.
X.0392PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESLarge flake of brown flint, length 118mm, width 102mm, thickness 24mm.
X.0393PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONAurochs horn core, almost complete.
X.0394PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONAurochs horn core, almost complete.
X.0395PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of Mammoth molar.
X.0396PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of Mammoth molar
X.0397PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPiece of Mammoth molar.
X.0398Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThree small sherds of Beaker pottery.
X.0399NeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONTwo casts of a rim-sherd, Peterborough Ware.
X.0400NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONLarge flake of brown flint, length 135mm, wodth 127mm.
X.0401Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONBarbed and tanged flint arrowhead, one tang broken off; length 24mm.
X.0402Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDBarbed and tanged flint arrowhead, one tang broken off; length 38mm.
X.0403NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONSmall scraper, length 27mm, width 14mm.
X.0404NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall waisted point, length 33mms, width 13mm.
X.0405NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTriangular arrowhead with base broken off, length 26mm, width 17mm.
X.0406Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireWYTONBarbed and tanged flint arrowhead, length 25mm, width 16mm.
X.0407Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONBarbed and tanged arrowhead, point and tang broken off; length 18mm.
X.0408MesolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESMicrolithic blade, length 25mm, width 10mm.
X.0409NeolithicYokshireFORDONLeaf-shaped arrowhead, length 28mm, width 18mm.
X.0410Neolithic?HuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD ABBOTSTwo-pointed flake-tool, length 25mm, width 24mm.
X.0411MesolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONMicroburin, length 27mm, width 17mm.
X.0412NeolithicHuntingdonshireSTIBBINGTON?Leaf-shaped arrowhead, length 28mm, width 18mm.
X.0413NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERScraper, roughly square with extensive secondary flaking; length 44mm, width 40mm.
X.0414Bronze Age?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONBlade of brown flint with fine secondary flaking; length 89mm, width 30mm.
X.0415NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESCircular scraper of grey flint, length 39mm, width 35mm.
X.0416NeolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONLeaf-shaped arrowhead; length 25mm, width 12mm.
X.0417NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCircular scraper of grey flint, length 53mm, width 50mm.
X.0418NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall leaf-shaped arrowhead, length 23mm, width 15mm.
X.0419NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESHalf of a leaf-shaped arrowhead of brown flint.
X.0420Mesolithic?NO PROVENANCESmall core of black flint, ?also used as hammerstone. Length 32mm
X.0421NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONBurin/tanged blade of brown flint, length 50mm, width 31mm.
X.0422NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall scraper of grey flint, length 30mm, width 19mm.
X.0423NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPoint of brown flint, length 35mm, width 16mm.
X.0424NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONSmall scraper of brown flint, length 28mm, width 23mm.
X.0425NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLeaf-shaped blade of brown flint, length 29mm, width 20mm.
X.0426NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDOval arrowhead with vestigial barbs, length 41mm, width 20mm.
X.0427NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONLeaf-shaped arrowhead of dark brown flint, point missing; length 28mm.
X.0428MesolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONMicroburin of brown flint, length 30mm, width 15mm.
X.0429NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCircular implement of grey flint, length 24mm, width 22mm.
X.0430NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESSmall parallel-sided blade of white flint, end broken off obliquely; length 41mm, width 21mm.
X.0431MesolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESSmall blade of white flint, length 36mm.
X.0432Bronze AgeCambridgeshireFEN DRAYTONBarbed and tanged arrowhead, point and one barb broken off; length 26mm, width 19mm.
X.0433Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESBarbed and tanged arrowhead of black flint, point and both barbs broken off; length 27mm, width 22mm.
X.0434NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall broken blade of dark brown flint, length 28mm, width 21mm.
X.0435NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSmall end-scraper of black flint, length 37mm, width 20mm.
X.0436NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall blade of dark brown flint, length 23mm, width 22mm.
X.0437NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVES?Arrowhead of white flint, broken across the middle, length 27mm.
X.0438NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall waisted blade of brown flint, length 28mm, width 18mm.
X.0439NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYLeaf-shaped arrowhead of brown flint, point broken off; length 33mm, width 22mm.
X.0440PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDLong blade of white flint, length 113mm.
X.0441NeolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONPart of a delicately flaked blade of grey flint; length 41mm, width 18mm
X.0442Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHARTFORDTanged arrowhead of black flint, vestigial barbs, point broken off; length 32mm, width 19mm.
X.0443MesolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a thin blade of white flint, wuth microburin removed; length 39mm, width 19mm.
X.0444PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHDouble-edged scraper of black flint, length 69mm, width 38mm.
X.0445NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONBurin of red-brown flint, length 43mm, width 29mm.
X.0446NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of a leaf-shaped blade of grey flint, length 29mm, width 28mm.
X.0447NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 23mm, width 22mm.
X.0448NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONThick blade of black flint, length 55mm, width 20mm.
X.0449NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONCircular scraper of brown flint, length 46mm, width 39mm.
X.0450NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSmall leaf-shaped blade of white flint, length 50mm, width 13mm.
X.0451NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONEnd-scraper of brown flint, length 41mm, width 33mm.
X.0452NeolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONDouble-edged scraper of grey flint, length 55mm, width 32mm.
X.0453NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall circular scraper of grey flint, length 32mm, width 27mm.
X.0454NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Small end-scraper of grey flint, length 25mm, width 20mm.
X.0455PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Thick narrow blade of grey flint, length 81mm, width 19mm.
X.0456NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESSmall scraper of brown flint, length 37mm, width 28mm.
X.0457NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESShort, thick flake of black flint, length 44mm.
X.0458PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSmall blade of dark brown flint, length 52mm, width 25mm.
X.0459PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHLong, slender blade of brown flint, length 87mm.
X.0460NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLFlake of black flint, length 48mm.
X.0461NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONThumb-scraper of grey flint, length 33mm, width 26mm.
X.0462NeolithicHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEAdze rough-out of grey flint, length 100mm.
X.0463NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake tool of black flint, length 30mm, width 25mm.
X.0464NeolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 28mm.
X.0465Bronze AgeCambridgeshireFEN DRAYTONSingle-barbed arrowhead of grey flint, length 47mm, width 36mm.
X.0466NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMBurin of black flint, length 45mm, width 17mm.
X.0467NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTrapezoid scraper of black flint, one corner broken off; length 30mm, width 18mm.
X.0468NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDCircular scraper of black flint, length 41mm, width 34mm.
X.0469NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONThumb scraper of grey flint, length 39mm, width 31mm.
X.0470NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYSide-scraper of white flint, length 50mm, width 40mm.
X.0471NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake-tool of brown flint, length 53mm, width 28mm.
X.0472NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONFlake tool of black flint, length 32mm, width 22mm.
X.0473NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPyramidal core of black flint, length 50mm, width 44mm.
X.0474PalaeolithicKentNORTHFLEETCarved blade of brown flint; length 75mm, width 35mm.
X.0475PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThick flake of grey flint, length 69mm, width 35mm.
X.0476NeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYLeaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 30mm, width 23mm.
X.0477NeolithicHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCESmall, asymmetrical, leaf-shaped blade of grey flint, length 44mm, width 19mm.
X.0478NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONBurin of brown flint, length 46mm, width 35mm.
X.0479NeolithicHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONFlake-tool of grey flint, length 68mm, width 28mm.
X.0480NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Small adze rough-out of black flint, length 83mm, width 40mm.
X.0482NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMThumb-scraper of grey flint, length 30mm, width 26mm.
X.0483PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake of black flint, length 50mm, width 26mm.
X.0484NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMLeaf-shaped arrowhead of black flint, length 33mm, width 27mm.
X.0485NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall thumb-scraper of black flint, length 30mm.
X.0486NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONScraper of black flint, length 37mm, width 25mm.
X.0487NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Large flake of grey flint, retouched round edges; length 119mm, width 49mm.
X.0488NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLower half of large leaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 31mm.
X.0489NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThick blade of black flint, length 53mm, width 20mm.
X.0490NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONThick triangular blade of grey flint, length 45mm, width 16mm.
X.0491NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONBroken-off top of bifacially-worked tool of brown flint, length 50mm.
X.0492NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCircular scraper of black flint, length 42mm, width 40mm.
X.0493NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Scraper of brown flint, length 43mm, width 29mm.
X.0494NeolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONSmall thumb-scraper of grey flint, length 21mm.
X.0495NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESLong, slender blade of black flint, end broken off, with fine pressure-flaking on edges; length 81mm, width 29mm.
X.0496NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Thin flake of brown flint, length 73mm, width 23mm.
X.0497NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake-tool of white flint, length 40mm, width 20mm.
X.0498Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of a blade of black flint, with very fine serrations along the long edges; length 34mm.
X.0499NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake tool of brown flint, length 43mm, width 37mm.
X.0500NeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYEnd-scraper of grey flint, length 60mm, width 38mm.
X.0501NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall burin of brown flint, length 28mm, width 25mm.
X.0502NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Scraper, made on a thick blade of brown flint, length 77mm, width 29mm.
X.0503Bronze AgeYorkshireBARTINDALEBarbed and tanged arrowhead of white flint, length 27mm, width 18mm.
X.0504NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONEnd-scraper of black flint, length 40mm, width 30mm.
X.0505NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 91mm, width 49mm.
X.0506NeolithicHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONScraper of black flint, length 47mm, width 33mm.
X.0507NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONScraper of grey flint, length 38mm, width 37mm.
X.0508NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLThumb-scraper of black flint, length 48mm, width 32mm.
X.0509NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONCircular scraper of black flint, length 42mm, width 40mm.
X.0510NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONWaisted blade of brown flint, length 30mm, width 19mm.
X.0511NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall flake-tool of brown flint, length 24mm.
X.0512NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLScraper of black flint, length 60mm, width 35mm.
X.0513NeolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONBurin of black flint, length 48mm, width 28mm.
X.0514NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLThumb-scraper of black flint, length 31mm.
X.0515NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 26mm, width 21mm.
X.0516NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Part of a slender axe or chisel, of ground flint, broken off across the middle, length 68mm.
X.0517NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTriangular tool of black flint, length 34mm, width 30mm.
X.0518NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThumb-scraper of black flint, length 37mm, width 29mm.
X.0519NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONThumb-scraper of grey/red flint, length 35mm, width 25mm.
X.0520NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Flake-tool of brown flint, length 62mm, width 34mm.
X.0521Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMBarbed arrowhead of black flint, broken obliquely across the blade; length 28mm, width 27mm.
X.0522NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of black flint, length 40mm, width 35mm.
X.0523NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDPoint of grey flint, length 45mm, width 20mm.
X.0524NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMScraper of brown flint, length 35mm, width 26mm.
X.0525NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMScraper of grey flint, length 47mm, width 43mm.
X.0526NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall pointed scraper of grey flint, length 25mm, width 11mm.
X.0527NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of brown flint, length 35mm, width 33mm.
X.0528NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThin scraper of black flint, length 40mm, width 34mm.
X.0529NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONBlade of grey flint, length 62mm, width 25mm.
X.0530NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLSmall ?tool of grey flint, length 27mm.
X.0531NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of brown flint, length 48mm, width 35mm.
X.0532NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall scraper of brown flint, length 27mm, width 23mm.
X.0533NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of unpatinated brown flint, length 43mm, width 35mm.
X.0534NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONPoint of unpatinated black flint, length 55mm, width 35mm.
X.0535NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Thin blade of brown flint, length 44mm, width 19mm.
X.0536NeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONAwl of black flint, length 37mm, width 26mm.
X.0537NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of grey flint, length 27mm, width 24mm.
X.0538NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMPoint of unpatinated black flint, length 49mm, width 23mm.
X.0539NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYTriangular arrowhead of grey flint, length 29mm, width 22mm.
X.0540NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMScraper of black flint, length 32mm, width 23mm.
X.0541Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONBarbed and tanged arrowhead of grey flint, length 39mm, width 27mm.
X.0542NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLeaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 36mm, width 25mm.
X.0543NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONBlade of black flint, length 56mm, width 22mm.
X.0544NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLLeaf-shaped blade of grey flint, length 55mm, width 36mm.
X.0545NeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD ABBOTSScraper of grey flint, length 38mm, width 34mm.
X.0546NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONThin flake of brown flint, length 60mm, width 30mm.
X.0547NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake of grey flint, length 37mm, width 28mm.
X.0548NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLScraper of grey flint, length 41mm, width 32mm.
X.0549NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMPoint of brown flint, length 44mm, width 22mm.
X.0550NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENScraper of black flint, length 40mms, width 32mm.
X.0551NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall point of brown flint, length 33mm, width 20mm.
X.0552NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTriangular-sectioned blade of brown flint, length 60mm, width 14mm.
X.0553NeolithicHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEBlade of brown flint, length 42mm, width 20mm.
X.0554NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 60mm, width 37mm.
X.0555NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONLong blade of brown flint, length 92mm, width 29mm.
X.0556NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONThin oval blade of grey flint, length 75mm, width 49mm.
X.0557NeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONTool of black flint, length 49mm, width 37mm.
X.0558NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of grey flint, length 35mm, width 34mm.
X.0559NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThin blade of black flint, length 33mm, width 25mm.
X.0560NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of black flint, length 41mm, width 30mm.
X.0561NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPoint of black flint, length 39mm, width 23mm.
X.0562NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONThick flake of black flint, length 60mm, width 25mm.
X.0563NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTriangular arrowhead of white flint, length 24mm, width 21mm.
X.0564NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of grey flint, length 44mm, width 34mm.
X.0565NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThick leaf-shaped point of brown flint, length 50mm, width 30mm.
X.0566NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of brown flint, length 30mm, width 26mm.
X.0567NeolithicHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEFlake-tool of grey flint, length 52mm, width 39mm.
X.0568NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Pointed blade of brown flint, with delicately worked edges; length 75mm, width 38mm.
X.0569NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONFlint blade, length 75mm, width 24mm.
X.0570NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Thin flake of grey flint, retouched round edges; length 94mm, width 57mm.
X.0571NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDThumb-scraper of grey flint, length 31mm, width 29mm.
X.0572NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYScraper of black flint, with extensive secondary flaking; length 45mm, width 42mm.
X.0573NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThick blade of brown flint, length 68mm, width 24mm.
X.0574NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYThick circular scraper with extensive secondary flaking, length 43mm, width 35mm.
X.0575NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 45mm, width 35mm.
X.0576NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESLeaf-shaped tool of grey flint, length 48mm, width 36mm.
X.0577NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONDiscoidal flint knife, length 85mm, width 62mm.
X.0578MesolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLPerforated hammer- or mace-head, of pecked manufacture, with hourglass perforation; length 75mm, width 55mm.
X.0579NeolithicWiltshireNO PROVENANCEGround stone axe, length 120mm, width 50mm.
X.0580NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONAxehead of grey granite, length 128mm, width 57mm.
X.0581NeolithicNO PROVENANCEPolished flint axe, length 125mm, width 67mm.
X.0582NeolithicNO PROVENANCEFlat axehead of polished grey stone, length 120mm, width 70mm.
X.0583NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Polished axehead of greenstone, length 95mm.
X.0584NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONPolished axehead of greenstone, broken, length 100mm.
X.0585ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERA loom weight from a warp-weighted loom, consisting of a smooth pebble of brown stone, with a hollow made in the top for the knot by which it is tied to the warp. Length 10cms, width 9cms.
X.0586NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Chipped and ground axehead of grey stone, length 100mm.
X.0587PalaeontologyCambridgeshireCOVENEYPiece of bog oak.
X.0588NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of a ground axehead of grey stone, length 68mm, width 53mm.
X.0589NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONChipped and ground flint axehead, length 120mm, width 60mm.
X.0590NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Part of a ground and chipped flint axehead, length 73mm.
X.0591PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake of black flint, length 68mm, width 30mm.
X.0592NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Part of a ground axehead of grey stone, length 61mm, width 50mm.
X.0593NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of a roughout of an axehead of grey flint, width 48mm.
X.0594NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMGround axehead of dark grey stone, edge broken off; length 113mm, width 67mm.
X.0595MesolithicHuntingdonshireALCONBURYPart of a perforated axe- or hammer-head, made by pecking from a grey stone, with hourglass-shaped perforation.
X.0596NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONRoughout of flint chisel or narrow axehead, length 87mm.
X.0597MesolithicHuntingdonshireKIMBOLTONSmall hammerhead of pecked pink stone, with hourglass perforation; length 70mm, width 62mm.
X.0598Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEPart of axehead, ground, of grey stone, with flattened edges; width 50mm.
X.0599NeolithicHuntingdonshireSAWTRYCircular scraper, length 52mm, width 43mm.
X.0600NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONChipped and ground adze of grey flint, pointed butt; length 120mm.
X.0601NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESLong blade of grey flint, with retouch along edges; length 85mm, width 28mm.
X.0602MesolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONTranchet axe of flint, length 122mm, width 46mm.
X.0603NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDPart of roughout of axehead of greenstone, chipped and ground, length 63mm.
X.0604NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONAxehead of grey flint, chipped and ground, with pointed butt; length 123mm, width 48mm.
X.0605NeolithicUnited StatesVIRGINIAEight implements, probably all arrowheads, of white crystalline stone, manufactured by flaking. Max length 66mm.
X.0606NeolithicHuntingdonshireSAWTRYPart of a chipped and ground axehead of brown flint, width 59mm.
X.0607PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESCore of brown flint, length 100mm, width 98mm.
X.0608NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONPart of a small flake-tool of grey flint, delicately flaked; partly ground; length 50mm, width 38mm.
X.0609NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDLeaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, length 50mm, width 23mm.
X.0610NeolithicHuntingdonshireUPWOODAxehead roughout of black flint, with pointed butt broken off; length 108mm, width 48mm.
X.0611MesolithicHuntingdonshireGT STAUGHTONTranchet axehead of white flint, length 95mm, width 46mm.
X.0612NeolithicUnited StatesVIRGINIASix spearheads and arrowheads, chipped from a grey gritty stone, max length 94mm.
X.0613NeolithicYorkshireNO PROVENANCEGround axehead of dark grey granite, length 108mm, width 55mm.
X.0614MesolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTranchet axehead of white flint, length 128mm, width 54mm.
X.0615MesolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPart of a hammer- or mace-head, pecked from a grey stone, with hourglass perforation; length 75mm, width 51mm.
X.0616NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONPart of a chisel roughout of brown flint, chipped and ground with turned edge; length 89mm.
X.0618NeolithicHuntingdonshireSAWTRYAxehead, pecked from brown stone, very rough surface; length 104mm, width 55mm.
X.0620NeolithicHuntingdonshireWARBOYSGround axehead of light grey stone, length 179mm, width 61mm.
X.0621Neolithic?HuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONSmoothly rounded pebble, ?artificial, of light grey stone. ?Sling-stone. Diam. 62mm.
X.0622NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONChipped and ground axehead of brown flint, length 138mm, width 57mm.
X.0623NeolithicNO PROVENANCEGround axehead of greenstone, with waist for hafting, length 94mm.
X.0624NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDGround axehead of dark grey stone, length 135mm, width 70mm.
X.0625MesolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYHammer-head of light grey stone, with hourglass perforation, length 132mm, width 82mm.
X.0626NeolithicHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMGround axehead of white flint, length 148mm, width 39mm.
X.0627MesolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONSmall hammer-head of grey stone, with hourglass perforation, length 73mm, width 54mm.
X.0628NeolithicHuntingdonshireRAMSEYGround axehead of greenstone, slightly flattened edges, length 95mm, width 45mm.
X.0629NeolithicHuntingdonshireALCONBURYGround axehead of greenstone, length 90mm, width 59mm.
X.0630Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireST NEOTSSocketed bronze axehead, single loop, three moulded ribs on each side; length 90mm, width 48mm.
X.0631NeolithicNO PROVENANCESlender leaf-shaped arrowhead of grey flint, delicately flaked; length 40mm.
X.0632Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESBronze spearhead, socketed with loops on either side of socket, Middle Bronze Age; length 161mm, width 26mm.
X.0633NeolithicYorkshireNO PROVENANCELeaf-shaped arrowhead of white flint, length 42mm.
X.0634Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCETanged and barbed arrowhead of brown flint, length 28mm.
X.0635NeolithicNO PROVENANCELeaf-shaped arrowhead of white flint, length 31mm.
X.0636Bronze AgeYorkshireNO PROVENANCEBarbed and tanged arrowhead of white flint, length 27mm.
X.0637Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEBarbed and tanged arrowhead of grey flint, length 35mm.
X.0638Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONFlat, leaf-shaped knife of brown flint; length 140mm, width 50mm.
X.0639NeolithicCanadaNO PROVENANCEBarbed and tanged arrowhead, flaked from grey flint, with double point to barb; length 43mm.
X.0640Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSmall socketed bronze spearhead, with short leaf-shaped blade and two loops on the side of the socket; Middle Bronze Age; length 98mm.
X.0641Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONLarge barbed and tanged arrowhead of brown flint, length 50mm, width 35mm.
X.0642Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONVery thin, broad flint blade, Early Bronze Age. Length 108mm, width 47mm.
X.0643Bronze Age?HuntingdonshireHARTFORDSquare-sectioned bone spike, length 125mm.
X.0644Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCESocketed bronze axehead, with single loop, length 100mm.
X.0645Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESBlade of small bronze dagger, flat and round-ended, with hole in tang. Length 112mm.
X.0646Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEBroken pieces from five socketed bronze axeheads, one with a loop on the socket. Max length 65mm.
X.0647ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERA loom weight from a warp-weighted loom, consisting of a smooth brown pebble, with a hollow made in the top for the knot by which it is tied to the warp. Length 10cms, width 9cms.
X.0648Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONNine sherds of pottery, Middle Bronze Age.
X.0650NeolithicHuntingdonshireUPWOODGround axehead of grey stone, flattened sides, length 103mms, width 53mm.
X.0651NeolithicNO PROVENANCEGround axehead of dark brown stone, length 113mm, width 50mm.
X.0652Bronze Age?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSide-scraper of grey flint, length 76mm, width 38mm.
X.0653NeolithicNO PROVENANCEVery small leaf-shaped arrowhead of white flint, length 21mm.
X.0654Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHARTFORD?Flanged bronze axehead, with stop ridge, butt broken off; never sharpened or used: the moulding flash is still present round the blade. Length 102mm.
X.0655Roman?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of a pottery crucible, with traces of copper inside it. Coarse brown ware, handmade.
X.0656Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONBroad, flat, lozenge-shaped flint blade, with delicate pressure flaking; length 109mm, width 63mm.
X.0657Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireOFFORDTwo small sherds of Beaker.
X.0658NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCircular scraper of grey flint, length 40mm, width 34mm.
X.0659Bronze AgeHuntingdonshirePIDLEYSocketed bronze axehead with single loop, length 104mm.
X.0660NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDLeaf-shaped spearhead or knife of grey flint, length 91mm.
X.0661Bronze AgeHuntingdonshirePIDLEYSocketed bronze axehead, much corroded, with remains of loop; length 83mm.
X.0662Bronze AgeGloucestershire?NO PROVENANCEFlanged bronze axehead with stop-ridge, rather corroded; length 140mm.
X.0663Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEBarbed and tanged arrowhead of grey flint; length 41mm, width 28mm.
X.0664Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONLarge barbed and tanged arrowhead of brown flint; length 58mm, width 33mm.
X.0665Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSingle-barbed arrowhead of brown flint, length 42mm, width 25mm.
X.0666NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONChisel of brown flint, flaked with turned edge; polished at cutting edge only; length 132mm, width 25mm.
X.0667NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Chisel of brown flint, flaked, with turned edge; ground at cutting edge only; length 130mm, width 27mm.
X.0668Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONBronze palstave, length 175mm.
X.0669Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireGT RAVELEYBronze palstave, length 168mm, width 76mm.
X.0670Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireCONINGTONSmall socketed bronze spearhead, with two loops on socket and lobes on the base of the blade. Stripped down to the bare metal. Length 149mm, width 28mm.
X.0671Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSmall socketed bronze spearhead with two loops on socket; length 118mm, width 18mm.
X.0672Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRYAxe-hammer of grey stone, with cylindrical perforation, length 163mm.
X.0673Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSocketed bronze spearhead with broad blade and two loops on socket; length 217mm, width 59mm.
X.0674Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireCONINGTONSocketed bronze spearhead with wide, lozenge-shaped blade and two loops on socket; length 152mm, width 55mm.
X.0675Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONRimless jar of red, beaker-type fabric, with rows of vertical notches; restored. Ht. 102mm, diam. 76mm.
X.0676Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLong-necked beaker with collar round rim, extensively decorated with bands of hatching and fingernail impressions; restored. Ht. 165mm, diam. 145mm.
X.0677Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLong-necked beaker, decorated all over with comb and stabbed decoration; restored. Ht. 171mm, diam. 115mm.
X.0678Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONLarge axe-hammer of grey sandstone, with cylindrical perforation; length 203mm, width 84mm.
X.0679Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMLong, thin piece of iron, convex on one side and flat on the other. Length 479mm, width 34mm. ?Sword blade.
X.0680Iron Age?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONConical object of buff pottery, ?loom-weight. Ht. 92mm, width 60mm
X.0681Iron Age etcHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONNumerous sherds of pottery, mostly handmade coarse ware, but including a few wheelmade, decorated pieces; the latter are probably Roman. Also two fragments of daub.
X.0682Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSherds of a beaker: numerous sherds, most of them very small, although a few larger sherds have been assembled to form part of the base and some show bands of combed and cord decoration; red ware.
X.0683Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMSherds of grey ware, wheelmade, with girth-grooves on shoulder and everted rim.
X.0684Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMSherds of grey ware vessel, wheelmade with girth-grooves.
X.0685NeolithicNorfolkWEETINGFlake of white flint, length 50mm.
X.0686NeolithicNorfolkWEETINGLarge flake of white flint, length 114mm.
X.0687Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBUCKDENLower part of cup or jar of coarse ware, restored.
X.0688Iron AgeHuntingdonshireALCONBURYSherd of coarse brown ware, handmade, with very slight shoulder.
X.0689Iron AgeHuntingdonshireST IVESRim-sherd of grey ware, handmade with plain rim.
X.0690Iron AgeBedfordshire?DEAN?Fragments of barrel-urn, of thin light grey ware, with rouletted decoration.
X.0691Iron AgeHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSherds of coarse pottery, handmade, various fabrics.
X.0693Roman etc.HuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSherds of Samian (Drag. 18/31) and coarse ware (inc. grey ware imitating Samian Drag. 30, rather like London ware without the gloss; and an Iron Age sherd of corky brown ware).
X.0693*Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSee X.0693, catalogued under Roman.
X.0694RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)Two sherds of grey ware, with cordons and burnishing.
X.0695RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Sherds of a vertical-sided beaker of London Ware, imitating Drag. 30, with stamped fern-leaf ornament; rather abraded.
X.0697RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Sherds of brown coarse ware.
X.0698Iron AgeCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of grey ware.
X.0700ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST NEOTSSherd of St Neots ware, with incised decoration.
X.0701RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSherds of coarse ware.
X.0703Iron AgeHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSherds of a cordoned jar of brown ware, Aylesford-Swarling type, with everted rim and pecked decoration on cordons.
X.0704Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSherds of coarse ware, handmade, various fabrics, many with very rough scored decoration.
X.0705NeolithicHuntingdonshireUPWOODBlade-core of brown flint.
X.0706NeoloithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake of white flint, with hinge fracture across one end.
X.0707Iron AgeNO PROVENANCESherd of brown ware with herringbone decoration.
X.0708Iron AgeNO PROVENANCESherd of brown ware, handmade, with rim.
X.0709Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHARTFORDShard of brown ware, gritted, with row of fingernail impressions; handmade.
X.0710Iron AgeNO PROVENANCESherd of soft red ware, with incised decoration.
X.0711Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMCircular bronze brooch, with red, blue and yellow enamel on central boss. ?1st century A.D. Diam. 29mm.
X.0712Iron AgeHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONTwo kiln-bars, square-sectioned with impressions of pieces of straw etc. Lengths 110mm & 185mm.
X.0713Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMThree bronze linch-pin heads, baluster shaped. Of a type supposed to have originated with the Parisii tribe of Yorkshire.
X.0713, 0717, 0758Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMSee the article by Val Rigby, in the Collections File. The objects were found during ploughing, c. 1932 - this comes from the publication in Antiq Journ presumably. She thinks they represent the survivals from at least two sets of cart fittings, with the decorated linch pin heads perhaps used as a non-matching pair after their original partners were lost. X.0713 are probably not linch pin heads - although one of the three could be. All the objects were probably made c. 0-50 AD in Catuvellaunian territory.
X.0714Iron AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Jar of grey ware, handmade, plain rim (restored); ht. 105mm, rim diam. 111mm.
X.0715Iron AgeHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCECarinated bowl of buff ware, wheelmade with girth-grooves on neck and bead rim. Ht. 80mm, diam. 125mm.
X.0716Iron AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome LodgeCarinated bowl of grey gritted ware, wheelmade, with everted rim and cordons on neck (restored). Ht. 122mm, rim diam. 168mm.
X.0717Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMLinch-pin head, bronze, shaped like an open fan with Celtic curvilinear decoration partly filled with red enamel. c.1-25 A.D.
X.0718Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCarinated bowl of dark grey ware, wheelmade, with everted rim and cordons on shoulder & neck (restored). Ht. 115mm, rim diam. 158mm.
X.0719Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONJar of brown ware, handmade, with slight shoulder, plain rim, and vertical scratchigs on body (restored). Ht. 182mm, rim diam. 150mm.
X.0720Iron Age?HuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Pin or borer formed from the splint bone of a horse. Length 72mm.
X.0721Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Small bowl of pink gritted ware, wheelmade, plain with everted rim (restored); ht. 47mm, rim diam. 85mm.
X.0722RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Part of a tanged iron knife, length 110mm, width 25mm.
X.0723Roman?HuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Whetstone of grey stone, elliptical section, length 11cms.
X.0724Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Bowl of coarse grey-pink ware, plain, everted rim, wheelmade (restored). Ht. 133mm, rim diam. 185mm.
X.0725Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Carinated bowl of pink gritted ware, with cordon on neck and everted rim, wheelmade (restored); ht. 117mm, rim diam. 189mm.
X.0726Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Rim-sherds of jar of pink ware, grey core, wheelmade with cordon on neck, Aylesford-Swarling. Perforation below rim.
X.0727Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherds of vessel of thick red ware, shallow girth-grooves.
X.0728Iron AgeHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONSherds of a cordoned bowl of brown ware, wheelmade, with cordon on shoulder.
X.0729Iron Age?HuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Pieces of a hammer of red deer antler.
X.0730Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Rim sherds of cordoned jar, red ware with grey core, Aylesford-Swarling type.
X.0731RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Part of a tall-necked bowl of London ware, black glossy finish with zone of wedge-shaped peckings on lower body.
X.0732RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Rim-sherd of jar of gritted grey ware, with plain rim & grooves on neck.
X.0733Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Rim-sherd of coarse grey ware, handmade.
X.0734ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESBase sherd of pink gritted ware, grey core, with lattice decoration and trace of green glaze. Stanion ware 1150-1350
X.0735Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Rim sherd from a globular bowl of coarse, gritted grey ware, handmade.
X.0736Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Rim-sherds of a jar of red-brown gritted ware, wheelmade, with everted rim and girth-grooves.
X.0737Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Rim-sherd of carinated bowl of coarse brown ware, plain rim, ?wheelmade.
X.0738Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherds of a bowl of grey gritted ware, wheelmade, with bevelled rim, slight collar below it.
X.0739Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBUCKDENPart of a carinated bowl of red-brown ware, wheelmade, with cordons on neck and shoulder and bead rim; ht. 83mm, diam. 155mm.
X.0740RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Rim-sherd of grey colour-coated ware, from dish imitating Samian Drag. 36; rouletted decoration on outside of body, barbotine decoration on rim.
X.0741RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Rim-sherd of grey colour-coated ware, from dish with wide rim, stamped double-leaf decoration on rim, ?imitating Samian Drag. 36.
X.0742RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Base-sherd of greyware jar, with reversed letter "N" incised on bottom.
X.0743RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Base-sherd of greyware jar with grey colour-coat, with reversed letter "N" incised on bottom.
X.0744RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of a hemispherical bowl of pink ware, rouletted decoration round body, imitating Samian Drag. 37.
X.0745RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Base of a narrow-footed beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, brown-black slip on pink fabric, rouletted round body.
X.0746RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of mortaria, colour-coated and coarse ware. Mortaria sherds stamped "CRAT", "[CON reversed] RIM", and ?"NIVS" [with the "N" reversed]. Coarse ware includes sherd from jar with perforations in base (very coarse), and piece of pink ware imitating Samian 29.
X.0748RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Part of a bronze statuette of Minerva, arms and most of legs missing; rather worn, but helmet and gorgon's head on breast remain identifiable. Ht. 47mm.
X.0749RomanGloucestershireCIRENCESTERBronze brooch, with triangular panel on middle of bow, slight decoration on foot. No spring, somewhat flattened. Length 50mm.
X.0750RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Bronze finger-ring, with herringbone and ring-and-dot ornament.
X.0751RomanNO PROVENANCETwo bronze bracelets of wire, thin and plain.
X.0752Roman?HuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Small part of a bone comb, with six teeth and part of hole for rivet.
X.0753RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER1st Brass of Antoninus Pius. Obv. ANTONINVS AVG.PIVS . . . Rev. illegible, SC in the field.
X.0754RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY?(Stocking Close?)Fragment of a jet bracelet, length 22mm.
X.0755RomanHuntingdonshireWOODSTONFace from a face-urn, female head in buff ware; length 50mm, width 45mm.
X.0756RomanBedfordshire?NO PROVENANCEBase of green glass vessel, cylindrical, with spiral ornament in white glass. Ht. 54mm.
X.0757RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Half of a bronze bracelet, made from two strips of bronze twisted together; diam. 63mm.
X.0758Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMBronze linch-pin head, elaborately shaped and decorated, with Celtic designs inlaid with blue enamel. 25-40 A.D.
X.0759(Roman)NO PROVENANCERelief of Romano-British god Taranis, with helmet, shield, club and wheel.
X.0760RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Face from a face-urn, moulded white clay with features and hair in red slip; ht. 96mm.
X.0761RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM3rd Brass, Constantinopolis. Obv. CONSTANTINOPOLIS. Rev. PLX in the exergue.
X.0762RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Antler tlne with hole drilled near base, band of incised chevron ornament half-way along; length 84mm. ?Knife-handle.
X.0763RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM3rd Brass, House of Constantine. Obv. S.P.F.AVG . . . Rev. GLORIA . . . ORVM, SPAQ in the exergue.
X.0765RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass, Constantinopolis. Obv. CONSTANTINOPOLIS. Rev. illegible
X.0766RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Tine of deer antler, with partial saw-cut along the middle.
X.0767RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass, barbarous radiate.
X.0768RomanHuntingdonshireCHESTERTON3rd Brass, Tetricus. Obv. . . . TETRICVS . . . Rev. illegible.
X.0769RomanHuntingdonshireCHESTERTON3rd Brass, Tetricus. Obv. . . . TRICVS . . . Rev. VIRTV . . .
X.0770RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Small bronze bell, loop handle, no clapper.
X.0771RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Small pair of bronze tweezers.
X.0772RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Bone pin, spherical head, point broken off. Length 63mm.
X.0773RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOEEye and part of shaft of bone needle, length 35mm.
X.0774RomanNO PROVENANCETop half of a bone pin with spherical head; length 58mm.
X.0775RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Shaft of bronze pin, length 78mm.
X.0776RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES?(Meadow Lane)Part of the shaft of a bronze ligula, length 53mm.
X.0777RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass, illeg. Obv. D.N. . . . Rev. . . . MANORVM
X.0778RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Bone pin, slightly crude with expanded head; length 125mm.
X.0779RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Bronze pin with knob head, in two parts. Length when complete 107mm.
X.0780RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Six small blue beads.
X.0781RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Plain penannular bronze bracelet; diam. 82mm.
X.0782RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Bone pin with expanded head, length 112mm.
X.0783RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Two pieces of bronze wire: one, long and thin, could originally have been a pin; the other, short and with a right-angled bend, could be the remains of a small key.
X.0784RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Most of a small bag-shaped beaker of grey colour-coated ware (grey slip on white paste), with decoration of vertical burnished lines.
X.0785RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of a beaker of colour-coated ware, brown slip on white paste, with horizontal bands of barbotine scrolls.
X.0786RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Base-sherd of grey ware jar, with "X" scratched on side; possible piece of another mark on the base.
X.0787RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Rim-sherd of a jar of grey colour-coated ware, grey slip on white fabric, with letter "N" scratched onto the neck.
X.0788RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Base of a beaker of colour-coated ware, brown slip on white fabric (Nene Valley ware), with letter "N" scratched on the base.
X.0789RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherd of decorated Romano-Saxon ware, grey-buff paste.
X.0790RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Bone pin, not very finely finished. Length 117mm.
X.0791RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of a bronze pin with biconical head, length 59mm.
X.0792Roman?HuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Piece of bone, worked to a more or less circular section with a point at one end: ?spindle. Length 133mm.
X.0793RomanNO PROVENANCEBronze pin, with thin baluster-and-knob head; length 116mm.
X.0794Roman?HuntingdonshireKEYSTONStone disc, ?unperforated spindle whorl. Diam. 38mm.
X.0794*RomanHuntingdonshireCOVINGTONSee X.0794, catalogued under KEYSTON.
X.0795RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOESmall bronze bracelet, penannular, plain; diam. 49mm.
X.0796RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Bronze Brooch, Collingwood Group Q (Head-stud), twisted, with broken pin. Length 45mm.
X.0797RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSmall bronze bracelet, plain, of thin wire. Diam. 53mm.
X.0798RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Bronze brooch, Collingwood Group K (Segmental Strip Bow), longitudinal grooves on bow; length 76mm.
X.0799RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1958-9)Part of a bronze ligula, length 69mm.
X.0800RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1956)Bronze brooch, Collingwood Group Q (Head-stud), rather corroded, pin missing; length 55mm.
X.0801RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Irregular piece of lead or pewter, found folded up to form a loom-weight, but since flattened out. Possible piece of moulded beading suggests that it could be part of a pewter dish. Length 81mm.
X.0802RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Small (child's) bronze bracelet, penannular ribbon with ornament of recessed "S"s; diam. 41mm.
X.0803RomanNO PROVENANCEBone pin with knob head, length 85mm.
X.0804RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOEBronze brooch, Collingwood Group M (Tapering bow): small and delicate, pin missing. Length 39mm.
X.0805RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of decorated and undecorated Samian: 2 sherds Drag. 37, AD 85-100; 1 sherd Drag. 18/31, stamped MARCELLIVS (Antonine, East Gaul); 3 sherds Drag. 31, stamped GENITOR F. (AD 125-150), . . . NIOvC (AD 125-160), and CVCCILLI (AD 140-160); 1 sherd Drag. 36; 1 sherd indeterminate.
X.0806RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of decorated Samian (Drag. 30 with rouletted decoration, Drag. 37); undecorated Samian (Drag. 18/31, 33, 36); Nene Valley colour-coated ware (necks and mouths of flagons).
X.0807RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of painted ware, and of a Nene Valley colour-coated hunt cup.
X.0808RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Small oval piece of stone, flattened on one side; length 110mm.
X.0809RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSmall piece of sandstone, flattened on one side; length 125mm.
X.0810RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERAmphora handle, buff ware, stamped HERMES F.
X.0811Roman?HuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Clay loom-weight, sausage-shaped with hole down the long axis; length 120mm.
X.0812RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of a flue-tile, X-shaped marks for keying in plaster; length 172mm.
X.0813RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Kiln-bar, tapered and square-sectioned; length 200mm.
X.0814Roman?HuntingdonshireEARITH?Hone, pebble of grey stone slightly smoothed off along the sides; length 125mm.
X.0815RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Amphora handle, pink-buff ware, stamped GA.
X.0816RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of a quern stone of millstone or lava; length 115mm.
X.0817Roman?HuntingdonshireEARITHFlat slab of ?millstone grit, with two irregular grooves along one face. ?Part of a quern. Length 140mm.
X.0818Roman?HuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Piece of grey ?sandstone, rubbed smooth on one side, hole bored part of the way through from the other; length 131mm.
X.0819RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Very large jar (?small storage jar) of grey ware, with everted rim. Blisters on lower body. Girth-grooves, with zones of combed ornament. Restored: ht. 425mm.
X.0820RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEYSamian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped MATERNI M. Diam. 171mm (restored).
X.0821PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEA pair of Aurochs horn cores, fairly complete.
X.0822PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSlender section of Mammoth tusk.
X.0823PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONFemur of Mammoth.
X.0824PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPart of the jaw of a Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0825PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPart of the jaw of a Mammoth or Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0826PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTwo pieces of antler.
X.0827PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMPiece of Mammoth tusk.
X.0828SaxonHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONAntler tine and piece of horn, both sawn off at the base.
X.0829RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Greyware dish, poor copy of Belgic prototype, with foot-ring and bead rim. Diam. 150mm.
X.0830RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Flat-bottomed dish of colour-coated ware, red-brown slip on white paste, 3rd-4th cent. Diam. 75mm.
X.0831RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Samian bowl, Drag. 31 with illiterate stamp, and letter "N" scratched on interior base beside it. Diam. 186mm (restored). Late Antonine.
X.0832RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Samian cup, Drag. 33, stamped DVSPIVS F. Diam. 97mm.
X.0833RomanCambrigeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Spout or nozzle of red pottery, tapering slightly, broken at wider end; purpose unknown. Length 82mm.
X.0834RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Conical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, red-brown slip on orange paste, with two bands of rouletting, and zone of white painted lines between them. Ht. 133mm.
X.0835RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Small jar of thin grey ware, plain with slightly everted rim. Ht. 98mm.
X.0836RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Small conical-necked beaker of thick colour-coated ware, black slip on orange paste. Body is pentagonal in section, each face having an indented circle between two vertical incisions at the corners. 4th cent. Ht. 93mm.
X.0837PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCELeft tibia, unknown animal.
X.0838PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONNumerous bones, teeth and horns of various animals, including a pair of Aurochs horn cores & teeth of Mammoth or Straight-tusked Elephant.
X.0839PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYPieces of molars of Straight-tusked Elephant; pieces of horn-cores of Bos primigenius; various other fragments of bones.
X.0840RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Small narrow-footed jar of colour-coated ware, red slip on white paste, much abraded, with everted rim. Late 3rd-early 4th century. Ht. 87mm.
X.0841RomanHuntingdonshireSTANGROUNDNarrow-footed bowl of grey ware, with traces of dark grey slip, slight cordon on neck, everted rim. Late 1st-early 2nd century. Ht. 93mm.
X.0842RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of Samian dish, Drag. 31, with three lead rivets. Stamped (illegible). Arrow-shaped mark scratched underneath base. Diam. 192mm.
X.0843RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Jar of coarse pink ware, fire-blackened, with grooves round shoulder and bead rim. Ht. 197mm (restored).
X.0844RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of a jar of light grey ware with everted rim. Ht. (when complete) 137mm.
X.0845RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of a small bag-beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on white paste, rough cast, with delicate everted rim. Ht. (when complete) 114mm.
X.0846RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Most of a small conical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on orange paste, with white painted decoration of dots and lines round waist. Ht. 110mm.
X.0847RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Jar of grey ware, girth-grooves and cordon on neck, everted rim. 2nd cent. Ht. 160mm.
X.0848RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Hunt cup waster of brown-coated Nene Valley ware, showing hound chasing hare. Restored from sherds, ht. when complete 123mm.
X.0849RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Flat-bottomed, straight-sided dish of grey ware with red core. Diam. 178mm (restored).
X.0850RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Bowl of colour-coated ware, brown-black slip on white paste, with two girth-grooves at shoulder and everted rim. Late 3rd-early 4th cent. Ht 186mm.
X.0851RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Wide-mouthed jar of colour-coated ware, brown-black slip on white paste, with girth-grooves on shoulder and thick everted rim. 3rd-4th cent. Ht. 150mm.
X.0852RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Folded beaker of colour-coated ware, brown slip on buff paste, scale ornament on folds, everted rim. Ht. 112mm.
X.0853RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Globular jar of grey ware, slight cordon on shoulder, everted rim. 1st - early 2nd century. Ht. 155mm.
X.0854Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONLarge cinerary urn of thick brown ware, with decoration of impressed cords; heavily restored, rim missing. Ht. 38cms, diam.31½ cms. Also a few sherds left over from the reconstruction.
X.0857NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Flaked and ground axehead of grey flint, only partly ground and polished; length 155mm.
X.0858NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON(Gravel Pits Field)Axehead roughout of black flint; flaked, with turned edge, only ground at the cutting edge; parallel-sided. Length 125mm.
X.0859NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONGround axehead of grey flint, butt and cutting edge broken after grinding; length 149mm, width 63mm.
X.0860MesolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESHammer-head of brown stone, with hourglass perforation; slightly broken. Length 105mm, width 67mm.
X.0861NeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONNarrow axehead roughout of brown flint, flaked with turned edge, slight grinding near cutting edge; length 145mm, width 42mm.
X.0862Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONSocketed bronze axehead, with circular-sectioned socket and single loop, bead on rim. The loop is, unusually, on the long side of the socket, suggesting that the blade may have been hafted as an adze rather than an axe (observation & suggestion by Mr Roger Thomas of Jesus College, visit 3:7:1984). Length 92mm.
X.0863Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHARTFORDGround axehead of grey stone, with expanded edge suggesting a metal prototype; length 142mm, width 72mm.
X.0864Bronze AgeCambridgeshireCOVENEYGround axehead of greenstone, with flattened edges; length 153mm.
X.0865Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireHARTFORDFlanged bronze axehead with stop-ridge and remains of loop; length 141mm.
X.0866Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONThe tip of a plano-convex knife of white flint, crackled by heat. Length 26mm.
X.0867RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Jar of grey ware, with bulge round waist between two grooves, everted rim. Late 1st-2nd cent. Ht. 124mm.
X.0868RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Bowl of grey ware, with slight cordon on neck and everted rim. Late 1st-early 2nd cent. Ht. 113mm.
X.0869RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of a tall folded beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on buff ware with grey core, with three bands of rouletting round body, bead rim with groove beneath. 3rd cent. Ht. when complete 222mm.
X.0870RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Large bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove on shoulder, rouletted decoration above groove, and slightly undercut everted rim. 2nd cent. Ht. 157mm.
X.0871RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Most of a narrow-necked jar of grey ware, with cordon and girth-groove on neck and wide everted rim. Slight dent on one side, caused before firing. Ht. 235mm.
X.0872RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of a dish of glossy-surfaced black ware, with possible traces of mica-dusting; imitates Samian Drag. 31, but with heavier rim. Diam. 235mm.
X.0873RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of a bowl of coarse pink ware, crudely made with flat base and flaring sides. Diam. 195mm.
X.0874RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Large "pie-dish" of greyware, with flat base, slightly curved sides and heavy rim. Diam. 258mm.
X.0875RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Large jar of very coarse grey-pink ware, two girth-grooves on neck, wide everted rim. Ht. 266mm.
X.0876RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Poppy-head beaker of white ware, with panels of dots and rings in pink barbotine. ?War Ditches ware. Traces of repair made in antiquity, using bitumen. Late 1st-early 2nd cent. Ht. 153mm.
X.0877RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Dish of very coarse red-grey gritted ware; flat-bottomed and straight-sided with everted rim, rather crude. 1st century. Diam. 189mm.
X.0878RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Mortarium of colour-coated ware, white slip on pink paste, flange overhangs at sharp angle, plain spout, no grits. 4th cent. Diam. 156mm.
X.0879RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Narrow-footed bowl of sandy pink ware, with reeded rim. Diam. 194mm.
X.0880RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Carinated bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove above shoulder and undercut rim. Diam. 141mm (restored).
X.0881RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Jar of coarse grey-pink ware, horizontal striations on body, everted rim with step inside for lid. Ht. 127mm (restored).
X.0882RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Carinated bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove above shoulder and everted rim. Ht. 169mm (restored).
X.0883RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Carinated bowl of grey gritted ware, undecorated, with plain rim. Diam. 141mm (restored).
X.0884RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Jar of coarse grey gritted ware, bead rim with slight step inside for lid. Ht. 158mm (restored).
X.0885RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Jar of coarse buff-red ware, girth-grooves above shoulder, everted rim. Ht. 172mm.
X.0886RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Large jar of grey gritted ware, five grooves on neck, everted rim. Ht. 215mm (restored).
X.0887RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMLarge wide-mouthed jar of pink sandy ware, plain, no neck, bead rim. 1st cent. Ht. 225mm.
X.0888RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Very large wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with wavy line round neck, and everted rim. Ht. 266mm (restored).
X.0889RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Very large jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves and cordon on neck, everted rim. Ht. 303mm (restored).
X.0890RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Lid of red-brown ware, with flattened knob on top; blackened at edges. Diam. 145mm (restored).
X.0891RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Narrow-necked jar of grey ware, shallow grooves round body, cordon on neck, rim missing. Two holes made in body, roughly shaped but plainly pecked out with some care. Ht. 230mm.
X.0892RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Large bowl of grey ware, with girth-groove on shoulder, cordon on neck, and everted rim; base missing. Ht. 149mm.
X.0893RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Small jar of dark brown, hard, sandy ware; with band of rouletting round waist and everted rim. 3rd cent. Ht. 109mm.
X.0894RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Rouletted bowl of colour-coated ?Colchester ware, brown-black slip on buff paste, with rouletting above shoulder and flange at mouth to hold lid on. Ht. 130mm.
X.0895RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Flagon of hard grey ware, with narrow foot, slight step at shoulder, lip on mouth, and two-lobed handle. Ht. 151mm.
X.0896RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Small jar of colour-coated ware, red slip on white paste, with slight cordon on neck and everted rim. 3rd cent. Ht. 91mm.
X.0897RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Most of small jar of rough, sandy, white ware, plain with bead rim. Ht. 50mm.
X.0898RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of a globular-bodied jar of thin grey ware, with narrow foot and two girth-grooves on shoulder. Top missing; present ht. 100mm.
X.0899RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Conical-necked beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, brown-black slip on buff fabric, with zone of white-painted curvilinear decoration between two lines of rouletting. Ht. 140mm.
X.0899 (contd.)RomanEARITH(Fen Drove)
X.0900RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Bowl of colour-coated ?Oxfordshire ware, red slip on pink paste, shape imitates Samian Drag. 37, with girth-grooves and zone of white-painted curvilinear decoration. Ht. 62mm.
X.0901RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Mortarium of white (Nene Valley) ware, with reeded rim turned sharply downwards, plain mouth, and black grits. 3rd cent. Diam. 225mm.
X.0902RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of a beaker of colour-coated (? Colchester) ware, black slip on pink fabric, with narrow foot, two bands of rouletting on body, undercut bead rim. Ht. when complete 141mm.
X.0903RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Conical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, brown-black slip on pink paste, with five indentations on body, between two bands of rouletting; thin bead rim. 3rd century Ht. 172mm.
X.0904RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Plain dish of grey ware, flat-bottomed and plain-rimmed. Diam. 130mm (restored).
X.0905RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Plain dish of grey ware, flat bottom and plain rim, slight bevel on outside edge of base. 3rd century. Diam. 170mm.
X.0906RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Dish of grey ware, with flat bottom sloping sides and undercut bead rim. 3rd- 4th cent. Diam. 183mm (restored).
X.0907RomanHuntingdonshireEARITHJar of coarse grey-pink gritted ware, fire-blackened, with zone of fine horizontal striations on shoulder, and everted rim. With chicken bones, found inside. Ht. 185mm.
X.0908RomanNO PROVENANCEBronze brooch, Collingwood Group N (Cast head-loop), with band of lozenge-shaped moulding on upper bow; loop is cast solid, pin missing. Mid to late 2nd cent. Length 55mm.
X.0909RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Small bronze bracelet, with moulded and incised patterns of diagonal lines and ring-and-dot. Diam. 47mm.
X.0910Iron AgeCambridgeshireABINGTON PIGOTTSJar of coarse grey ware, slight carination but most of top missing, handmade (restored); ht. 110mm, rim diam. 140mm.
X.0911Iron AgeCambridgeshireABINGTON PIGOTTSCarinated bowl of grey-brown ware, wheelmade, with cordon & girth-grooves on neck & bead rim (restored); ht. 92mm, rim diam 107mm.
X.0912Iron AgeHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONCarinated jar of grey ware, wheelmade, with cordons on shoulder and neck, everted rim (restored); ht.140mm, diam. 167mm.
X.0913Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSmall carinated jar of dark grey ware, wheelmade, with grooves on shoulder and neck and everted rim. Ht. 95mm, base diam. 50mm.
X.0914RomanHuntingdonshireBUCKDENPart of a jar of red ware, with black slip and grey core, five perforations in base, everted rim. Ht. 90mm, base diam. 50mm.
X.0915Iron AgeHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPart of a high-shouldered jar of grey ware, wheelmade, with two zones of finger-nail ornament between girth-grooves below shoulder, everted rim.
X.0916Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYJar of brown ware, wheelmade, with cordons and girth-grooves above shoulder, bead rim (restored, but broken again). Ht. 224mm, rim diam. 118mm.
X.0917ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONMost of a bottle of buff ware with grey core; ht. 153mm, base diam. 89mm. 13th century.
X.0918Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCarinated bowl of brown ware, wheelmade, everted rim (heavily restored); ht. 102mm, rim diam. 162mm.
X.0919Iron AgeHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLButt-beaker of buff ware, with zones of rouletted decoration between girth-grooves and thin cordons, everted rim (restored but broken again). Ht. 203mm, rim diam. 102mm.
X.0920Iron AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Jar of grey gritted ware, handmade, plain with slight bead rim (restored); ht.134mm, rim diam.124mm.
X.0921Iron AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Jar of grey ware, handmade, plain with slight bead rim, five perforations in base (restored); ht. 165mm, rim diam. 175mm.
X.0922Iron AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Carinated bowl of grey-pink ware, wheelmade, with cordons on shoulder and neck and everted rim. Ht. 158mm, rim diam. 200mm.
X.0923Iron AgeHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Sherds of coarse ware, wheelmade.
X.0924Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Carinated, concave-sided beaker of red ware, wheelmade, with everted rim (restored); ht. 86mm, rim diam.119mm.
X.0925RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Carinated bowl of grey ware, with slight cordons on neck and everted rim (restored); ht. 89mm, rim diam. 116mm.
X.0926Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Base of large storage jar of coarse red ware (wheelmade), with vertical scratchings (restored); base diam. 190mm.
X.0927Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherds of a dish of sandy pink ware, imitating Terra Rubra; rim diam. 170mm.
X.0928Bronze AgeNO PROVENANCEBronze dagger-blade, thin blade widening to broad, flat tang, with notches for rivets; length 169mm.
X.0929RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of Samian: 1 sherd Drag. 18/31 with rivet hole (AD 160-190); 1 sherd Ludowici Tg with parts of two lead rivets.
X.0930RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of decorated & undecorated Samian: 1 sherd Drag. 37, by CASVRIVS (160-180, Lezoux); 1 sherd Drag. 31 stamped . . . RCI (AD 160-170).
X.0931RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of decorated Samian bowl, Drag. 37, AD 150-180.
X.0932RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Indented beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, red-brown slip on white paste; with narrow foot, two girth-grooves above indentations, undercut rim. 3rd century. Ht. 148mm (restored).
X.0933RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Most of a conical-necked beaker of colour-coated ware, red-brown slip on buff paste; with narrow foot, cordon on shoulder, and bead rim. Ht. 133mm.
X.0934RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Plain dish of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red slip on white paste; with flat base and slightly rounded sides, plain rim. Diam. 170mm.
X.0935RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of a globular jar or bottle of red ware, with burnished surface; narrow foot, plain body, top missing. 3rd-4th cent. Diam. 155mm (restored).
X.0936RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of a cup of grey ware, imitating Samian Drag. 30, with three girth-grooves and thin beaded rim. Ht. 83mm.
X.0937RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Most of an indented beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, black slip on white paste; with narrow foot and everted rim. Ht. 115mm.
X.0938RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of a large flanged "pie-dish" of grey ware; flat bottom, straight sides, slightly down-turned flange below rim. Diam. 290mm when complete.
X.0939RomanHuntingdonshireNEEDINGWORTHJar of sandy grey ware, with slight cordon on neck and undercut rim. Ht. 241mm.
X.0940RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Large jar of coarse, gritted, grey ware, with three girth-grooves on shoulder and everted rim. 2nd-4th cent. Ht. 275mm (restored).
X.0941RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of a large mortarium of white (Nene Valley) ware, with black grits, down-turned reeded rim and plain spout. The rim at one point was slightly squashed while the clay was still wet, and part of the potter's fingerprint can be clearly seen. Diam. 340mm.
X.0942RomanHuntingdonshireeCOLNE(Camp Ground)Jar of coarse grey-pink ware, with two girth-grooves on neck and everted rim. Ht. 233mm (restored).
X.0943RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Small jar of grey ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves on neck, and everted rim. 2nd-4th cent. Ht. 90mm (restored).
X.0944RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE?(Camp Ground)?Small wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with small foot and everted rim. Ht. 110mm (restored).
X.0944*RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMSee X.0944, catalogued under COLNE (Camp Ground), which may in fact come from Somersham For finds marked "Somersham Camp Ground", also see COLNE (Camp Ground)
X.0945RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Mortarium of pink ware, with fairly flat reeded rim and plain mouth. 3rd-4th cent. Diam. 260mm.
X.0946RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Folded beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot, bulged neck and plain rim. 2nd-3rd cent. Ht. 128mm (restored).
X.0947RomanHuntingdonshireNEEDINGWORTHJar of pink sandy ware, fire-blackened, wth girth-grooves on neck and undercut rim. Ht. 185mm (restored).
X.0948RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Bowl of grey ware, with narrow foot, slight girth-grooves on neck and everted rim. Ht. 115mm (restored).
X.0949RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNESmall jar or bottle of grey ware, with narrow foot, step on shoulder, top missing. Ht. 111mm (badly restored).
X.0950RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNETall beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, dark brown slip on buff paste, elegantly shaped with narrow foot and tall, tapering body, plain rim; two bands of rouletting, with fine foliate decoration in barbotine between them. Ht. 203mm (restored).
X.0951RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Plain dish of grey ware, flat-bottomed and straight-sided, with rolled-over rim. Diam. 243mm.
X.0952RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Sherd of "pie-dish" of grey ware, straight-sided with flanged rim.
X.0953RomanHuntingdonshiteCOLNE(Camp Ground)Flat-bottomed dish of black burnished ware, with slighly convex sides and plain rim, crude geometric pattern burnished on inside of base. Diam. 229mm.
X.0954RomanHuntingdonshireNEEDINGWORTHLarge jar of coarse grey ware, with horizontal striations over most of body, and thick everted rim. Ht. 270mm (restored).
X.0955RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1925)Large jar of grey ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves on body, band of lattice ornament on shoulder, top missing. Present ht. 344mm (restored).
X.0956RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Cheese-press of grey ware, two concentric ridges, eight perforations. Diam. 158mm (restored).
X.0957RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Tapered folded beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot and everted rim. Ht. 155mm (restored).
X.0958RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Jar of grey ware, with slight cordon on neck, and everted rim. Ht. 197mm (restored).
X.0959RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Narrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves on lower body, cordon on neck above zone of rough vertical incisions, and everted rim. Ht. 236mm (restored).
X.0960RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Large folded beaker of dark grey ware, with slightly expanded foot, several zones of girth-grooves, and everted rim. Ht. 244mm (restored).
X.0961RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Poppy-head beaker of dark grey ware, with cordon on neck, and panels of barbotine dots on body. Ht. 160mm (restored).
X.0962RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Jar of black-burnished ware, with step just above base and straight, everted rim. Ht. 124mm (restored).
X.0963RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Jar of grey ware with six girth-grooves on shoulder and everted rim grooved inside for lid; blisters on lower body. Ht. 178mm.
X.0964RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Carinated bowl of grey ware, with three sharp girth-grooves on neck, and everted rim. Ht. 120mm (restored).
X.0965RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Samian Dish, Drag. 18, stamped IINIIIINIM (?TINNITVS). A.D.80-120. Diam. 165mm.
X.0966RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Dish of grey ware, carinated with inturned rim, poor imitation of Terra Nigra. Decoration inside of burnished lines. Diam. 153mm.
X.0967RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Cup of black Arretine, Loeschke 77, stamped SVVRA OF. (retrograde). Diam 161mm (restored).
X.0968RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Small bowl of smooth brown ware, with two girth-grooves on shoulder and neck, and everted rim. Ht. 89mm (restored).
X.0969RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Flat-bottomed dish of brown ware, mica-dusted, with slightly concave sides and down-turned reeded rim. Diam. 188mm (restored).
X.0970RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Dish of grey ware with burnished surface, with foot-ring, smoothly curved body, and turned-over rim; slight kick in centre of base. ?Approximate copy of Drag.31. Diam. 225mm.
X.0971RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Small jar of pink ware, with bead rim slightly recessed for lid. 1st cent. Ht. 85mm (restored).
X.0972RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Concave-sided beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red slip on cream paste, with narrow foot, sharp carination at base of concave-sided body, plain rim. Ht. 33mm (restored).
X.0973RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Carinated bowl of buff ware with heavy reeded rim. Diam. 192mm.
X.0974RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Large folded beaker of red ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves on shoulder, and slighly everted rim. Ht. 162mm (restored).
X.0975RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Jar of smooth brown ware, with burnished lattice pattern on body, and everted rim rising direcly from the body; a waster, the rim distorted. Ht. 156mm.
X.0976RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Dish of grey ware, hollow base and curved sides, inturned rim; tilted somewhat to one side. Diam. 177mm.
X.0977RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Jar of coarse brown ware, with globular body, girth-grooves on shoulder, top missing. Present ht. 141mm (restored).
X.0978RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Flanged dish of grey ware, with flat base, curved sides, and down-turned flange below vestigial rim, rather like Drag. 36. Bent and distorted, ?waster. Diam. 185mm.
X.0979RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Dish of grey ware, with S-shaped profile, imitating Terra Nigra. Diam. 149mm.
X.0980RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Lid of grey ware, with ring-knob on top, bead rim round outside. Diam. 169mm (restored).
X.0981RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Samian cup, Drag.33, stamped SEVERVS F. (AD140-180, E. Gaul/Rheinzabern). Ht. 47mm.
X.0982RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Samian cup, Drag. 33, stamped VITVRRI (?BVTTVRRVS, AD 80-120). Ht. 43mm.
X.0983RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Jar of grey ware, with girth-groove just above base, and everted rim. Ht. 133mm.
X.0984RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Carinated, concave-sided beaker of grey ware, plain, slightly oval in section. Ht. 134mm.
X.0985RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Small bag-beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red slip on grey paste, with narrow foot and sharp everted rim. 2nd-3rd cent. Ht. 65mm (restored).
X.0986RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Carinated bowl of pink ware, with narrow foot, girth-groove above shoulder, and reeded rim. Diam. 168mm (restored).
X.0987RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Carinated bowl of hard grey ware, slightly mica-dusted; with narrow foot, sharp carination and instep at base of neck, everted rim. Ht. 93mm.
X.0988RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Jar of grey ware,with cordon on neck and everted rim. Ht. 177mm.
X.0989RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Flagon of brown ware, with low bung foot, slight cordon on neck, reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 153mm.
X.0990RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Small bag-beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley ware), brown-black slip on cream paste, with narrow foot and delicate everted rim. Rough-cast. 2nd cent. Ht. 71mm.
X.0991RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Bowl of red-black ware, with girth-groove on shoulder, cordon on neck and everted rim. Ht. 155mm.
X.0992RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Ring-necked flagon of pink ware, with reeded handle, and four rings below lip. Ht. 197mm.
X.0993RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Samian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped GEMINI M. (AD 120-160). Diam. 165mm.
X.0994RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Large jar of coarse brown ware, with two girth-grooves on shoulder, and everted rim. Ht. 221mm
X.0995RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Poppy-head beaker of grey ware, with pattern of barbotine dots. Mid-2nd cent. Ht. 112mm.
X.0996RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Poppy-head beaker of grey ware, with panels of barbotine dots. Ht. 130mm.
X.0997RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Flagon of buff ware, with reeded handle and undercut lip. Ht. 159mm.
X.0998RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Narrow-mouthed jar of buff ware, with girth-grooves on neck, also two small lug-handles, everted rim stepped inside for lid. Ht. 293mm. Crosses scratched on side & base, ?owner's marks.
X.0999RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1906)Jar of dark grey ware, with girth grooves on shoulder and cordon on neck just below everted rim. Ht. 115mm.
X.1000RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1925)Dish of grey ware, with flat bottom, slightly curved sides and reeded rim. Diam. 183mm (restored).
X.1001RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)Jar of buff gritted ware, with thin cordon on neck, base and top missing. Contains cremated bones of "a small individual probably a female". Present ht. 203mm.
X.1002RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)Upper half of jar of dark grey burnished ware, with burnished girth-grooves below shoulder, band of wavy incised decoration between upper two grooves, more burnished grooves on everted rim. Rim diam. 151mm.
X.1003RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)Top half of jar of grey ware, with numerous girth-grooves above shoulder, and everted rim. Rim diam. 153mm (restored).
X.1004RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERFlat-bottomed dish of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, purple-brown slip on grey paste, with slightly curved side bevelled to the base and plain rim. Diam. 194mm (restored from a single sherd).
X.1005RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSmall jar of colour-coated ware, red slip on white paste, with pedestal foot, girth-grooves at base of neck, and everted rim. Ht. 102mm.
X.1006RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBag-beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, brown slip on white paste, with narrow foot, and cornice rim with groove beneath. Ht. 95mm (restored)
X.1007RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSamian cup, Drag. 27, VITA?IS FE. Diam. 128mm (restored).
X.1008RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERFlagon of colour-coated ware, pink slip on red paste, with ring foot, reeded handle, and flared mouth. Ht. 211mm.
X.1009RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERLid of grey ware, with bevelled edge and ring-knob. Diam. 169mm (restored from a single sherd).
X.1010RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1936)Lid of grey ware, with plain rim and flat knob. Diam. 182mm (restored).
X.1011RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSmall jar (?unguent-pot) of thick white ware, with pedestal base and succession of rings round body, top missing. Present ht. 74mm.
X.1012RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPart of a large mortarium of thick white ware, with plain down-turned rim, few grits remaining. Diam. 303mm.
X.1013RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSmall flanged dish of grey ware, with flat bottom, straight sides, flange just below rim. Diam. 111mm.
X.1014RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Dish of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, with slightly convex base and sides, plain rim; brown slip on buff paste. Diam. 119mm.
X.1015RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Dish of grey ware, with concave base, straight sides and flat, reeded rim. Diam. 184mm.
X.1016RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Samian cup, Drag.33, stamped LVPPA (late 1st - early 2nd cent). Ht. 63mm.
X.1017RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Samian cup, Drag. 27, stamped CONDI M. (the "D" retrograde), late 1st cent. Diam. 126mm.
X.1018RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Samian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped ALBINI M. Diam. 175mm.
X.1019RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Samian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped PAVLLI M. (Lezoux). Four notches cut across shoulder, slight dent (pre-firing) in wall. Diam. 173mm
X.1020RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Large Samian dish, Drag. 31, stamped CO . . . ERTI M. Diam. 255mm (restored).
X.1021RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESamian dish, Drag. 36, diam. 189mm.
X.1022RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1936)Most of a lid of sandy orange ware, with plain knob. Diam. 94mm (restored).
X.1023RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONJar of pink ware, with slight cordon on neck and square-sectioned bead rim. Ht. 169mm (restored).
X.1024RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONLarge jar of grey ware, with faint vertical strokes on body, two girth-grooves on neck, and wide down-turned rim. Ht. 258mm (restored).
X.1025RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONFlagon of colour-coated ware, grey slip on white paste, with beaded foot, reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 157mm.
X.1026RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONBag beaker of colour-coated (?Nene Valley) ware, red-brown slip on pink paste, with narrow foot and delicate everted rim. Ht. 89mm.
X.1027RomanHuntingdonshireGT PAXTONGlobular bottle of grey ware, with narrow foot, top missing. Present ht. 107mm.
X.1028RomanHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONNarrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves and cordons on neck, band of oblique strokes between two of the girth-grooves, everted rim. Ht. 200mm (base missing).
X.1029RomanHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONFlat-bottomed dish of grey ware,with concave sides and plain rim; 3 cut marks in rim: ?owner's mark. Diam. 147mm.
X.1030RomanHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONSmall cup of buff ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves half way up body, tall vertical neck and everted rim. Contains nuts (?almonds). Ht. 73mm (restored).
X.1031RomanHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONJar of grey ware, with bead foot, very thin cordon at base of neck, everted rim. Ht. 138mm.
X.1032RomanHuntingdonshireST NEOTSSmall beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot, globose body, plain rim. 1st cent. Ht. 87mm (restored).
X.1033RomanHuntingdonshireST NEOTSSmall jar of sandy buff ware, with narrow foot and bead rim. Ht. 72mm.
X.1034RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONJar of grey ware, with girth-grooves below shoulder and cordon on neck, everted rim. 1st cent. Ht. 118mm.
X.1035Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBUCKDENHigh-shouldered, narrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, wheelmade, with girth-grooves, cordons, and two zones of finger-nail impressions below shoulder, everted rim. Ht. 135mm.
X.1036RomanHuntingdonshireDIDDINGTONJar of buff sandy ware, with narrow foot and everted rim. Ht. 213mm (restored).
X.1037RomanHuntingdonshireDIDDINGTONJar of buff sandy ware, with wide mouth and everted rim. Ht. 162mm (restored).
X.1038RomanHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLJar of very gritty brown ware, with everted rim, 2nd century. Three holes are drilled round the body - purpose? Ht. 209mm.
X.1039RomanHuntingdonshireGT STAUGHTONRouletted bowl of brown colour-coated (?Colchester) ware, with stepped-in rim to take overlapping lid. Extensively restored from a few sherds. Ht. 95mm.
X.1040RomanHuntingdonshireGT STAUGHTONPiece of roof-tile (tegula), with stud-marks, and imprint of ?dog's paw.
X.1041RomanHuntingdonshireYAXLEYWide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves above neck, everted rim. Ht. 183mm (restored).
X.1042RomanHuntingdonshireYELLINGFlagon of pink ware, with narrow foot, mouth and handle missing. Present ht. 148mm (restored).
X.1043RomanBedfordshireDEANSmall mortarium of grey ware, with downturned flange just below rim, grits on interior almost worn away. Diam. 161mm (restored).
X.1044Roman?NorthamptonshireWEEKLEYBowl of grey ware, with pedestal base, vertical-sided body and everted rim: approximate imitation of Drag. 30. Incised & rouletted decoration on sides, with cordons & girth-grooves. Ht. 133mm (restored).
X.1045RomanNorthamptonshireWEEKLEYTapered, folded beaker of black ware, with girth-grooves below shoulder, top missing. Ht. 163mm (restored).
X.1046RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESmall jar of grey ware, with plain rim slightly everted. Ht. 65mm.
X.1047RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEJar of black-burnished ware, with fairly narrow body and wide everted rim, band of obtuse-angled lattice below zone of solid burnish. Ht. 117mm.
X.1048RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCETapered, folded beaker of grey ware, with slight girth-grooves above shoulder and everted rim. Ht. 145mm.
X.1049RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEFlagon of rough-surfaced brown ware, with two-reeded handle and ring-neck. Ht. 223mm (restored).
X.1050RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEFlagon of buff ware, with two-reeded handle and flanged mouth. Ht. 183mm (restored).
X.1051RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEFlagon of buff ware, with slight offset at base of neck, three-reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 157mm.
X.1052RomanHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEWide flagon of red ware, with narrow foot, girth-grooves round top of body, mouth and handle missing. Ht. 185mm (restored).
X.1053RomanNO PROVENANCEFlat-bottomed dish of grey ware, with slightly convex sides and plain rim. Diam. 158mm (restored).
X.1054RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Large Caster box of Nene Valley ware, colour-coated orange to brown; with band of rouletting below offset plain rim. Rim diam. 176mm (restored).
X.1055RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Narrow-mouthed jar of white ware, with girth-grooves above the shoulder and frilled decoration around the neck, everted rim; three bands of orange-red painted decoration. 3rd-4th century. Ht. 221mm (restored).
X.1056RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Sherds of a "pie-dish" of grey ware, with flat bottom, slightly curved sides and everted rim. Diam. when complete 185mm.
X.1057RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Large folded beaker of Nene Valley ware, colour-coated orange-brown, with scale decoration on folds. Ht. 224mm (restored).
X.1058RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Bowl of hard, light grey ware, with offset at shoulder, cordon half-way up neck, and turned rim on wide mouth. 1st-2nd cent. Ht. 125mm (restored).
X.1059RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Bowl of grey ware, with narrow foot, slight girth-grooves on neck, and everted rim on wide mouth. 2nd century. Ht. 119mm (restored).
X.1060RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Small jar of grey ware, poorly made, with narrow foot, rough girth-grooves on neck, bead rim. Ht. 95mm (restored).
X.1061RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Sherd of Samian cup, Drag. 33, stamped ROTTALI M. (Lezoux, AD 170-180).
X.1062RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Large mortarium, white ware with black grits, large down-turned rim. 2nd century. Diam 292mm (restored).
X.1063RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill )Half of a mortarium of white ware, with wide down-turned rim, stamped LOCCIP (retrograde). ?2nd cent.
X.1064RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Jar of grey ware, approximate poppyhead shape, rather crude, with incised lattice decoration and everted rim. 2nd cent. Ht. 159mm (restored).
X.1065RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCELower part of jar of grey ware, with band of incised lattice pattern. Present ht. 163mm.
X.1066RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESmall jar of brown ware, with thick everted rim, horizontal striations on body. Ht. 95mm
X.1067RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEJar of grey ware, with two girth-grooves on neck and undercut rim. Ht. 149mm.
X.1068RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEJar of grey ware, with slight cordons on neck and bead rim. Ht. 143mm.
X.1069RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEJar of brown ware, with everted rim. Contains calcined bones. Ht. 146mm.
X.1070RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEJar of buff ware, a waster, distorted and with holes in the body; two slight offsets on neck, bead rim. Ht. 153mm.
X.1071RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEJar of grey ware, with girth-grooves and burnished cable pattern on neck, everted rim. Ht. 170mm.
X.1072RomanHertfordshire?ST ALBANS?Large bowl of buff ware, with narrow foot, two girth-grooves on shoulder, and bead rim slightly undercut. Contains compacted earth and ?bones. Ht. 168mm.
X.1073RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCELarge narrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with cordon on neck, top missing. Ht. 268mm (restored).
X.1074RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCETwo-handled, narrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with two girth-grooves round neck, handles and mouth missing. Present ht. 215mm.
X.1075RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEFlagon of cream ware, with two-reeded handle and ring neck. Ht. 175mm.
X.1076RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESmall, wide-bodied flagon of buff ware, with two-reeded handle, top missing. Present ht. 91mm.
X.1077RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESmall flared dish of orange ware, apparently made from the cut-down base of a jar or flagon. Diam. 91mm.
X.1078RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEMortarium of pink ware, with down-turned flange and dark grits. 1st-2nd cent. Diam. 280mm.
X.1079RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEPart of a Samian dish, Drag. 36, with graffito "X" scratched inside. Diam. 170mm.
X.1080RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Sherd of a flat-bottomed dish of grey ware.
X.1081RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Wood)Bowl of colour-coated ware, red slip on light grey paste, with girth-groove above shoulder and bead rim. Late 3rd - early 4th cent. Ht. 147mm.
X.1082RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Wood)Jar of brown gritted ware, with horizontal striations on surface, undercut everted rim. Ht. 108mm.
X.1083RomanHuntingdonshireORTON WATERVIILEFolded beaker of Nene Valley ware, white paste colour-coated orange to lustrous brown; with bung foot, two sets of girth-grooves round body, offset at base of neck, plain rim. Ht. 182mm.
X.1084RomanHuntingdonshireSIBSONIndented beaker of grey ware, with girth-grooves above and below oval indentations, everted rim.
X.1085RomanHuntingdonshireSIBSONSmall folded beaker of Nene Valley ware, colour-coated brown, with slight girth-groove at base of neck, plain rim. Ht. 108mm.
X.1086RomanHuntingdonshireSIBSONSherds of the lower half of a jar of grey ware, with cordon around waist, decorated with stab ornament. Present ht. 133mm.
X.1087RomanHuntingdonshireSTIBBINGTONMost of a jar of grey ware, with three girth-grooves above shoulder, slight offset at base of neck, and slightly undercut bead rim with groove round outer face. Ht. 170mm (restored).
X.1088RomanHuntingdonshireSTIBBINGTONConical-necked beaker of Nene Valley ware, red slip on white paste, with rouletted decoration round waisted body, tall neck and bead rim. 4th century. Ht. 178mm.
X.1089RomanHuntingdonshireSTIBBINGTONConical-necked beaker of colour-coated (?Colchester) ware, brown slip on orange fabric, with narrow bung foot, rouletting on body, tall conical neck and bead rim. 4th century. Ht. 179mm.
X.1090RomanHuntingdonshireSTIBBINGTONFlat-bottomed dish of Nene Valley ware, orange slip on white fabric, with concave side and plain rim. 4th century. Diam. 136mm.
X.1091RomanHuntingdonshireSTIBBINGTONLarge flanged bowl of Nene Valley ware, orange-brown slip on white paste, with flat bottom, straight flaring sides, and heavy, down-turned rim. 3rd-4th century. Diam. 248mm.
X.1092RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONUpper part of a face-urn, cream paste with pink colour-coat, with features painted in dark brown, ribbon handle at back of mouth, apparently accidentally squashed flat before firing.
X.1093RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONCarinated dish of Nene Valley ware, orange-brown slip on white paste, with girth-grooves and rouletting on body, painted white dots on everted rim and round the interior of the base. Diam. 112mm (restored).
X.1094RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONSmall jar of grey ware, with girth-grooves round neck and delicate everted rim. ?Waster, with cracks in rim. Ht. 67mm (restored).
X.1095RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONBowl of grey ware, with slight girth-grooves at base of neck and eveted rim. Ht. 83mm (restored).
X.1096RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONMost of a jar of grey ware, with heavy cordon round body with stab ornament, everted rim. Ht. 160mm.
X.1097RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONMost of a folded beaker of colour-coated ware, black slip on buff paste, undecorated, with plain rim. Ht. 113mm.
X.1098RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONIndented beaker of grey ware, slightly tapered with narrow base and wide shoulder, everted rim. Ht. 121mm.
X.1099RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONFlagon of buff ware, with slight cordon at base of neck, mouth and handle missing. Present ht. 158mm.
X.1100RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONNarrow-mouthed jar of grey ware, with band of rouletting on shoulder and cavetto rim. Several slight dents, ?waster. Ht. 191mm.
X.1101RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONSmall folded beaker of orange-brown ware, undecorated, with plain rim. Ht. 95mm.
X.1102RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONFlat-bottomed dish of black-burnished ware, with convex sides and plain rim, decoration of curved burnished lines on underside. Diam. 173mm.
X.1103RomanHuntingdonshireORTONFlat-bottomed dish of colour-coated (?Nene Valley ) ware, red slip on pink paste, but slip almost enitrely abraded away; with convex sides and plain rim. Diam. 133mm.
X.1104Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Electrotypes (one for each face) of bronze coin of Tasciovanus, 1st cent. A.D., minted at Verulamium. Obv. -VER A stem & branches. Rev. A grazing horse with circle and crescent.
X.1105RomanHuntigdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Small spiral of iron with turned-out point: ?ox-goad.
X.1106RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Hollow iron point, ?ferrule. Length 80mm.
X.1107RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Tanged iron knife, slightly curved, point missing and tang detached. Present length 141mm.
X.1108RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Part of a bronze bracelet, of three strands of wire twisted together, with snake's head terminal. Length 57mm.
X.1109RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Fragments of a short iron knife, or razor; originally curved and hollow ground.
X.1110RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMPart of a small bronze ring, slightly too big for finger-ring. Diam. 28mm
X.1111RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMPlain bronze ring, finger-ring? Diam. 27mm.
X.1112RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSmall bronze finger ring, bezel inscribed ? ???. Diam. 17mm.
X.1113RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Curved piece of thin bronze, ?from pin or ligula. Length 38mm.
X.1114RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of bronze finger ring, made from sheet-bronze bent to form semi-circulsr sectioned ring. Diam. 17mm.
X.1115RomanHuntingdonshireEARITHPiece of bronze ligula, length 62mm.
X.1116Roman?HuntingdonshireBUCKDENWide-headed bronze pin, rather like a large drawing-pin. Diam. of head 22mm.
X.1117Roman?NO PROVENANCESmall bronze finger ring, plain, broken and twisted.
X.1118RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905?)Small bronze object, square-sectioned and pointed at both ends. Length 42mm.
X.1119RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905?)Small bronze brooch, Collingwood Group Z (Plate and leg). Shaped rather like human bust, as in some steelyard weights, but this may be accidental. Rather worn, pin missing. Length 20mm.
X.1120RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905?)Small piece of bronze bracelet, notched along one edge. Length 30mm.
X.1121RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905?)Part of a figure-of-eight of bronze, length 26mm.
X.1122RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903?)Small square piece of sheet bronze, with repoussé decoration and two holes for attachement to something. Length 20mm.
X.1123RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905?)Triangular fragment of sheet bronze, length 15mm.
X.1124RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905?)Broken bone needle, part of eye remains. Present length 82mm.
X.1125RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Five bone pins, broken, with small turned heads. Max. length 103mm.
X.1126RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Small iron knife with curved edge and looped tang; broken. Present length 87mm.
X.1127RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Flat piece of shaped iron, purpose unknown. Length 109mm.
X.1128RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSlender iron hook, length 109mm.
X.1129RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERIron slide key, with loop at end of handle. Length 90mm.
X.1130RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1958-9)Bronze finger ring, oval bezel inlaid with red enamel. Late 1st cent. Diam. 22mm.
X.1131RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1957)Most of a bronze pin with disc-and-knob head, incised crosses on shoulder. Late 1st cent. Length 66mm.
X.1132RomanHuntingdonshireKINGS RIPTONPedestal base of grey ware.
X.1133Roman?HuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Small, tapering piece of bronze, with rivet at one end. Length 47mm.
X.1134Roman?HuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Fragment of sheet bronze.
X.1135Roman?HuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Flat piece of bronze strip with holes in. Length 33mm.
X.1136Roman etc.HuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Part of bone pin; strip of bronze; bronze ferrule (looking very like a recent frog).
X.1137RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Broken palette of argillaceous limestone, worn smooth. Length 85mm.
X.1139RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOEBow of bronze brooch, Collingwood Group M (Tapering bow). Length 44mm.
X.1140RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTON1st Brass, Antoninus Pius. Obv. . . . NINVS AVG.PIVS . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1141Roman?BedfordshireSANDYSmall jar of pink ware, with metallic black slip; neck and handle missing. Present ht. 50mm.
X.1142RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherd from flat-bottomed dish of grey ware; used after being broken for some kind of rubbing process - the edges are worn smooth.
X.1143RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of beaker of Rhenish ware, with curvilinear barbotine decoration.
X.1144RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of grate of pink ware, 92 x 90mm.
X.1145RomanLincolnshireLINCOLNTwo pieces of glass: one from the base of a round flask, the other from the side of a square-sectioned bottle.
X.1146RomanLondonALDGATELong, slender flask of clear glass, with narrow neck and flared mouth. Ht. 169mm.
X.1147RomanLondonNO PROVENANCESherd of decorated Samian, Drag. 37.
X.1148RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMPottery lamp of buff ware, with two opposing nozzles, each with small volutes at base. Discus mostly missing. Length 137mm.
X.1149RomanHuntingdonshireBUCKDENMost of a dish of pink ware, imitating very closely a Samian dish Drag. 18, complete with illiterate stamp of ziz-zag line with dots.
X.1151RomanHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSherd of a Hunt Cup, Nene Valley ware (brown slip on white paste), showing part of body of ?deer in barbotine, with little rings all over it.
X.1152RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Sherds of colour-coated ware with curvilinear decoration in barbotine.
X.1153RomanHuntingdonshireEARITHBase of grey ware pot, diam. 47mm.
X.1154RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of colour-coated (inc. Nene Valley) and painted ware.
X.1155RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of Rhenish, painted and coarse ware.
X.1156RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware, and rim-sherd of vessel imitating Samian Drag. 36), and coarse ware.
X.1157RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Parts of two beakers of colour-coated ware, one Nene Valley ware with white curvilinear decoration in barbotine, the other with black colour-coat on bright orange paste.
X.1158RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of painted ware.
X.1159RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of colour-coated and coarse ware.
X.1160RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of Rhenish, painted and colour-coated ware.
X.1161Roman?HuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Whetstone of grey stone, length 97mm.
X.1162RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherds of Samian (roundel broken from Drag. 18/31; and sherd of black Samian stamped . . . RIANI), Rhenish, colour-coated (inc. Nene Valley & Colchester ware), painted, and coarse ware (inc. about half of a cheese press of grey ware). Also part of a flat palette of grey stone.
X.1163RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONBase of a pot of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, made into a spindle-whorl. Diam. 32mm.
X.1164RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1903)Rim-sherd of mortarium, buff sandy ware, stamped ICC.
X.1165RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Sherds of a flat-bottomed dish of black burnished ware, with slighly convex side and loop handle.
X.1166RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Two sherds of painted ware, orange paint on buff paste.
X.1167RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904?)Sherds of painted ware (?War Ditches ware), with brown barbotine dots and rings on white paste.
X.1168RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Two sherds of painted ware (?War Ditches ware), with orange barbotine dots on buff paste.
X.1169RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Sherds of painted ware, from a tazza of buff ware (?imitating Samian Drag. 30), with rough U's of brown paint.
X.1170RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904?)Sherd of grey ware, with rusticated decoration.
X.1171RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904?)Sherds of grey and buff ware, with stab ornament.
X.1172RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904?)Sherds of a vessel of grey ware, with stamped decoration of concentric circles, slight traces of mica on surface.
X.1173RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)Sherds of a vessel of thin grey ware, ?beaker, with decoration of impressed ovals.
X.1174RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Spindle whorl made from sherd of grey ware. Diam. 43mm.
X.1175RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)Sherd of grey ware, with rusticated decoration and burnished girth groove.
X.1176RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)Sherd of an indented beaker of Nene Valley ware, rouletted decoration and lustrous surface.
X.1177RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1936?)Sherd from a Hunt Cup of Nene Valley ware, showing head of hunted stag.
X.1178RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1936)Sherd of conical necked beaker of grey ware, with burnished lattice on neck.
X.1179RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1936)Sherd of flanged bowl of colour-coated ware, red slip on orange paste, imitating Samian Drag. 38.
X.1180RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1936)Part of a large, thick cullender of coarse buff ware.
X.1181RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSherd of grey ware bowl with stamped decoration, imitates Samian Drag. 37, similar to London ware but without surface gloss.
X.1182RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSherd of colour-coated ware (lustrous brown slip on orange paste), with rouletted decoration.
X.1183RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERPart of a flue-tile with roller-impressed lozenge pattern.
X.1184RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSherds of Terra Nigra (with stamp, illegible or illiterate), London ware (imitating Samian Drag. 30, with rouletted decoration), and coarse ware (inc. sherd with rusticated decoration, sherd similar to London ware but without surface gloss, and greyware sherd made into a spindle whorl).
X.1185RomanHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSherds of coarse ware, various wares.
X.1186RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSpindle whorl of ?shale. Diam. 33mm.
X.1187RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONBase of grey ware.
X.1188RomanHuntingdonshireKEYSTONSmall stone spindle whorl, diam. 31mm.
X.1188*RomanHuntingdonshireCOVINGTONSee X.1188, catalogued under KEYSTON.
X.1190RomanHuntingdonshireST IVESSherd of orange ware jar or bottle, with impressed and burnished decoration.
X.1191Iron Age?HuntingdonshireST IVESBase of a vessel of gritted grey ware, handmade.
X.1192RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Sherds of colour-coated (Nene Valley) and painted ware.
X.1193RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Tort Hill)Sherds of Nene Valley ware.
X.1194Roman?HuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Piece of flat grey stone, apparently ground to an edge along one side - ?purpose. Length 106mm.
X.1195RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Base of grey gritted ware, apparently deliberately trimmed to form a disc. Diam. 74mm.
X.1196Roman?HuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Straight handle of red gritted ware. Length 118mm.
X.1197RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherd of white ware.
X.1198RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherds of colour-coated and coarse ware.
X.1199RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherd of buff ware.
X.1200RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherds of coarse ware.
X.1201RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherds of coarse ware.
X.1202RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherd of grey ware.
X.1203RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherd of grey ware.
X.1204RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Sherds of coarse ware.
X.1206RomanHuntingdonshireSTIBBINGTONSherds of mortarium (with vertical flange, colour-coated pink); colour-coated ware (inc. part of a flanged bowl imitating Samian Drag. 38, Castor ware box, and neck of large ring-necked flagon); and painted ware.
X.1207RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONSherd of large vessel of painted ware (black paint on buff paste); sherd of grey ware with burnished decoration.
X.1208RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONSmall sherd of Nene Valley ware, white painted decoration.
X.1209RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONBase of pot of Nene Valley ware.
X.1210Roman?HuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONSmall stone spindle-whorl.
X.1211RomanHuntingdonshireYELLINGSherd of grey ware.
X.1212RomanHuntingdonshireYELLINGHandle and part of neck of flagon of buff ware.
X.1213Roman?NO PROVENANCEOmphalos base of glass beaker or bottle, all the rest missing.
X.1214RomanNO PROVENANCEBase of Nene Valley ware jar or beaker, cut down so as to produce a shallow, flared dish.
X.1215Roman?NO PROVENANCESpindle-whorl of grey ware. Diam. 48mm.
X.1216RomanNO PROVENANCESherds of colour-coated and coarse ware.
X.1217(Medieval)HuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Roman sherds (colour-coated and coarse ware); post-medieval sherds. Handmade nails, pieces of sheet metal with traces of tin or silver, pieces of window- and bottle-glass.
X.1217-1228ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Excavations in 1948-49 by H.J.M. Green briefly published in PCAS 51, p. 35. Grid ref. 315711.
X.1218ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Sherds of various wares, including tile; Roman, medieval and post-medieval.
X.1219ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Sherds of coarse ware, Roman & medieval, and medieval tile; animal bones.
X.1220ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Sherds of Roman ware (colour-coated and coarse ware); medieval glazed sherds; post-medieval sherds, pieces of glass, clay pipe stem. Handmade nails and pieces of iron.
X.1221ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Medieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; post-medieval sherds, piece of glazed tile, fragments of glass; pieces of bone and iron.
X.1222ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Medieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; post-medieval sherds; pieces of glass, iron, and oyster shell.
X.1223ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Roman sherds, colour-coated and coarse ware; medieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; post-medieval sherds; pieces of iron and bottle- and window-glass.
X.1224ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST.IVES(Priory)Roman sherds (Samian, Nene Valley and coarse ware); medieval sherds (glazed and coarse ware, tile).
X.1225(Medieval)HuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Roman sherds of coarse ware.
X.1226ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Sherds of coarse ware, Roman and medieval; post-medieval sherds; lug of lead with traces of tinning or silvering.
X.1227ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Sherds of glazed and coarse ware.
X.1228ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Roman sherds, coarse ware; medieval sherds, glazed and coarse ware; fragments of plaster, oyster shell.
X.1229ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESSherds of unglazed grey ware.
X.1230ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVESSherds of pottery, including St Neots ware and green-glazed ware.
X.1231RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of mortarium and colour-coated ware.
X.1232RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of colour-coated and coarse ware, animal bones, inc. part of horn core.
X.1233RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of painted and coarse ware, including sherds of a buff ware jar with thick everted rim.
X.1234RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware; pieces of animal bones; curved piece of iron, ?purpose.
X.1235RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Nene Vally and coarse ware; animal tooth.
X.1236RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Nene Valley and coarse ware; pieces of animal bones.
X.1237RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware; pieces of bone; pieces of iron.
X.1238Roman etcHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware; pieces of stone; animal tooth; piece of bone roughly carved to a square section; worked flint flakes.
X.1239RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Iron pin, shaped like a drawing pin; piece of iron slag; pieces of oyster shell.
X.1240RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Nene Valley and coarse ware; pieces of tile; piece of stone; pieces of bone; piece of iron.
X.1241RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware; animal bones and teeth.
X.1242RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware.
X.1243RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware; animal bone; biconical bone spindle whorl.
X.1244RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware; animal bones.
X.1245RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware.
X.1246RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of Nene Valley and coarse ware; pieces of tile.
X.1247RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of coarse ware; animal bones.
X.1248RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of grey combed ware.
X.1249RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Sherds of decorated and undecorated Samian (Drag. 37, Drag. 33, O.P. 60); mortaria; colour-coated ware (inc. Nene Valley ware); and coarse ware.
X.1250Roman etc.HuntingdonshireBUCKDENSherds of Samian, inc. decorated sherds (inc. sherd of Drag. 37 with rivet hole) and undecorated sherd stamped . . . IRA F.; sherds of mortaria, painted ware, colour-coated ware (Nene Valley), and coarse ware, inc. Iron Age sherds; pieces of flue-tile; fragments of unfired clay, ?from kiln; piece of a whetstone; two lumps of coal; fragment of window-glass.
X.1251Roman etc.HuntingdonshireBUCKDENSherds of Samian (Drag. 38), Nene Valley ware (sherd from a Hunt Cup) and coarse ware; worked flint flakes.
X.1252Roman etc.HuntingdonshireSOUTHOESherds of Samian, inc. Drag. 18/31, 36, 37, and unidentified decorated sherd; sherds of coarse ware, including handmade Iron Age sherds, and part of a beaker of orange ware with rouletted decoration, imitating Samian Drag. 30; pieces of iron, including a spiral; part of a kiln bar; piece of clinker.
X.1252*Iron AgeHuntingdonshireSOUTHOESee X.1252, indexed under ROMAN.
X.1253NeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONScraper of dark brown flint, length 35mm.
X.1254NeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESSherd of brown ware, coarse, with chevron ornament; Neolithic B, Mortlake ware, c.1900-1700 B.C.
X.1255RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of a wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with narrow foot, everted rim, three girth-grooves on neck. Reversed letter "N" scratched on neck.
X.1256RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of a wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with narrow foot, everted rim, and girth-grooves on neck. Marked on rim with scratched reversed letter "N". Ht. 130mm.
X.1257RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Most of a wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with narrow foot and everted rim. Ht. 124mm.
X.1258RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherd of grey ware.
X.1259RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Two pieces of very coarse fired clay, one moulded into something akin to a rim. ?Pieces of a kiln.
X.1260RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of an amphora handle.
X.1261RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of the mouth, neck and handle of an amphora.
X.1262RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Sherds of a wide-mouthed jar of grey ware, with undercut rim, and band of rouletting on shoulder.
X.1263RomanHuntingdonshireYAXLEYSherds from the base of a beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, coated red-black, with scale decoration in barbotine.
X.1264RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON(1843)Pieces of a large hexagonal bottle of green glass, base diam. 28cms, rim diam. 14cms. Probably with bits of other glass vessels mixed in with it.
X.1265RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSherd of grey ware with fingernail ornament.
X.1266RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Piece of roof-tile (tegula) with notch in flange and part of potter's signature (made with finger in wet clay) on upper face; and piece of flue tile with combing.
X.1267RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Samian cup, Drag. 33, stamped AETERNI M. (retrograde); restored. Ht. 51mm, diam. 99mm.
X.1268RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Tall folded beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, coated red on base and brown elsewhere, with bung foot, girth-grooves round folds, conical neck and plain rim. 4th century. Ht. 200mm, rim diam. 73mm.
X.1269RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Small bag beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, red slip on pink fabric, with narrow foot, plain body, and delicate everted rim. 3rd-4th century. Ht. 69mm (restored).
X.1270RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Miniature jar of thick white paste, similar to unguent pot but shaped more like a conventional jar; everted rim with cordon beneath. Ht. 54mm, diam. 52mm (restored).
X.1271RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of a ?whistle carved from a bone, with vent, but no mouthpiece or holes. Length 66mm.
X.1272RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Bone scoop or scraper, made from a small bone cut away rather like an apple scoop, but with the scoop at right-angles to the normal shape. Length 122mm.
X.1273RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)?Borer or awl, carved from a bone and worked to a point at one end. Length 112mm.
X.1274RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Bone pin, with swelling two-thirds of the way up the shaft, and round head. Length 86mm.
X.1275RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Fragments of bone pins or needles. Two of the pins have plain grooved heads; a needle has a notch instead of an eye.
X.1276RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Fragments of jet bracelets.
X.1277RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Penannular bronze bracelet, of plain bronze ribbon expanding at each end to something approaching the shape of a snake's head terminal. Diam. 55mm.
X.1278RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Bronze bracelet, in the shape of a flat ring of bronze with the outer edge notched. In two pieces, diam. c. 65mm.
X.1279RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Piece of plaited bronze, presumably from a bracelet.
X.1280RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Pair of blunt-ended bronze tweezers, one arm broken off. Length 49mm.
X.1281RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Two pieces of round-sectioned bronze, from ligulae.
X.1282RomanCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Half of a large bead of green glass.
X.1283RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Large bag beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot, plain body, and groove beneath plain rim. Ht. 147mm, base diam. 42mm.
X.1284RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Small narrow-necked beaker of grey ware, with narrow foot, wide body, and plain everted rim. Ht. 78mm, rim diam. 50mm.
X.1285RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Conical-necked beaker of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, brown-black slip on buff fabric, with zone of white-painted curvilinear decoration between two lines of rouletting. Ht. 132mm.
X.1286RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Bronze bracelet of plaited wire. Diam. 70mm.
X.1287RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Whetstone of dark stone, length 95mm, width 20mm.
X.1288RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Whetstone of grey stone, irregularly shaped, length 108mm.
X.1289RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?Stone spindle whorl, diam. 42mm.
X.1290Roman?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONIrregular lump of sandstone, ?used as a whetstone. Length 125mm.
X.1291RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Samian dish, Drag. 18/31, stamped OF.FEGIC. Diam. 160mm (restored).
X.1292RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON?(1843)Penannular brooch, with expanded ends to ring and pin made from flat bronze ribbon. Diam. 37mm.
X.1293RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Globular beaker of Rhenish ware, with narrow foot, two bands of rouletting on body, conical neck and very thin bead rim. Ht. 75mm (restored).
X.1294RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Flanged bowl of white ware, with oblique stripes of red paint on flange. Diam. 153mm (restored).
X.1295RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Jar of grey ware, with narrow foot, crude burnished lattice on body, slight cordon on neck and flared rim. 2nd-3rd cent. Ht. 126mm (restored).
X.1296RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY(Stocking Close)Whetstone, square-sectioned, of grey stone. Length 96mm.
X.1297RomanNO PROVENANCEBronze brooch with segmental strip bow (Collingwood Group K); plain bow, catch-plate missing. 1st cent. Length 72mm.
X.1298RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONPenannular brooch, lozenge-sectioned ring with ends rolled over, round pin. Diam. 36mm.
X.1299RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMCarinated beaker of buff ware, with narrow foot, low shoulder and flared mouth. 1st cent. Ht. 82mm, rim diam. 75mm.
X.1300RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSmall jug of red ware, plain and undecorated. Late 3rd - early 4th cent. Ht. 91mm.
X.1301RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMBronze bracelet, made of bronze ribbon expanded at intervals, with delicate stamped pattern. Diam. 60mm.
X.1302RomanHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONFlue-tile, with combing for plaster, and rectangular hole in one side. Length 42cms (restored).
X.1303RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONCoffin of Barnack stone. The head shaped to a rounded half-hexagon, the foot square. The body tapers towards the foot, and the bottom of the coffin is lower as well as narrower. Length 1.95m, width at shoulder 80cms, ht. at head 67cms. Lid about 15cms thick, broken across the middle.
X.1304RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTONCoffin of Barnack stone. The head and foot square, the body tapering so as to be narrower at the foot, but the same height throughout. The lid broken in half and one corner missing. Length 2.20m, width at head 86cms, height 55cms. The lid about 15cms thick.
X.1305RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Part of a bronze terret, with expanded terminals next to pivot, and protuding knob on one side. Diam 48mm.
X.1306RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Bag-shaped, neckless jar of grey ware, with rough burnished lattice on body, and small everted rim; hollow base. Ht. 166mm, rim diam. 117mm.
X.1307RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1905)Small jar of black ware, with narrow foot, egg-shaped body and everted rim, decoration of roughly vertical burnished lines. 3rd century. Ht. 103mm (restored).
X.1308RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTEREight glass beads of various shapes and colours. Late 2nd century.
X.1309RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1957)"T"-shaped bronze slide key with perforated handle. Late 1st century. Length 74mms.
X.1310RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Lodge)Spindle whorl, made from the head of the femur of an ox. Diam 40mm.
X.1311RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD(Salome Wood)Large flanged bowl of colour-coated (Nene Valley) ware, brown slip on grey fabric. Conical body with two pairs of inaccurate girth-grooves, bead rim above narrow flange, white painted design on imterior. 3rd-4th century. Diam. 280mm.
X.1312RomanHuntingdonshireRAMSEYDecorated Samian bowl, Drag. 30. Ht. 108mm (restored).
X.1314RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOEPlain bronze bracelet, made from bronze ribbon bent into a circle. Diam. 52mm.
X.1315RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOEBronze ligula, most of ladle missing. Length 112mm.
X.1316RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1958-9)Most of a ring-necked flagon of buff ware, with broad reeded handle; restored from sherds.
X.1317RomanKent?PUDDING PAN ROCK?Large mortarium of brown-coated pink ware, with down-turned rim. Restored with brass staples. 1st century. Diam. 370mm.
X.1318RomanNO PROVENANCECup of Arretine ware, conical body with vertical rim. Ht. 74mm, diam. 137mm.
X.1319RomanItaly?POMPEII?Pottery lamp of buff ware, with traces of mica-dusting, loop handle, plain and undecorated. Length 101mm.
X.1320RomanItaly?NO PROVENANCEPottery lamp of grey ware, colour-coated dark grey, with reeded handle, three perforations in discus, cordon of barbotine decoration round body, lozenge-shaped mouth to nozzle. Length 127mm.
X.1321RomanNO PROVENANCECarinated bowl of Rhenish ware, with bung foot, broad carinated body with two loop handles, barbotine curvilinear decoration on body, two girth-grooves below bead rim. Ht. 69mm, rim diam. 83mm.
X.1322RomanNO PROVENANCEGilded bronze brooch, crossbow type with heavy knobs on head and arms (Collingwood Group T). Band of fine engraved decoration (?niello) down bow and foot. 4th cent. Length 77mm.
X.1323RomanHuntingdonshireGT STAUGHTON6 roofing slates of grey stone (?Collyweston); lozenge shaped with hole at top. Length c. 30-40cms.
X.1324RomanHuntingdonshireALWALTON2 roofing slates of buff sandstone, lozenge shaped with hole at top. Length c.30-40cms.
X.1325RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Vespasian, illeg.
X.1326RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass,Vespasian. Obv. . . . VESPASIA . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1327RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Trajan, AD 112-117 (good). Obv. IMP.CAES.NERVAE TRAIANO AVG.GER.DAC.P.M.TR.P.COS.VI P.P. Rev. . . . TAS AVGVST. SC in the field.
X.1328RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSilver coin of Trajan, AD 103-111 (good). Obv. IMP.TRAIANO AVG.GER.DAC.P.M.TR.P.COS.V P.P. Rev. S.P.Q.R.OPTIMO PRINCIPI.
X.1329RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER1st Brass of Faustina II. Obv. FAVSTINA AVGVSTA Rev. DIANA LV . . . SC in the field.
X.1330RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDON2nd Brass of Faustina II, illeg.
X.1331RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Postumus, AD 267. Obv. . . . POSTVMUS P.F.AVG. Rev. COS.V
X.1332RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Postumus. Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1333RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Victorinus. Obv. IMP.C.VICTORIN . . . Rev. PIETAS AVG.
X.1334RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDON3rd Brass, Victorinus. Obv. IMP.C.VICTORINVS P.F.AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1335RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONSilver plated coin of Gallienus. Obv. . . . LLIENVS AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1336RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBarbarous radiate, Tetricus, inscriptions illiterate.
X.1337RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, Constantine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS . . . Rev. illeg., SP in the field, illeg. mint mark.
X.1338RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS . . . Rev. NOBILI EXERCITVS, PLG in the exergue.
X.1339RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constantine II. Obv. illeg. Rev. . . . PIETAS, VOTIS X in altar, STR in the exergue.
X.1340RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constantine II. Obv. . . . NVS IVN.N.C. Rev. illeg.
X.1341RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Constantius II, illeg.
X.1342RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, Constantius II. Obv. . . . NTIVS . . . Rev. . . . EXER . . . TVS
X.1343RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Barbarous radiate, Tetricus.
X.1344RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON3rd Brass of Constantine II. Obv. D.N.CONSTANTINVS P.F.AVG. Rev. CAESAR NOSTRORVM, VOT X in wreath, PVT in the exergue.
X.1345RomanHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREY1st Brass of Marcus Aurelius, AD 161-180. Obv. illeg. Rev. TR . . . COS.III, SC in the field.
X.1346RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON2nd Brass of Magnentius, illeg. (Rev. Felicitas Reipublicae).
X.1347RomanHuntingdonshireBUCKWORTH2nd Brass of Magnentius, illegible. (Rev. Chi-rho, with alpa & omega).
X.1348RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON1st Brass of Antoninus Pius, illeg.
X.1349RomanHuntingdonshireEYNESBURY2nd Brass of Vespasian, illeg.
X.1350RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON1st Brass of Hadrian, illeg.
X.1351RomanHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREY1st Brass of Marcus Aurelius, illeg.
X.1352RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER1st Brass, illeg., 1st century.
X.1353RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Four 3rd Brasses of Constantine I, AD 330-337. Obv. CONSTANTINVS MAX.AVG. Rev. GLORIA EXERCITVS. Mint marks in the exergues: TR . . . , SCONST, & two illeg.
X.1354RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)3rd Brass of Constantius II. Obv. . . . STANTIVS P.F.AVG. Rev. VICTOR . . . SIS in the exergue.
X.1355RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens. Obv. . . . LENS . . . Rev. . . . LICA, TRS in the exergue.
X.1356RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE3rd Brass of Valens. Obv. D.N.VALENS . . . Rev. SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE. TCON in the exergue.
X.1357RomanHuntingdonshireCHESTERTON3rd Brass of Allectus. Obv. IMP.C.ALLECTVS P.AVG. Rev. illeg., mint mark QC in the exergue.
X.1358RomanHuntingdonshire?GT GIDDING?Bronze coin with traces of silvering, of Constans. Obv. D.N.CONSTANS P. F. AVG. Rev. VOT.X MVLT.XX in wreath. SLVG in the exergue.
X.1359RomanHuntingdonshireEYNESBURY2nd Brass of Vespasian. Obv. . . . PASIAN . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1360RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)3rd Brass of ?Magnentius, illeg.
X.1361RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDON3rd Brass of Constantine I, illeg.
X.1362RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Two 3rd Brasses, Urbs Roma. Obv. VRBS ROMA (one illeg). Rev. in the exergues: TRP on one, PLG on the other.
X.1363RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON2nd Brass, 3rd century. Obv. illeg. Rev. PROVID.AVG. C in the exergue.
X.1364RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON3rd Brass, ?Urbs Roma. Obv. illeg. Rev. Wolf suckling Romulus & Remus.
X.1365RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valentinian II. Obv. D.N.VALEN . . . Rev. VICTORIA AVG.
X.1366RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of ?Magnentius. Obv. illeg. Rev. ?VICTORIA AVG., TRS in the exergue.
X.1367RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)Two 3rd Brasses, illeg., ? late 3rd cent.
X.1368RomanHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD1st Brass of Trajan. Obv. . . . AVG.GER.DAC.PARTH . . . Rev. Trajan seated left with prefect presenting Parthamaspates to Parthia kneeling.
X.1369RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Valens. Obv. D.N.VALENS P.F.AVG. Rev. SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, OF I in the field, mint mark illeg.
X.1370RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Seventeen 3rd Brasses and minimi, inc. some imitations, of Constantine II or Constans. Rev. FEL.TEMP.REPARATIO (Warrior spearing fallen man).
X.1371RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON3rd Brass of Constantine II. Obv. . . . ANTINVS IVN.NOB.C. Rev. (GLORIA EXERCITVS), mint mark illeg.
X.1372RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Twenty-two 3rd Brasses and minimi, of Constantine I and sons. Rev. GLORIA EXERCITVS.
X.1373RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON1st Brass of ?Commodus, illegible.
X.1374RomanHuntingdonshireEYNESBURY HARDWICK3rd Brass, ?Maxentius or Urbs Roma, illeg.
X.1375RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON3rd Brass, Urbs Roma. Obv. VRBS . . . Rev. Wolf with Romulus & Remus. TRP in the exergue.
X.1376RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)3rd Brass of Gratian. Obv. D.N.GRATIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. GLORIA NOVI SAECVLI, in the field OF II, in the exergue CON.
X.1377RomanHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREY3rd Brass, Constantinopolis. Obv. CONST . . . Rev. GLORIA EXERCITVS, mint mark illeg.
X.1378RomanHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSilver coin of Antoninus Pius, A.D. 128. Obv. ANTONINVS AVG.PIVS P.P.TR.P.XII Rev. COS.IIII. (Quite good clear coin).
X.1379RomanHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCE2nd Brass of Carausius. Obv. IMP.C.CARAVSIVS P.F.AVG. Rev. PAX AVG. MLXXI in the exergue.
X.1380RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)1st Brass of Faustina I, 3rd issue. Obv. . . . TINA Rev. Ceres, SC in the field.
X.1381SaxonHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONMost of a Buckelurne (Group V), with five vertical bosses, triangular zones of stamps between them and horizontal zones of stamps above them. Base and top missing, diam. c. 26cms.
X.1382SaxonHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONSherds of stamped ware, mostly with a small cruciform stamp, 1 sherd with a large cruciform stamp.
X.1383SaxonHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSherd of grey ware, with radiate stamps between two horizontal grooves, and part of a triangular zone of rustication.
X.1384SaxonHuntingdonshireFENSTANTON?Two sherds of stamped ware, one with zones of recessed-cross stamps and reversed-S stamps; the other with a single concentric circle stamp.
X.1385SaxonHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSix sherds of stamped ware, with various stamps.
X.1386RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of Domitian. Obv. IMP.CAES.DOMIT.AVG.GER . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1387RomanHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCE1st Brass of Hadrian. Obv. . . . HADRIANVS AVG.COS.III TR.P. Rev. illeg.
X.1388RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSilver coin (good) of Septimius Severus, AD 205. Obv. SEVERVS PIVS AVG. Rev. P.M.TR.P.XIII COS.III P.P.
X.1389RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER1st Brass of Marcus Aurelius. Obv. M.ANTONINVS AVG . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1390RomanHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYSilver coin (good) of ?Marcus Aurelius. Obv. ANT.AVG., galley. Rev. LEG.VI, standards. Apparently a re-issue of Marcus Antonius's legionary series, struck in honour of the 6th Legion to celebrate a victory c. AD 162.
X.1391RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON1st Brass of Faustina I, illeg.
X.1393RomanHuntingdonshireEYNESBURY3rd Brass, illeg., 3rd or 4th century.
X.1394RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg., 4th century. Rev. . . . EXERCITVS.
X.1395RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Seven 3rd Brasses, illeg., c. AD 390-395. Rev. Victory, or Victory dragging a captive.
X.1396RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER1st Brass of ?Antoninus Pius, illeg.
X.1397RomanHuntingdonshireEYNESBURY1st Brass of Vespasian, illeg.
X.1398RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)3rd Brass, illeg.
X.1399RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Five 3rd Brasses of Constans or Constantius II. Rev. VICTORIAE DD.AVGG.NN.
X.1400RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON2nd Brass of Domitian, illeg.
X.1401RomanHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDON3rd Brass, 4th cent. Obv. illeg. Rev. . . . PVBLICA, winged victory.
X.1402RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass of Theodosius. Obv. . . . VS P.F.AVG. Rev. SALV . . .
X.1403RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, Roma. Obv. ROMA Rev. Wolf suckling Romulus & Remus, mint-mark illeg.
X.1404RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1929)Twenty-three 3rd Brasses, illeg.
X.1405RomanHuntingdonshireCATWORTHSilver coin (good) of Hadrian. Obv. HADRIANVS AVG.COS.III P.P. Rev. ASIA.
X.1406RomanHuntingdonshireBUCKDEN3rd Brass of ?Julian II. Obv. illeg. Rev. (Spes Reipublicae), mint mark ALCA (Alexandria).
X.1407RomanHuntingdonshireGT GIDDING?Silver coin of Faustina II (good). Obv. FAVSTINA AVGVSTA. Rev. IVNO.
X.1408RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, Constantine I (good). Obv. CONSTANTINVS P.F.AVG. Rev. MARTI CONSERVATORI. In exergue PT.
X.1409RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER2nd Brass of ?Hadrian, illeg.
X.1410RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE3rd Brass of Valens. Obv. [D.N.VALENS P.F.AVG.] Rev. [GLORIA ROMANORVM].
X.1411RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTON?1st Brass of ?Hadrian, illeg.
X.1412RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH3rd Brass of Gallienus. Obv. GALL . . . VG. Rev. Antelope XII in the exergue.
X.1413RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Tetricus. Obv. . . . P.F.AVG. Rev. . . . AVG. (Pax)
X.1414RomanHuntingdonshireEARITHSilver-washed bronze coin of Postumus. Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. PAX AVG.
X.1415RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURY3rd Brass, Victorinus or Phillip I, illeg.
X.1416RomanHuntingdonshireABBOTS RIPTON2nd Brass of ?Commodus, illeg.
X.1417RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)3rd Brass of Gallienus. Obv. GALLIENVS . . . Rev. [IOVI PROPVG]NAT
X.1418RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Constantius II. Obv. CONSTAN . . . AVG. Rev. VICTORIAE DD.AVGG.Q.NN. TRP in the exergue. (A good clear coin, especially the reverse)
X.1419RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Gratian. Obv. . . . VS P.F.AVG. Rev. GLORIA ROMANORVM.
X.1420RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass, illeg.
X.1421RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMTwo 3rd Brasses of Tetricus, illeg.
X.1422RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Gordian III, A.D. 241. Obv. IMP.GORDIANVS PIVS FEL.AVG. Rev. P.M.TR.P.IIII COS.II P.P.
X.1423RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURY2nd Brass of Hadrian, illeg.
X.1424RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Valentinian. Obv. D.N.VALENT . . . Rev. SECVRITAS . . .
X.1425RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Decentius. Obv. . . . NTIVS NOB.CAES. Rev. illeg.
X.1426RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM2nd Brass of Vespasian. Obv. . . . VESPASIAN.AVG. . . Rev. Pax, SC in the field.
X.1427RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Constans, c.348 A.D. Obv. D.N.CONSTANS P.F. AVG. Rev. FEL.TEMP.REPARATIO TRS in the exergue.
X.1428RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass, Licinius. Obv. . . . S P.F. AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1429RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Valens. Obv. . . . VALEN . . . Rev. GLORIA . . . SCON in the exergue.
X.1430RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Allectus. Obv. IMP.C.ALLECTVS P.F.AVG. Rev. PAX AVG. SA in the field.
X.1431RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Constantine I (as Caesar, A.D. 306-8). Obv. CONSTANTINVS NOB.C. Rev. VOT.XX in wreath.
X.1432RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM2nd Brass of Antoninus Pius, A.D. 155. Obv. . . . VS P.P.TR.P.XVIII Rev. BRITANNIA COS.IIII SC in the exergue. (Struck to commemorate victory over Brigantes, A.D. 154-5).
X.1433RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Tetricus II, illeg.
X.1434RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Bass , 4th cent., ?Constantius, illeg.
X.1435RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Constans. Obv. D.N.CONSTANS P.F.AVG. (good obverse) Rev. illeg.
X.1436RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Valentinian. Obv. D.N.VALENTINIANVS P.F. . . Rev. . . . CVRITAS REIPVBLICAE SMAQP in the exergue.
X.1437RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM1st Brass of Galerius (as Caesar), A.D. 293-305. Obv. MAXIMIANVS NOBIL.C. Rev. MONETA SACRA AVGG.ET CAESS.NN. PTR in the exergue.
X.1438RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM1st Brass of Trajan. Obv. AVG.GER.DA . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1439RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass, ?Constantius II. Obv. illeg. Rev. GLOR . . . PLG in the exergue.
X.1440RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. . . . NVS MAX.AVG. Rev. . . . RCITVS. Mint mark illeg.
X.1441RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. illeg. Rev. (GLORIA EXERCITVS)
X.1442RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Tetricus I. Obv. . . . TETRICVS . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1443RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Crispus. Obv. CRISPVS NOB.CAES. Rev. BEAT.TRANQVILITAS. VOTIS XX on altar. PLN in the exergue.
X.1444RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTON1st Brass, ?Vespasian or Hadrian, illeg.
X.1445RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass, 3rd cent., illeg.
X.1446RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM3rd Brass of Gallienus. Obv. . . . NVS . . . Rev. . . . OLI CONS.AVG.
X.1447RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON?Silver coin of Postumus. Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. LAETITIA AVG.
X.1448RomanHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass, 4th cent., illeg.
X.1449RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass of Constans. Obv. . . . CONSTA . . . Rev. . . . REPARATIO
X.1450RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM3rd Brass of Valens. Obv. D.N.VALEN . . . Rev. GLORIA . . .
X.1451RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOE3rd Brass of ?Constantine II, illeg.
X.1452RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass of Constans. Obv. illeg. Rev. [FEL.TEMP.REPARATIO].
X.1453RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass, illeg.
X.1454RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass, illeg.
X.1455RomanHuntingdonshireST NEOTS1st Brass of ?Trajan, illeg.
X.1456RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON?3rd Brass of Postumus. Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. HERC.DEVS ONIENSI
X.1457RomanBedfordshireSTAPLOETwo 3rd Brasses, one of Magnentius, illeg.; the other illeg.
X.1458RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass, illeg.
X.1459RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. . . .TINVS P.F.AVG. Rev. . . .CTO COMITI
X.1460RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Constantine II. Obv. . . .NVS IVN.N.C. Rev. GLOR . . . TRS in the exergue.
X.1461RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass, Urbs Roma or Constantinopolis, illeg.
X.1462RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass, Constantinopolis. Obv. CONSTANTINOPOLIS. Rev. Victory, PLG in the exergue.
X.1463RomanCzechoslovakiaNO PROVENANCESilver coin of Antoninus Pius. Obv. ANTONINVS AVG.PIVS P.F.TR.P. . . Rev. COS.IIII
X.1464RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Claudius II. Obv. illeg. Rev. IOVI . . .
X.1465RomanNO PROVENANCE2nd Brass of Hadrian. Obv. IMP.CAESAR TRAIAN.HADRIA . . . Rev. illeg., SC in the field.
X.1466RomanCzechoslovakiaNO PROVENANCESilver coin of Trajan. Obv. IMP.C.TRAIANO AVG.GER.DA. . . Rev. S.P.Q.R.OP . . . RINCIPI. VIA TRAIANA in exergue.
X.1467RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Constantine II, ?barbarous copy, illeg.
X.1468RomanNO PROVENANCE2nd Brass of Claudius. Obv. TI.CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG.P.M.TR.P.IMP. Rev. illeg..
X.1469RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Claudius II. Obv. [DIVO] CLAVDIO. Rev. CONSECRATIO.
X.1470RomanHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Claudius II. Obv. . . . CLAVDIVS . . . Rev. SPES PVBLICA.
X.1471RomanNO PROVENANCETwo 3rd Brasses of Valens. Obv. D.N.VALENS P.F.AVG. Rev. GLORIA ROMANORVM
X.1473RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Gratian. Obv. D.N.GRATIA . . . Rev. VOT. XX MVLT.XXX in wreath.
X.1474RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Constantine II (as Caesar). Obv. . . . IVN.NOB.C. Rev. BEATA TRANQVILITAS. PLON in the exergue.
X.1475RomanNO PROVENANCE1st Brass of Faustina II, illeg.
X.1476RomanHuntingdonshireNEEDINGWORTH2nd Brass of Postumus. Obv. . . . POSTVMUS P.F.AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1477RomanHuntingdonshireHOLYWELL4th Brass, ?Constantine II, illeg.
X.1478RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass of Constantine II (as Caesar). Obv. CONSTANTINVS IVN.NOB.C. Rev. CAESARVM NOSTRORVM, VOT X in wreath, PLON in the exergue.
X.1479RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY1st Brass of Antoninus Pius, AD 151. Obv. IMP.CAES.T.AEL.HADR.ANTONINVS AVG.P.P. Rev. TR.POT.XIII COS.IIII, SC in the field, MON.AVG. in the exergue.
X.1480RomanNO PROVENANCE2nd Brass of Vespasian, A.D. 77-8. Obv. IMP.CAES.VESPASIAN.AVG.COS.VIII.P.P. Rev. [AEQVITAS] AVGVSTI, SC in the field.
X.1481RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCE4th Brass of ?Valentinian II, ?barbarous imitation. Obv. illeg. Rev. . . . IA AVGG.
X.1482RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCE2nd Brass of Constans. Obv. illeg. Rev. FEL.TEMP.REPARATIO.
X.1483RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCE1st Brass of ?Vespasian, illeg.
X.1484RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)4th Brass of ?Arcadius, illeg.
X.1485RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS P.F. AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1486RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass, Urbs Roma. Obv. VRBS ROMA Rev. TN in the exergue.
X.1487RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES2nd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS P.F.AVG. Rev. SOLI INVICTO COMITI, PTR in the exergue.
X.1488RomanHuntingdonshireKINGS RIPTON3rd Brass of Marcus Aurelius. Obv. ANTONINVS AVG.ARMENIACVS. Rev. ground smooth.
X.1489RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON?3rd Brass of Gallienus (good). Obv. GALLIE . . . S AVG. Rev. NEPTVNO CONS.AVG.
X.1490RomanHuntingdonshireUPTON1st Brass of Faustina II. Obv. DIVA FAVSTINA PIA. Rev. Aeternitas.
X.1491RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass of Valens. Obv. [D.N.VALENS P.F.AVG] Rev. [GLORIA ROMANORVM]. (Identification by Dr Kent).
X.1492RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)4th Brass of Constantius II, barbarous imitation. Obv. . . . TIVS P.F.AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1493RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY1st Brass of ?Hadrian, illeg.
X.1494RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY3rd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1495RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY1st Brass of ?Hadrian, illeg.
X.1496RomanHuntingdonshireKINGS RIPTON3rd Brass of Postumus. Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. ground smooth.
X.1497RomanHuntingdonshireeST IVES2nd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS . . . Rev. . . . AVVG.
X.1498RomanBedfordshireLT BARFORD1st Brass of Vespasian. Obv. IMP.CAESAR VESPASIAN . . . Rev. PAX . . . SC in the field.
X.1499RomanNO PROVENANCE1st Brass of Faustina I, A.D. 141. Obv. DIVA FAVSTINA. Rev. AETERNITAS SC in the field.
X.1500RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Postumus. Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. HERC.DEVS ONIENSI.
X.1501RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Tetricus, much clipped. Obv. . . . TETR . . . AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1502RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCE4th Brass of ?Tetricus. Obv. ? . . . TET . . . Rev. illeg.
X.1503RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESilver coin of Postumus. Obv. . . .POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. MONETA AVG.
X.1504RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of ?Valentinian, illeg.
X.1505RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass of Constantine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS . . . Rev. BEATA TRANQ . . . , VOTIS XX on altar.
X.1506RomanNO PROVENANCE4th Brass of Gratian, illeg., ?Gloria Exercitus rev.
X.1507RomanCzechoslovakiaNO PROVENANCE2nd Brass of Probus. Obv. IMP.C.M.AVR.PROBVS P.F.AVG. Rev. CONCORDIA MILITVM. MLXXI in the exergue (London mint).
X.1508RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Constans. Obv. D.N.CONSTANS P.F.AVG. Rev. [FEL.TEMP.REPA]RATIO
X.1509RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOE1st Brass of ?Hadrian, illeg.
X.1510RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON?3rd Brass of Gallienus. Obv. GALLIENVS AVG. Rev. DIAN[AE CONS.]AVG. ? in the exergue.
X.1511RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON?3rd Brass of Postumus (good). Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMUS P.F.AVG. Rev. FORTVNA AVG.
X.1512RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOE2nd Brass of ?Vespasian, illeg.
X.1513RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass, illeg.
X.1514RomanHuntingdonshireSPALDWICK3rd Brass of ?Diocletian, illeg.
X.1515RomanHuntingdonshireLT STUKELEY2nd Brass of Gordian. Obv. . . . GORDIANVS PIVS FEL.AVG. Rev. . . . AVGVSTI.
X.1516RomanHuntingdonshireCOLNE(Camp Ground)4th Brass, illeg., 4th cent.
X.1517RomanHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCE1st Brass of ?Vespasian, illeg.
X.1518RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON?3rd Brass, barbarous radiate, ?imitating coin of Tetricus.
X.1519RomanNO PROVENANCE3rd Brass of Constantine I, A.D. 310. Obv. IMP.CONSTANTINVS AVG. Rev. SOLI INVICTO COMITI, SISC in the exergue.
X.1520RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass, illeg., ?4th cent.
X.1521RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON3rd Brass of Tetricus. Obv. IMP.C.TETRICVS P.F.AVG. Rev. VIRTVS AVG.
X.1522RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOE3rd Brass of Constantius II. Obv. . . . CONSTANT . . . Rev. GLORIA . . .
X.1523RomanHuntingdonshireSOUTHOE3rd Brass, Urbs Roma. Obv. VRBS ROMA. Rev. Romulus & Remus. Mint mark illeg.
X.1524RomanHuntingdonshireST NEOTS3rd Brass of Constantine II (as Caesar). Obv. . . . IVN.NOB.CAES. Rev. BEATA TRANQVILLITAS, VOT XX in altar. Mint mark illeg.
X.1525RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER3rd Brass, illeg.
X.1526RomanNO PROVENANCE2nd Brass of Diocletian (good). Obv. IMP.DIOCLETIANVS P.F.AVG. Rev. GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, B? in the field, TR in the exergue.
X.1527RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass, Constantinopolis, illeg.
X.1528RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES3rd Brass of Tetricus. Obv. IMP.C.TETRICVS P.F.AVG. Rev. illeg.
X.1529RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY1st Brass of Faustina I, illeg. (Pietas rev.).
X.1530RomanHuntingdonshireST NEOTS2nd Brass of Claudius (quite good). Obv. TI.CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG.P.M.TR.P.IMP. Rev. Minerva, SC in the field.
X.1531RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)Two 3rd Brasses, illeg., 4th cent.
X.1532RomanHuntingdonshireGT GRANSDEN2nd Brass of Faustina II. Obv. FAVSTINA . . . Rev. Fecunditas, SC in the field.
X.1533RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON2nd Brass of Constantius I (as Caesar). Obv. CONSTANTIVS NOBIL.C. Rev. GENIO POPVLI ROMANI. IITR in the exergue.
X.1534RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTON3rd Brass of Postumus. Obv. IMP.C.POSTVMVS P.F.AVG. Rev. P.M.TR.P.COS.II P.P.
X.1535RomanHuntingdonshireWATER NEWTON3rd Brass of Constantius II (as Caesar). Obv. FL.IVL.CONSTANTIVS NOB.C. Rev. GLORIA EXERCITVS, MSIS in the exergue.
X.1536RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAM(Knobbs Farm)3rd Brass and 4th Brass, illeg.
X.1537RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)3rd Brass of Constatine I. Obv. CONSTANTINVS AVG. Rev. illeg., VOT XX in wreath.
X.1538RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)2nd Brass, illeg.
X.1539RomanHuntingdonshireEARITH(Fen Drove)Sherd of coarse ware.
X.1540RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURYUpper stone of a beehive quern, of grey stone, about a third of the stone missing, the socket for the handle open to the grinding face. Max. ht. 12cms, diam. 28cms.
X.1541RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURYUpper stone of large beehive quern, of grey stone, rough and slightly damaged, hole for handle penetrates to hopper. Max. ht. 18cms, diam. 36cms
X.1542Roman?HuntingdonshireALCONBURYUpper stone of a quern, cylindrical, of lava, radial grooves on grinding face with part of iron rynd held in position with lead. Two depressions at opposite points on the upper face. Diam. 28cms, ht. 5cms.
X.1543RomanHuntingdonshireALCONBURY WESTONLower stone of a beehive quern, granite, grinding surface flat with irregular radial grooving, spindle hole penetrates right through. Diam. 39cms, ht. 9cms.
X.1544Roman?HuntingdonshireBRAMPTONCylindrical upper stone of a small quern, of cream stone, with depression in grinding face for rynd; upper surface convex with two vertical holes for handle. Diam. 16cms, ht. 7cms.
X.1545Roman?HuntingdonshireCOLNECylindrical upper stone of a quern, lava, grooving on lower face. Diam. 20cms, ht. 5cms.
X.1546RomanHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYUpper stone of a beehive quern, large, of grey stone, in two halves but cemented together. Diam. 29cms, ht. 18cms.
X.1547RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONLower stone of a quern, very wide and flat with even grinding surface; in two halves cemented together. Spindle hole penetrates right through the stone. Diam. 46cms, ht. 7cms.
X.1548RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERUpper stone of a beehive quern, grey stone, grinding face quite smooth, hole for handle penetrates to hopper. Shape irregular. Diam. 35cms, ht. 12cms.
X.1549RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLower stone of a beehive quern, puddingstone, high and irregular with hole for peg which does not penetrate to the bottom of the stone. Diam. 27cms, ht. 9cms.
X.1550RomanHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPart of a flat quern stone of lava. Length 14cms.
X.1551Roman?HuntingdonshireST NEOTS?Upper stone of a cylindrical quern, lava, with lead set around the bottom of the spindle hole. Diam. 22cms, ht. 5cms
X.1552Roman?HuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMDisc-shaped piece of grey stone with square socket in the middle: ?upper stone of quern. Diam. 21cms, ht. 5cms.
X.1553RomanHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMUpper stone of a low beehive quern, lava, with slight radial grooves on grinding face, five vertical holes on upper surface for handles, one of them still containing an iron core held in place with lead. Oblong recess on grinding face for rynd. Diam. 28cms, ht. 10cms.
X.1554RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONLarge irregular upper stone of a beehive quern, grey stone, with tapering hopper, horizontal hole for handle is open to hopper and to grinding face. There is a hole for a second handle higher up the stone, with traces of the handle in the end of it. Diam. 36cms, ht. 14cms.
X.1555RomanHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONBeehive quern of red gritty stone - the thick lower stone complete, the upper stone missing part of the top and side. Hole in lower stone for spindle; narrow hopper in upper stone, handle socket survives in section. Lower stone diam. 32cms, present ht. 13cms.
X.1556Roman?Huntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEUpper stone of a cylindrical quern, lava, with deep socket for rynd on grinding face, two holes on upper surface for handle. Diam. 21cms, ht. 6cms.
X.1557RomanHuntingdonshireST IVESLarge pewter plate, plain, Type 4. Diam. 53cms.
X.1558ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST IVES(Priory)Gargoyle, limestone. An animal head and shoulders, perhaps a lion, with traces of mane under the gaping mouth, rounded ears, and bulging eyes. Two forepaws grasp the rectangular block of stone from which the animal rises. The channel along the top of the rectangular block (now the back, as the object is displayed vertically instead of in its original horizontal position) and through the mouth has been blocked up. Ht. 65cms, base 30cms square.
X.1559PalaeontologyRussiaBEREZOVKAStrands of Mammoth hair. A tuft of ginger hair, with pieces of short under-hair, and longer pieces of coarse outer hair.
X.1560Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Crux type, BMC 3a, moneyer Leofric. "Fine" - Christies; "very rare" - Eaglen.
X.1560-82Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver pennies minted at Huntingdon: indexed under Huntingdon to keep the collection together, although their find-spots may be different - mostly unknown - and X.1582 turns out not to have been minted at Huntingdon at all. See the individual cards for details.
X.1560-82 (contd. 1)Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Since the coins were catalogued Eaglen has produced his magisterial "The Mint of Huntingdon" (in Books index as Robin EAGLEN, 1999). See also his article in "Records of Hunts" vol. 1 no. 10 (1980) and correspondence with him and with the late Antony Gunstone, filed under their respective names.
X.1560-82 (contd. 2)Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Note that the other coins in this batch have labels by F. Elmore Jones, who described four of them in the British Numismatic Journal in 1964: so he didn't see the coins with Seaby tickets, which wre presumably still missing at the time of his visit.
X.1561Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long cross type, BMC 4a, moneyer Aelfric. "Very fine" - Christies; "commonest Huntingdon type and moneyer" - Eaglen.
X.1562Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long cross type, BMC 4a, moneyer Aelfric. "Extremely fine" - Christies.
X.1563Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (976-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long cross type, BMC 4a, moneyer Aelfric. "Bent, very fine" - Christies.
X.1564Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (976-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long cross type, BMC 4a, moneyer Osgut. "Very fine" - Christies; "also common (but less than Aelfric coins)" - Eaglen.
X.1565Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long cross type, BMC 4a, moneyer Osgut. "Good very fine" - Christies.
X.1566Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long cross type, BMC 4a, moneyer Osgut. "Very fine" - Christies.
X.1567Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long cross type, BMC 4a, moneyer Osgut. "Fine" - Christies.
X.1568Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. First small cross type, BMC 1 (last type of reign), moneyer Aethelstan (Hild. 1376). "Slightly bent, very fine and very rare" - Christies; "rare" - Eaglen.
X.1569Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Cnut (1017-35), minted at Huntingdon. Short cross type. BMC xvi, moneyer Aelfgar. "Fine and possibly unique" - Christies; "3 other coins: 2 Copenhagen and 1 BMus (1960)" - Eaglen.
X.1570Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Pacx type, BMC 4, moneyer Wulfwig. "Very fine" - Christies; "3 other coins: 1 Stockholm, 1 Copenhagen, 1 Eaglen (ex 2 Montagu '35)" - Eaglen.
X.1571Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Expanding cross type, BMC 5, moneyer Godric. "Very fine" - Christies; "2 other coins: BMC 562 and Eaglen" - Eaglen.
X.1572Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Helmet type, BMC 7a, moneyer Godwine. "Very fine" - Christies; "v. rare" - Eaglen.
X.1573Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer cross type, BMC xi, moneyer Godric. "Crack in centre, otherwise very fine" - Christies; "2 other coins, ex FEJ 386 (1971) and Eaglen" - Eaglen
X.1574Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edwared the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer cross type, BMC xi, moneyer Godric. "Very fine" - Christies.
X.1575Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer cross type, BMC xi, moneyer Godwine. "Piece missing, good fine" - Christies; "scarce, 6 other coins known" - Eaglen.
X.1576Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer cross type, BMC xi, moneyer Godwine. "Very fine" - Christies.
X.1577Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Facing bust type, BMC xiii, moneyer Godwine. "Extemely fine" - Christies; "5 other coins known, incl. BMC 566 (ex Chancton)" - Eaglen.
X.1578Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Facing bust type, BMC xiii, moneyer Godwine. "Very fine" - Christies.
X.1579Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Henry I (1100-35), minted at Huntingdon. Pellets in quatrefoil type, BMC xiv, moneyer Derlig. "Nearly fine and rare" - Christies; "2 other coins known - BMC 131and private coll." - Eaglen.
X.1580Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Henry I (1100-35), minted at Huntingdon. Pellets in quatrefoil type, BMC xiv, moneyer Elfwine. "Weak in places, otherwise very fine and rare" - Christies. "Very rare. Only the Norris coins known for moneyer. No cat refs yet found" - Eaglen.
X.1581Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Henry I (1100-35), minted at Huntingdon. Pellets in quatrefoil type, BMC xiv, moneyer Elfwine. "Slightly bent, weak in places, otherwise nearly fine and rare" - Christies.
X.1582Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Henry I (1100-35), minted at Romney, and presumably collected (?by H.E. Norris) in error, reading RVM as HVN. Pellets in quatrefoil type, BMC xiv, moneyer Wulfred. "Very fine and rare" - Christies.
X.1582*SaxonKentROMNEYSee X.1582, catalogued under HUNTINGDON.
X.1583RomanSomersetWALCOTPart of a military diploma: a fragment of bronze sheet with an inscription on each side, announcing the award by the emperor of Roman citizenship and the right to marry to a time-expired auxiliary soldier. The inscription probably read: (Outer) . . . CIVITAS . . . / . . .QVAS POST . . . / . . . SINGVLAS / VII K OCTOBER / TI.LARTIDIO CELER / PROCVLEIAN CVI P / PINQVOS / . . . ALE; (Inner) INETIITE / ITANN.SVB . . . / RIBVS VESTI PF / EST MISSIONE / IT IPSIS LI. 48 x 49mm.
X.1583 (contd.)Roman
X.1584ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireST NEOTS(Priory)Part of a floor tile of pink clay, with an indented shape containing a bird: wings raised, large-beaked head bowed down in front. 200 x 200 x 40mm.
X.1585NeolithicFranceCHARTRESMinature polished axehead of green, marbled stone, very attractive, and pierced in the middle to be hung from something - the hole plainly recent. Length 42mm.
X.1586RomanNO PROVENANCEPiece of painted wall plaster: a thick lump of slightly pink plaster, with fragments of tile or red stone mixed in, one surface smoothed and painted red. About 8cms long and 4½cms thick.
X.1587Iron AgeCambridgeshireWHITTLESEY(Horsey Toll)Part of a platter of Terra Nigra, fine wheelmade grey ware with foot ring, vertical rim and convex moulding inside the pot, where the wall meets the base. Original diam. c. 200mm.
X.1588RomanHuntingdonshireSTOW LONGATwo pieces of the upper stone of a quern, quite wide and flat, of millstone grit (probably from Derbyshire). There is carved moulding on the top surface of each piece: on one of them it consists of two concentric curves, on the other, a well defined phallus. Estimated diam. 625mm, thickness at edge 40mm.
X.1589RomanHuntingdonshireBURYThe upper stone of a beehive quern of puddingstone, with well defined hopper, some pieces knocked off the edges, and no trace of any hole for the handle. Diam. about 29cms, ht. about 10cms.
X.1590RomanCambridgeshireRAMPTONThe upper stone of a beehive quern of dark grey puddingstone, with the trace of a slot for a handle at the grinding surface. Diam. about 29cms, ht. about 10.
X.1591RomanHuntingdonshireST IVES(Meadow Lane)Part of the top stone of a beehive quern of puddingstone, with large lumps knocked away from the sides. The vertical hole has been started from both the top and the bottom, but doesn't meet in the middle. Diam. about 27cms, ht. about 10cms.
X.1592RomanHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEAbout half of the upper stone of a beehive quern of puddingstone. Original diam. about 24cms, ht. about 10cms.
X.1594RomanHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYA quern stone of grey stone, perhaps the lower stone - despite having a central pivotal hole and concave grinding surface - as there is no hole for a handle to turn it. Diam. about 33cms, ht. about 10cms.
X.1595RomanHuntingdonshireHAIL WESTONThe upper stone of a quern, of irregular beehive shape, made of red, gritty stone. It has a hopper/pivot hole running through the centre, and a deep, rectangular-sectioned hole for the handle. Diam. about 38cms, ht. about 13cms.
X.1596RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPart of a quern, probably the upper stone, of pink, gritty stone. Diam. when complete about 44cms.
X.1597RomanHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPart of the upper stone of a quern, of pink, gritty stone, with part of the central hole visible. Diam. when complete about 44cms.
X.1598RomanHuntingdonshireBUCKDENAbout half of the upper stone of a shallow quern of grey, gritty stone, showing part of the central pivot hole. Diam. when complete about 36cms, ht. about 5cms.
X.1599RomanHuntingdonshireSAWTRY?(Stocking Close)?About half of the upper stone of a beehive quern, apparently quite irregularly shaped, of grey, gritty stone. The hole for the handle is present, and has two smaller holes in its bottom face, presumably connected with the fastening of the handle. Diam. when complete about 25cms, ht. about 14cms.
X.1600Roman?HuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMAbout half of the upper stone of a cylindical quern of lava, with central pivot hole showing recesses to receive the end of a spindle, one of them with traces of ?lead used to fasten it in. There are also holes (two surviving, four originally presumably) in the upper surface of the stone. Diam. about 28cms, ht. about 10 cms.
X.1601Iron Age?HuntingdonshireFENSTANTONAn oval, flat piece of pink, gritty stone, conceivably the rubber or upper stone from a saddle quern. 26 x 14cms.
X.1602RomanHuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLD?(Salome Lodge)?A small piece of lava, roughly shaped as a segment of a disc and so probably part of a quern stone - quite shallow. About 23 x 13cms.
X.1603RomanHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCEAbout one third of the lower stone of a quern, of pink, gritty, stone, quite shallow. Original diam. about 43cms, about 8cms thick.
X.1604RomanNO PROVENANCEAbout half of the upper stone of a beehive quern, irregularly shaped, of grey, gritty stone (?millstone grit), with central pivot hole or hopper, and the remains of the hole for the handle penetrating right through to it. Original diam. about 28cms, ht. about 14cms.
X.1605Roman?HuntingdonshireSAWTRY?(Stocking Close)?A segment of a circular piece of smooth, grey stone, probably part of the upper stone of a quern. Length about 23cms, ht. about 9cms.
X.1606Roman?NO PROVENANCEAn irregularly shaped piece of lava, roughly in the shape of a segment of a circle, and so probably part of a quern stone. Length about 20cms.
X.1610RomanFrance?LYON?A fragment of a tesselated pavement: a piece of concrete, partly set with tesserae of grey and white stone, in two bands each three blocks wide. Length 125mm.
X.1611RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1925)A stone roofing slate, of "Wittering Pendle", used as part of the lining of a grave. Lozenge shaped, of pink stone, with a nail hole at the top. Length about 34cms, thickness about 2.5cms.
X.1612RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1904)A flat semi-circle of pinkish stone (?sandstone), perhaps used as a lid for a pot. Slightly more than half the circle survives, diam. 167mm, thickness 12mm.
X.1613PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCETwo fossils, one of them partly embedded in a flinty matrix, of what look like echinoids or similar. The HLSI catalogue describes them (I think) as "Centrechinidae". Each about 22mm in diameter.
X.1614PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Clypeus echinoid, diam. about 70mm.
X.1615PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Clypeus echinoid, smaller than X.1614, diam. about 45mm.
X.1616PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Conulus echinoid, conical shape, height about 35mm.
X.1617PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, bent over with the head bowed forwards, partly embedded in a piece of grey-brown rock. Length about 25mm.
X.1618PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil trilobite, embedded in a lump probably of Wenlock limestone, the trilobite a Calymene about 45mm long.
X.1619PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil Gryphaea, large, flat-shelled and laminated, apparently with the inner shell still inside the outer. Length 105mm.
X.1620PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil bivalve, Radulopecten, length 90mm.
X.1621PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEA slab of grey stone bearing an impression of Lepidodendron, a Carboniferous plant (a giant club-moss, or Lycopod), length 135mm.
X.1622PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCELarge fossilized vertebra from a Pliosaur, from an individual about 10m long. Max diam 185mm.
X.1623PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThe antler of a red deer, with six points. Length 73cms.
X.1624PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCECervical vertebra of Bos.
X.1625PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEPart of the skull of ?Bos.
X.1626PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEThree molars of Bos.
X.1627Palaentology?BedfordshireNO PROVENANCEPart of the 1st upper molar of a Straight-tusked Elephant or a young Mammoth.
X.1628PalaeontologyBedfordshireSANDYThe tail-vertebra of a dinosaur (i.e. specifically a land animal), possibly Lower Cretaceous such as an Iguanadon, and perhaps from the Greensand: a long vertebra with a slight spine. Length about 11cms.
X.1629PalaeontologyLeicestershireNO PROVENANCEPart of a Mammoth tusk, fragmentary and repaired with plaster. Present length about 52cms.
X.1630PalaeontologyNorthamptonshireWOODFORDTwo fossil bivalves: Pholadomya deltoidaea. Lengths 86mm and 40mm.
X.1631PalaeontologySomersetBATHPart of a boar's tusk. Length 65mm, broken at both ends.
X.1632PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENPart of a reindeer antler. HLSI catalogue: "part of brow tine and main beam"; Gordon Chancellor (1993) identifies it as from a young reindeer. Length about 45cms.
X.1633PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENMolar of horse (identified for HLSI by C. Forster Cooper of Cambridge University Museum of Zoology) or of cow (according to Gordon Chancellor of Peterborough Museum, 1993).
X.1634PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireBUCKDENMolar of Bos.
X.1635PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireELLINGTONFossil Gryphaea: single shell 48mm long.
X.1636PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONPart of the molar of a Straight- tusked Elephant.
X.1637PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireGT GRANSDENThe tips of two belemnites, lengths 84 and 47mm.
X.1638PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYThe vertebra of an Ichthyosaur, about 75mm diam.
X.1639PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLThe antler of a red deer: six-pointed, but with three of the points broken off. No obvious sign of any working or cutting. Length about 68cms.
X.1640PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDON?The incisor tusk of a Hippopatamus. Length about 33cms.
X.1641ZoologyNO PROVENANCEThe shell of a large bivalve, ?scallop, encrusted with the shells of numerous barnacles. Max diam. 130mm.
X.1642PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONPart of the skull of a pig (perhaps a wild boar).
X.1643PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONFossil ammonite, perisphinctid and probably from Oxford Clay. Max. diam. 78mm
X.1644PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONPart of a fossil ammonite still partly embedded in rock: a perisphinctid. Max diam. about 85mm.
X.1645PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONThe tip of a fossil belemnite, present length 80mm.
X.1646PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONFossil bivalve, Pholadomya.
X.1647PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONTwo fossil Gryphaea dilobotes from the ?Oxford Clay, lengths 75 and 47mm.
X.1648PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONFossil Gryphaea arcuata, derived from the Lower Jurassic.
X.1649PalaeontologyHuntingdonshirePIDLEYThe horn cores and part of the skull of an ox, ?Bos primigenius: the skull fragile and crumbling, but consolidated at one time with plaster and a piece of wood so that the two horns could be fastened together. Length about 90cms.
X.1650PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESThe molar of a Mammoth. Length about 20cms.
X.1651PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVESPart of the humerus of a rhinoceros: part of one joint and some of the shaft, present length about 31cms.
X.1652PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVES?Part of two atlas vertebrae of rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus, both imperfect and one especially so.
X.1653PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVES?Part of the pelvis of a rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus: the socket of the hip joint with some bone attached, present length about 28cms.
X.1654PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVES?The tibia of a rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus, length 37cms.
X.1655PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireST IVES?Part of the humerus of a rhinoceros ?or hippopotamus, length about 33cms.
X.1656PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSAWTRYPiece of fossil wood from the Oxford Clay: a flat piece about 15cms long and 4½ wide, now broken into four pieces.
X.1657(Palaeolithic)SuffolkBRANDONModern copy of a handaxe: unpatinated dark grey flint, pointed at one end and with a flat butt at the other. Length 125mm.
X.1658(Palaeolithic)Suffolk?BRANDON?Modern copy of a handaxe: brown and grey flint, pointed at one end and with a rounded butt at the other - very convincing! Length 110mm.
X.1659(Palaeolithic)SuffolkBRANDONModern copy of a Levallois tortoise core: unpatinated dark grey flint, shaped with facets knocked off round the edge and the scar of a single large flake removed from the top. Length 88mm.
X.1660(Palaeolithic)SuffolkBRANDONModern copy of an Upper Palaeolithic blade core: unpatinated dark grey flint, roughly conical with blade scars all round it. Ht. 49mm.
X.1661PalaeolithicKentSTURRYHandaxe of brown-grey flint with part of cortex present on the butt, manganese deposit on one face only. Length 130mm.
X.1662PalaeolithicKentSTURRYHandaxe of brown-grey flint, rather flat-sectioned with cortex on butt, water-rolled. Length 132mm.
X.1663PalaeolithicKentSTURRYSmall handaxe of brown flint, well shaped with rounded butt, edges S-shaped. Length 97mm.
X.1664PalaeolithicKentSTURRYLarge and heavy flake tool of brown flint, almost like a handaxe in shape but made on a flake, with one face worked and some retouch round the edges. ?Mousterian, rather rolled. Length 115mm.
X.1665PalaeolithicKentSTURRYLarge flake tool of multi-coloured yellow-brown flint, a large blade with some crude retouch on the edges. Length 105mm.
X.1666PalaeolithicKentSTURRYFlake tool of yellow flint, with crude retouch down the edges, water rolled. Length 107mm.
X.1667PalaeolithicFranceLE MOUSTIERMousterian point of dark grey flint, retouched round edges. Length 74mm.
X.1668PalaeolithicFranceLE MOUSTIERMousterian point of dark grey flint, with steep retouch round the edges. Length 74mm.
X.1669PalaeolithicFranceLE MOUSTIERSide scraper: wide, flat flake of light grey flint with some cortex, retouch round the edges. Length 69mm.
X.1670PalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREBlade of brown flint, unpatinated, with retouch down both long edges for use as a side scraper. Length 126mm.
X.1671PalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREEnd scraper of white ?chert, made on a slender blade with retouch round the end. Length 91mm.
X.1672PalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREDihedral burin of brown-grey flint, length 92mm.
X.1673PalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREDihedral burin of brown flint, with burin at one end and some retouch at the other, some cortex remaining. Length 56mm.
X.1674PalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREBurin/end scraper of light brown-grey flint with some cortex: possible dihedral burin at one end, and steep retouch at the other. Length 81mm.
X.1675PalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREEnd scraper on blade of grey ?chert, steep retouch round end. Length 77mm.
X.1676PalaeolithicFranceVÉZÈREEnd scraper on blade of light brown-grey flint, retouched to give round end, with notches (?accidental) in the scraper end and on one side. Length 65mm.
X.1677PalaeolithicKentNORTHFLEETFive flakes of brown-black flint, with some retouch: ?Middle Palaeolithic, ?Levallois technique.
X.1678PalaeolithicKemtSWANSCOMBEThree flakes of grey-black flint, with some cortex, with retouch to make them into side scrapers and an end scraper.
X.1679PalaeolithicKentGALLEY HILLFour flakes of grey-brown-black flint, with some cortex, with retouch to make end scrapers and side scrapers.
X.1680PalaeolithicKent?NO PROVENANCETwo flakes of grey-brown flint.
X.1681PalaeolithicKent?NO PROVENANCEA thick flake (?Levallois) and three thin flakes with retouch, of brown-black flint.
X.1682PalaeolithicKentGALLEY HILLThick flake of brown flint, ?Levallois technique with flakes removed from one side and some retouch at one end. Length 82mm.
X.1683PalaeolithicSuffolkFELIXSTOWEThree flint flakes patinated white and water rolled; one is retouched, perhaps as an end scraper, the other two have no obvious sign of use as tools.
X.1684NeolithicSussexCHANCTONBURYTwo flakes of grey-patinated flint, one retouched perhaps for use as a scraper.
X.1685NeolithicSussexCISSBURYTwo large flakes of white-patinated flint, one with some cortex, the other with negative scars on the back.
X.1686NeolithicSussex?BROMHILL WARRENBlade of grey-patinated flint, broken across, with no obvious sign of retouch or purpose. Length 70mm.
X.1687NeolithicSussexSOMPTINGTwo waste flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1688NeolithicSussexFERRINGSmall blade of white-patinated flint. Length 47mm.
X.1689Neolithic?NO PROVENANCETwo small pieces of flint - one retouched as a scraper, with a narrow tang or similar at the other end; the other perhaps a small end scraper; and a small piece of curved bone, presumably a rib.
X.1690PalaeolithicNorfolkCROMERPiece of core of brown flint, with flake scars, water rolled. Length 72mm.
X.1691PalaeolithicNorfolkCROMERThick flake of yellow-patinated flint, waste flake presumably. Length 66mm.
X.1692PalaeolithicNorthamptonshirePETERBOROUGHCortical flake of buff-patinated flint with retouch round the edges, length 80mm. A rather attractive scraper.
X.1693PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWOODSTONFour flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations, one with heavy retouch apparantly for use as a side scraper.
X.1694PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDEN?Eleven flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations, some with retouch to make them into scrapers. One very small scraper could perhaps be Mesolithic; two large unpatinated scrapers could be Neolithic. Some at least seem to show Levallois technique, with negative flake scars on the backs.
X.1694*MesolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSee X.1694, catalogued under Palaeolithic, which may include a Mesolithic scraper. Also, several of the groups of Neolithic flints may include Mesolithc microliths.
X.1695PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENVery large flake of yellow-patinated flint, with negative flake scars on the back; waste flake presumably. Width 135mm.
X.1696PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENScraper of buff-patinated flint, a thick flake with some shallow retouch round the edges. Length 99mm.
X.1697PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENCortical flake of brown flint, some possible retouch round the edge. Length 57mm.
X.1699PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHSide scraper of grey flint: cortical flake with retouch, length 77mm.
X.1700PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHScraper of black flint, thick flake with retouch round edges, length 79mm; and cortical waste flake, length 65mm.
X.1701PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlake of brown-patinated flint, possible retouch to make a scraper, length 62mm.
X.1702PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHBifacially worked piece of brown flint, length 82mm; and three waste flakes.
X.1703PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlake of grey-patinated black flint, with possible retouch for use as side scraper. Length 51mm.
X.1704PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITH38 flints of various shapes, sizes and patinations, mostly waste flakes.
X.1705PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHEleven waste flakes and one core, various sizes and patinations.
X.1706Neolithic?HuntingdonshireEARITHLarge waste flake of grey-patinated flint, length 99mm.
X.1707PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFour waste flakes and four cores, or bits of cores - two of the latter perhaps used as hammerstones.
X.1708PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONSeven large, rough flakes or cores of yellow-patinated flint; also a smaller, more delicately worked flake - flaked also on the dorsal side - of grey-patinated flint.
X.1709PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONCore of brown-patinated flint, length 59mm.
X.1710PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONA hammerstone and 14 flakes, of various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1711PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONA brown-patinated flint worked on both sides, length 82mm; and a small cortical flake of grey flint, length 45mm.
X.1712PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONTwo small cores and a flake, various patinations.
X.1713PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireFLETTONWater-rolled flake of yellow-patinated flint, length 47mm.
X.1714PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Thick cortical flake of yellow-patinated flint, with retouch round the edges. Length 90mm.
X.1715PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Thick cortical flake of yellow-patinated flint, length 86mm.
X.1716PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Implement of yellow-patinated flint: curious - one side of it is flaked to the shape of a small oval handaxe, but the other side, which includes some cortex, has a natural hole going right into the flint, almost as far as the other side. Length 77mm.
X.1717PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)An attractive flake tool of slightly patinated grey flint: ?Mousterian technique, with the flake shaped on the back and then extensively retouched to give a rounded edge. Length 65mm.
X.1718PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Maddy's Pit)31 flakes of various sizes, shapes and patinations; some of them are flaked on the reverse side, ?Levallois technique; some may have retouch, and there is a possible point and a possible burin.
X.1719PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYCore of white-patinated flint, length 72mm; and waste flake of grey-patinated, length 62mm.
X.1720PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREY2 cores and 4 worked flakes, various sizes, shapes and patinations, but all quite large and coarse.
X.1721PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD GREYLarge, thick worked flake of grey flint, length 110mm.
X.1722PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCore with flake scars with varying patinations - some brown and some blue-grey, with two scars unpatinated - so the flakes were presumably struck at widely differing dates. Length 86mm.
X.1723PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORD CLUNYLevallois tortoise core: cortical piece of brown-black flint with flake scars on one face, possible retouch on the edges. Length 94mm.
X.1724Neolithic?HuntingdonshireOFFORDThick flake of dark brown flint with flake scars on the back. Length 63mm
X.1725Neolithic?HuntingdonshireOFFORDSmall flake of blue-grey patinated flint, length 46mm.
X.1726Neolithic?HuntingdonshireOFFORDSmall flake of blue-grey patinated flint, perhaps worked into a burin. Length 46mm.
X.1727Neolithic?HuntingdonshireOFFORDSmall flake of white-patinated flint, length 59mm.
X.1728PalaeolithicHuntingdonshirePAXTONFlake of blue-grey-patinated flint. Length 57mm.
X.1729PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONFour flakes, two of them with possible retouch for use as scrapers.
X.1730PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESThick flake of orange-patinated flint, flake scars on the back, much water-rolled. Length 69mm.
X.1731PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake with flake scars on the back, ?Levallois, yellow-patinated grey flint. Length 86mm.
X.1732PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVES13 flakes, various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1733PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVES7 flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1734PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVES13 flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations - one of them apparently retouched as a thick scraper; and a hammerstone.
X.1735PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESHammerstone of grey-brown flint. Length 82mm.
X.1736PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESSix flakes of various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1737PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESTwo flakes, one perhaps used as a hammerstone.
X.1738PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST IVESFlake of orange-patinated flint, perhaps retouched to make a scraper. Length 99mm.
X.1739PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireST NEOTSTwo flakes.
X.1740PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWOOD WALTONFlake of brown-patinated flint, with flake scars on the back. Length 83mm.
X.1741PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONTwo flakes.
X.1742PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireWYTONCore of brown-patinated flint. Length 64mm.
X.1743PalaeolithiicHuntingdonshireWYTON?Hammerstone of black flint. Length 80mm.
X.1744PalaeontologyNO PROVENANCEFossil echinoid, species not known, well preserved shell with sockets for spines. Diam. 32mm.
X.1745PalaeontologyCambridgeshireBURWELLFossil of some kind, ?shell, looking a bit like part of a spiral of rope, set in a slab of chalk. Length 98mm.
X.1746PalaeontologyHuntingdonshireSOMERSHAMMost of a very large ammonite, now in four pieces but fitting together to give a complete outer section but with some of the middle missing. It seems to resemble the large Perisphinctes found at St Ives (83.08, qv). Diam. about 37cms.
X.1747ZoologyNO PROVENANCEThe left lower molar of an Indian elephant, length 180mm.
X.1748ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEYA pottery mould, used for stamping the image of a mitred abbot, perhaps onto consecrated wafers. A disc of hard-fired pink ware, roughly circular, with the upper half of the abbot holding a crozier in his left hand and raising his right in blessing; under a thin archway, and with an irregular moulding round the top and sides. Max. diam. 66mm, thickness 18mm. With three casts of the image, one in wax and two in plaster of paris.
X.1748 (contd.)ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEY
X.1749ArchaeologyNorthamptonshioreDESBOROUGHThe seal matrix of an abbot of Ramsey Abbey, one of the two abbots named John of Warboys, 1473-89 or 1507-39 (the last abbot). A circular disc of bronze with a design of the Virgin and Child under an elaborate canopy of Perpendicular tracery. Round the edge is the inscription "Sigillum Ihns Gurdebois Abbis Monasterii de Ramesii". Diam. 58mm, thickness 3mm. With a cast of the seal in wax.
X.1749 (contd.)ArchaeologyNorthamptonshireDESBOROUGH
X.1749*ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireRAMSEYSee X.1749, catalogued under Desborough, Northants.
X.1750Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. First Hand type, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1144. "Very fine, a little creased, £120-150" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1750-62Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver pennies minted at Huntingdon: As with X.1560-82, these coins are indexed under Huntingdon where they were minted - their find-spots are all unknown.
X.1750-62 (contd.)Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)All correspondence concerning this transaction is filed under "Collections". Note the information copied from newspapers, which is largely uninformative. Peter Mitchell believes that there were arrests in 1964 and that the 1993 vendor acquired the coins in good faith (she was elderly and female - widow of a collector? I don’t think women go in for collecting much). Mr Mitchell says that only two particularly rare coins are still missing - though he is presumably referring only to Saxon coins, as the list in the "Hunts Post" 20.8.1964 includes other coins that certainly don't seem to be here now. See also EAGLEN 1999 p. 53.
X.1751Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. First Hand type, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1144. "About very fine, a little creased, £100-140" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1752Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long Cross type, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1151. "Very fine, £100-125" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1753Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long Cross type, moneyer Osgut, Seaby 1151. "Very fine, £100-125" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1754Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Long Cross type, moneyer Aelfric, Seaby 1151. "Very fine, £100-120" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1755Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Aethelred II (979-1016), minted at Huntingdon. Helmet type, moneyer Aelfnoth, Seaby 1152. "Fine and rare, £75-100" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1756Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Cnut (1016-35), minted at Huntingdon. Helmet type, moneyer Eadnoth, Seaby 1158. "Very fine, £100-120" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1757Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Cnut (1016-35), minted at Huntingdon. Short Cross type, moneyer Aelfgar, Seaby 1159. "Very fine, £100-120" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1758Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Trefoil Quadrilateral type, moneyer Leofric, Seaby 1174. "Good fine and very rare, £150-200" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1759Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer Cross type, moneyer Godric, Seaby 1182. "Very fine and rare, £140-180" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1760Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer Cross type, moneyer Godric, Seaby 1182. "Very fine and rare, £140-180" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1761Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Edward the Confessor (1042-66), minted at Huntingdon. Hammer Cross type, moneyer Godwin, Seaby 1182. "Better [than another coin in the same lot, which was "fine"], £40-50" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1762Saxon(Huntingdonshire)(HUNTINGDON)Silver penny of Harold II (1066), minted at Huntingdon. Sole Paxs type, bust left without sceptre, moneyer Godwine, Seaby 1187. "Very fine, very rare, £400-600" - Glendining's 1993.
X.1763RomanNO PROVENANCEFragment of tesselated pavement: concrete base with rows of dark grey tesserae surrounding a single, larger tessera of light grey. Has been broken in half and glued together again at some stage. Max length 130mm.
X.1764ZoologyNO PROVENANCEStuffed bird: a female Goosander, web-footed bird with grey-white plumage and red-brown head, standing facing right of case, with plain background. In glass-fronted case 470 x 440 x 210mm.
X.1765ZoologyNO PROVENANCETwo stuffed birds: a pair of Night Herons, with white, grey and black plumage and distinctive barbs on the back of the head; one bird squatting facing right, the other standing facing left, with grasses and reeds etc. In glass-fronted case 480 x 580 x 270mm.
X.1766ZoologyNO PROVENANCESeven stuffed birds: three Hawfinches (two female and one male) and four others; on a branch in a variety of poses. In a case with glass front and glass half-sides, 510 x 380 x 140mm.
X.1767ZoologyNO PROVENANCESix stuffed birds: two Kingfishers, a Starling and three others; arranged among twigs and grasses, one of the Kingfishers shown in the act of diving. In glass-fronted case 470 x 450 x 220mm.
X.1768ZoologyNO PROVENANCEThree stuffed birds: a Lapwing, Golden Plover and Grey Plover, standing in a background of plants. In a glass-fronted case 510 x 380 x 220mm.
X.1769ZoologyNO PROVENANCETwo stuffed birds: two unknown exotic birds, both with black plumage; one has a short buff beak and brown iris, the other a long, curving black beak, bright blue iris and bottle-green-sheened feathers on the breast; on a branch among ferns with a metallic-sheened beetle. In a case with glass front and glass half-sides, 530 x 400 x 250mm.
X.1770NeolithicSussexCISSBURYLarge flake of white-patinated flint with negative scars on the back, presumably a waste flake. Length 120mm.
X.1771NeolithicSussexCISSBURYEight large waste flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1772NeolithicSussexCLAPHAMSix waste flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1773NeolithicNorfolk?WEETING?Flake of white-patinated flint, with the back flaked away but no retouch on the edge. Length 73mm.
X.1774PalaeolithicNO PROVENANCEThirteen waste flakes of various colours and patinations. Some could well be Neolithic.
X.1775PalaeolithicNO PROVENANCEA pebble of grey flint, flaked at one end. Length 57mm.
X.1776PalaeolithicFranceCAMIERSFourteen waste flakes of flint, some of them probably Mesolithic.
X.1777PalaeolithicFranceABBEVILLEThree waste flakes of grey flint, one of them with steep retouching round the edge.
X.1778PalaeolithicFranceNO PROVENANCEEleven worked flints of various forms.
X.1779PalaeolithicFranceNO PROVENANCEA crude point made from a pebble of black flint with some of the cortex left round the butt. Length 82mm.
X.1780PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENTen waste flakes of varying flints and patinations, one of them probably Neolithic.
X.1781PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORD(Allen's Pit)Cortical waste flake of brown flint. Length 62mm.
X.1782NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDA small scraper of black flint. Length 44mm.
X.1783NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDFlake of brown flint. Length 32mm.
X.1784NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDThree waste flakes of grey flint.
X.1785ZoologyNO PROVENANCEThree stuffed birds: a male and female Garganey and a Rail of some kind; the Garganeys web-footed with attractive mottled plumage, the Rail brown and grey with long green legs; mounted on ?papier-maché riverbank scene with vegetation. In a glass-fronted case 780 x 480 x 220mm.
X.1786ZoologyNO PROVENANCEStuffed bird: a Barn Owl, perched on a piece of branch and surrounded by dried vegetation. In a case with glass front and glass half-sides, 280 x 370 x 230mm.
X.1787ZoologyNO PROVENANCEStuffed bird: a Scarlet Ibis, with bright red plumage and long, curved beak, mounted on a natural-looking base with some vegetation. In glass-fronted case 310 x 570 x 270mm.
X.1793Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONPart of an amber bead, disc-shaped with a central hole, decayed and part of the circumference missing. Diam. 8mm
X.1794Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSherds of pottery, coarse black inside with buff exterior, a few of them glued together.
X.1795Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSoil.
X.1796Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONFragments of cremated bone.
X.1797Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONFragments of cremated bone.
X.1798Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONA piece of cremated bone.
X.1799Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONTiny fragments of cremated bone.
X.1800Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONA few fragments of pottery.
X.1801(Bronze Age)HuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSmall rim-sherd of Romano-British red ware.
X.1802Bronze AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSmall triangular scraper of grey flint, with steep retouch apparently on the striking platform above the bulb. Length 34mm.
X.1803Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSherds of wheel-made coarse ware from various pots.
X.1804Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSherd of coarse orange-buff ware with grooved decoration.
X.1805Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONHandmade rim sherd of black ware.
X.1806Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONTwo sherds glued together from the rim of a wheelmade jar of grey-pink ware with horizontal rilling.
X.1807Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONRim sherd of handmade pot in grey-red ware.
X.1808Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONRim sherd of grey-pink ware, hand made.
X.1809Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONThree sherds of hard, dark grey ware, one with girth-grooves; and a fragment of coarse red ware.
X.1810Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONTwo sherds of hard pink ware with grey core, with soil.
X.1811Iron Age?HuntingdonshireBRAMPTONSherds of coarse ware, some of them perhaps Romano-British.
X.1812Iron AgeHuntingdonshireBRAMPTONPotsherds of various wares.
X.1813[Iron Age]HuntingdonshireBRAMPTON?Neolithic scraper of grey flint, length 48mm.
X.1814RomanHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSherds of undecorated Samian (Dr. 33), colour coated ware (inc. Nene Valley), mortaria and coarse ware (including most of a flat-bottomed dish of black ware); two pieces of roofing tile and two flat slabs of stone (?from building).
X.1831SaxonHuntingdonshireST NEOTSSocketed iron spearhead, much corroded with only the centre of the blade and most of the socket surviving. Length 188mm.
X.1832SaxonNorthamptonshireNASSINGTONBronze brooch, small-long (Leeds Trefoil head type): with decoration of punched circles; pin missing but spring still present. Length 73mm.
X.1833SaxonNorthamptonshireNASSINGTONBronze brooch, square-headed long type (Leeds trefoil headed type Rii): with decoration of punched circles, spring and pin missing. Length 77mm.
X.1834SaxonNorthamptonshireNASSINGTONOpen-work circular bronze brooch, with swastika pattern in the middle; spring and catchplate present but pin missing. Diam. 58mm.
X.1835SaxonCambridgeshireHISTONBronze strap-end, leaf-shaped with the pointed end given crude eyes to look like the head of an animal, and curved decoration on the rest of the same side (the other side blank); the opposite end to the eyes is split into two leaves which have two rivet holes through both of them - slightly damaged. Length 70mm.
X.1836Saxon?HuntingdonshireST IVES?Spindle-whorl: biconical piece of lead with hole through the middle and raised ribs on both faces. Diam. 29mm.
X.1837SaxonHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESmall bronze brooch, Leeds square head (plain ) type; no decoration visible. Part of swivel for pin and part of catch plate survive. Length 67mm.
X.1838SaxonHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESmall bronze brooch, Leeds square head (plain ) type; some decoration of engraved parallel lines near the edges. Pivot and catch plate mostly intact on the back. Length 65mm.
X.1839SaxonHuntingdonshire?NO PROVENANCESixteen amber beads, roughly shaped and pierced in the middle for threading as a necklace.
X.1840SaxonHuntingdonshireST NEOTSBronze small long brooch, Leeds cross pattee derivative type; with cast decoration and punched semi-circles on the front, parts of the outer lobes of the head lost. Part of the pivot and catch plate survive on the back. Length 65mm.
X.1841SaxonHuntingdonshireST NEOTSBronze small long brooch, Leeds cross pattee derivative type; with cast decoration. Parts of the iron spring and the catch plate survive on the back. Length 66mm.
X.1842SaxonHuntingdonshireST NEOTSHandmade jar of coarse grey ware, containing cremated bones: the jar is round-bottomed, tapering inwards from a shoulder to a neck with everted rim; has been broken and restored, part of the rim is missing. Ht. 230mm.
X.1843SaxonHuntingdonshireST NEOTSPart of a human cranium, and a rim sherd of handmade grey ware.
X.1848ArchaeologyHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYA rim of red ware, made up of four sherds; the rim everted and with finger dents on the rim, slight girth-groove round the bottom of the neck.
X.1850ArchaeologyHuuntingdonshireST NEOTSSherds of St Neots ware and other coarse wares, some cream ware with a green glaze (?Stamford ware), and part of the spout of a pitcher of shelly red-grey (?St Neots) ware; also some pieces of glass and a fragment of bronze sheet.
X.1854SaxonNorthamptonshireNASSINGTONBronze brooch, square headed with crescentic foot (Leeds type a ii), with punched decoration and traces of iron spring of pin. Length 70mm.
X.1855SaxonHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEBronze brooch, square-headed, plain with nicks round the edges, and pivot and catch plate for pin. Length 72mm.
X.1856SaxonNorthamptonshireNASSINGTONBronze brooch, cruciform with crescentic bottom and elaborate protruding lobes, the top one partly broken off; rows of punched decoration round the edges; traces of iron spring of pin. Length 111mm.
X.1857SaxonNorthamptonshireNASSINGTONThe bronze pin from a penannular brooch: plain pin with the butt end formed into a hollow cylinder with lobes. Length 70mm.
X.1858SaxonHuntingdonshireST NEOTSIron socketed spearhead, plain and corroded. Length 225mm.
X.1859SaxonNorthamptonshireNASSINGTONIron pin with spiral head. Length 112mm.
X.1905ZoologyGloucestershireTETBURYStuffed bird: a juvenile albino Swallow, mounted on a twig with vegetation. In a glass case 190 x 120 x 200mm.
X.1906ZoologyGloucestershireQUENINGTONStuffed bird: a Dipper, perched on artificial rocks (?papier-maché) with simple landscape background in chalk. In a glass case 110 x 290 x 240mm.
X.1907ZoologyNO PROVENANCEStuffed bird: a Little Owl, perched on a small branch with moss etc. on the case bottom. In a glass case 160 x 240 x 320mm.
X.1944Mesolithic?FranceNO PROVENANCETwo very small flakes of black flint.
X.1945Mesolithic?YorkshireNO PROVENANCESeven small cores of various coloured flints showing the scars where flakes and blades have been taken off: some of them at least seem small enough to be Mesolithic
X.1946Mesolithic?YorkshireSPEETONWorked tool of brown flint, something like an axehead or an adzehead but perhaps unfinished: one side quite flat, the other convex, roughly flaked all round. Length 117mm.
X.1947Mesolithic?YorkshireNO PROVENANCE41 microlithic flakes and blades, various shapes, sizes and patinations.
X.1948Mesolithic?WalesLLANDUDNOA limpet shell and a ?winkle shell.
X.1949NeolithicBedfordshireSTAPLOEFour cores of grey-black flint with some cortex. Length of largest 40mm.
X.1950NeolithicBedfordshireSTAPLOETwo flakes retouched to make scrapers, one very small and delicate, the other crude and with some cortex. Lengths 25mm and 36mm.
X.1951NeolithicBedfordshireSTAPLOEThree flakes, possibly burins, and two others with short points. Length of largest 52mm.
X.1952NeolithicBedfordshireSTAPLOETwo notched flakes, lengths 40mm and 27mm.
X.1953NeolithicBedfordshireSTAPLOEFive worked flakes, perhaps scrapers and the smallest possibly a very small leaf-shaped arrowhead.
X.1954NeolithicBedfordshireSTAPLOEWaste flakes.
X.1955PalaeolithicKentGREENHITHE21 flakes of grey-black flint.
X.1956NeolithicCambridgeshireNO PROVENANCETwo flakes of white-patinated flint, lengths 48 and 44mm.
X.1957NeolithicNorfolkHEACHAMAbout half of a polished axehead of flint, patinated yellow-brown: the blade end, snapped off across the middle, of what was originally quite a large axe. Present length 91mm.
X.1958NeolithicNorfolkWEETINGLump of chalk from Grimes Graves coated on one side with an orange-brown deposit - ?pigment from some kind of wall painting. Length 67mm
X.1959NeolithicNorfolkWEETINGA fragment of antler, presumably from an antler pick: the base of the antler and part of two branches. Length 105mm.
X.1960NeolithicNorfolkWEETINGSeven large flakes of white-grey patinated flint.
X.1961NeolithicYorkshireNO PROVENANCEPart of a polished axehead of white stone: the butt end, snapped off about half-way along, with sides bevelled off. Present length 92mm.
X.1962NeolithicHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEFour flakes of grey flint, at least one of them retouched to make a scraper.
X.1963Neolithic etcHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCEFlakes, cores, blades and scrapers of various sizes and patinations; some are probably Palaeolithic or Mesolithic.
X.1963*MesolithicHuntingdonshireNO PROVENANCESee X.1963, Neolithic, which probably includes Mesolithic material.
X.1964PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMCore of brown-white patinated flint, length 86mm; cortical flake of white-patinated flint, length 54mm.
X.1965PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMTwo small flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1966Neolithic?HuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMThree flakes.
X.1967Neolithic etc.HuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAM54 flakes, cores and scrapers, various sizes, shapes and patinations: may include Palaeolithic and/or Mesolithic material.
X.1967*MesolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSee X.1967 catalogued under Neolithic but perhaps including Mesolithic material.
X.1968NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSmall scraper of dark brown flint with some cortex, length 23mm.
X.1969NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSeven flakes and cores, various sizes and patinations.
X.1970Neolithic?HuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMFlake of ?brown chert, retouched as point or scraper, length 41mm.
X.1971NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMFour small flakes, three of them retouched as scrapers.
X.1972NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMCore of black flint patinated white on one side, with some cortex; length 45mm.
X.1973NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMThree flakes (one of them large and perhaps Palaeolithic) and a pyramidal core.
X.1974Neolithic etcHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSix flakes: one large and without retouch, perhaps Palaeolithic; the other five smaller and retouched as scrapers etc.- one exquisite and tiny one may be Mesolithic.
X.1974*MesolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSee X.1974, catalogued under Neolithic but perhaps including Mesolithic material.
X.1975NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMSmall core of white-patinated flint with some cortex, length 34mm.
X.1976NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMA core and two flakes.
X.1977NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMTwo scrapers of black flint with some cortex, length 38mm and 37mm.
X.1978NeolithicHuntingdonshireBLUNTISHAMTwo cores and two flakes, all of grey flint, one of the cores apparently scarred by being used as a hammerstone after flaking.
X.1979MesolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSixteen very small flakes of white to grey-patinated flint, presumably Mesolithic.
X.1980NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENCortical flake of black flint, with retouch along the edges to make a side-scraper. Length 40mm.
X.1981Neolithic etc.HuntingdonshireBUCKDENA core and 8 flakes; the core has small enough scars perhaps to be Mesolithic.
X.1982NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENTwo flakes, one of them with steep retouch to make an end scraper. Length 32mm and 42mm.
X.1983NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENTwo flakes , lengths 38 and 43mm.
X.1984NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENA core and 11 flakes, various sizes and patinations.
X.1985NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENA core and a flake of white-patinated flint, lengths 53 and 34mm.
X.1986NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENTwo flakes of white-patinated flint.
X.1987Neolithic?HuntingdonshireBUCKDENCortical flake of white-patinated flint.
X.1988Neolithic?HuntingdonshireBUCKDENNotched flake of brown flint, length 34mm.
X.1989NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSeven waste flakes, various patinations.
X.1990NeolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKDENEight cores and waste flakes, various patinations; some could be Mesolithic.
X.1991Neolithic etcHuntingdonshireBUCKDENSeventeen flakes, various sizes and patinations; most of them are just waste flakes, but a few of the smallest ones could be Mesolithic microliths.
X.1992Neolithic etcHuntingdonshireBUCKWORTHThree cores and 25 flakes, various sizes and patinations; some of the smaller flakes may be Mesolithic microliths.
X.1992*MesolithicHuntingdonshireBUCKWORTHSee X.1992, catalogued under Neolithic, which may include Mesolithic material.
X.1997Neolithic?HuntingdonshireCATWORTHA core and three flakes, various patinations.
X.1998NeolithicHuntingdonshireCONINGTONSmall flake of brown flint with some cortex, flaked both sides with some retouch. Length 28mm.
X.1999NeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHFlake of brown-patinated flint, flaked on both sides but no retouch. Length 35mm.
X.2000NeolithicHuntingdonshireEARITHBlade of grey flint, length 55mm; and flake of brown flint, length 39mm.
X.2001NeolithicHuntingdonshireEASTONThree cores, nine flakes, two flakes with steep retouch to make end-scrapers, and one point; various patinations.
X.2002Neolithic etcHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONNumerous cores and flakes of various sizes and patinations; including an end-scraper, a side-scraper, two points and a possible micro-burin (Mesolithic if so: some of the cores could be Mesolithic too).
X.2002*MesolithicHuntingdonshireEATON SOCONSee X.2002, catalogued under Neolithic, which may include Mesolithic material.
X.2003NeolithicHuntingdonshireELLINGTONThick flake of grey-brown flint, with some cortex. Length 38mm.
X.2004NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYSmall flake of black flint, perhaps made into a hollow scraper or burin. Length 28mm.
X.2005NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYCortical flake of black flint, with hinge fracture retouched to form a point. Length 40mm.
X.2006NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYCortical flake of black flint retouched to a point. Length 48mm.
X.2007NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYFlake of flint, fire-crackled. Length 47mm.
X.2008NeolithicHuntingdonshireEYNESBURYCores and flakes of various sizes and patinations.
X.2009NeolithicHuntingdonshireGLATTONFive flakes, four of black flint and one white-patinated: one of the black flakes retouched to form a side scraper.
X.2010Neolithic?HuntingdonshireLT GIDDINGTwo cortical flakes of grey-patinated flint, one large and thick (length 50mm), the other smaller and thinner (length 37mm).
X.2011NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERFlake of grey-patinated flint with some retouch along the edges. Length 32mm.
X.2012Neolithic?HuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERCore of black flint: small flake scars, could be Mesolithic. Length 37mm.
X.2012*MesolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERSee X.2012, catalogued under Neolithic, which could be a Mesolithic core.
X.2013NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERFlake of brown flint, length 39mm.
X.2014NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERBlade of grey-brown flint, retouched on both sides to give two hollow scraper edges. Length 68mm.
X.2015NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERCircular scraper of black flint with some cortex, length 39mm.
X.2016NeolithicHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTERFlake of dark brown flint with some cortex, length 41mm.
X.2017NeolithicHuntingdonshireHAIL WESTONCortical flake of grey flint with steep retouch to make an end scraper, patches of white patination. Length 41mm.
X.2018NeolithicHuntingdonshireHAIL WESTONSmall cortical flake of brown flint, length 31mm.
X.2019NeolithicHuntingdonshireHAIL WESTONFlake of black flint with possible retouch at bulb end, length 27mm.
X.2020Mesolithic?HuntingdonshireHARTFORDAdze or non-tranchet axe of grey flint with some cortex: flaked to be generally flat on one side and convex on the other, with the edge made by striking flakes off along the long axis of the tool (rather than across it, as in a tranchet axe). Length 85mm.
X.2021NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDLarge scraper of grey-buff flint, with secondary flaking round much of the edge, length 51mm.
X.2022NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDThick flake of dark brown flint with steep retouch at one end to make a scraper, length 56mm.
X.2023NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDThick circular scraper of grey flint partly patinated white, length 42mm.
X.2024Neolithic etcHuntingdonshireHARTFORDCores and flakes of various sizes and patinations - some of the flakes seem to be retouched for use as scrapers; and some pieces could perhaps be Palaeolithic.
X.2025NeolithicHuntingdonshireHARTFORDFour scrapers and three flakes of various sizes and patinations.
X.2026NeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORD ABBOTSThree scrapers, all of very similar grey flint, lengths 41mm, 37mm, 37mm.
X.2027NeolithicHuntingdonshireHEMINGFORDTrapezoid flake of brown flint with hinge fracture at one end, length 23mm.
X.2028NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOLMEA core and seven flakes, various patinations.
X.2029Neolithic etcHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLFive cores (two of them with scars small enough to be Mesolithic, and one of them used as a hammerstone); 13 scrapers or other tools; and numerous flakes. Mostly of dark grey flint but with some other colours also.
X.2029*MesolithicHuntingdonshireHOLYWELLSee X.2029, catalogued under Neolithic, which may include Mesolithic cores.
X.2034NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONConical core of black flint, apparently worked to a point at one edge. Length 32mm.
X.2035NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake of black flint with some cortex, possibly a scraper but its exact form is obscured by having been burnt. Length 42mm.
X.2036NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONHollow side scraper of grey-brown flint with some cortex, length 50mm.
X.2037NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake of brown flint, some cortex, length 50mm.
X.2038NeolthicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONShouldered point of dark brown flint, length 41mm.
X.2039Neolithic?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLong piece of brown flint, roughly triangular-sectioned with careful flaking in some areas, so presumably intended as a tool. Length 93mm.
X.2040NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCore of black-brown flint, some cortex, length 39mm.
X.2041NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThree small flakes, with some retouch.
X.2042NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPoint made on the bulb end of a flake, grey-brown flint. Length 37mm.
X.2043NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLarge flake of grey flint with some retouch, perhaps a hollow scraper. Length 65mm.
X.2044NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake of grey flint with some retouch, length 45mm.
X.2045NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of grey-black flint, length 53mm.
X.2046NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of black flint with pressure flaking all round the end - "almost mint condition" (Norris index card). Length 40mm.
X.2047NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONEnd scraper of black flint with a little cortex: delicate secondary flaking round the tip. "Mint condition" (Norris index card). Length 61mm.
X.2048NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCircular scraper of brown flint with pressure flaking round most of the edge. Length 50mm.
X.2049NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThick circular scraper of grey flint with secondary flaking round most of the edge. Length 41mm.
X.2050NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThick circular scraper of grey-brown flint with secondary flaking round most of edge. Length 51mm.
X.2051NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCircular scraper of grey flint showing marks of heat, so presumably used as a pot boiler. Length 43mm.
X.2052NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake of white-patinated flint, length 37mm.
X.2053NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCore of grey-brown flint, length 43mm.
X.2054NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPoint of grey flint (called a gouge on the Norris index card), length 56mm.
X.2055NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPoint of grey-patinated flint, length 50mm.
X.2056NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONThick end scraper of grey flint, length 48mm.
X.2057NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONEnd scraper of grey flint with steep retouch at both ends, length 51mm.
X.2058NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONA fragment from the butt-end of a flint axehead roughout, of grey flint. Length 51mm.
X.2059NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONCore tool or circular scraper with extensive flaking on both sides, of grey flint. Length 44mm.
X.2060NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONLong flake of white-patinated flint, "with burin blows at point" (Norris index card). Length 75mm.
X.2061Neolithic?HuntingdonshireHOUGHTONVery small flake of white-patinated flint worked to an end scraper - could be Mesolithic? Length 25mm.
X.2062NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONEnd scraper of brown flint, length 48mm.
X.2063NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTwo flakes of patinated flint.
X.2064NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON25 flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations.
X.2065NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON17 flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations; one end scraper is crackled by heat.
X.2066NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON13 cores, flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations. The scars on one core are small enough to suggest possible Mesolithic date.
X.2067NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONNumerous cores, flakes and scrapers of varous sizes and patinations; also fragments of two flint axeheads and one of dull flint or chert; some blades that could be Mesolithic.
X.2068NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONNine cores, flakes and scrapers, one of the cores used as a hammerstone.
X.2069NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFour flakes.
X.2070NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON21 cores, flakes and scrapers; one of the cores is crackled by heat; a very small point and a scraper could be Mesolithic.
X.2071NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON26 cores, flakes and scrapers, various sizes and patinations; one core has been used as a hammerstone.
X.2072NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONNine flakes and scrapers, various patinations.
X.2073NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTwo flakes.
X.2074NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON26 flakes and scrapers, various patinations.
X.2075NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSix flakes and scrapers.
X.2076NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON14 cores, flakes and scrapers.
X.2077NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONTriangular-sectioned worked flint, ?scraper, of brown flint. Length 52mm.
X.2078NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFour flakes, one retouched to a point.
X.2079NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONA core, with ten flakes and scrapers, various patinations.
X.2080NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON40 cores, flakes and scrapers, including some very small pieces that may be Mesolithic. Varying patinations.
X.2081NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONSmall flake of brown flint with some retouch, perhaps to make it a scraper. Length 33mm.
X.2082NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONA core, a scraper and twelve flakes.
X.2083NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON15 cores, scrapers and flakes, various patinations.
X.2084NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONPoint of brown flint with white patination; carefully flaked on both sides and then rechipped to make the point, as this piece of the flaking has no patination. Length 58mm.
X.2085NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONScraper of grey-patinated flint, retouched round edge. Length 36mm.
X.2086NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONA core, a scraper and six flakes, various patinations.
X.2087NeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTON45 cores, flakes, scrapers and points; various sizes and patinations - some smaller pieces could be Mesolithic.
X.2088RomanHuntingdonshireGODMANCHESTER(1926)Half the lower stone of a quern of Niedermendig lava, wide and flat, diam. 375mm.
X.2089RomanNO PROVENANCEThe upper stone of a small quern of Niedermendig lava, worn down to an oval shape (?by water action); max. diam. 187mm.
X.2090RomanNO PROVENANCEUpper stone of a quern of millstone now broken in two pieces along the line of the socket for the horizontal handle; wide and flat. Diam. 385mm.
X.2091RomanNO PROVENANCEThree stone roofing slates, roughly lozenge shaped, trimmed to allow them to overlap with other slates and with a nail hole at the top of each one. Buff stone, very like X.1611 (Godmanchester, 1925) and therefore also presumably of "Wittering Pendle". Lengths 270, 330 and 360mm.
X.2092PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireHOUGHTONFlake of yellow-patinated flint. Length 56mm.
X.2093NeolithicHuntingdonshireFENSTANTONThin flake of unpatinated grey flint, length 53mm.
X.2094NeolithicHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONSix flakes, some of them retouched perhaps as scrapers, and two of them perhaps small enough to be Mesolithic.
X.2094*MesolithicHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONSee X.2094, indexed under Neolothic, which may include Mesolithic pieces.
X.2095NeolithicHuntingdonshireHUNTINGDONSmall flake of grey flint with some retouch, length 31mm.
X.2096Neolithic?HuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDCortical flake of black flint with white patination, retouched round one end to make a scraper - the retouching unpatinated. Length 47mm.
X.2097Neolithic?HuntingdonshireLEIGHTON BROMSWOLDEight waste flakes of white-patinated flint: they seem too small to be Palaeolithic but too patinated to be Neolithic.
X.2098NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDCore of grey flint, length 48mm.
X.2099NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDCore of grey flint, length 40mm.
X.2100NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDNarrow thick flake of grey flint with saw edge and possible burin end, length 67mm.
X.2101Neolithic?HuntingdonshireOFFORDVery slender blade of grey-patinated flint, possibly Mesolithic, length 32mm.
X.2101*MesolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDSee X.2101, catalogued under Neolithic, which may be Mesolithic.
X.2102NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDTriangular sectioned blade with saw edge, white patinated flint; length 72mm.
X.2103NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDPiece of a triangular-sectioned flake of grey flint with possible retouch on one edge; length 30mm.
X.2104NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDFlake of grey flint with curved edge, perhaps retouched to make a hollow scraper; length 42mm.
X.2105NeollithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDScraper of brown flint (HLSI catalogue: "hose scraper", I think: ?nosed scraper); length 32mm.
X.2106NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDFive waste flakes.
X.2107NeolithicHuntingdonshireOFFORDEight waste flakes.
X.2189NeolithicHuntingdonshireGT PAXTONA core, a thumb-scraper and two flakes.
X.2190NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONSide scraper of dark grey flint, length 35mm.
X.2191NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONCore of light grey flint with retouch on one side, length 34mm.
X.2192NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONCortical flake of brown flint with retouch to form end scraper, length 49mm.
X.2193NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONTwo cortical flakes retouched as scrapers, lengths 49mm and 37mm.
X.2194Neolithic?HuntingdonshireLT PAXTONLarge cortical flake of dark grey flint, length 69mm.
X.2195NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONCortical flake of grey flint, length 73mm.
X.2196PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONFlake of dark grey flint, some cortex, much flaking on one side; length 58mm.
X.2197PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONCortical flake of grey flint, length 67mm.
X.2198PalaeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONCortical flake of brown flint, length 65mm.
X.2199NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTON60 cores, flakes and scrapers.
X.2200NeolithicHuntingdonshireLT PAXTONTwo cortical flakes of black flint.