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..MANOR OF EBURYMary Davies & the Manor of Ebury by Chas T. Gatty, 2 vols. (notes on a book).
SIL/ABB.R/002PARISH CHURCHLetter to rector and PCC re chancel, 10.4.1945.
SIL/ABB.R/003ARCHDEACONRY RECORDSAbbots Ripton Terrier 17.5.1709 (details of rectory and church bells and plate)
SIL/ABB.R/004PARISH CHURCHLetter to the rector and church wardens re chancel, 14.11.1944
SIL/ABB.R/005-006PARISH CHURCHLetter to J Percy Maule re chancel floor, 14.9.1931
SIL/ABB.R/007-008PARISH CHURCHLetter to rector and PCC re vestry walls and roof, 21.7.1936
SIL/ABB.R/009PARISH CHURCHShoreing of SE corner of chancel, 17.11.1944
SIL/ABB.R/010PARISH CHURCHPenance at Abbots Ripton, by Rev E.H. Vigers (proof of article in CHAS)
SIL/ABB.R/011BELLAMY'S GROVESmall area traced from 25" OS, 28.8.1937; and information from 1844 tithe award map with 1920 alterations, 27.8.1937.
SIL/ABB.R/012WERRINGTON CHURCHRemarks by Rev Vigers re stones dug up outside rectory gate and traditions re a church at Werrington, 23.11.1948
SIL/ABB.R/013ROBERT TAYLARDNotes re will of R. Taylard, from notes by W.M. Noble.
SIL/ABB.R/014ROOPERGossip from Lady Guernsey, told to Rev Vigers, re the Roopers, 9.1934.
SIL/ABB.R/015ROOPERPedigree, tracing family back to Edward III, from Rev Vigers, 12.1936.
SIL/ABB.R/017CHURCHYARDSketch of stone slab, 1.8.1931
SIL/ABB.R/018STONESReport on digging of trench across field during night, stones exposed, ex Storey, 19.8.1914
SIL/ABB.R/019VICARAGERef in Chronicles of Ramsey Abbey, AD 1183
SIL/ABB.R/020PARISH CHURCHInitials and dates carved in chancel.
SIL/ABB.R/021VICARInvitation to Rev Vigers' induction, 16.7.1924
SIL/ABB.R/022DESERTED VILLAGEStories of a deserted village etc Rev Vigers, 19.1.1925
SIL/ABB.R/023COAT OF ARMSSketch, from plan of Abbots Ripton at Broughton Rectory, 22.4.1929.
SIL/ABB.R/024PARISH CHURCHNiche in east gable of nave, 12.9.1919
SIL/ABB.R/025LADY PALMERNotes from Morning Post re death of Lady Palmer, 18.10.1929
SIL/ABB.R/026BADGERPostcard from A. Ripton (vicar?) asking info re a "badger", reign of James I, 7.11.1929
SIL/ABB.R/027MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS?List of names and dates, ?from MIs
SIL/ABB.R/028PARISH CHURCHPainting, hatchment, cross-section of pier, 12.09.1919
SIL/ABB.R/029PARISH CHURCHInitials and dates (1872) on east gable.
SIL/ABB.R/030RAILWAY ACCIDENTNote of the date: 21.1.1876.
SIL/ABB.R/031PARISH CHURCHInitials and dates on chancel tiles, measurements of altar, 11.5.1927.
SIL/ABB.R/032BONFOY FAMILYNotes on pedigree, from Rev Vigers, 9.4.1930
SIL/ABB.R/033ROOPER FAMILYNotes on pedigree.
SIL/ABB.R/034ROOPER FAMILYPartial pedigree from S. Herbert Wood, 17.3.1924
SIL/ABB.R/035PARISH CHURCH, RECTORYNotes on a few details, 29.7.1919
SIL/ABB.R/036VILLAGE MAPSketch map of village from original held by Rev E H Vigers, 5.4.1934
SIL/ABB.R/037ROOPER, FELLOWESNote on sale of Abbots Ripton by Roopers to W Fellows about 1868, from F.B. Thackray
SIL/ABB.R/038MS REFERENCEInfo from Hansard MS 921.
SIL/ABB.R/039ST JOHN, AUDLEY, BONFOYNotes re pedigree & inheritance, 1625 & 1662
SIL/ABB.R/039aBONFOY, ROOPERPedigree, rough notes
SIL/ABB.R/040PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of vaults and chancel 30.5.1929, 1.12.1931, 14.12.1931, 7.9.1931
SIL/ABB.R/041BRIEFSAbbots Ripton briefs, CHAS article by Rev Vigers, corrected proofs
SIL/ABB.R/042BELLARMINE JUGBellarmine found January 1914 at Wennington, proof from CHAS article by Alice Yeathard
SIL/ABB.R/043DESERTED HAMLETNotes on site of large hamlet opposite Bellamy's Wood, 5.1929.
SIL/ABB.R/044GEOLOGYGeological test boring, cross-section to depth of 37ft, 9.1909.
SIL/ABB.R/045TITHE AWARDNotes on Tithe Awards 1844, 8.1937
SIL/ABB.R/046PARISH CHURCH, WILLSNotes on registers and wills, ex W.M. Noble
SIL/ABB.R/047REV THOMAS HALLENotes on will of rector of Abbots Ripton, 1618
SIL/ABB.R/048PARISH CHURCH.Plan of vaults in chancel, 3.12.1931
SIL/ABB.R/049PARISH CHURCHFloor plan coloured to show building dates & with notes
SIL/ABB.R/050PARISH CHURCHDraft petition for faculty for repairing chancel floor
SIL/ABB.R/051PARISH CHURCHCopy of abstract of faculty for new altar, brass altar cross and two candlesticks, 12.4.1935
SIL/ABB.R/052PARISH CHURCHElevation drawings of new oak altar
SIL/ABB.R/053MOAT FARMNotes on enclosures and moat
SIL/ABB.R/054HEATH FARMCorrected notes on enclosures and moat
SIL/ABB.R/055PARISH REGISTERCopied entries, 31.12.1907
SIL/ABB.R/056BURIALSEntries presumably copied from registers, 11.12.1931
SIL/ABB.R/057REGISTERSDescription of registers and copied extracts, 11.12.1931.
SIL/ABB.R/058REGISTERSCopied extract on the penance of Elizabeth Hall, widow, for fornication, in 1750
SIL/ABB.R/059REPRESSION OF VAGRANCYCopy of a letter from J H Clapham to Rev E H Vigers, 17.9.1931
SIL/ABB.R/060ADVOWSONNotes re transfer of advowson from Lady Palmer's trustees to Mr Rooper in 1912, ex J.P. Maule, 3.12.1931
SIL/ABB.R/061PARISH CHURCHFloor plan of chancel, 12.1931
SIL/ABB.R/062PARISH CHURCHPlan of vaults in chancel, 3.12.1931
SIL/ABB.R/063BONFOY, ROOPERMIs in parish church & churchyard, 14.8.1913
SIL/ABB.R/064ROOPERSpecification for brass memorial plaque for Rev J G Rooper, 19.09.1927
SIL/ABB.R/065ROOPERCanvassing in 1832, article by George Rooper in Longman's Magazine No. 233, March 1902.
SIL/ABB.R/066ROOPEREighty Years Ago, article by George Rooper in Longman's Magazine No. 243, January 1903, reminiscences of Abbots Ripton
SIL/ABB.R/067WITCH BOTTLESLetter to Ladds from Catherine Parsons, 8.7.1919
SIL/ABB.R/068WITCHCRAFTNotes on CHAS article on Cambs witchcraft, 1915
SIL/ABB.R/069WITCH BOTTLECopy of article in CHAS by Alice Yeatherd on the Wennington Bellarmine jug.
SIL/ABB.R/070WITCH BOTTLECorrected proof of above article.
SIL/ABB.R/071BRIEFSLetter re briefs in "Rooper's book", to SIL from E.H.Vigers, 24.6.1918
SIL/ABB.R/072ABBOTS RIPTON HALLNotes on villagers' memories of enlargement of Hall from Rev Vigers, 27.2.1934
SIL/ABB.R/073MOAT HOUSEBrief & obscure note.
SIL/ABB.R/074HIGHWAY RATECopy of highway rate assessed 1850, from book lent to Rev Vigers 9.1934
SIL/ABB.R/075LIFE OF ROOPERCopy of letter from C.J. Woodcock to Rev Vigers re Life of Rev W H Rooper, 24.6.1918
SIL/ABB.R/076LIFE OF ROOPERNotes on Reminiscences of my Life by Rev W H Rooper, 1893, 9.1934
SIL/ABB.R/077ROOPERFamily monuments in St Andrews Church, Hove, Sussex, from H T Buckle, 9.1935
SIL/ABB.R/078ROBERT DE NASSINGTONSeal of Abbot of Ramsey 1342-9.
SIL/ABB.R/079ROBERT DE NASSINGTONLetter to SIL (sender's name lost) re the Robert De Nassington tracing
SIL/ABB.R/080PARISH CHURCHPlan of chancel
SIL/ABB.R/081RECTORSList of rectors and patrons 1218-1881, from Noble's "Incumbents", + three pages of pencilled notes
SIL/ABB.R/082PARISH CHURCHNotes on history of parish church, 1929
SIL/ABB.R/083RIPTON ST JOHNNote on will of Alice Jurden, Ripton St John 1544, ex Noble's book "WW"
SIL/ABB.R/084PARISH CHURCHNotes on monuments, history and architecture, from Wm Noble's "mottled 4to book"
SIL/ABB.R/085ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 16.5.1913
SIL/ABB.R/086ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 2.6.1919
SIL/ABB.R/087BLOISRequest for info on marriage of Sarah Blois at Wennington c.1808, from Rev Vigers 4.11.1931
SIL/ABB.R/088WILLSExtracts from Noble's book "WWW"
SIL/ABB.R/089PARISH CHURCHList of plate, with sketches, hallmarks and notes, and of registers, 19.7.1927
SIL/ABB.R/090WILLSNotes on 16th-century wills
SIL/ABB.R/091PARISH CHURCHNote re diocesan grant to repair tower 1895
SIL/ABB.R/092PARISH CHURCHNote and sketch of initials & dates on east gable of chancel, 1926
SIL/ABB.R/093PARISH CHURCHMonuments noted by Granville Proby, 4.1927
SIL/ABB.R/094RAMSEY ABBEYRefs to Abbots Ripton in Cart. Mon. Ram.
SIL/ABB.R/095REGISTERSList of registers and plate, sent to Wm Page 27.10.1927
SIL/ABB.R/096HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs re manors etc, 17.6.1930
SIL/ABB.R/097HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 22.6.1930
SIL/ABB.R/098HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 6.1930.
SIL/ABB.R/099HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 10.8.1931
SIL/ABB.R/100PARISH CHURCHGround plan and two photos, external and internal, from VCH
SIL/ABB.R/101EARTHWORKSSketch maps from 6" OS: round barrow and moats at Moat Farm and Bellamy's Grove
SIL/ABB.R/102TUMULUSSketch plan traced from 25" OS, 19.7.1924
SIL/ABB.R/103TUMULUSSketch cross-section with measurements, 9.10.1924
SIL/ABB.R/104TUMULUSDetails from Rev Vigers, 22.3.1926
SIL/ABB.R/105MOAT, THE MANORSketch plan, 15.10.1924
SIL/ABB.R/106MOAT, BELLAMY'S GROVESketch cross-section with measurements, 1.10.1924
SIL/ABB.R/107MOAT, BELLAMY'S GROVEPlan traced from 25" OS
SIL/ABB.R/108MOAT, PARK FARMSketch plan of moat SW of Park Farm, 5.1.1925
SIL/ABB.R/109MOAT, HEATH FARMPlan traced from 6" OS
SIL/ABB.R/110MOAT, HEATH FARMSketch plan with measurements, 5.1.1925
SIL/ABB.R/111PARISH CHURCHCross-section of north piers of nave arcade, 1898
SIL/ABB.R/112FLINT TOOLPassing ref to "pointed implement" from A Ripton, Antiquaries Journal IX (3) 7.1929
SIL/ABB.R/113PARISH CHURCHNote re 1734 MS in Norris Library, 20.3.1936
SIL/ABB.R/114ABBOTS RIPTON HALLSketch and note on oak bedstead, Jacobean & later, 8.1920
SIL/ABB.R/115BONFOY LIVERY BUTTONRubbing and notes on ?coachman's button found in Rectory Field, 11.8.1936
SIL/ABB.R/116AGNES MARGETTSGossip on illegit daughter of C.B. Margetts of Huntingdon, later died in Huntingdon Workhouse 27.3.1928, ex Rev Vigers 2.4.1921
SIL/ABB.R/117AGNES MARGETTSGossip on Agnes's mother's supposed marriage to C.B. Margetts, ex Rev E.H. Vigers 28.11.1935
SIL/ABB.R/118BRYMBO CHURCHNotes on Brymbo and its church, North Wales
SIL/ABB.R/119ROMAN COINSketch of Roman coin found at Abbots Ripton, ex Rev Vigers 2.7.1942
SIL/ABB.R/120PRESS CUTTINGSParish church, Abbots Ripton Hall, parish church, Rooper family inc Rev Rooper (3pp), Rev Vigers, amalgamation of parishes, harvesting machine (1934), Rooper family (2pp), other notables inc 1940 suicide of Maples (3pp), miscellaneous (2pp), sales.
SIL/ABB.R/121EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/ABB.R/122MOAT FARMMap of farm and grounds traced from OS 25", 28.8.1937
SIL/ABB.R/123TITHE AWARD MAPShowing all fields in the parish, numbered, 1843.
SIL/ABB.R/124PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of arches, windows etc., notes and information inc day book entries, various dates from 25.9.1934 to 19.11.1948.
SIL/ABB.R/125PARISH CHURCHPenance at Abbots Ripton by Rev E.H. Vigers, proofs of article in CHAS.
SIL/ABB.R/126PARISH CHURCHNotes on Penance by widow Eliz. Hall, 12.2.1945
SIL/ABB.R/127PARISH CHURCHNotes on penances etc. 12.2.1945
SIL/ABB.R/128PARISH CHURCHPlan and section of underpinning of north aisle, 7.2.1937
SIL/ABB.R/129PARISH CHURCHSketch of proposed tower screen, 5.6.1940
SIL/ABB.R/130BRIEFSNotes by Rev Vigers 1718-1734
SIL/ABB.R/131PARISH CHURCHSketches of east ends of north chapel and south aisle, 18.4.1928
SIL/ABB.R/132PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of chancel, 1.2.1926
SIL/ABB.R/133PARISH CHURCHMeasured plan of north chapel/vestry & north aisle, 6.12.1935
SIL/ABB.R/134PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan of east end, 31.1.1927, 19.7.1927, 13.11.1927
SIL/ABB.R/135RECTORYSection, and plans of ground floor, first floor and attic, "ex MJA".
SIL/ABB.R/136RECTORYGround floor and first floor plans, 10.1944
SIL/ABB.R/137BONFOY, ROOPER, TRIMNELL, PECKARDExtracts from E.H. Vigers' foolscap book, copied from registers, 3.8.1946
SIL/ABBTY/01COAT OF ARMSVery faint sketch of coat of arms
SIL/ABBTY/02PARISH CHURCHSIL Letter to vicar and PCC re stone figure on tower, 11.7.1932
SIL/ABBTY/03-04PARISH CHURCHCopies of letter and estimate for rehanging bells, from Mears & Stainbank of Whitechapel, 21.12.1936
SIL/ABBTY/05-07PARISH CHURCHSIL Letter to vicar and PCC commenting on the estimate for rehanging the bells and reporting on the condition of the tower, 2.7.1937
SIL/ABBTY/08PARISH CHURCHNotes on details of rehanging bells, 25.6.1937
SIL/ABBTY/09-10PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter from John Taylor & Co of Loughborough, report, recommendations and estimate on bells etc, 15.11.1935
SIL/ABBTY/11PARISH CHURCHLetter from the vicar re bells, 20.3.1939
SIL/ABBTY/12PARISH CHURCHSIL Letter to G. Wrycroft & Sons, requesting cost of work to be done on stone figure, 25.5.1922.
SIL/ABBTY/13PARISH CHURCHRough calculation of the weight of the stone figure on the corner of the tower, 25.6.1932
SIL/ABBTY/15ENCLOSURE AWARDSIL letter to Rev. H. Clarke re whereabouts of Award, 8.6.1937
SIL/ABBTY/16PARISH CHURCHGround plan of tower
SIL/ABBTY/17PARISH CHURCHSIL letter to Vicar and PCC re examination of stone figure upon the SW corner of the tower, 11.7.1932.
SIL/ABBTY/18PARISH CHURCHSketch, dimensions and notes of stone figure on tower, 22.6.1932
SIL/ABBTY/19PARISH CHURCHSketch with dimensions of castellations, ?tower, June 1932
SIL/ABBTY/20PARISH CHURCHSketches of church plate, 18.3.1920
SIL/ABBTY/21PARISH CHURCHCutting from Ely Diocesen Review re living, 1901
SIL/ABBTY/22MS TERRIERSIL notes on MS book lent by C.F. Tebbutt, 9.5.1934
SIL/ABBTY/24PARISH CHURCHSketch of the church "from memory", May 1901
SIL/ABBTY/25VICARAGE FARMSale catalogue, 9.10.1919
SIL/ABBTY/26PARISH CHURCHDirection to SIL to inspect buildings of benefice, 27.2.1920
SIL/ABBTY/27-28PARISH CHURCHExtracts from WMN's book WWW
SIL/ABBTY/29PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches re registers, plate and brass, 13.6.1927
SIL/ABBTY/30PARISH CHURCHNote on bells, 13.6.1927
SIL/ABBTY/31PARISH CHURCHNote on monuments, 23.6.1932
SIL/ABBTY/32PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/ABBTY/33PARISH CHURCHTyped copy of draft description for VCH
SIL/ABBTY/35HISTORYNotes on proofs of VCH, October 1930
SIL/ABBTY/36HISTORYCorrections to proofs of VCH, October 1930
SIL/ABBTY/37HISTORYFair copy of corrections to proofs of VCH, October 1930
SIL/ABBTY/38HISTORYCopy of corrections to page proofs of VCH, 20.8.1931
SIL/ABBTY/39HISTORYCorrections to proofs of VCH, 18.8.31
SIL/ABBTY/40PARISH CHURCHPhotograph of tower from VCH
SIL/ABBTY/41HOMESTEADSketch map from 6" OS
SIL/ABBTY/42PARISH CHURCHInformation from Rev Lawrence (vicar) 17.9.1907, from W.M. Noble various dates, and from Ely Diosecan Remembrancer 1.1906.
SIL/ABBTY/43ENCLOSURE AWARDExtract from Award map
SIL/ABBTY/44PRESS CUTTINGSParish church, CHAS various, parish church, vicars, farm sales
SIL/ABBTY/45EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/ALCON/001R-B SETTLEMENTSFields and woods near Alconbury Hill, from OS 6", map for use in CHAS article (see ALCON/05)
SIL/ALCON/002JOHN DE WATFORDSeal of John De Watford, 15th century, found at Alconbury Weston
SIL/ALCON/003WEYBRIDGERough survey of buildings and earthworks, 3.9.1924 and 10.9.1924
SIL/ALCON/004WEYBRIDGETable of levels from survey, 13.10.1924
SIL/ALCON/005R-B SETTLEMENTSRomano-British Settlements at Alconbury Hill, by J.R. Garrood, proofs of CHAS article.
SIL/ALCON/006WEYBRIDGEPlan of buildings and earthworks, 12.9.1924
SIL/ALCON/007IRON AGE POTTERYIron age pottery and associated objects in the Museum of the Huntingdon Institute, by J.R. Garrood, proofs of CHAS article.
SIL/ALCON/008NEWTON PEDIGREEPedigree by Janet Garrood (nee Newton), 29.8.1933
SIL/ALCON/009LANCELOT NEWTONPortrait sketch of Lancelot Newton, 1847-1925, one evening in Penzance Club.
SIL/ALCON/010BRIDGEPress cuttings inc photos: 1929 (being repaired) and 1933.
SIL/ALCON/011MILLCuttings inc photos of post mill (blown down ini 1936)
SIL/ALCON/012WHEATSHEAF INNNote, from Torrington Diaries, 1790s.
SIL/ALCON/014HISTORYNotes from Hunts County News, 6.2.1897, article by "Abi Albon".
SIL/ALCON/015HISTORYNotes re rector, Manor, a grant, from Mr Noble.
SIL/ALCON/016PARISH CHURCHPartial plan, 11.1933
SIL/ALCON/017FAIR AND FEASTList of Saints' days, June & July.
SIL/ALCON/018ALCONBURY WESTON MANORParticular of the Manor, from Clayton MSS, 1.2.1930.
SIL/ALCON/019WEYBRIDGERef in Ramsey Abbey Chronicle to writ issued by Henry I at Weybridge, c.1110
SIL/ALCON/020WEYBRIDGEPlan of chimney piece, old Farm House, Weybridge, 2.9.1924
SIL/ALCON/021WEYBRIDGENotes on chimney piece in Farm House, 19.20.1911
SIL/ALCON/022WEYBRIDGE FORESTSketch map, 21.1.1921
SIL/ALCON/023WEYBRIDGE FORESTList ?of parts of the Forest, 11.1909
SIL/ALCON/024WEYBRIDGENotes on cellars, kitchen etc. of Western House, 1.10.1909
SIL/ALCON/025WEYBRIDGEDrawings of clunch chimney piece from stable floor, Weybridge farm
SIL/ALCON/026JOHN DE WATFORDNotes by Garrood from Patent Rolls, 3.10.1921
SIL/ALCON/027NEWTON, BROOKLANDSNotes on Newton family, Brooklands Farm, from Rev Vigners
SIL/ALCON/028RUST. MATCHAMNotes on J.J. Rust, Lord of the Manor, and "The Dead Drummer"
SIL/ALCON/029NEWTONNotes on the family from Dr Garrood, 7.1940
SIL/ALCON/030MATCHAM'S BRIDGEBrief description, 1.1908
SIL/ALCON/031MATCHAM'S GIBBETSketch map of small mound marking the spot, 10.3.1920
SIL/ALCON/032MATCHAM'S GIBBETSketch map of small mound marking the spot, 10.3.1920
SIL/ALCON/033VICARInduction of Rev Williams in Ely Diocesan Remembrancer, 4.1.1901
SIL/ALCON/034ALCONBURY HILLMap of Duberly Estate, from 1888 OS
SIL/ALCON/035WEYBRIDGE FORESTNotes on royal grant in 1238 of three oaks from Weybridge Forest, to Friars Preachers for their chapel, from CAS publication, 1915.
SIL/ALCON/036PARISH CHURCHBrief notes, 31.10.1933
SIL/ALCON/037ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSrequest for inspection, 9.1.1912
SIL/ALCON/038ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 7.11.1917
SIL/ALCON/039ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 20.11.1923
SIL/ALCON/040WEYBRIDGE LODGESale catalogue of farm, land & cottages, 8.1913
SIL/ALCON/041THOMAS BOWYERSale catalogue of land "near Brooklands Farm", 23.11.1918
SIL/ALCON/042WILLSDetails from Huntingdon Archdeaconry book, ex W.M. Noble's book "WWW"
SIL/ALCON/043PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building dates, from VCH
SIL/ALCON/044PARISH CHURCHList & sketches of registers and plate, 4.9.1929
SIL/ALCON/045ALCONBURY WESTON PARISHTracings of the parish boundary from OS 1"
SIL/ALCON/046PARISH CHURCHNotes on maintenance & misc items from Archdeacon's notebook
SIL/ALCON/047PARISH CHURCHList of plate and registers, ex Mr Green
SIL/ALCON/048PARISH CHURCHMonuments in church, 9.8.1932
SIL/ALCON/049PARISH CHURCHNotes on details of the building and possible dates, 9.8.1932
SIL/ALCON/050PARISH CHURCHDraft of description for VCH
SIL/ALCON/051PARISH CHURCHDraft of description for VCH.
SIL/ALCON/052HISTORYDraft for VCH, 18.7.1932
SIL/ALCON/053HISTORYDraft for VCH, no date
SIL/ALCON/054PARISH CHURCHNotes of draft of VCH, no date
SIL/ALCON/055HISTORYNotes on VCH draft, 20.7.1932
SIL/ALCON/056HISTORYNotes on VCH draft, 30.7.32
SIL/ALCON/057HISTORYAdditional notes onf VCH draft, 25.3.32
SIL/ALCON/058ST ANNE'S CHAPELCorrection to VCH draft, 7.10.1932
SIL/ALCON/059HISTORYCorrections to draft of VCH, 11.4.1934
SIL/ALCON/060HISTORYCorrections to final draft of VCH, 4.1934
SIL/ALCON/061HISTORYCorrections to first proof of VCH, 13.6.1934
SIL/ALCON/062HISTORYCorrections to first proof of VCH, 6.1934
SIL/ALCON/063HISTORYCorrections to page proof of VCH, 9.1935
SIL/ALCON/064PARISH CHURCHNotes on stones, 10.8.1932
SIL/ALCON/065HERMITAGE WOODSketch plan of moat ex Dr Garrood, 9.12.1924
SIL/ALCON/066HERMITAGENote on reference in "Lives of the Berkeleys", 10.12.1924
SIL/ALCON/067WEYBRIDGESkektch plan from 6" OS
SIL/ALCON/068WEYBRIDGENotes and sketches of carved stones, from Dr Garrood, 15.7.1924
SIL/ALCON/070WEYBRIDGESketch map of earthworks with measurements, 3.9.1924
SIL/ALCON/071WEYBRIDGENotes and cross section, 15.9.1924
SIL/ALCON/072WEYBRIDGEPlan and cross section with measurements, 12.1924
SIL/ALCON/073WEYBRIDGESketch map from 6" OS, 12.1.1925
SIL/ALCON/074WEYBRIDGESketch plan and notes on earthworks, 12.1.1925
SIL/ALCON/075WEYBRIDGESketch and notes on excavation by Garrood, 29.6.1925
SIL/ALCON/076WEYBRIDGERough sketch of same cross section as no. 75
SIL/ALCON/077WEYBRIDGECross section of earthworks from Dr Garrood, 28.12.1925
SIL/ALCON/078NEWTONFamily Tree, Huntingdonshire
SIL/ALCON/079JOHN NEWTONMI of John son of Christopher Newton, "died suddenly" 1831.
SIL/ALCON/080NEWTONFamily tree, Lincolnshire, inc Sir Isaac Newton
SIL/ALCON/081GLOBE FIELDSale particulars of allotment land, 19-20.7.1918 (Kimbolton Estate)
SIL/ALCON/082GLOBE FIELDPlan of land in no. 82
SIL/ALCON/083SMALLHOLDINGSale particulars of Spaldwixk & Easton Glebe States, inc house & smallholding at Alconbury Weston, 21.8.1920
SIL/ALCON/084HISTORYNotes on parish church, vicarage, Alconbury House etc, from varous sources
SIL/ALCON/085SALESNotes on two property sales in 1924
SIL/ALCON/086WEYBRIDGENotes on MSS re Weybridge (Duke of Manchester property) in Dr Fernie's MS book
SIL/ALCON/087WEYBRIDGEPhotograph of Weybridge Lodge, 8.1913
SIL/ALCON/088PARISH REGISTERSExtracts, copy of notes from Rev Noble, 16.4.1898
SIL/ALCON/089PARISH CHURCHFront page of "Church Bells" 12.6.1891, with print of parish church and account of restoration in 1876-7
SIL/ALCON/090PRESS CUTTINGSCHAS extracts, fair & feast, parish church, vicars (2pp), Newton (4pp), Mrs Garrood, prominent residents inc drowning of Alderman Grey (6pp), Weybridge Farm (2pp), Roman road, floods & weddings (2pp), sales (7pp)
SIL/ALCON/091EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/ALCON/092WEYBRIDGEProof of CHAS article by J.R. Garrood
SIL/ALCON/093COOTEArchdeaconry records on Ambrose Coote and his widow Agnes, 1674
SIL/ALCON/094ROMANO-BRITISH POTTERYDrawings, from Alconbury Hill, for CHAS article
SIL/ALCON/095CARPENTER'S ARMSSale poster for pub, cottages & land, under the will of John Jackson, 22.4.1854
SIL/ALCON/096ROMANO-BRITISH SETTLEMENTSRoman-British Settlements at Alconbury Hill, proof of CHAS article by J.R. Garrood
SIL/ALCON/097WEYBRIDGEPlan & section for CHAS article
SIL/ALCON/098NEWTONNote of burial of Ann Newton of Sawtry, age 63 years, from Hamerton register, 25.7.1854
SIL/ALCON/099WEYBRIDGESection of trench, for CHAS article
SIL/ALCON/100WEYBRIDGEPlan from 25" OS and section, 12.1924
SIL/ALCON/101WICKHAM, THROCKMORTONNotes on MI and register entry of Mrs Wickham; family tree of Thockmorton
SIL/ALCON/102WEYBRIDGEDraft of CHAS article by J.R. Garrood
SIL/ALWAL/01PARISH CHURCHDrawing traced from photograph.
SIL/ALWAL/02JAMES AUCHINLECK DANEHymn sheet for funeral,1927
SIL/ALWAL/03ECCLESIATICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequests for inspections, 9.4.1907, 22.5.1913, 11.4.1919.
SIL/ALWAL/04RECTORSWill of Rowland Sanderson 1567, mention of Robert Talys 1510, from W.M. Noble's book WWW.
SIL/ALWAL/05VISITATIONSNotes from Archdeacon's notebooks 1721-48, & 1709 Terrier.
SIL/ALWAL/06PARISH CHURCHSketch plan with building periods.
SIL/ALWAL/07PARISH CHURCHEffigy & coffin lids, tracing from British Museum Carter Collection No. 29937 fo 79.
SIL/ALWAL/08PARISH CHURCHNotes on alterations etc, "Wm. Clapham's notes", with drawings of details on reverse, 13.4.1926
SIL/ALWAL/09PARISH CHURCHDrawings of plate & architectural details with measurements & notes, 27.7.1920.
SIL/ALWAL/10PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on building, registers, plate etc, 27.5.1930 & 3.6.1930
SIL/ALWAL/11PARISH CHURCHArchitectural description, monuments, registers, plate, draft for VCH
SIL/ALWAL/12PARISH CHURCHArchitectural description, monuments, registers, plate, draft for VCH
SIL/ALWAL/13PARISH CHURCHPlan showing building periods, from VCH
SIL/ALWAL/14HISTORYDraft for VCH, 9.6.1933
SIL/ALWAL/15HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 12.6.1933
SIL/ALWAL/16HISTORYCopy of corrections to VCH draft, 12.6.1934
SIL/ALWAL/17HISTORYCopy of corrections to VCH final draft, 8.1934
SIL/ALWAL/18HISTORYCorrections to first proof of VCH, 2.1935.
SIL/ALWAL/19HISTORYCopy of corrections to first proof of VCH, 2.1935.
SIL/ALWAL/20HISTORYCorrections to page proof of VCH, 1.12.1935.
SIL/ALWAL/21HISTORYCopy of corrections to page proof of VCH, 1.12.1935.
SIL/ALWAL/22MANORNotes on ownership by Peterborough Abbey, from Mellows' translation of Hugh Candidus
SIL/ALWAL/23ENCLOSUREMap and awards from Edward Arden's 1809 map, 18.8.1937
SIL/ALWAL/24PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of monuments, restorations and plate, 5.5.1920 & 27.5.1930
SIL/ALWAL/25HISTORYNotes on rectors, Hetley, Lynch Farm House, Glebe Farm, various dates.
SIL/ALWAL/26MANOR HOUSENotes & sketches, 15.4.1907
SIL/ALWAL/27ENCLOSURENotes about 1809 enclosure map.
SIL/ALWAL/28PRESS CUTTINGSParish church & rectors (6pp), Manor legal case 1772, Fitzwilliam & Dane families (4pp), Milton Ferry Bridge (2pp), Wheatsheaf Inn, property sale.
SIL/ALWAL/29EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/ALWAL/30ARCHDEACON'S VISITATIONCitation to Richd Hetley to attend Archdeacon's Visitation, 26.5.1875
SIL/ALWAL/31ENCLOSURETracing of map with key to occupiers.
SIL/BANRAMPET/01PETERBOROUGH ABBEYMap showing "Wulphere's Charter to Peterborough Abbey" 6.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/02CHARTER BOUNDARIESCorrespondence with Dr. Hall on Charters and Boundaries, 5/6 .1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/03WULPHERES CHARTERNotes and queries on the Charter, 11.4.1925
SIL/BANRAMPET/04RAMSEY ABBEYExtract from Latin Document in 'Dugdales Monasticon' p575, 11.7.1945
SIL/BANRAMPET/05RAMSEY ABBEYExtract from Latin document in 'Dugdales Monasticon' p547, 11.7.1945
SIL/BANRAMPET/06BOUNDARIESMap showing boundaries around Whittelsey and Warboys, Woodwalton Fen, 5.4.1925
SIL/BANRAMPET/07BOUNDARIESDetal sketch map of Pulverton area showing boundary information
SIL/BANRAMPET/08CHELFROMERECorrespondence with Dr Hall relating to location and access to Whittlesee, 2.4.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/09CHELFROMERECorrespondence with Dr Hall relating to spelling and location, 10.4.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/10ABBEY LAND BOUNDARIESCorrespondence with Dr Hall re. Abbey history, land and boundaries,14.6.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/11BOUNDARIESCorrespondence with Dr Hall re maps showing boundaries, 8.7.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/12BANELEUCAMap showing extent of Ramsey Abbey and Baneleuca, 2 10.1924
SIL/BANRAMPET/13BANELEUCTable showing collation of various boundaries of the Baneleuc, 9.3.1925
SIL/BANRAMPET/14BANELEUCDetailed notes on the Baneleuc
SIL/BANRAMPET/15BANELEUC/GOGGISLANDLetter to Ladds with comments on the Baneleuc and Goggisland, 16.8.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/16PETERBOROUGH GRANTCopy of correspondence to Vigers re. proposals for an article on Cambs and Hunts, 1.4.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/17GOGGISLAND/GRANGESLetter to Dr Hall re. location and Wulphares'' Charter, 25.4.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/18WULPHERE'S CHARTER2 sketch maps illustrating Dr Halls ideas, 5.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/19PETERBOROUGH CHURCHComments on article "The History of the Church of Peterborough" 8.1920
SIL/BANRAMPET/20WULPHERE'S CHARTERExplanatory notes on the Charter, 11.4.1925
SIL/BANRAMPET/21CROWLAND ABBEYEx "Fenland Notes and Queries 1894" notes and extracts 6.1933
SIL/BANRAMPET/22PETERBOROUGHExtracts from "The Local Government of Peterborough" and "The changes wrought therin by the disslution of the Monastery", 6.1921
SIL/BANRAMPET/23BANELEUC BOUNDARIESLetter from Chafford (Dr Hall?) with notes on place names and rivers, 30.06.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/24BANELEUCLetter from Chafford with comments on "Shelfermere" and other locations,4.4.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/25BANELEUCICLetter from Chafford with comments on various locations and their names, 19.4.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/26WOODWALTONNotes on "Parish of Woodwalton on Walton"
SIL/BANRAMPET/27BANELEUCLetter to Canon Noble with various references, 17.1.1925
SIL/BANRAMPET/28BANELEUC2 maps sketching boundaries, 2.6.1928
SIL/BANRAMPET/29BANELEUC1 map sketching boundaries near to "The Great River" and "Wyse River",
SIL/BANRAMPET/30BANELEUCDraft of letter to Canon Noble with detail of Boundaries, 23.4.1925
SIL/BANRAMPET/31BOUNDARIESDraft of letter to "Vigers" concerning Boundaries and Forgeries
SIL/BANRAMPET/32BANELEUC OF RAMSEY 2 copies of letter to Canon Noble as per SIL/BANRAMPET/30 23.4.1925
SIL/BARHM/01GOUGHPart of field map, with "Alexr D. Gough Archt 1st Novr 1---" on the back.
SIL/BARHM/02BARHAM FARMLetter from Albert Andrews to A.E. Peacock re sale of farm, 1.5.1916.
SIL/BARHM/03VISITATIONSVisitations of the Prebendary of Stow Longa held at Spladwick 3.5.1697 and 21.10.1668, copied from Archdeaconry Records, 7.1943.
SIL/BARHM/04BARHAM FARMLetter from Reg. H. ?Beadle to Mr Peacock accepting offer for Mr Andrews for the farm, 3.5.1916.
SIL/BARHM/05INVENTORIESList of 18th-century probate inventories with appraisers & dates, Barham & Stow, 18.1.1898.
SIL/BARHM/06FRANCIS LADDSExtracts from the will of Francis Ladds of Barham, yeoman, 10.8.1776 proved 13.8.1777; with family tree.
SIL/BARHM/07ENCLOSUREPlan of two farms at Barham and Spaldwick from sales particulars 23.11.1918, on which SIL has superimposed details of the 1780 Enclosure Award.
SIL/BARHM/08MANOR FARM, GRANGE FARMSketch map, 17.2.1944.
SIL/BARHM/09PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet for restoration, 1.1903.
SIL/BARHM/10PARISH CHURCHSIL notes of inspections, 18, 21, 25 & 31.7.1902.
SIL/BARHM/11PARISH CHURCHSIL on restoration: abstracts from his report to the vicar 31.7.1902 & description of work done in 1903.
SIL/BARHM/12MISCELLANEOUSSIL notes on varous topics: several incumbents, old church chest, Earl's Farm, etc.
SIL/BARHM/13PARISH CHURCH"Arch of Porch" - seems to be section of a pier, 3.5.1903.
SIL/BARHM/14PAIRSH CHURCHSketch, detail of carving.
SIL/BARHM/15PARISH CHURCHSketch of side view and front of "Old Stone Barham Ch".
SIL/BARHM/16PARISH CHURCH PLATEDrawing of chalice & paten with hallmark & inscription, 1892-6.
SIL/BARHM/17PARISH CHURCHGround plan with measurements & notes, 25.8.1892 & 7.1896.
SIL/BARHM/18PARISH CHURCHGround plan of part of church with periods of construction, 7.1902.
SIL/BARHM/19PARISH CHURCHWest elevation with measurements & notes, 7.1892.
SIL/BARHM/20PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of porch, S & E elevation, 21.7.1902.
SIL/BARHM/21PARISH CHURCHDrawing of roof beams with some measurements, 21.7.1902.
SIL/BARHM/22PARISH CHURCHGround plan with periods of construction, from VCH, marked in pencil "Jan/35".
SIL/BARHM/23PARISH CHURCHDuplicate of BARHM/22, on different paper.
SIL/BARHM/24PARISH CHURCHGround plan with periods of construction.
SIL/BARHM/25PARISH CHURCHGround plan, marked "Barham ? 1934".
SIL/BARHM/26PARISH CHURCHElevations and plan of the font, 1" scale, 1897.
SIL/BARHM/27FRANCIS LADDSExtracts from the will of Francis Ladds of Barham, yeoman, 10.8.1776 proved 13.8.1777; with family tree.
SIL/BARHM/28ENCLOSURELetter to Mr Hulbert re details of the Barham Award, 7.5.1917.
SIL/BARHM/29ENCLOSUREFull transcript of the award.
SIL/BARHM/30ENCLOSUREAllotments and Old Enclosuires, from the 1780 Award map.
SIL/BARHM/31ENCLOSUREGrantees, acreages, OS field numbers and acreages, and subsequent owners.
SIL/BARHM/32OPEN FIELDSPre-enclosure furlongs and open fields, traced from a photograph of the commissioners' draft plan, 3.1943.
SIL/BARHM/33ENCLOSUREAward Map 1780, traced from a draft, 1.1940
SIL/BARHM/34LANDOWNERSNotes on 19th-century owners, 10.1939
SIL/BARHM/35OPEN FIELDSSketch map from 1780 Award with names of owners, 7.1920
SIL/BARHM/36PROPERTY SALESale particulars of Lot 4, unnamed farm at Barham, 1.11.1913.
SIL/BARHM/37GRANGE FARM, LODGE FARMSale particulars of farms in Godmanchester, Spaldwick, Barham and Alconbury, inc Grange Farm and Lodge Farm at Barham & Spaldwick, 23.11.1918
SIL/BARHM/38PARISH CHURCHDraft of description in VCH.
SIL/BARHM/39PARISH CHURCHDraft of description in VCH, typescript copy of BARHM/38.
SIL/BARHM/40HISTORYNotes and corrections on VCH draft, 11.8.1932.
SIL/BARHM/41HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 17.8.1932.
SIL/BARHM/42HISTORYCopy of corrections to VCH draft, identical to BARHM/41
SIL/BARHM/43HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934.
SIL/BARHM/44HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934.
SIL/BARHM/45HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 6.1934
SIL/BARHM/46HISTORYCopy of corrections to VCH 1st proof, 6.1934
SIL/BARHM/47PARISH CHURCHNotes on various features and pieces of restoration work, 25.7.1932
SIL/BARHM/48ENCLOSUREDescription of a draft map, 10.1939.
SIL/BARHM/49REGISTERSExtract re burial of Thomas Goodman 1798
SIL/BARHM/50HORSFORD'S FARMNote that Davidsons bought Horsford's Farm, ex MJA, 10.1941
SIL/BARHM/51DEED, ROBERT EARLDraft of covenant to produce a deed, Robert Earl to Day & Ladds, 25.1.1839.
SIL/BARHM/52PRESS CUTTINGSVarious (inc. fire 1922 & church restoration 1902), obit of Bernard Horsford, property sale.
SIL/BLUNT/001PARISH CHURCHCut-out template of the chancel arch, marked "[illeg] section This also applies to Arcade Arches", with "Church side" and "Chancel side" marked.
SIL/BLUNT/002STONEMASONS' TOOLINGExtract copied from Surrey Archeological Collections 1919 article on Lambeth Palace, with dates for the appearance of axe-tooling, the broad chisel and claw-tooling.
SIL/BLUNT/004PARISH CHURCHPlan of tower stairs, 1" scale, 6.1945.
SIL/BLUNT/005PARISH CHURCHDraft letter to Rev McNeile, Bluntisham rectory, re installation of electric light, 15.10.1946.
SIL/BLUNT/006PARISH CHURCHLetter to rector, churchwardens & PCC re installation of electric light, 15.10.1946.
SIL/BLUNT/007PARISH CHURCHPlan for installation of electric light, 4.1945
SIL/BLUNT/008PARISH CHURCHDraft letter to J.W. Grey & Son re repair to spire, with sketch elevation, 10.2.1927
SIL/BLUNT/009HISTORYCopy of letter to Wm. Page with corrections for VCH proof, 3.1.1930.
SIL/BLUNT/010CHURCH ROOMPlan for installing electric light, 4.1945.
SIL/BLUNT/011PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev McNeile re electric lighting, 28.3.1946
SIL/BLUNT/012PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev McNeile 18.10.1946
SIL/BLUNT/013PARISH CHURCHSpecification for electric lighting.
SIL/BLUNT/014PARISH CHURCHLetter to rector, churchwardens & PCC re gas lighting, 11.5.1934, with plan.
SIL/BLUNT/015RECTORYSuggested building dates with diagram, 6.1944
SIL/BLUNT/016PARISH CHURCHMiscellaneous information from Hunts County News articles 22.3.1897? & 28.4.1897?, 3.1902
SIL/BLUNT/017PARISH CHURCHReport by J. Arthur Reeve on tower & spire, 22.7.1902
SIL/BLUNT/018PARISH CHURCH PLAGENotes from Church Congress at Cambridge, 1910
SIL/BLUNT/019PARISH CHURCHSketches of inscription on stone in south porch, 2.5.1912
SIL/BLUNT/020PARISH CHURCH, TILLARDNotes on monuments & glass, 16.9.1913
SIL/BLUNT/021PARISH CHURCHNotes on North Porch, 22.3.1922
SIL/BLUNT/022WHITE CROSSSketches & notes re "the White Cross of Bluntisham" in rectory garden.
SIL/BLUNT/023PARISH CHURCH PLATESketches & notes, 11.1912
SIL/BLUNT/024PARISH CHURCHGround plan and details of piers etc. with measurements, 4.2.1913
SIL/BLUNT/025PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan
SIL/BLUNT/026PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of various parts of building, 9.5.1913 & 22.5.1913
SIL/BLUNT/027PARISH CHURCHPiece of carving fallen from corbel, sketch & notes, 2.5.1912
SIL/BLUNT/028PARISH CHURCHSketches of piers and windows
SIL/BLUNT/029PARISH CHURCHNave roof, sketches & notes, 5.11.1912
SIL/BLUNT/030PARISH CHURCHPerspective sketch with notes on colours, also sketches and notes of various details, 10.4.1913
SIL/BLUNT/031PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on various details of the interior, 1913
SIL/BLUNT/032PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes of the interior, 1913
SIL/BLUNT/033PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes & measurements, various parts of the building.
SIL/BLUNT/034PARISH CHURCHLetter to Rev Peake from M. Macdonald & Co. lightning conductor engineers, of Nottingham, 7.12.1934.
SIL/BLUNT/035HISTORYAdvertisement for "Bluntisham-cum-Earith" by C.F. Tebbutt,
SIL/BLUNT/036PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on plate, land (?glebe), carved stone perhaps the White Cross of Bluntisham, 1731 engraving, plate, architectural details, MS references, all 5.11.1912
SIL/BLUNT/037PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Sayers thanking SIL and his father for sketches, 29.10.1913
SIL/BLUNT/038PARISH CHURCHDraft history and description, with corrections.
SIL/BLUNT/039PARISH CHURCHDraft history and description.
SIL/BLUNT/040PARISH CHURCHDraft history and description.
SIL/BLUNT/041PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on various parts of the building, inc earlier restorations, 22.4.1926; with letters and a postcard from Rev Peake, 28.7.1925, 9.4.1926 & 10.5.1926
SIL/BLUNT/042PARISH CHURCHReport to rector & PCC on the state of the tower, 7.5.1926.
SIL/BLUNT/043PARISH CHURCHSketches, measurements & notes on the tower, 9.2.1927, 4.2.1927, 25.3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/044PARISH CHURCHSketches, measurements & notes of old gargoyle and guttering, 26.8.1938
SIL/BLUNT/045PARISH CHURCHSketches & measurements of north clerestory, 1938
SIL/BLUNT/046PARISH CHURCHRestoration fund leaflet with details of donors and expenditure 1903-09.
SIL/BLUNT/047PARISH CHURCHRev Sayers' leaflet on the bells.
SIL/BLUNT/048PARISH CHURCHCover of parish magazine, 4.1914
SIL/BLUNT/049PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Peake re incumbents Ball/Bell & Bedford, 29.3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/050PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Peake re list of rectors, 4.1.1929.
SIL/BLUNT/051PARISH CHURCHList of rectors & note on 16th-century organist Christopher Tye.
SIL/BLUNT/052HISTORYNotes on Rev Cannon/Canon, early 18th-century rector, from Hennessey's Lower Clergy.
SIL/BLUNT/053PARISH CHURCHRefs in papal letters, ex C.F. Tebbutt, 2.1934
SIL/BLUNT/054WHITE CROSS, EARITH CHAPELRefs in wills to the White Cross of Bluntisham and St James' Chapel at Earith.
SIL/BLUNT/055WILL, REV SELBORNEJohn Selbrone rector of Bluntisham.1429, from Rev Noble's book "PR"
SIL/BLUNT/056PARISH CHURCHNotes on Rev Bell/Ball, Rev Bedford, bells, window, screen etc. ex Rev Peake, 25.3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/057PARISH CHURCHNotes on Rev James Bedford from Bishop Kennet's Register & Chronicle, ex Rev Peake 4.1.1929
SIL/BLUNT/058PARISH CHURCHList of rectors with some notes, 4.1929
SIL/BLUNT/059HISTORYLetter from F. William Cock to Rev Peake, passed on to SIL, seeking information on 18th-cent rector Rev Oakes, 3.5.1931
SIL/BLUNT/060PARISH CHURCHNote re Benefices Act notice, 22.3.1921
SIL/BLUNT/061RECTORSPostcard from Rev E. Peake re his institution, 22.4.1921
SIL/BLUNT/062RECTORYNote on carved initials in pediment of door from Old Slepe Hall now at Bluntisham Rectory, 2.5.1912
SIL/BLUNT/063RECTORYBuilding history ex Rev Peake, 30.10.1928.
SIL/BLUNT/064MAKEPIECEMr Makepiece, dissenting minister at Bluntisham & since become Catholic, author of book "All I could never be", ex Dr Murray, 26.7.1924
SIL/BLUNT/065ENCLOSURENote re copy of Enclosure Map.
SIL/BLUNT/066RAMSEY CARTULARYRefs to Bluntisham, 3.1902.
SIL/BLUNT/067MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONSCopies of MIs in parish church
SIL/BLUNT/069MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONSSketch of headstone with Latin inscription, William Thimbie & wife Elizabeth, 1693 & 1694.
SIL/BLUNT/070MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONSNote re headstone in BLUNT/69, showing how the carver misunderstood the MS original he was copying.
SIL/BLUNT/071MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONSNote re headstone in BLUNT/69, showing how the carver misunderstood the MS original he was copying (this page essentially combines BLUNT/69 & BLUNT/70), 9.1912.
SIL/BLUNT/072HISTORYNotes on property, engraving, will, the White Cross etc., ex Rev Sayers, 1912
SIL/BLUNT/073HISTORYReference to land in Bluntisham, medieval extract.
SIL/BLUNT/074ENCLOSUREReference to Enclosure of Bluntisham & Colne in Cambridge Chronicle of 18.6.1813, ex C.E. Dawes
SIL/BLUNT/075PARISH CHURCHRef. to Joseph Eyre 1738 drawing in British Museum, in Cambridge Independent Press of 23.11.1850, ex C.E. Dawes
SIL/BLUNT/076ENCLOSUREReference to Enclosure of Bluntisham & Colne in Cambridge Chronicle of 6.1.1815, ex C.E. Dawes
SIL/BLUNT/077POOR HOUSERef to Master, died with 4 or 5 inmates in 1765, ex W.M. Noble
SIL/BLUNT/078DRURYPart of family tree of Richard Drury of Colne + sketch of matrix of monumental brass
SIL/BLUNT/079LEAD PLAQUEDrawings of circular lead plaque found by Rev Peake, 3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/080ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 1.5.1912
SIL/BLUNT/081ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 1.1.1921
SIL/BLUNT/082INCUMBENTSRefs in Noble's book WWW, 16th cent.
SIL/BLUNT/083PARISH CHURCHNotes on seats, tiles, plate, registers, 13.3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/084PARISH CHURCH REGISTERSLetter from Rev Peake re 1754-1801 marriages register, 25.3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/085BELL/BALLRef. to Richard Ball, canon of Ely and rector of Bluntisham in 17th cent
SIL/BLUNT/086PARISH CHURCHDrawings of initials on parapet of south porch and of font, porch stairs etc.
SIL/BLUNT/087PARISH CHURCH PLATEDrawing & note on hallmark, dated to 1702, 26.3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/088RAMSEY ABBEY CHARTERRef to Bluntisham & Earith in Additional Charters 39096
SIL/BLUNT/090PARISH CHURCHNotes on building and contents in Archdeacons' notebooks and Edwardian Inventory
SIL/BLUNT/091PARISH CHURCHRef to repairs to tower in 1891 ex Ely Diocesan Calendar
SIL/BLUNT/092MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONSMIs in parish church noted by Granville Proby, 4.1927
SIL/BLUNT/093PARISH CHURCHMeasured elevation of tower and spire, 3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/094PARISH CHURCHGround plan showing dates of building phases.
SIL/BLUNT/095PARISH CHURCHSketch ground plan with corrections, 1.12.1930
SIL/BLUNT/096PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BLUNT/097PARISH CHURCHAdditions and corrections to VCH draft, 30.6.1927
SIL/BLUNT/098PARISH CHURCHAdditions and corrections to VCH draft, 28.3.1927
SIL/BLUNT/099PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BLUNT/100HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 3.1.1930
SIL/BLUNT/101HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 3.1.1930
SIL/BLUNT/102HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 12.7.1931
SIL/BLUNT/103HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 12.7.1931
SIL/BLUNT/104PARISH CHURCHGround plan with dates of building phases, from VCH
SIL/BLUNT/105PARISH CHURCHPhotograph from the east, from VCH
SIL/BLUNT/106PARISH CHURCHPhotograph from the west, from VCH
SIL/BLUNT/107PARISH CHURCHPhotograph of the interior looking east, from VCH
SIL/BLUNT/108COXE FEARYNotes on "Memoirs of Mr Coxe Feary" by John Audley, 1823, 1.1943
SIL/BLUNT/109PARISH CHURCHLetter from C.F. Tebbutt re Rev Langton & restoration of church in 15th century, 24.1.1938
SIL/BLUNT/110PARISH CHURCHReply to letter by C.F. Tebbutt re Langton & 15th-century restoration, 27.1.1938
SIL/BLUNT/111SCHOOL, TILLARDDrawing of Tillard crest on chimneypiece of Bluntisham School, ex Tebbutt, 27.8.1937
SIL/BLUNT/112PARISH CHURCHReport to rector and PCC re repairs to north aisle roof & underpinning, 21.2.1938
SIL/BLUNT/113PARISH CHURCH WATERCOLOURPainting of the church from the east, by John Ladds, 1913
SIL/BLUNT/114HERMITAGESketch map showing possible locations
SIL/BLUNT/115HERMITAGEPostcard from Rev Peake re "Hermits and Anchorites of England" by Bertha Mary Clay, 21.1.1926
SIL/BLUNT/116SAYWELL, MIERSNotes on MIs to Samuel Saywell & sister Sarah Miers
SIL/BLUNT/117BLUNTISHAM CROSSRef to "apud le Crosse", 1465, in Ely Episc Registers
SIL/BLUNT/118STOCKERCopy of letter sent to Rev Noble, re Thomas Stocker, 1.11.1921
SIL/BLUNT/119PRESS CUTTINGSParish church, parish registers, rectors (3pp), windmills, war memorial floods & fire, Tebbutt family (2pp), Ald Godfrey, Tebbutt's "History", Tebbutt's folklore, history of Baptist Chapel (3pp), property sales (6pp)
SIL/BLUNT/120EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources.
SIL/BRAMP/001BERNARDLetter from C.F. Tebbutt re diary of Grand Tour 1699-1702 found at Kimbolton Castle, 14.12.1948
SIL/BRAMP/002BERNARDC.F. Tebbutt's notes on refs in the diary referred to in BRAMP/001 that might identify the writer
SIL/BRAMP/003BERNARDReply to Tebbutt's letter with part pedigree of the Bernard family, 18.12.1948
SIL/BRAMP/004PARISH CHURCHRubbings of inscriptions on the second bell after recasting, 28.2.1934
SIL/BRAMP/005PARISH CHURCHDescription of the five bells & priest's bell.
SIL/BRAMP/006PARISH CHURCHDrawings of piscina, rood screen, south door and nave piers, 31.8.1888
SIL/BRAMP/007PARISH CHURCHSection & plan of nave pier, 8 & 12.1888
SIL/BRAMP/008PARISH CHURCHSections of top beam of rood screen for restoration, 29.1.1903
SIL/BRAMP/009PARISH CHURCHElevations of top beam of rood screen for restoration, 29.1.1903
SIL/BRAMP/010PARISH CHURCHSketches with measurements of the font, 6.10.1908
SIL/BRAMP/011PARISH CHURCHDrawings & notes re shields on corbels in north aisle, 10.1908
SIL/BRAMP/012PARISH CHURCHInscription on stone in new heating chamber, 7.1914
SIL/BRAMP/013PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of old piscina and nunnery stone from Hinchingbrooke now in church, 14.1.1922
SIL/BRAMP/014CROSSDrawings of base of cross over watercourse at west end of village, 7.9.1917
SIL/BRAMP/015PARISH CHURCHDrawings of details of tower arch, 23.1.1922
SIL/BRAMP/016PARISH CHURCHNote re choir stalls, sold by auction and ended up at CAS Museum in Cambridge, but might be possible to buy them back, ex Rev Budge
SIL/BRAMP/017PARISH CHURCHDrawing of carvings on choir stalls
SIL/BRAMP/018PARISH CHURCHNotes on three choir stalls from Brampton Church, by Prof Middleton, ex PCAS 31, 1891, copied 11.1917
SIL/BRAMP/019PARISH CHURCHMrs Midd-- has a stoup from the church found in a field, will give it to the church, ex MJA, 1.1931
SIL/BRAMP/020PARISH CHURCHDrawings of arms on new Parclose screens, 5-6.5.1921
SIL/BRAMP/021PARISH CHURCHNote re inspection of bells & bell frame by Mears & Stainbank, 20.7.1931
SIL/BRAMP/022PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter by Mears & Stainbank to Rev George re inspection of bells, 20.7.1931
SIL/BRAMP/023PARISH CHURCHPlan and section of bell frame, with spec and cost of repair by MJA, 10.1933
SIL/BRAMP/024PARISH CHURCHPlan and sections of bell frame.
SIL/BRAMP/025PARISH CHURCHSketches of inscriptions on bells, 4.12.1933
SIL/BRAMP/026McKEE, RAMPLYMIs in churchyard, 23.1.1934
SIL/BRAMP/027PARISH CHURCHGround plan with dates of building phases, from VCH
SIL/BRAMP/028PARISH CHURCHNotes on vicars, wills, registers etc
SIL/BRAMP/029PARISH CHURCHEstimate of cost of rebuilding church ex MJA, 15.2.1930
SIL/BRAMP/030PARISH CHURCHHistory of church building ex Rev Sutton, 6.1908
SIL/BRAMP/031HISTORYRefs to Brampton in Gorham's St Neots & Fox's Godmanchester
SIL/BRAMP/032PARISH CHURCHNotes re mockery in the Church (see BRAMP/031) and Fox's misunderstanding of it, also re vicars, advowson etc, 17.6.1902
SIL/BRAMP/033PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev W.M. Noble re the mockery in BRAMP/031-32, 24.6.1902
SIL/BRAMP/034PARISH CHURCH, PEPYS HOUSENotes on visit by CHAS members, for the Transactions, 6.5.1922
SIL/BRAMP/035PARISH CHURCH, PEPYS HOUSENotes on visit by CHAS members, for the Transactions
SIL/BRAMP/036PARISH CHURCHHistory of the church for the Royal Archaeological Institute, 1927
SIL/BRAMP/037HISTORYLetter from Rev Knowles thanking Ladds for a book on Brampton, 25.10.1913
SIL/BRAMP/038PARISH CHURCHNote on dedication ex Rev George, 8.8.1933
SIL/BRAMP/039PEPYSNote on burial of John Pepys in 1650, 6.5.1922
SIL/BRAMP/040HISTORYNotes on a charter of King Stephen & other medieval refs
SIL/BRAMP/041PARISH CHURCHNotes on the church as a prebend, plus mention of the mockery of Laurence Burnaby
SIL/BRAMP/042HISTORY"Seven Charters of Henry II at Lincoln Cathedral", from Antiq Journ xii (3) July 1932
SIL/BRAMP/043HISTORYRef to Brampton Prebend in Papal Registers, 1206, ex Rev Noble
SIL/BRAMP/044VICARS1544 will of John Hawke, parson & prebendary of Brampton, ex Rev Noble
SIL/BRAMP/045VICARSPostcard from Rev G.G. Walker re Rev Dickinson presented 1555 by Rawlins, Prebend of Brampton, 16.5.1900.
SIL/BRAMP/046VICARSLetter from Rev Walker re source of info in BRAMP/45, 16.5.1900
SIL/BRAMP/047PARISH CHURCHNotes re 1448 will, prebendary, advowson, vicarage/rectory, registers; ex W.M. Noble
SIL/BRAMP/048RECTORSNote from Rev Parry re his institution, 15.12.1922
SIL/BRAMP/049RECTORYNotes on a meeting re selling old rectory and building a new one - some controversy, ex MJA, 22.6.1925
SIL/BRAMP/050PARISH CHURCHBrief notes on "Val EE" [valuation]
SIL/BRAMP/051RECTORSBenefice Act Notice re previous appointments of Rev Hadrill, 7.10.1925
SIL/BRAMP/052GLEBEList of ?areas of different properties
SIL/BRAMP/053EARL OF SANDWICHOrder of Service for funeral of 8th Earl, 30.5.1916
SIL/BRAMP/054PARISH CHURCHNotes re inscriptions, 27.9.1932
SIL/BRAMP/055PARISH CHURCHCopies of inscriptions (on back of envelope postmarked 28.1.1903)
SIL/BRAMP/056BERNARD"Reasonable dates" of births & deaths, and details of wives, of Bernard family, ex review in "The Ancestor", 6.1940.
SIL/BRAMP/057JACKSONBrief notes re John Jackson, died 1680, his widow and sons, ex W.M. Noble
SIL/BRAMP/058PREBENDARYBishop's assent to building a chapel at Herthey belonging to the prebend of Brampton, ex W.M. Noble
SIL/BRAMP/059PREBENDARYRef in 1448 will, ex W.M. Noble's Book PR
SIL/BRAMP/060KIMBOLTON CASTLE ESTATESale of houses and property at Brampton, 19-20.7.1918
SIL/BRAMP/061ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 27.5.1910
SIL/BRAMP/062ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 13.10.1922
SIL/BRAMP/063PARISH CHURCHList of registers, sketches & details of plate, 29.11.1928
SIL/BRAMP/064PARISH CHURCHHistory & description, for Royal Archaeological Institute, 1927
SIL/BRAMP/065PARISH CHURCHSketch plan showing location of stone coffin
SIL/BRAMP/066GRANGE, CROSSMeasured sketches of a stone cross found in the garden of the Grange, 7.9.1917
SIL/BRAMP/067PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of sill of east window, 21.9.1917
SIL/BRAMP/068PARISH CHURCHTradition re stone for church and location of old vicarage/rectory, ex Rev Knowles, 21.9.1917
SIL/BRAMP/069PARISH CHURCHSketch & details of choir stalls sold from church, from PCAS vol viii no 1, ex MJA 14.11.1917
SIL/BRAMP/070PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of a feature of some kind, 23.1.1922
SIL/BRAMP/071PARISH CHURCHSketch of War Memorial window in east aisle, 12.11.1919
SIL/BRAMP/072PARISH CHURCHList of windows, 4.12.1922
SIL/BRAMP/073FIRESBriefs for fires at Brampton, 1700 & 1735
SIL/BRAMP/074PARISH CHURCHQuestions re bells, choir stalls etc "to ask MJA", 10.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/075RECTORSInstitutions of Rev Hadrill to Wentworth & Rev George to Brampton, 1930 & 1932
SIL/BRAMP/076BURNABYLetter re Benjamin Burnaby at St John's College Cambridge in 1679-80, 30.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/077BURNABYMI on floor slab, Rev Benjamin Burnaby died 1716, 9.1932
SIL/BRAMP/078BURNABYRubbing of two parts of the Burnaby floor slab quoted in BRAMP/077, 27.9.1932
SIL/BRAMP/079PARISH CHURCHMonumental inscriptions on floor slabs, ex Rev George, 4.1932
SIL/BRAMP/080PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of various parts of church, 9.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/081PARISH CHURCHMonumental inscriptions on floor slabs, windows, etc, 9.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/082PARISH CHURCHMonumental inscriptions on floor slabs, windows, etc, 9.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/083PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/BRAMP/084PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/BRAMP/085HISTORYNotes on and corrections to draft for VCH, with copies of letters to & from Lilian Redstone, 27.7.1932
SIL/BRAMP/086HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 30.7.1932
SIL/BRAMP/087HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 2.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/088HISTORYNote on 36 hides of land at Brampton
SIL/BRAMP/089HISTORYNote on 36 hides of land at Brampton, 8.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/090HISTORYNotes on VCH final draft, 15.4.1933
SIL/BRAMP/091PARISH CHURCHNotes on pagination of SIL's description of the church as printed in VCH
SIL/BRAMP/092HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft
SIL/BRAMP/093HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/BRAMP/094HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 6.1934
SIL/BRAMP/095HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 6.1934
SIL/BRAMP/096HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/BRAMP/097HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/BRAMP/098RECTORYInventory of fixtures & effects, 12.11.1912
SIL/BRAMP/099WRIGHTBrampton Peculiar will of Elizabeth Wright of Sandy Downham, Suffolk, 1706
SIL/BRAMP/100LE SCOTReferences in medieval MSS, family trees, notes re le Scot family
SIL/BRAMP/101HASTINGSReferences in medieval MSS & family tree of Hastings family
SIL/BRAMP/102GREYReferences in medieval MSS, arms, family tree of Grey family, 5.1902
SIL/BRAMP/103MANOREscheats, medieval MS references etc, 4.1902
SIL/BRAMP/104HISTORYMedieval MS references, 4.1902
SIL/BRAMP/105HISTORYRef to Manor of Brampton given to Earl of Huntingdon by King John, and John staying there 4th-5th January 1213
SIL/BRAMP/106HISTORYReferences in MSS to escheats, manor etc
SIL/BRAMP/107HISTORYRefs to Brampton in Ramsey Abbey Cartulary & Chronicle
SIL/BRAMP/108PARISH CHURCHRefs to taxation in 1291 & 1341, 3.1902
SIL/BRAMP/109PARISH CHURCHRefs and valuations in Valor Eccl, 3.1902
SIL/BRAMP/110DOMESDAY BOOKRefs to Brampton, 3.1902
SIL/BRAMP/111HISTORYNotes on refs in medieval MSS to escheats, manors etc.
SIL/BRAMP/112HISTORYRefs to manor etc.
SIL/BRAMP/113HISTORYRefs to Manor of Fosters in Brampton
SIL/BRAMP/114HISTORYNotes re Manor of "Brampton Houtton"
SIL/BRAMP/115HISTORYNotes re manors, MI of Seawell, Fosters Manor
SIL/BRAMP/116HISTORYArticle on history of village, manors and parish church, 6.1902
SIL/BRAMP/117MANOR HOUSEGround plan, 1908
SIL/BRAMP/118MANOR HOUSENotes and sketches of staircase, inscription over garden door, sundial, 1.4.1908
SIL/BRAMP/119MANOR HOUSECopy and translatioin of 1875 inscription, 2.8.1932
SIL/BRAMP/120MANOR HOUSESketch of south front
SIL/BRAMP/121MANOR HOUSEDimensions of rooms, 1.4.1908
SIL/BRAMP/122MANOR HOUSESketch of arms carved in oak on porch, 15.3.1919
SIL/BRAMP/123BURNABYFamily tree ex MJA, 17.5.1934
SIL/BRAMP/124MANOR HOUSENote that Mr Scholefield bought it in 1921, ex MJA, 18.8.1921
SIL/BRAMP/126MANOR HOUSENotes on Scholefield ex MJA, 23.5.1936
SIL/BRAMP/127MANOR HOUSENotes on John Percy Lister Durell ex Matthew Allen, 7.1907
SIL/BRAMP/128LANDNotes on acreage of Manor House & Poplar Farm, Brampton Park copyhold
SIL/BRAMP/129BURNABYPart of letter re family history of Burnaby, Throckmorton etc, 17.6.1902
SIL/BRAMP/130BERNARD/BARNARDLetter re spelling of name, 27.2.1906
SIL/BRAMP/131BRAMPTON PARKNote on 1872 print in W. Emery's collection, 15.5.1928
SIL/BRAMP/132BRAMPTON PARKPlan from 1901 OS 25", 9.1924
SIL/BRAMP/133THROGMORTONLetter re 1557 indenture, Princess Elizabeth & Simon Throgmorton, lease of Brampton mills, now in Westminster Abbey muniments, 18.3.1931
SIL/BRAMP/134THROGMORTONAnother letter on the same, 24.3.1931
SIL/BRAMP/135BULLNotes on family, 5.2.1898
SIL/BRAMP/136HETLEY1636 will of Thomas Hetley, ex WMN's black book
SIL/BRAMP/137WRIGHT1699 will of Elizabeth Wright of Santon Downham, Suffolk
SIL/BRAMP/138MANOR HOUSENotes and prints of demolished old Manor house in Building News, 28.10.1887
SIL/BRAMP/139MANOR HOUSESale catalogue of house contents, 29.10.1920
SIL/BRAMP/140BRAMPTON PARKProgramme of Beasley's 22nd Annual Speech Day, 30.7.1901
SIL/BRAMP/141MANOR HOUSEProspectus & testimonials for Beasley's school for stammerers
SIL/BRAMP/142HETLEY1650 bonds by Wm. Hetley, 1.2.1930
SIL/BRAMP/143BRAMPTON PARKSketch of bell, 15.12.1908
SIL/BRAMP/144BRAMPTON PARKSketch plan and elevations of south and east fronts
SIL/BRAMP/145BRAMPTON PARKSketches of arms at front entrance, 25.1.1907
SIL/BRAMP/146BRAMPTON PARKBrief notes by archdeacon Vesey, 25.1.1907
SIL/BRAMP/147SPARROW, BERNARDNotes on famly history ex WMN
SIL/BRAMP/148BERNARDRefs in Proc of Suffolk Inst of Arch vol xv pt 3, 1915
SIL/BRAMP/149BRAMPTON PARKNote that Brampton Park burned down on 24.1.1907
SIL/BRAMP/150BRAMPTON PARKCopy of Beasley's school arms, copied from SIL/BRAMP/140
SIL/BRAMP/151SPARROWNote on 1814 marriage of Robert Sparrow, in Cambridge Chronicle ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/BRAMP/152HETLEYLetter from Alfred Hetley re family history, 27.5.1898
SIL/BRAMP/153PEPYSNote re 1616 marriage, Robert Jenkinson of Cambridge to Mary Pepys of Chesterton, ex EHV 10.2.1939
SIL/BRAMP/154PEPYSPhotograph of Pepys House, Brampton, ex Cambridge County Geographies
SIL/BRAMP/155PEPYSArticle on Pepys and print of Pepys House, from The Huntingdonian, summer term 1913
SIL/BRAMP/156PEPYSRef to William Pepys from the Diaries ("p. 505")
SIL/BRAMP/157PEPYSFamily tree
SIL/BRAMP/158PEPYSNote on Samuel's baptism, 1633, ex Hunts Post 24.1.1913
SIL/BRAMP/159PEPYSRefs to family in registers of All SS Huntingdon & Brampton
SIL/BRAMP/160PEPYSNote of burial of Margaret Pepys, 1667, ex Rev Vigers 18.1.1916
SIL/BRAMP/161PEPYSNote on John Pepys of Ellington
SIL/BRAMP/162PEPYSAbstract of will of John Pepys ex Pepys MSS in Bodleian, 9.3.1914
SIL/BRAMP/163PEPYSNotes re meeting at Pepys House & proposal to let it as rectory for short term, 16.12.1925
SIL/BRAMP/164PEPYSSketch roof plan and block plan, and measured floor plans, of Pepys House, 19.12.1925
SIL/BRAMP/165PEPYSRef to supposed discovery of silver coins at Pepys House in 1842, ex The Sphere 16.3.1918
SIL/BRAMP/166PEPYSRefs to Brampton Pepys House in the diaries.
SIL/BRAMP/167PEPYSNote that M.J. Allen's new house called Home Close, from being on site of part of Pepys House Home Close, 23.7.1938
SIL/BRAMP/168PEPYSHandlist of tercentenary exhibition of books from Pepys Library, Fitzwilliam Museum 1933
SIL/BRAMP/169PEPYSPart of history of Pepys House
SIL/BRAMP/170PEPYSRef to a Daniel Peeps of Pissbrook, Leicester, ex WMN 22.9.1922
SIL/BRAMP/171PEPYSNote from WMN re John Pepys of Cambs & his wife Elizabeth, 4.1921
SIL/BRAMP/172PEPYSPhoto of carving of Pepys in the Port of London Authority Building, Tower Hill, from The Builder 20.10.1922
SIL/BRAMP/173SCARBOROUGH, LAXTONFinal agreement re meesuage in Brampton, ex Huntingdon Archdeaconry Records, 3.1917
SIL/BRAMP/174SCARBOROUGH, LAXTONAnother copy of the same
SIL/BRAMP/175BRAMPTON PARKCopy of 1701 deed found in pulling down Brampton Park after the fire.
SIL/BRAMP/176STONE TROUGHSketch of stone trough in the yard of house next to the "Black Bull", 21.9.1917
SIL/BRAMP/177STONESSketches of stones found in garden of Mrs Layton-Blunt, 21.9.1917
SIL/BRAMP/178GRANGESketch of 1871 arms in coloured tiles on gable, Brampton Grange, Brampton, 7.9.1917
SIL/BRAMP/179HERTHEY FORESTSketch map of locationt, 21.1.1921.
SIL/BRAMP/180HERTHEY FORESTSketch map of location, neater version of SIL/BRAMP/179
SIL/BRAMP/181BURNABY, PALMER, BEDELLS, ASHTONFamily trees, drawn from Brampton Peculiar wills in Huntingdon Archdeaconry records, 6.1920
SIL/BRAMP/182PORTHOLMELetter from Wm Cunningham, 27.6.1916
SIL/BRAMP/183PORTHOLMEInformation on owners, markers etc ex Mr Read, 28.6.1916
SIL/BRAMP/184PORTHOLMEAuction sale catalogue for grass, Dilley Son & Read, 23.6.1916
SIL/BRAMP/185PORTHOLMESketch copy of 1842 tithe award map showing divisions and landowners.
SIL/BRAMP/186PORTHOLMECopy of 1842 tithe award map (neater copy of SIL/BRAMP/185) showing divisions and landowners, 28.6.1916
SIL/BRAMP/187PORTHOLMEList of plot owners from an old schedule, perhaps of 1842, 28.6.1916
SIL/BRAMP/188PORTHOLMEList of plots to be sold by auction, 28.6.1916.
SIL/BRAMP/189PORTHOLMEPartial list of plots
SIL/BRAMP/190PORTHOLMEPartial list of plots
SIL/BRAMP/191PORTHOLMEPartial list of plots
SIL/BRAMP/192PORTHOLMEChanges of ownership of plots between the schedule (SIL/BRAMP/187) and the 1916 sale, 28.6.1916
SIL/BRAMP/193PORTHOLMENote of a purchase by Lord Sandwich in 1918
SIL/BRAMP/194PORTHOLMEMap of plots with names, traced from Earl of Sandwich's estate map (ex OS 1885 25"), 2.1919
SIL/BRAMP/195HARTHEYBoundaries of Harthey Forest, ex Ramsey Abbey Cartulary ii 302
SIL/BRAMP/196THROCKMORTONMarriage of Simon Throckmorton to Anne Mandant, 1612
SIL/BRAMP/197HOUSESInfo on Manor Farm, Pepys' Farm, Vicarage Farm, Temple Layton's House, Parnwell's House & Red House, ex M. Allen, 16.11.1906
SIL/BRAMP/198MANOR FARMNumbers of fields sold by Lord Sandwich
SIL/BRAMP/199MANOR FARMNote that Lord Sandwich sold farm to Alfred Achurch, 2.1919
SIL/BRAMP/200LORD BRAMPTONNote that Lord Brampton's first wife was Sal Asplan of Wellington Street, St Ives,.ex Sir A.G. Dilley, 15.8.1934
SIL/BRAMP/201OAK BEAMSSketch of carved oak beams "W. Watt Allen Brampton", 26.11.1906
SIL/BRAMP/202HUNNYBUNNote that Kenneth Hunnybun bought Mrs Burke's house "Knockbarron", 3.1919
SIL/BRAMP/203MILL, COTTAGESPhoto of Brampton Mill and cottages on the Green, from Cambs County Geography
SIL/BRAMP/204MAMMOTH TUSKSNote that two tusks seven feet long found while digging foundations of cottages opposite the pond "about two years ago", 19.1.1914
SIL/BRAMP/205ENCLOSURENote re a tracing of the Award Map from J. Suter, ex M.J. Allen, 5.3.1938
SIL/BRAMP/206MAPSList of maps in the possession of Suter, Lord Sandwich, Wade Gery & Brackenbury, 1.1940
SIL/BRAMP/207GLEBESketch plan of fields in Mandeville estate map, 3.1938
SIL/BRAMP/208ENCLOSURENote on plot no. 15 shown on the Award map, ex MJA
SIL/BRAMP/209BERNARD SPARROWSketch plan and schedule of the estate of Lady Olivia Bernard Sparrow from 1813 map
SIL/BRAMP/210LORDSHIP FARMSketch plan of fields from 1757 map
SIL/BRAMP/211PORTHOLMESketch plan of Portholme Meadow with plot names and details, from 1757 map
SIL/BRAMP/212PORTHOLMEPosters and sale agreements for sale of plots on Portholme, 24.10.1846
SIL/BRAMP/213PROPERTY SALEPoster for sale of house with outbuildings and walled garden, assignees of William Dent, 31.1.1852
SIL/BRAMP/214PROPERTY SALESale particulars of estate, late the property of Robert Godby dec'd, 7.2.1824
SIL/BRAMP/215EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/BRAMP/216PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (6pp), rectors (7pp), Manor House (3pp), Brampton Park (3pp), Mr Beasley obits (2pp), Mr Senior, Pepys (10pp), Lord & Lady Brampton (Sir Henry Hawkins) (4pp), various residents (7pp), Fires and other miscellaneous items (5pp), Feast, Great North Road, Portholme, Propety sales (9pp)
SIL/BRAMP/217PARISH CHURCHCopy of Tracing showing proposed new arrangement plans, 1918
SIL/BRING/01SAXON HISTORYDraft of letter to Rev E.J. Peniston re Ramsey Cartulary etc, 8.1943
SIL/BRING/02MANORSLetters to Wm Page re manors of Brington, Bythorn & Old Weston, 16.3.1933 & 20.3.1933
SIL/BRING/03REGISTERSTranscripts of baptisms & burials, 7.1943.
SIL/BRING/04MANORSLetter from Wm Page re manors of Brington, Bythorn & Old Weston, with SIL's pencil notes, 15.3.1933
SIL/BRING/05MANORSLetter from Wm Page re manors of Brington, Bythorn & Old Weston, 18.3.1933
SIL/BRING/06PARISH CHURCH PLATESilver chalice with armorial bearings, ex Church Congress, Cambridge, 1910.
SIL/BRING/07PARISH CHURCH PLATE, RECTORYSketch of hallmarks & armorial bearings on silver chalice (1663-4); + note on 2 watercolours of rectory; 18.5.1915
SIL/BRING/08PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of chancel east window, 8.11.1912
SIL/BRING/09PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of font, with note re stones of parapet of early nave, 27.1.1926
SIL/BRING/10PARISH CHURCHSketches with measurements of rood stairs and tower: +MIs from churchyard; 16.11.1938
SIL/BRING/11PARISH CHURCHSketch of scheme for fitting corbel with carved initals on beam in nave roof, 14.12.1938
SIL/BRING/12PARISH CHURCHGround plans of chancel, nave and tower, with measured plan and section of nave roof, 24.1.1939.
SIL/BRING/13PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of weathercock, 20.5.1936.
SIL/BRING/14PARISH CHURCHElevation and plan of font, 8.1892
SIL/BRING/15PARISH CHURCHMemorial stones, 8.11.1912
SIL/BRING/16PARISH CHURCHMI on stone on north wall of tower, 27.1.1926
SIL/BRING/17UNITED BENEFICESCopy of letter from the Bounty Office, 9.4.1936
SIL/BRING/18UNITED BENEFICESCopy of letter from Bounty Office re suggestion for the name of the new benefices, 1.5.1936
SIL/BRING/19GLEBESketch plans of glebe areas of Brington, Bythorn and Old Weston, various dates between 1912 and 1926
SIL/BRING/20ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 5.9.1912
SIL/BRING/21PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on plate, registers, squints, 22.8.1927
SIL/BRING/22PARISH CHURCHSketch plan showing dates of building phases, 11.1931
SIL/BRING/23PARISH CHURCHChancel monuments with names & dates.
SIL/BRING/24PARISH CHURCHInscriptions on the bells.
SIL/BRING/25PARISH CHURCHQuestions and answers re various parts of the building, 25.11.1931
SIL/BRING/26PARISH CHURCHReferences to bells and rebuildngs, from 1396 will and 19th-cent archdeacon's notebook
SIL/BRING/27PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/BRING/28PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/BRING/29HISTORYNotes on VCH draft, 11.8.1932
SIL/BRING/30HISTORYNotes on VCH final draft, 16.4.1934
SIL/BRING/31HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 4.9.1932
SIL/BRING/32HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 5.9.1932
SIL/BRING/33MANORSNotes on manors of Brington, Bythorn & Old Weston, 16.3.1933
SIL/BRING/34MANORSNotes on descent of manors of Brington, Bythorn & Old Weston, 20.3.1933
SIL/BRING/35HISTORYCorrections to final draft of VCH
SIL/BRING/36HISTORYCorrections to final draft of VCH, 4.1934
SIL/BRING/37HISTORYCorrections to first proof of VCH, 16.6.1934
SIL/BRING/38HISTORYCorrections to first proof of VCH, 16.6.1934
SIL/BRING/39HISTORYCorrection to page proof of VCH, 9.1935
SIL/BRING/40HISTORYCorrection to page proof of VCH, 9.1935
SIL/BRING/41HISTORYNotes on inscriptions & bells at parish church, cross base, arms on gable at Church Farm, lords of the manor etc., various dates
SIL/BRING/42PRESS CUTTINGSVarious (2pp), rectors, property sales
SIL/BRING/43EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/BROUG/01HISTORYCorrrections to VCH proofs, 6.1.1930
SIL/BROUG/02PARISH CHURCHNotes on repairs and alterations in September 1901, ex W.A. Lea, 15.11.1944
SIL/BROUG/03KINGNotes on 18th-century wills of King family, 5.2.1898
SIL/BROUG/04PARISH CHURCHOutline, and text of marginal inscription, of brass of Lawrence & Agnes Martyn.
SIL/BROUG/05HISTORYParish church and other aspects of village history, inc list of rectors, ex article in HCN by "Broctona", 2.10.1902
SIL/BROUG/06PARISH CHURCHExtracts from report of W O Milne, architect, 12.10.1887; 9.1943
SIL/BROUG/07PARISH CHURCHNotes, measurements and details of the Martyn brass, 1922.
SIL/BROUG/08HISTORYNotes of short article for "Hunts in the 20th Century", not published.
SIL/BROUG/09NATURAL HISTORYCopy of letter from G.T. Johnston to Rev Noble re Roman pots, fossils & wildlife, 24.2.1909
SIL/BROUG/10PARISH CHURCHWill of Henry Newell, parson at Broughton died 8.10.1540 ex Rev Noble
SIL/BROUG/11PARISH CHURCHDescription and list of marriages, from Rev Noble's "mottled 4th book", 8.1899
SIL/BROUG/12ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 27.9.1906
SIL/BROUG/13ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 24.10.1912
SIL/BROUG/14ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 29.12.1921
SIL/BROUG/15PARISH CHURCHNotes on inscription by 1632 churchwardens and on church plate
SIL/BROUG/16PARISH CHURCHDedication & advowson, ref in Ramsey Abbey cartulary 1252
SIL/BROUG/17PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on monuments, registers, plate, 1.12.1927
SIL/BROUG/18PARISH CHURCHMonuments noted by Granville Proby, 4.1927
SIL/BROUG/19HISTORYNotes on, and corrections to, VCH proofs, 3.1.1930
SIL/BROUG/20ADVOWSONCorrection of VCH proof, 12.7.1931
SIL/BROUG/21ADVOWSONThe same as BROUG/20, 13.7.1931
SIL/BROUG/22PARISH CHURCHPhotograph of exterior from the south, from VCH
SIL/BROUG/23PARISH CHURCHPhotograph of interior looking east, from VCH
SIL/BROUG/24SALE PARTICULARSSale of close of arable, 24a, occupied by Samuel Grunwell, 21.4.1860
SIL/BROUG/25LODGE FARMSale particulars, 17.5.1919
SIL/BROUG/26MANOR HOUSESketch plan of earthworks of ?Abbot of Ramsey's Manor House, from 6" OS
SIL/BROUG/27MANOR HOUSEMeasured sketches of plans and sections, earthworks of ?Abbot of Ramsey's Manor House.
SIL/BROUG/28MANOR HOUSESketch plan of earthworks of ?Abbot of Ramsey's Manor House
SIL/BROUG/29MANOR HOUSEPlan of earthworks of ?Abbot of Ramsey's Manor House, for VCH, 12.1924
SIL/BROUG/30MANOR HOUSEMeasured sections of earthworks of ?Abbot of Ramsey's Manor House, 9.9.1924
SIL/BROUG/31PARISH CHURCHNotes on restorations, coffin lids, carvings, bells, rectors, rectory, advowson, wills, registers, plate; various sources and dates.
SIL/BROUG/32PRESS CUTTINGSParish church restoration (4pp), rectors (2pp), families (3pp), feast & fire, 1935 Worthington murder (7pp), property sales (4pp)
SIL/BROUG/33EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/BUCKD/001PRINTPart of letter re illustration of Palace & parish church, 26.9.1931
SIL/BUCKD/002FACULTY BOOKS1727 extract re William Whitworth, gent, seat in Buckden Church.
SIL/BUCKD/003WILLSLetter from R.A. Ledgard with extracts from wills of Gunning, Whitworth, Mason, 13.8.1948
SIL/BUCKD/004PARISH CHURCHNotes on history, restorations, plate and vicars, from article by "Abi Albon" in HCN 21.8.1897
SIL/BUCKD/005HISTORYExtracts re bishop's assarts, prebend, manor, building the brick tower, deaths of Dukes of Suffolk, chapel in Palace, advowson, arms in parish church.
SIL/BUCKD/006HISTORYBrief history of manors, bishops etc, Domesday to 17th cent, 6.1902
SIL/BUCKD/007ALCOCKInscriptions with translations inc ref to bishop Alcock.
SIL/BUCKD/008PALACEMeasured ground plan from 1838 publication, 12.7.1902
SIL/BUCKD/009PALACESketches and notes copied from the 1839 "Short Account of Buckden Palace", with British Museum reference, 9.10.1897
SIL/BUCKD/010PALACE"Country Homes - Gardens Old & New. Buckden Old Palace, Huntingdonshire, the property of Sir Arthur W. Marshall", from "Country Life", 31.7.1909
SIL/BUCKD/011PALACE"The Great Dining Room, Buckden Palace", engraving by G. Hollis
SIL/BUCKD/012PALACE"View of Buckden Palace in Huntingdon-Shire", engraving
SIL/BUCKD/013PALACE"Buckden Palace, in Huntingdonshire", engraving by Hawkins
SIL/BUCKD/014PALACE"Bugden Palace", engraving by Metcalf
SIL/BUCKD/015PALACE"Gate House and Part of Old Palace, Buckden, Hunts", engraving by Robert W. Edis, Sept. 1862
SIL/BUCKD/016PALACE"Buckden Palace: Hunts", engraving by W.F. Francis, 16.3.1870
SIL/BUCKD/017PALACE"Buckden Palace and its Owners" by R.H. Edleston, from Peterborough Nat Hist Soc 50th Report, 1921
SIL/BUCKD/018BISHOP WILLIAMSArchbishop Williams portrait with career dates, from Peterborough Nat Hist Soc 55th Report, 1926
SIL/BUCKD/019PALACE"Buckden Palace", from Peterborough Nat Hist Soc 57th & 58th Reports, 1928 and 1929
SIL/BUCKD/020BISHOPSNotes on arms of bishops of Lincoln, from Bedford's "Blazon of Episcopacy"
SIL/BUCKD/021PALACENote and sketch of arms of bishop Russell on a ceiling boss in Buckden Palace, from Trans of Monumental Brass Soc vol iii part 1 no xix (April 1897)
SIL/BUCKD/022ROADSSketch map of Brampton Wood, Buckden Wood and courses of original roads, 1.3.1913
SIL/BUCKD/023ROADSSketch map of roads from Grafham to Huntingdon, 8.5.1918
SIL/BUCKD/024PALACEList of sale catalogues and articles etc in possession of John Beagerie and Herbert Norris
SIL/BUCKD/025PALACESketches & rough notes of roof bosses from palace roof, in possession of Mr Gatty, ex Mr Edleston, 6.12.1920
SIL/BUCKD/026PALACE"Moated Houses" by W.W. Fenn, from English Illustrated Magazine No. 65 February 1889 (with drawing & brief ref to Buckden)
SIL/BUCKD/027ARCHIVESLetter from Canon C.W. Foster to W.M. Noble re lack of records at Buckden, 9.7.1921
SIL/BUCKD/028SURVEY1647 Survey of the Manor, by Trustees for the sale of archbishops' and bishops' lands
SIL/BUCKD/029PALACEEdleston's opinion on who built the Great Tower (Rotherham and/or Russell), 1.6.1921
SIL/BUCKD/030PALACEGround plan of the moat, 1.6.1921
SIL/BUCKD/031SURVEYNote that the Parliamentary Survey is in the Episcopal Registry.
SIL/BUCKD/032SURVEYLecture or article based on the 1647 Parliamentary Survey, 7.1922
SIL/BUCKD/033PALACEGround plans of the buildings, grounds and the Little Park.
SIL/BUCKD/034SURVEYOne page only of another copy of SIL/BUCKD/032, now dated 7.1923
SIL/BUCKD/035PALACE"Buckden Palace and its Owners" by R.H. Edleston, from Peterborough Nat Hist Soc 50th Report, 1921
SIL/BUCKD/036PALACESketch of carving from Buckden Palace, inc. heraldic shield, ex Mr Lea, 4.3.1933
SIL/BUCKD/037ROYAL VISITVisit by the Prince Regent to Bishop & Mrs Tomline at the Palace, extract from Cambridge Chronicle 14.1.1814 ex C.E. Dawes
SIL/BUCKD/038PALACE"The Philomath" No. 269 April-June 1920, including "Buckden Palace - Its Romantic & Fascinating History" and with very curious press cuttings re Dr Léon
SIL/BUCKD/039PALACE PAGEANTProgramme of "The Pageant of The Centuries", at the Palace 26.7 - 1.8 (no year given)
SIL/BUCKD/040MONUMENTAL BRASSNote on inscription at Lincoln, from Transactions Monumental Brass Soc. vol ii p 315
SIL/BUCKD/041PALACENote re ownership ex Mr Edleston, 12.1920
SIL/BUCKD/042PALACESketch plan of something, with measurements, 14.11.1921
SIL/BUCKD/043PALACENotes from a survey of the buildings by John Ladds 1867-70, 1.1892
SIL/BUCKD/044PALACE"Buckden Palace in Bygone Times", 1903 pamphlet
SIL/BUCKD/045PALACENote on pictures of Buckden Palace in Peterboro Advertiser, ex Edleston, 30.1.1925
SIL/BUCKD/046PALACEList of publications, inc article on Buckden Palace by W.D. Simpson in Journal of British Arch Assoc, from Antiquaries Journal vol. xviii, 10.1938
SIL/BUCKD/047MOATSSketch plan of homestead moats
SIL/BUCKD/048MOATSSketch plan of moats at Buckden Hardwick
SIL/BUCKD/049MOATPlan of moat SW of Buckden, from 25" OS, 10.1930
SIL/BUCKD/050ENCLOSUREPlan of some fields from 1813 Enclosure, 21.7.1937
SIL/BUCKD/051GROSSETESTELetter from Rev J.S. Ladds re refs to Buckden in new life of Grosseteste by Stephenson, 9.5.1900
SIL/BUCKD/052WINNIFFEWill of Rebecca Winniffe of Buckden, sister of the bishop of Lincoln, 1647, ex WMN's book OO.
SIL/BUCKD/053REYNOLDSDescendants of Bishop Reynolds.
SIL/BUCKD/054WALMISFORDCanon of Buckden robbed en route to Rome in 1343, Papal registers ex WMN's book
SIL/BUCKD/055PELHAM, CORAN, BATHURSTNotes re bishop of Lincoln & vicars of Buckden, ex Edleston, 31.10.1922
SIL/BUCKD/056SMYTHPostcard re clergyman buried at Banbury, from WMN
SIL/BUCKD/057STAFFORDEnquiry from R.H.Edleston re Christopher Stafford (1663-1729)
SIL/BUCKD/058GRAYWill of Thomas Gray, late Vicar of Buckden, 1737, ex WMN
SIL/BUCKD/059MALTBYLetter from J.S. Ladds (cousin to Inskip) re Dr Maltby, 17.9.1901
SIL/BUCKD/060MALTBYNote enclosed in BUCKDN/059, Pusey was Maltby's pupil
SIL/BUCKD/061VICARSNote re Rev Henry Roxby, vicar 18785-1900, and Henry White vicar in 1547
SIL/BUCKD/062VICARSNote in Ely Diocesan Remembrancer 1901 that Buckden is still without vicar
SIL/BUCKD/063VICARSNote re exchange of Revs Dean & Courtenay, Courtenay instituted at Buckden 11.8.1911
SIL/BUCKD/064MISCELLANEOUSRough notes ex Mr Edleston, 17.11.1921
SIL/BUCKD/065CONYGARTHSThe Conygarths was the Palace hostelry, then the Mitre Inn, ex Mrs Priestley, 14.9.1920
SIL/BUCKD/066LION & GEORGE HOTELSBrief account of visit to Buckden by CHAS, 20.5.1913
SIL/BUCKD/067GEORGE HOTELIllustrated letterhead
SIL/BUCKD/068MONUMENTAL BRASSSketch of loose brass in the George Hotel, "probably brought from elsewhere", 20.5.1913
SIL/BUCKD/069ARMS PAINTED ON GLASSSketch of "Arms in glass wds of Major Murray's new cottage at Buckden", 25.5.1925
SIL/BUCKD/070BOWYERWill of Wm Bowyer, proved for £128,631, ex Daily Express 18.7.1906
SIL/BUCKD/071LINTONBrief note of Linton descent.
SIL/BUCKD/072GATTYFamily tree of Rev Robert Henry Gatty of Buckden Manor House
SIL/BUCKD/073ENCLOSUREIn Cambridge Chronicle 3.2.1815, ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/BUCKD/074NICHOLSONMarriage of Rev Isaac Nicholson to Miss Green of Buckden, 30.10.1812?, ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/BUCKD/075EDLESTONNote re Edleston's purchase of manors.
SIL/BUCKD/076FLINTTracing of flint tool or flake from the Red House, Buckden
SIL/BUCKD/077EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/BUCKD/079THE GEORGERef in Torrington diaries, 1790, "good"
SIL/BUCKD/080VALOR ECCLESIASTICUSTranscript of Valor, 1535
SIL/BUCKD/081PARISH CHURCHElevation & plan of font, 8 & 12.1888
SIL/BUCKD/082PARISH CHURCHDrawings of details of pulpit & reading desk by John Ladds, "from JL's pocket book", 21.4..1876
SIL/BUCKD/083PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of font bowl, 31.8.1888.
SIL/BUCKD/084PARISH CHURCHNote re sketch on lowering of pulpit in John Ladds' letter books, 16.6.1876
SIL/BUCKD/085PARISH CHURCHDrawing, exterior view from south-west, 1888
SIL/BUCKD/086PARISH CHURCHBrief note re fragments of window glass, south aisle
SIL/BUCKD/087TUFTON, MASON, WHITWORTHArms of Tufton, Mason and Whitworth, in churchyard
SIL/BUCKD/088HURST, WHITWORTHArms of Hurst, Whitworth, in church, 7.1908
SIL/BUCKD/089PARISH CHURCHNotes on stonework of chancel, 21.8.1908
SIL/BUCKD/090PELHAM, BARLOW, GREEN, REYNOLDSSketches and notes on arms, 10.8.1909
SIL/BUCKD/091PARISH CHURCHNotes on frags of old glass in aisle windows, 4.10.1910
SIL/BUCKD/092PARISH CHURCHNotes on building dates and east window, 10.4.1913
SIL/BUCKD/093LION HOTELSketch of position of Agnus Dei ceiling boss, 20.5.1913
SIL/BUCKD/094PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of memorials, 19.7.1917
SIL/BUCKD/095CHURCHYARDNotes on memorials, 15.12.1941
SIL/BUCKD/096GUNNINGPedigree of Gunning and Brooke, 5.6.1948
SIL/BUCKD/097GUNNING, WHITWORTHPedigree ex Mr Ledgard, 8.6.1948
SIL/BUCKD/098GUNNING, WHITWORTHPedigree and MIs in churchyard, ex R.A. Ledgard, 8.6.1948
SIL/BUCKD/099WHITWORTHLetter from Mr Ledgard re Whitworths, 16.7.1948
SIL/BUCKD/100WHITWORTHDraft Reply to Mr Ledgard, 11.8. 1948
SIL/BUCKD/102PARISH CHURCHInscription on nave roof, churchwardens' initials 1649, 3.3.1937
SIL/BUCKD/103CHIMNEY PIECEMeasured drawing of chimney piece in "Mr Gattie's House"
SIL/BUCKD/104ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 28.6.1911
SIL/BUCKD/105ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 24.5.1917
SIL/BUCKD/106PARISH CHURCHDescription, for British Archaeological Institute
SIL/BUCKD/107PARISH CHURCHVarious refs from bishops' memoranda, Edwardian inventories, Ely Diocesan Cal.
SIL/BUCKD/108PARISH CHURCHNotes on monuments & plate
SIL/BUCKD/109PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on plate and registers, 20.9.1927
SIL/BUCKD/110PARISH CHURCHList of monumets, 22.9.1927
SIL/BUCKD/111PARISH CHURCHNote that organ chamber & vestry built 1884, ex George Page, 25.10.1927
SIL/BUCKD/112PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BUCKD/113PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BUCKD/114PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH, carbon copy of SIL/BUCKD/113
SIL/BUCKD/115PALACEDraft description for VCH
SIL/BUCKD/116HISTORYNotes and corrections on VCH proof, 10.1930
SIL/BUCKD/117HISTORYCorrections to VCH proof, 10.1930
SIL/BUCKD/118PALACECorrections to VCH proof suggested by Edleston, 24.11.1930
SIL/BUCKD/119HISTORYCorrections to VCH proof, 19.8.1931
SIL/BUCKD/120HISTORYCorrections to VCH proof, 20.8.1931
SIL/BUCKD/121HISTORYIllustrations from VCH: plans, photos, prints of parish church and palace
SIL/BUCKD/122LINTONPedigrees, ex "The Hortons of Howrayde" 1911, 8.1944
SIL/BUCKD/123CUTTINGSCHAS visit to church, parish church restoration (4pp), photo of churchyard, Edwardian inventory, vicars (2pp), Palace (9pp), various families (18pp), war memorial, miscellaneous (6pp), property sales (2pp)
SIL/BUCKD/124CONEYGARTHSSale particulars, 31.5.1919
SIL/BUCKD/125MANOR HOUSESale particulars, 30.8.1919
SIL/BUCKD/126RED HOUSESale particulars, 30.8.1919
SIL/BUCKD/127PALACESale particulars, 26.7.1919
SIL/BUCKD/128PALACECopies of 2 sketches, East Front and From North-West, 1867
SIL/BUCKW/01HISTORYLetter to Page re VCH section on Buckworth, with Green family tree
SIL/BUCKW/02PARISH CHURCHNotes on building work, inc discovery of a "quaint little figure" with sketch, 2.10. &10.10.1907
SIL/BUCKW/03HISTORYBrief extracts from Ramsey Abbey cartulary
SIL/BUCKW/04MAPSTracings and sketches of maps: enclosure 1839; Thomas Norton's 1660 map put on OS 6"; sketch of map lent by Rev Ward, and tracing of part of ditto with copy of letter to Rev Ward from H.W. Mostyn re glebe land, 10.7.1917
SIL/BUCKW/05PARISH CHURCHTranscripts of 1833 baptism (Earl) & MIs 1706 (Goodwin) & 1711 (Stevenson)
SIL/BUCKW/06MANORRefs ex WMN, 11.1907
SIL/BUCKW/07HISTORYRefs from various sources, 10 & 11.1901
SIL/BUCKW/09COUNT OF EUFamily tree, descent from Count of Eu (who held Buckworth at Domesday), 20.11.1901
SIL/BUCKW/10HISTORY1218 extract from Fine Rolls, 12.1901
SIL/BUCKW/11MANOR, PARISH CHURCHNotes ex "Hunts in 20th Century"
SIL/BUCKW/12EARTHWORKSSketch plans of "Roman encampment"
SIL/BUCKW/13PARISH CHURCHRough sketch of south side of tower
SIL/BUCKW/15PARISH CHURCHList of patrons ex Rev Noble, 12.4.1898
SIL/BUCKW/16TITHESArticles of agreement for commutation of tithes 3.1.1839, with sketch map; 7.1917
SIL/BUCKW/17PARISH CHURCHSketch of N side of tower, 28.8.1886
SIL/BUCKW/18PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan and drawings of choir stalls, 2.9.1910
SIL/BUCKW/19PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Mostyn re tower restoration and whether it's safe to ring the bells, with SIL sketches added, 12.12.1907
SIL/BUCKW/20PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan of chancel, 27.6.1907
SIL/BUCKW/21PARISH CHURCHSketches and measured plans of parts of tower, 4.2.1908
SIL/BUCKW/22PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of stone carving
SIL/BUCKW/23PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of parts of chancel, 27.6.1907
SIL/BUCKW/24PARISH CHURCHSketches of nave roof and carved bosses on it, 2.8.1910
SIL/BUCKW/25PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches, largely indecipherable
SIL/BUCKW/26PARISH CHURCHDrawing of N side of tower, 1.11.1886
SIL/BUCKW/27ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 1.5.1908
SIL/BUCKW/28ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 1.12.1915
SIL/BUCKW/29MANORCopy of Alderman Backwell's title to the Manor, bought of the Duke of Richmond and Lennox, ex Clayton MSS, 1.2.1930
SIL/BUCKW/30PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on registers and plate, 27.3.1928
SIL/BUCKW/31PARISH CHURCHNotes on architecture, building dates etc
SIL/BUCKW/32PARISH CHURCHNotes on architectural details and monuments, 10.6.1932
SIL/BUCKW/33PARISH CHURCHNotes on monuments, 10.6.1932
SIL/BUCKW/34PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BUCKW/35PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BUCKW/36HISTORY, MANORNotes and corrections on VCH draft, 6.9.1932
SIL/BUCKW/37HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 12.9.1932
SIL/BUCKW/38HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 19.9.1932
SIL/BUCKW/39HISTORYCorrections to revised VCH draft, 7.7.1933
SIL/BUCKW/40HISTORYCorrections to revised VCH draft, 8.7.1933
SIL/BUCKW/41HISTORYNotes and corrections to final VCH draft, 4.1934
SIL/BUCKW/42HISTORYCorrections to final draft of VCH, 4.1934
SIL/BUCKW/43WILLIAM DE HOUGHTONFamily tree of descent from William, 7.1933
SIL/BUCKW/44MANORList of tenants in chief and sub tenants, 19.9.1932
SIL/BUCKW/45HISTORYCorrections to 1st proof of VCH, 6.1934
SIL/BUCKW/46HISTORYCorrections to page proof of VCH, 9.1935
SIL/BUCKW/47HISTORYCorrections to page proof of VCH, 9.1935
SIL/BUCKW/48PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of tower arch, 1.11.1907
SIL/BUCKW/49EARTHWORKSMeasured sketch plan and sections, 6.11.1924
SIL/BUCKW/50EARTHWORKSPlan traced from 25" OS
SIL/BUCKW/51MOATSBuckworth Wood moats, traced from 6" OS
SIL/BUCKW/52EARTHWORKSPlan traced from 25" OS
SIL/BUCKW/53EARTHWORKSMeasured plan and section of earthworks at Buckworth Wood Farm
SIL/BUCKW/54TOWN WALKSketch map of fields, 7.1917 and 27.11.1920
SIL/BUCKW/55HISTORY1218 extract from Fine Rolls (copy of SIL/BUCKW/10) with English translation, 12.1901
SIL/BUCKW/56MANORFamily tree showing descent from Count of Eu, 20.11.1901
SIL/BUCKW/57MANORFamily tree showing descent from Saher de Quincy
SIL/BUCKW/58MANORFamily trees showing descent of Knivett and de Bois
SIL/BUCKW/59PARISH CHURCHNotes on rectors, advowson, restorations etc, various dates 1901-1907
SIL/BUCKW/60MANOR, ADVOWSONCopy of 1673 indenture "framed & hung up in Buckworth Rectory"
SIL/BUCKW/61GLEBECopy of letter from Rev Mostyn to Rev Wilson Ward, 10.7.1917
SIL/BUCKW/62MISCELLANEOUSNotes on earthworks, Roman coin and stone coffin, tithe award map, various dates 1908-1939
SIL/BUCKW/63WILLSList of Buckworth wills at Peterborough, 1501-1635, ex W.M. Noble, 12.11.1901
SIL/BUCKW/64CUTTINGSChurch restoration & parish registers, rectors (5pp, inc Rev Wilson Ward's public apology to the headmistress of Buckworth C of E School), Nichols obituary, property sales
SIL/BUCKW/65EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/BURY/01PARISH CHURCH, HEPMANGROVEPart of letter to Wm Page re church and location of Hepmangrove, 20.4.1927
SIL/BURY/02CAMPIONRef to ?estate & debts of Richard Campion, c.1677, ex Huntingdon Archdeaconry Records
SIL/BURY/03HISTORYCorrection to VCH proof, 6.1.1930
SIL/BURY/04PARISH CHURCHNote on restoration by Richardson, 24.11.1941
SIL/BURY/05PARISH CHURCHRefs in Ramsey Abbey Cartulary, 12th century
SIL/BURY/06PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building phases and dates
SIL/BURY/07PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of chancel door, 7.10.1925
SIL/BURY/08PARISH CHURCHSketch of nave arcade capitals, 23.9.1925
SIL/BURY/09PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of foundations of west chapel, 26.7.1921
SIL/BURY/10PARISH CHURCHScale plan and elevation of font, 1898
SIL/BURY/11PARISH CHURCHNotes on hour glass stand, marks of cannonballs on tower (said to have destroyed west chapel), Lt Raveley and hermit's cell, ex Rev Hughes, 6.12.1920
SIL/BURY/12PARISH CHURCHDrawing of part of west wall, presumably by John Ladds, 8.5.1914
SIL/BURY/13PARISH CHURCHDrawing of doorway between tower and nave, presumably by John Ladds, 8.5.1914
SIL/BURY/14PARISH CHURCHNotes, sketches and measurement of plate, 10.5.1927
SIL/BURY/15PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of font, 14.5.1920
SIL/BURY/16PARISH CHURCHSketch of west elevation of tower, measured sketch plan of west chapel, 13.7.1908
SIL/BURY/17PARISH CHURCHWatercolour view from the south-west, by John Ladds, 8.5.1914
SIL/BURY/18PARISH CHURCHCopy of 1889 article by J.A. Poulter
SIL/BURY/19PARISH CHURCHSketch of roof detail, 19.1.1911
SIL/BURY/20PARISH CHURCHPhotograph from the south-west, from Cambridge County Geographies p. 95
SIL/BURY/21PARISH CHURCHIllustrated article by J.A. Poulter, CHAS vol. 1
SIL/BURY/22PARISH CHURCHNotes by Rev B.M. Lloyd of Witchford vicarage, addressed to Rev Evelyn-White
SIL/BURY/23PARISH CHURCHNotes on article by Abi Albon, ex HCN 3.7.1897, 3.1902
SIL/BURY/24PARISH CHURCHRefs in Ramsey Abbey Cartulary, 4.1902
SIL/BURY/25PARISH CHURCHRef from [illeg] Inquis of 1341, 4.1902
SIL/BURY/26HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 3.1.1930
SIL/BURY/27HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 3.1.1930
SIL/BURY/28HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 6.1.1930
SIL/BURY/29HISTORYNote on VCH proofs, 12.7.1931
SIL/BURY/30PARISH CHURCHPhotographs and ground plan with building phases, from VCH
SIL/BURY/31PARISH CHURCHHistory, plate & incumbents, ex Rev Noble's "mottled 4to book", 8.1899
SIL/BURY/32BERNARD SPARROWList of landholdings of Lady Olivia Bernard Sparrow 1856 and Sir Robert Bernard no date, from "Huntingdonshire Maps"
SIL/BURY/33BERNARD SPARROWMap of land held by Lady Olivia Bernard Sparrow 1856 and Sir Robert Bernard no date, "Roughly traced" by SIL, 7.1940
SIL/BURY/34ENCLOSURENotes on award maps ex CC, 18.11.1938
SIL/BURY/35PARISH CHURCHRef to stipend of chapel at Bury, translation from Ramsey Abbey Cartulary, ex WMN's book AA
SIL/BURY/36ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 22.5.1908
SIL/BURY/37ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 16.1.1914
SIL/BURY/38ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 7.5.1920
SIL/BURY/39BRIDGESketch plan and south elevation of Bury bridge, with measurements, 26.8.1925
SIL/BURY/40BRIDGESketch with measurements of part of stoup, found at Bridge and now in Church, 7.10.1925
SIL/BURY/41EARTHWORKSSite of Roman camp & tumulus, traced from OS 6"
SIL/BURY/42EARTHWORKSRef to barrow in Brayley's "Beauties etc."
SIL/BURY/43MANOR HOUSESketch map of site of "cemetery 1000 years old bones"
SIL/BURY/44EARTHWORKSSketch plan with measurements of possible barrow, 15.10.1924
SIL/BURY/45EARTHWORKSTracing with notes and measurements from 25" OS, 15.10.1924
SIL/BURY/46EARTHWORKSTracing of supposed barrow (from 25" OS)
SIL/BURY/47EARTHWORKSTracing of supposed barrow and Roman site, from 25" OS
SIL/BURY/48MISCELLANEOUSRegisters, Church plate, incumbents, wills, Roman camp etc., various refs from various sources
SIL/BURY/49PRESS CUTTINGSChurch restoration, registers & bones at Council houses, Parish church, Rectors (2pp), Rowell, Fire (1908), Corney (centenarian) (3pp), property sales (3pp)
SIL/BURY/50EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/BYTHN/01PARISH CHURCHNotes on inspections, 2.12.1905 to 18.2.1907
SIL/BYTHN/02PARISH CHURCHReport on condition of spire, 20.9.1927
SIL/BYTHN/03PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of chalice, 2.12.1905.
SIL/BYTHN/04PARISH CHURCHEast window, sketches with measurements.
SIL/BYTHN/05PARISH CHURCHBrief description from CHAS excursion, 18.8.1915
SIL/BYTHN/06PARISH CHURCH Poster for thanksgiving service after restoration, 7.11.[1907]
SIL/BYTHN/07ROADSRef to a road out of repair, 1681 Quarter Sessions, ex Granville Proby 6.1934
SIL/BYTHN/08PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of inspections, 22.10.1921 to 22.8.1927
SIL/BYTHN/09PARISH CHURCH.Measured sketches of porch and south aisle, 2.12.1905
SIL/BYTHN/10PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of tower etc, 2.1907
SIL/BYTHN/11PARISH CHURCHSmall measured sketch of part of porch and south aisle, 23.8.1934
SIL/BYTHN/12PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of various parts of the building, 17.4.1907
SIL/BYTHN/13PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of north aisle, 22.10.1921, with added cracks that have appeared since, 20.6.1938
SIL/BYTHN/14PARISH CHURCHSketch ground plan, 31.7.1934
SIL/BYTHN/15PARISH CHURCHDrawing of weathercock now in vestry, with scale, 8.1892.
SIL/BYTHN/16PARISH CHURCHGround plan, 1934
SIL/BYTHN/17PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches on plate & registers, 22.8.1927
SIL/BYTHN/18PARISH CHURCH.Report on cracks and need for underpinning, 23.2.1922
SIL/BYTHN/19PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on cracks and underpinning, 2.12.1905 to 20.6.1938.
SIL/BYTHN/20PARISH CHURCHLetter to William Lea re cracks and underpinning, 24.6.1938.
SIL/BYTHN/21PARISH CHURCHPlan of old underpinning of tower found by MJA, 19.11.1938
SIL/BYTHN/22PARISH CHURCHPlan of old underpinning of tower ex Mr Lea, 21.11.1938
SIL/BYTHN/23PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of old underpinning of tower ex Mr Lea, 22.11.1938
SIL/BYTHN/24PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of old underpinning of tower ex Mr Lea, 3.12.1938
SIL/BYTHN/25PARISH CHURCHReport on progress of underpinning with sketch plan, 20.12.1938
SIL/BYTHN/26PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BYTHN/27PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BYTHN/28PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of architectural details and monuments
SIL/BYTHN/29PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/BYTHN/30HISTORYVCH draft (Miss Russell), 29.8.1932
SIL/BYTHN/31HISTORYNotes on VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/BYTHN/32HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 4.9.1932
SIL/BYTHN/33HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 4.9.1932
SIL/BYTHN/34HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/BYTHN/35HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/BYTHN/36HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 6.1934
SIL/BYTHN/37HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/BYTHN/38HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/BYTHN/39PARISH CHURCHBrief notes on dimensions of nave & S aisle.
SIL/BYTHN/40PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building phases, from VCH
SIL/BYTHN/41PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building phases
SIL/BYTHN/42LADDSDraft of 1827 indenture, general release, Miss George to William Ladds
SIL/BYTHN/43PARISH CHURCHVarious notes & refs: memorials, architectural details, plate, archdeacon Neve's notebook etc
SIL/BYTHN/44PRESS CUTTINGSParish church, rector, Nichols, 17C assize records of robbery (Tebbutt), property sales.
SIL/BYTHN/45EXTRACTSVarious items from varous sources
SIL/CALDE/01PARISH CHURCHList of 13th cent patrons, 17th cent incumbents, ex Rev Noble
SIL/CALDE/02PARISH CHURCHLetter re church, also Denton church & Washingley chapel, from Rev A.E. Cook at Folksworth rectory, 5.5.1911
SIL/CALDE/03PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Cook re registers etc, 3.6.1911
SIL/CALDE/04PARISH CHURCHCopy of 1871 architect's description ex Rev Cook, 5.1911
SIL/CALDE/05PARISH CHURCHA fuller copy of the 1871 architect's description and report, ex Rev Cook, 3.6.1911
SIL/CALDE/06ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 2.12.1924
SIL/CALDE/07RECTORYScale drawing of porch, 22.5.1925
SIL/CALDE/08RECTORYReport to Diocesan Dilapidations Board, with recommendations for demolitions and rebuildings, 26.5.1925
SIL/CALDE/09RECTORYTraced plan of rectory and grounds
SIL/CALDE/10PARISH CHURCHDrawing of pre-restoration church traced from 1860 photograph ex Granville Proby, 5.1928
SIL/CALDE/11PARISH CHURCHDrawing, the church as at present from the south, from Tyndall's photo, 1931
SIL/CALDE/12PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of registers, plate, architectural details, with drawing pre-restoration from c.1860 photo, 7.3.1928
SIL/CALDE/13PARISH CHURCHNotes on registers, MIs, architectural details etc, 17.3.1932
SIL/CALDE/14PARISH CHURCHCopy of report on bells, Taylor of Loughborough to Rev Westlake, 10.6.1926 copied 3.3.1932
SIL/CALDE/15PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/CALDE/16PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/CALDE/18HISTORYVCH draft, 10.6.1933
SIL/CALDE/19HISTORYVCH final draft, 8.1934
SIL/CALDE/20HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft [13.6.1933 - see SIL/CALDE/21]
SIL/CALDE/21ADVOWSONAccount from VCH draft
SIL/CALDE/22HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 13.6.1933
SIL/CALDE/23ADVOWSONNotes on sale of Advowson in 1918, 4.9.1933
SIL/CALDE/24HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 8.1934
SIL/CALDE/25HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 8.1934
SIL/CALDE/26HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 2.1935
SIL/CALDE/27HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 2.1935
SIL/CALDE/28HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 1.12.1935
SIL/CALDE/29HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 2.12.1935
SIL/CALDE/30EARTHWORKSketch map of supposed Roman earthwork ex 6" OS
SIL/CALDE/31EARTHWORKSketch plans with measurements of moat W of church, 6.1.1925
SIL/CALDE/32PARISH CHURCHCHAS visit & architectural description ex Transactions, 8.5.1911
SIL/CALDE/33MOATSketch plan of "moat in Caldecot Wood", 19.8.1924
SIL/CALDE/34CALDECOTE WOODSketch plan of Wood and Kenny's Oak ("not very old") etc, 19.1.1925
SIL/CALDE/35HISTORYManor and parish church ex "Hunts in the 20th Century"
SIL/CALDE/36DE BRUSRefs to John Balliol, Robert de Brus and Peter de Brus in Rishanger's Chronicle, 4.1933
SIL/CALDE/37MANORS, ADVOWSONNote of owners ex Mr Looker, 19.1.1918
SIL/CALDE/38CHAUNCYRefs to Caldecote (Herts) in Chauncy's "History of Herts"
SIL/CALDE/39PARISH CHURCHArchitectural details, advowson, rectory, incumbents, patrons - various sources
SIL/CALDE/40PRESS CUTTINGSCHAS visit & parish church, parish church, rectors & Bishop Tugwell, property sales
SIL/CALDE/41EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/CATWO/001PARISH CHURCHGround plan with proposed heating system, 5.1939
SIL/CATWO/002PARISH CHURCHPlan for underpinning vestry and heating chamber, with measurements and notes on progress, 8-9.1939
SIL/CATWO/003SCHOOLMeasured plans and elevations for extension to school and house, 6.9.1870
SIL/CATWO/004PARISH CHURCHTable of measurements for heating system, 6.1939
SIL/CATWO/005PARISH CHURCHPlan showing distribution of heat for heating system, 29.6.1939
SIL/CATWO/006SCHOOLGround plan for school and master's house, by John Ladds, stamped "Education Approved"
SIL/CATWO/007SCHOOLGround plan for extension to school and house, by John Ladds, stamped "Education Approved" and with wax seal
SIL/CATWO/008PARISH CHURCHPlan and sections of heating chamber, 8.1939.
SIL/CATWO/009PARISH CHURCH.Drawings and prices of glazing damaged by blast from air crash, 22.1.1944
SIL/CATWO/010PARISH CHURCHReport on roofs of nave, south aisle and porch, 24.5.1938
SIL/CATWO/011PARISH CHURCHReport on proposed improvements to chancel, screen, side altar and heating system, 3.6.1939
SIL/CATWO/012CROXTONTranscript of burial, Maj Gen Croxton, 1845
SIL/CATWO/013HISTORYTwo letters from Rev Weatherly re proofs, 24.8 & 8.9.1916
SIL/CATWO/014PARISH CHURCHDraft of MI to Thomas Brudenell, 1656
SIL/CATWO/015HISTORYNote from Rev Weatherly, 21.6.1913
SIL/CATWO/016INCUMBENTSNotes on rectors, rectory etc "apparently from Lincoln" ex Rev Weatherly
SIL/CATWO/017INCUMBENTSCopy of letter and notes on rectors from F. Madan to Rev Weatherly, 11.1.1913
SIL/CATWO/018ADVOWSONLetter and notes re patronage ex Rev Weatherly, 25.8.1913
SIL/CATWO/019PARISH CHURCHNotes on monumental inscriptions & rectors, ex Rev Weatherly
SIL/CATWO/020PARISH CHURCHArchitectural description, 10.1914
SIL/CATWO/021INCUMBENTSNotes on rectors "evidently from the registers" ex Rev Weatherly
SIL/CATWO/022INCUMBENTSSIL's comments on Rev Weatherly's list of rectors, with Rev Weatherly's replies, 18.6.1913
SIL/CATWO/023HISTORYLetter to Rev Weatherly on various aspects, 10.9.1913
SIL/CATWO/024HISTORYRefs and pedigrees in Domesday Book and other medieval and later sources, 9.1913
SIL/CATWO/025INCUMBENTSCorrections to notes on rectors, 6.1913
SIL/CATWO/026HISTORYRefs in Hunts Feet of Fines (CAS publication)
SIL/CATWO/027BRUDENELLTranscript & description of monument in parish church ex Lansdowne MSS 921.13/64
SIL/CATWO/028CHAS EXCURSIONBrief account of visit to parish church ex Trans CHAS, 18.5.1915
SIL/CATWO/029ADVOWSONNotes on patronage ex Rev Noble
SIL/CATWO/030FIELDS MAPNotes on fields outlined in colour, ex Mr Dilley's map, 25" OS 1901
SIL/CATWO/031RECTORY, HOUSE NR CHURCHOld part of rectory built 1706; former house on S side of churchyard; ex Rev Weatherly 8.11.1912
SIL/CATWO/032REV WEATHERLYList of previous appointments, 8.3.1912
SIL/CATWO/033HISTORYExtracts from Domesday, Fine Rolls & Feet of Fines
SIL/CATWO/034MANOR, PARISH CHURCHRefs in "Hunts in 20th Century"
SIL/CATWO/035BROOK HOUSEBrief description of house and grounds + other nearby houses, 24.10.1913
SIL/CATWO/036PARISH CHURCHAppeal for funds for repair of spire following lightning strike, 10.1914
SIL/CATWO/037PARISH CHURCHNotice of dedication of stained glass windows in memory of Rev & Mrs Woodward, 24.7.1913
SIL/CATWO/038TOLL GATESketch with dimensions and sketch map of location, 28.8.1914
SIL/CATWO/039PARISH CHURCHCopy of inscription on altar table, 10.1912
SIL/CATWO/040RECTORYSketch of front elevation & ground plan with measurements, ex John Ladds' pocket book, 3.12.1873
SIL/CATWO/041REV FAIRCHILDTwo letters re his induction and fences/hedges on glebe, and re brochure ?for restoration appeal, 23.6.1919, & 28.5.1927
SIL/CATWO/042CHURCHWARDENS BOOKSExtracts re expenses for 1863-4, inc recasting & rehanging bell, 1914.
SIL/CATWO/043HISTORYLetter from Rev Weatherly re publication of CHAS article & correction to a date in it, 26.4.1917
SIL/CATWO/044MANOR, ADVOWSONList of dates 1854-1910, with Duke of Manchester Lord of the Manor & Brasenose College Patron
SIL/CATWO/045FEET OF FINES.List of numbers, Gt & Lt Catworth - meaning?
SIL/CATWO/046SCHOOLSketch plans and elevations with measurements by John Ladds, 23.9.1870 (with similar drawings of a house at Barnet on the back of the last page, 13.12.1875)
SIL/CATWO/047SOMENotes on Canon Overton's "The Nonjurors", 1902 re Moses Some, 27.7.1903
SIL/CATWO/048PARISH CHURCHArchitectural description, 14.5.1915
SIL/CATWO/049LAWTON, DRYDENTranscript of MI to John Lawton and Rose Dryden in parish church, 8.1914
SIL/CATWO/050SCHOOLElevations and plans for Master's House, by John Ladds 28.9.1872
SIL/CATWO/051PARISH CHURCHMeasured plans of chancel paving and coped stone, 9.1939
SIL/CATWO/052PARISH CHURCHPlan of nave roof, 5.5.1938
SIL/CATWO/053PARISH CHURCHMeasured plan with notes of seating in chancel, 15.3.1940 & 25.4.1940
SIL/CATWO/054PARISH CHURCHSections of western and eastern bays of nave roof with added measurements, 5.5.1938
SIL/CATWO/055SOMEDetails from Cambridge UL & Alumni Cantab, ex Rev Vigers 13.7.1945 & 31.5.1946
SIL/CATWO/056SOMEExtracts from transcripts of registers at Great Catworth and Brington, 7.1943
SIL/CATWO/057SOME, INCUMBENTSExtracts from Brington transcripts, 7.1943
SIL/CATWO/058INCUMBENTSNote on death of Rev Weatherly "about 2 months ago", 21.1.1944
SIL/CATWO/059PARISH CHURCHNotes on monuments, architectural details, embroidery; 10.1912, 10.5.1912, 8.3.1912, 3.4.1912, 18.5.1915
SIL/CATWO/060PARISH CHURCHPlan of nave roof, 5.5.1938
SIL/CATWO/061BOOTHCopies of two letters to Rev Cowgill, 3.1939
SIL/CATWO/062KINGTranscripts of parts of two wills
SIL/CATWO/063PARISH CHURCHDesign for new churchyard wall and gate, by John Ladds 3.6.1863
SIL/CATWO/064BRAZENOSE COLLEGEDrawing of arms of bishop Smith, see of Lincoln & Sir Richard Sutton, at Brazenose College 1575
SIL/CATWO/065HISTORY.Page from Rev Weatherly's article on Catworth in CHAS
SIL/CATWO/066PARISH CHURCH.Notes on Van Dyck's "Entombment" & embroidered cushions, 9.10.1905
SIL/CATWO/067TOLL GATE.Sketch map showing position, 7.3.1923
SIL/CATWO/068BRUDENELL, DIXIEMiscellaneous notes
SIL/CATWO/069PARISH CHURCHMeasurements of bells, on back of envelope postmarked 1914
SIL/CATWO/070MANORRef in Feet of Fines 11 Edward III, ex Rev Noble 10.5.1906
SIL/CATWO/071PARISH CHURCH, MEASURESTranscript of wall tablet to Benjamin Measures, 23.2.1939
SIL/CATWO/072PARISH CHURCH, MEASURESTranscript of wall tablet to Benjamin Measures, 23.2.1939
SIL/CATWO/073PARISH CHURCHNotes on old photographs and rebuildings, ex Mr Cowgill 19.8.1939.
SIL/CATWO/074LEEKENotes on family history ex Surtees Society
SIL/CATWO/075SOMESketch map of site of graves at Lt Catworth, traced from OS 25", 1919
SIL/CATWO/076BRASSNote on possible ancient brass of knight in rectory.
SIL/CATWO/077PARISH CHURCHNote that embroidered hassock covers were sold to S[outh] K[ensington] M[useum] for £25
SIL/CATWO/078PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of part of new churchyard wall by John Ladds, 5.9.1864
SIL/CATWO/079PARISH CHURCHElevation of part of new churchyard wall by John Ladds, 15.9.1864
SIL/CATWO/080PARISH CHURCHDesign for new churchyard gate, elevation and plan with part detail of carving full size on reverse, by John Ladds, 1864
SIL/CATWO/081PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch plans and elevation of font, 17.8.1892
SIL/CATWO/082PARISH CHURCHNorth elevation & plan of font with scale, 8.1892.
SIL/CATWO/083FONTElevation & plan of font now at the Fox PH, 8.1892
SIL/CATWO/084PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of design for altar, 24.6.1912
SIL/CATWO/085PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch section of altar, 24.6.1912
SIL/CATWO/086PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of design for oak retable, 9.1912.
SIL/CATWO/087PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of damage to spire caused by lightning, 1.7.1914
SIL/CATWO/088PARISH CHURCHElevation, sections and plan of steeple showing damage caused by lightning, 1.7.1914
SIL/CATWO/089PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of parts of steeple, 3.7.1914
SIL/CATWO/090PARISH CHURCHSketches and notes of parts of steeple, 25.8.1914
SIL/CATWO/091PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch with notes of top spire light, 28.8.1914
SIL/CATWO/092PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes and measurements of parts of spire, 2.9.1914
SIL/CATWO/093PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes and measurements of parts of spire, 8.9.1914
SIL/CATWO/094PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of parts of spire, 9.1914
SIL/CATWO/095PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of part of spire,10.11.1914
SIL/CATWO/096PARISH CHURCHDrawing of steeple showing the heights of the different parts of it, 9.1914
SIL/CATWO/097PARISH CHURCHMeasured plans of various parts of the building, including a ground plan, 8.8.1919
SIL/CATWO/098PARISH CHURCHMeasured plans and drawings of various parts of the building; 22 & 24.5.1939, 28.8.1939, 26.10.1939, 8.8.1939, 10.5.1939, 8.5.1939, 11.1939, 10.10.1939, 2.6.1939, 2.11.1939, 15.3.1940
SIL/CATWO/099PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of various parts of the building (on envelope postmarked 6.12.1938)
SIL/CATWO/100CHAPELSketches, notes and measurements of "Old Dissenting Chapel", 19.6.1939
SIL/CATWO/101PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of stone coffin lid from churchyard, now on N. wall of sacrarium, 14.8.1939
SIL/CATWO/102PARISH CHURCHSketches and notes from 1873 photographs, exterior and interior, 21.8.1939
SIL/CATWO/103PARISH CHURCHNote on lack of chancel foundations, discovered while digging for new heating chamber, 9.1939
SIL/CATWO/104PARISH CHURCHMeasured plan of chancel arch, ex MJA 13.10.1939
SIL/CATWO/105INCUMBENTSNote on MI of Rev Richard Latham and wife, 15.3.1940
SIL/CATWO/106PARISH CHURCHSketch ground plan with building dates, 5.1940
SIL/CATWO/107LT CATWORTH ENCLOSURENote on copy of map in possession of Wade Gery & Brackenbury, 10.1939
SIL/CATWO/108ENCLOSURENotes on map ex Rev Cowgill, 6.3.1939
SIL/CATWO/109ENCLOSURECopy of the award, 8.1919
SIL/CATWO/110ENCLOSURESketch maps, notes and copy of the award map, 8.1919
SIL/CATWO/111WELSTEAD SALEMap & details of lots, 1912
SIL/CATWO/112GT & LT CATWORTHTable and notes re acreages, owners and civil annexation of Lt Catworth in 1885, 8.1919
SIL/CATWO/113MANCHESTERField plan of Duke's estate at Gt Catworth, 9.1938
SIL/CATWO/115BOOTHFamily tree
SIL/CATWO/116BOOTHFamily tree with arms
SIL/CATWO/117BOOTH, ENCLOSUREPart of draft letter to Rev Cowgill re Booth family & borrowing Enclosure map for photography, 1.3.1939.
SIL/CATWO/118ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 7.10.1905
SIL/CATWO/119ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 2.2.1912
SIL/CATWO/120ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 3.8.1919
SIL/CATWO/121WILLSNotes on wills of William Smythe, William Beddle, Thomas Goslyn, John Colevill, Alice Torkington, Wm Smith, John Dyxy, Wm Smythe, ex WMN's book WWW
SIL/CATWO/122PARISH CHURCHRefs to plate in archdeacon's notebook 1829 & 1830
SIL/CATWO/123PARISH CHURCHRefs in Archdeaconry records 1797 & 1709
SIL/CATWO/124BLENCOWE, TOMLINSONDraft or copy of indenture, conveyance, Blencowe, Tomlinson, Day, 1795
SIL/CATWO/125BLENCOWE, TOMLINSONNotes explaining the transactions in SIL/CATWO/124 & 126
SIL/CATWO/126BLENCOWE, TOMLINSONDraft or copy of indenture, Tomlinson to Blencowe, security on a further loan of £700 on premises in Gt Catworth, 22.1.1796
SIL/CATWO/127EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/CATWO/128HUMFREYFamily tree of Humfrey of Barton Seagreave, Northants, ex T.P. Fernie
SIL/CATWO/129BEDELLNotes on 1612 will of George Bedell, ex WMN
SIL/CATWO/130WELSTEADCopy of extracts from 1832 will of Charles Welstead
SIL/CATWO/131PARISH CHURCH"St Leonard's Church Great Catworth Restoration Fund", leaflet with details of subscribers, money spent etc, 1927
SIL/CATWO/132PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Fairhurst re visit to look at church plate, 9.6.1928
SIL/CATWO/133PARISH CHURCHCopy of inscription on silver plate, ex Mr Fairhurst 18.9.1928
SIL/CATWO/134PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on registers, plate, architectural details and monuments, 12.6.1928
SIL/CATWO/135PARISH CHURCHNote on an alms dish, enclosure award and the parish registers, ex Rev Tuke 18.8.1943
SIL/CATWO/136PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on the medieval embroidery, ex Proc Soc Antiq 1906-07
SIL/CATWO/137PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on the medieval embroidery, ex V&A Museum Catalogue of English Eccles Embroideries, 1916 3rd edition
SIL/CATWO/138PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on the medieval embroidery, ex V&A Museum Catalogue of English Eccles Embroideries, 1916 3rd edition (neater version of SIL/CATWO/137)
SIL/CATWO/139PARISH CHURCHSketches of the embroidery "from photos in church", 27.10.1932
SIL/CATWO/140PARISH CHURCHList of queries re architectural details and monuments, 15.7.1932
SIL/CATWO/141PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/CATWO/142PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/CATWO/143DOMESDAYHoldings listed under Gt Catworth and Lt Catworth
SIL/CATWO/144DE BEKERINGFamily tree from VCH draft, 1.10.1932
SIL/CATWO/145HISTORYVCH draft "?Miss Simpkins", 28.9.1932
SIL/CATWO/146CHARITIESVCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/CATWO/147HISTORYVCH fnal draft, 4.1934
SIL/CATWO/148HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 1.10.1932 & 4.10.1932
SIL/CATWO/149LT CATWORTHNote that VCH draft mixes Lt Catworth with Gt Catworth, with suggestion that Lt Catworth should instead be added to Stow Longa, 1.10.1932
SIL/CATWO/150HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 4.10.1932
SIL/CATWO/151HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/CATWO/152HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/CATWO/153PARISH CHURCHNote on candelabrum,with copy of inscription and translation of part of it, ex Rev Fairhurst 19.7.1934
SIL/CATWO/154HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 7.1934
SIL/CATWO/155HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 6.1934
SIL/CATWO/156HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 7.1934
SIL/CATWO/157HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/CATWO/158HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/CATWO/159MANORDescent of the Manor ex Hugh Candidus
SIL/CATWO/160INCUMBENTSRefs in transcripts of burials, 7.1943
SIL/CATWO/161INCUMBENTS, SOME, LADDSRefs in transcripts of burials, 7.1943
SIL/CATWO/162KIMBOLTON CASTLE ESTATESales particulars for Catworth properties with map, 19-20.7.1918
SIL/CATWO/163PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (3pp), faculty for memorial to Mr Measures (2pp), incumbents (4pp), deaths (3pp), property sales (2pp).
SIL/CHEST/01DUROBRIVAEEarthworks & sites traced from 25" OS, 8.1924
SIL/CHEST/02ROMAN SITESSites in Artis' map put onto a tracing of the 6" OS, 8.1924
SIL/CHEST/03ELECTRICITY LINESMap showing Beds Cambs & Hunts Electricity Co overhead line Orton Waterville-Alwalton-Elton, superimposed on 6"OS.
SIL/CHEST/04BEVILLDescription of MIs in the parish church ex Lansd 921 13/65
SIL/CHEST/05PARISH CHURCHDay book entries with descriptions of visits to church and detailed descriptions and drawings of parts of it, 12 & 13.4.1895 & 27.7.1907
SIL/CHEST/06PARISH CHURCHMeasured elevation of chancel parapet, 31.10.1919
SIL/CHEST/07PARISH CHURCHSketch of hatchment, 27.7.1907
SIL/CHEST/08PARISH CHURCHSketches of hatchments, Bevill, Dryden, 17.12.1913
SIL/CHEST/09PARISH CHURCHDrawings of hatchments, Bevill, Dryden, 18.9.1923
SIL/CHEST/10PARISH CHURCHDrawing of chancel parapet and of initials and date (1821) on rainwater heads
SIL/CHEST/11PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of chancel parapet, 1908
SIL/CHEST/12PARISH CHURCHDrawing of church ex Sweeting, with parts marked "17th or 18th c"
SIL/CHEST/13PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of plate, with hallmarks, 20.5.1914
SIL/CHEST/14PARISH CHURCHDescription of church and monuments
SIL/CHEST/15ARCHAEOLOGYNote on "Roman Signal Station" or perhaps round barrow
SIL/CHEST/16TORRINGTON DIARIESRefs to Cates Cabin and Chesterton village, 1790
SIL/CHEST/17GREAT NORTH ROADPhotograph, ex Cambridge County Geographies, Hunts p. 112
SIL/CHEST/18ARTIS'S DUROBRIVAEList and description of Plates, 9.8.1924
SIL/CHEST/19ARTIS'S DUROBRIVAEArtis's map of Roman sites put onto a tracing of the 6" OS, 8.1924
SIL/CHEST/20ARTIS'S DUROBRIVAERB inscription from Normangate Field
SIL/CHEST/22ARCHAEOLOGYRefs to local finds in Journ. Brit. Arch Assoc. 1887
SIL/CHEST/23ARCHAEOLOGYT.J. Walker's paper on Roman occupation in Peterborough district, Journ. Brit. Arch Assoc. 1899
SIL/CHEST/24ELECTRICITY LINESMap of overhead line Wansford to Alwalton, 6.1936
SIL/CHEST/25CHAS EXCURSIONRough notes, 21.8.1924
SIL/CHEST/26ROMAN ROADSArticle by Ivan Margary in Antiq Journ, with air photos and maps, 4.1936
SIL/CHEST/27ARCHAEOLOGYSketch plan of signal station/round barrow, ex OS 25", 8.1924
SIL/CHEST/28ARCHAEOLOGYSketch plan and measured sections of signal station/round barrow, 9.9.1924
SIL/CHEST/29ARCHAEOLOGYPlan and sections of signal station/round barrow, 9.1924
SIL/CHEST/30ARCHAEOLOGYPlan of signal station/round barrow ex OS 6"
SIL/CHEST/31DUROBRIVAEPlan of town and Roman sites ex OS 6"
SIL/CHEST/32ARCHAEOLOGYRefs to Durobrivae & Roman sites from published works
SIL/CHEST/33ARCHAEOLOGYPosition of Artis's tumulus traced on various maps
SIL/CHEST/34ARCHAEOLOGYSurveyed sketch plan of the position of Artis's tumulus, 13.1.1925
SIL/CHEST/35DUROBRIVAEMeasured sketch plan of town ramparts with notes, 21.8.1924
SIL/CHEST/36DUROBRIVAEMeasured sketch plan and sections of town ramparts, 9.9.1924
SIL/CHEST/37DUROBRIVAEMeasured sketch sections of town ramparts
SIL/CHEST/38DUROBRIVAEMeasured sections of town ramparts
SIL/CHEST/39DUROBRIVAECalculation of the area enclosed by the town ramparts, 11.1924
SIL/CHEST/40BEVILLFamily tree and regsiter entries, ex W.M. Noble
SIL/CHEST/41ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 16.4.1908
SIL/CHEST/42ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 4.12.1913
SIL/CHEST/43ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 24.10.1919
SIL/CHEST/44CHESTERTON HOUSETracing of a drawing in Carter Coll., BM Add MSS 29936
SIL/CHEST/45PARISH CHURCHLists of monuments and registers, drawings of plate, 3.6.1930
SIL/CHEST/46PARISH CHURCHNotes on description and building dates, 27.5.1930
SIL/CHEST/47PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH, 6.1931
SIL/CHEST/48PARISH CHURCHNote of queries, 18.8.1931
SIL/CHEST/49PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH, 6.1931
SIL/CHEST/50CHESTERTON HOUSENotes, based on the Carter drawing shown in SIL/CHEST/44
SIL/CHEST/51BEVILL, DRYDEN, PIGGOTTFamily trees and descent of Manor, 6.1933
SIL/CHEST/52HISTORYVCH draft (Miss Jamison), 23.6.1933
SIL/CHEST/53HISTORYBrief corrections to VCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CHEST/54HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 24.6.1933
SIL/CHEST/55HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 29.6.1933
SIL/CHEST/56HISTORYMiss Jamison's answers to comments on VCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CHEST/57HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CHEST/58HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CHEST/59HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 2.1935
SIL/CHEST/60HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 2.1935
SIL/CHEST/61HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof
SIL/CHEST/62HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 2.12.1935
SIL/CHEST/63ADVOWSONLetter from V. Cunningham of VCH re Rev Buttle, 12.11.1934
SIL/CHEST/64DOMESDAYList of holdings of Eustace the Shefiff
SIL/CHEST/65KATES CABINRef to innholder John Blow in 1774 will, ex W.M. Noble
SIL/CHEST/66BEVILLRefs in Peterborough marriage licences, 1600-1616
SIL/CHEST/67PARISH CHURCHDay book entry re survey for Eccles Dilapidations, 3.7.1908
SIL/CHEST/68INCUMBENTSMonuments in parish church
SIL/CHEST/69INCUMBENTSRev Chaplin to be instituted to Northwold, 12.10.1919
SIL/CHEST/70INCUMBENTSNote of death of Rev Horne, 11.1.1927
SIL/CHEST/71DUROBRIVAE"A History of Roman Chesterton" etc. by G. Wyman Abbott, ex Pboro Nat Hist Soc 1912-14
SIL/CHEST/72HISTORYNotes on parish church inc plate & incumbents, Durobrivae, wills, Dryden, from various sources
SIL/CHEST/73PRESS CUTTINGSParish church, incumbents (2pp), Durobrivae, Kates Cabin, Hadman manslaughter case (6pp), Durobrivae, property sales
SIL/CHEST/74EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/COLNE/01LADY BLANCHE WAKEPostscript in letter from Wm Page re Lady Blanche and her murdered steward, 2.2.1931
SIL/COLNE/02ARCHAEOLOGYDrawing of bone implement from Colne Camp Ground & AS rim sherd, ex C.F. Tebbutt, 5.10.1927
SIL/COLNE/03CARVED STONESketch of letters I P on stone found in old house at Colne, ex C.F. Tebbutt, 1926
SIL/COLNE/04RB VILLAGECHAS article "Romano-British village sites in Colne and Somersham" by C.F. Tebbutt, 16.3.1928
SIL/COLNE/05ROMAN ROADSDraft of part of Tebbutt's article on Colne Camp Ground with dismissive comments by SIL
SIL/COLNE/06REGISTERS, HERESYExtracts from registers & account of 1456 trial for heresy, ex WMN
SIL/COLNE/07PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building dates
SIL/COLNE/08PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building dates (neater version of SIL/COLNE/07)
SIL/COLNE/09PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on architectural details, plate & registers, with drawing of former church from a "poor watercolour" in the church, 15.3.1927
SIL/COLNE/10PARISH CHURCHNotes on sketch [of former church] sent to Wm Page, 30.3.1927
SIL/COLNE/11PARISH CHURCHDrawing and notes on former church, from watercolour & photos
SIL/COLNE/12PARISH CHURCHDraft letter (not sent) to Wm Page re former church, 11.4.1927
SIL/COLNE/13PARISH CHURCHDraft description of former and present church for VCH
SIL/COLNE/14PARISH CHURCHDraft description of former and present church for VCH
SIL/COLNE/15PARISH CHURCHAdditions to VCH draft re plate & registers, 27.10.1927
SIL/COLNE/16HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 2.1930
SIL/COLNE/17HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 2.1930
SIL/COLNE/18HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 6.2.1930
SIL/COLNE/19HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 12.7.1931
SIL/COLNE/20HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 12.7.1931
SIL/COLNE/21PARISH CHURCHPhotographs from VCH showing four views of the former church after its collapse
SIL/COLNE/22PARISH CHURCHNotes on coats of arms in windows ex Lansd 921 13/69
SIL/COLNE/23MOATSPlans of two moats near site of former church, from 6" OS
SIL/COLNE/24MOATSSketch plans and sections of moats near church, with measurements, 9.10.1924
SIL/COLNE/25EARTHWORKSSketch plans and sections of Rhee Lake hut circles ex C.F. Tebbutt, 29.11.1924
SIL/COLNE/26EARTHWORKSField plan traced from 6" OS, 1.12.1924
SIL/COLNE/27EARTHWORKSSketch plans and section with possible hut circles, Colne Fen near Cranbrook, 1.12.1924
SIL/COLNE/28EARTHWORKSPlan of R-B village site at Colne Fen, on 25" OS, ex C.F. Tebbutt, 1.1925
SIL/COLNE/29EARTHWORKSDraft plan of R-B village site at Colne Fen, on 25" OS, 22.12.1924
SIL/COLNE/30EARTHWORKSTwo draft plans of R-B village site at Colne Fen, on 25" OS, 20.12.1924
SIL/COLNE/31HISTORYCollapse of former church with description of it & other refs, ex Hunts Post 2.5.1896
SIL/COLNE/32ARCHAEOLOGYNotes & sketches re finds of pot etc ex C F Tebbutt, 3.1.1925 & 25.9.1925
SIL/COLNE/33PARISH CHURCHRefs in will etc ex WMN's book WWW
SIL/COLNE/34HISTORYNotes on sale of Church farm, pedigree of Lord Wake and Enclosure award
SIL/COLNE/35PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (3pp), war memorial, R-B site, folklore, miscellaneous, property sales (5pp)
SIL/COLNE/36EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/CONIN/001COTTONTranscripts of burial registers 1714-69
SIL/CONIN/002ASKHAM1728 monument in St Ives parish church
SIL/CONIN/003COTTONMonumental inscription transcript (imperfect)
SIL/CONIN/004COTTONFamily tree ex Lansd. 921
SIL/CONIN/005COTTONFamily tree of William Cotton, baptised 1647
SIL/CONIN/006COTTONMonumental inscription of Thomas Cotton, Latin with translation
SIL/CONIN/007COTTONFamily tree
SIL/CONIN/008COTTONFamily tree of Sir Thomas Cotton, buried Horseheath 17 Feby 1633, ex Gibbon's Ely Episc Records
SIL/CONIN/009CONINGTON CASTLENotes of visit to assess condition, 18.8.1911
SIL/CONIN/0101595 MAPTracing from 1" OS with roads and paths marked in red
SIL/CONIN/011COTTONNotes on family connections with Eyeworth, Stratton Park, Hatley St George, East Hatley, 14.10.1941
SIL/CONIN/012MANORDescent of Manor of Conington, CAMBS, ex Kelly's Directory 1904
SIL/CONIN/013COTTONFamily tree of Cottons of Steeple Gidding ex VCH, 7.1942
SIL/CONIN/014COTTONTranscripts from burial register 1686-1726
SIL/CONIN/015COTTONBrief family tree of John Cotton, b. 1611
SIL/CONIN/016COTTONFamily tree of Sir Robert Cotton, died 1631
SIL/CONIN/0171595 MAPSketch of eastern part of 1595 map, with field names, roads etc.
SIL/CONIN/018COTTONFamily tree, 6.1931
SIL/CONIN/0191595 MAPSketch of eastern part of 1595 map, with field names, roads etc.
SIL/CONIN/021PARISH CHURCHMonuments & inscriptions, ex Lansd. 921
SIL/CONIN/022PARISH CHURCHNotes on article about church & monuments ex Hunts Post, 3.1902
SIL/CONIN/023PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes, 16.9.1921
SIL/CONIN/024PARISH CHURCHList of registers, 12.11.1929
SIL/CONIN/025CONINGTON CASTLESketches & notes of glass in porch
SIL/CONIN/026PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of monuments, plate & registers, 27. 4.1933
SIL/CONIN/027PARISH CHURCHNote and sketch plan of buttress omitted from RCHM plan, 27.4.1933
SIL/CONIN/028PARISH CHURCHQueries to check, 27.4.1922
SIL/CONIN/029PARISH CHURCHMonumental inscriptions copied by Rev Vigers, 27.4.1933
SIL/CONIN/030PARISH CHURCHMonumental inscriptions, 29.4.1933
SIL/CONIN/031PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketch on the armoured friar effigy
SIL/CONIN/032PARISH CHURCHSketch ground plan showing positions of monuments
SIL/CONIN/033PARISH CHURCHSketch ground plan showing positions of monuments
SIL/CONIN/034PARISH CHURCHArticle with very brief ref to Grinling Gibbons as a sculptor at Conington, Journal of RIBA, 9.3.1935
SIL/CONIN/035PARISH CHURCHSketch with brief notes showing the church from the north
SIL/CONIN/036PARISH CHURCHSketch and measurements of something, 18.5.1905
SIL/CONIN/037PARISH CHURCHSketch of brass indent with measurements ex BM MS 59579, 21.8.1928
SIL/CONIN/038PARISH CHURCHLetter to Wm Page re tower and dedication, 26.5.1933
SIL/CONIN/039PARISH CHURCHPhoto of the Robert Cotton bust ex Cambridge County Geographies, Hunts p. 132
SIL/CONIN/040RECTORY & GLEBECase in Archdeaconry court book 1608, ex W.M. Noble
SIL/CONIN/043HISTORYLetter from Wm Page re Evelyn's Diary & Cottons, 9.5.1933
SIL/CONIN/044PARISH CHURCHPostcard from Wm Page re various points, 24.5.1933
SIL/CONIN/045PARISH CHURCHLetter from Wm Page re dedication, 27.5.1933
SIL/CONIN/046STUKELEYLetter from Wm Page re Stukeley's diary, 5.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/047STUKELEYExtract from Stukeley's diary, inc Robert Cotton finding his 12-foot fish while digging foundations
SIL/CONIN/048HISTORYCopy of letter to Wm Page, various points, 7.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/049HISTORYNotes on VCH draft, 7.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/050HISTORYNote on Manor House in VCH draft, 13.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/051STUKELEYExtract from Stukeley's Itinerary re the old ruined house of the Cottons, ex Wm Page 7.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/052CONINGTON CASTLENotes on VCH draft, 12.1930
SIL/CONIN/053CONINGTON CASTLENotes & corrections to VCH draft, 12.1930
SIL/CONIN/054HISTORYNotes & corrections to VCH draft on Conington boundaries, 1.1931
SIL/CONIN/055HISTORYNotes & corrections to VCH draft on Conington boundaries, 1.1931
SIL/CONIN/056HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 12.1930
SIL/CONIN/057HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 12.1930
SIL/CONIN/058PARISH CHURCHLetter from Wm Page re dedication, 31.5.1933
SIL/CONIN/059HISTORYLetter from Wm Page re criticisms of VCH draft by Heathcote, 26.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/060HISTORYCopy of Heathcote's letter to Wm Page with criticisms of VCH draft, 6.1933
SIL/CONIN/061COTTONRef to Robt Cotton's big fish skeleton ex Dugdale's History of Imbanking & Draining
SIL/CONIN/062HISTORYAnswers to Heathcote's criticisms of VCH draft, 27.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/063CONINGTON CASTLERef to arches at the Castle in Cuthbert Bede's "History of Fotheringay"
SIL/CONIN/064HISTORYAnswers to Heathcote's criticisms of VCH draft, 27.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/065HISTORYLetter from Wm Page re VCH drafts and armoured friar effigy, 5.7.1933
SIL/CONIN/066PARISH CHURCHSuggested addition to VCH re armoured friar effigy, 6.7.1933
SIL/CONIN/067PARISH CHURCHQueries on armoured friary effigy, 8.7.1933
SIL/CONIN/068GREENFamily tree, ex Baker's Northants
SIL/CONIN/069PARISH CHURCHCorrections to VCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CONIN/071HISTORYVCH draft, 12.1930
SIL/CONIN/072HISTORYVCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CONIN/073HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CONIN/074HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 9.1934
SIL/CONIN/075HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 2.1935
SIL/CONIN/076HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 2.1935
SIL/CONIN/077PROBY, COTTONRefs from parish registers, ex Gibbons Ely Epis Records
SIL/CONIN/078COTTONRefs from Eyeworth parish registers
SIL/CONIN/079COTTONRefs from Conington burial registers
SIL/CONIN/080PARISH CHURCHMonument to Eliz Cotton and note that tower is 120 feet high, 9.4.1915
SIL/CONIN/081COTTONFamily tree ex Palmer's Inscriptns in Cambs Churches, 1932
SIL/CONIN/082COTTONFamily tree ex Palmer's Inscriptns in Cambs Churches, 1932
SIL/CONIN/083COTTONFamily tree "from notes"
SIL/CONIN/084COTTONFamily tree, with notes
SIL/CONIN/085COTTONRefs in Eyeworth registers
SIL/CONIN/086INCUMBENTSNote of Rev Wayne's institution to Conington, 3.7.1908
SIL/CONIN/087BRIDGESketch plan & notes on bridge at foot of Conington Hill, 10.1907
SIL/CONIN/088COTTONLetter from John Beagarie, re 1754 family tree mounted on linen, 96" x 15", by Nic Brett, 13.12.1923
SIL/CONIN/089BRIDGESketch plan & notes on bridge at foot of Conington Hill, 18.5.1920
SIL/CONIN/090GLATTON ROUND HILLSketch & notes of cottage & moat, 6.9.1912
SIL/CONIN/091BRONZE SPEARHEADCHAS short article by J.R. Garrood, spearhead found 1.11.1920
SIL/CONIN/092BRONZE SPEARHEADDrawing of spearhead found at Conington Fen
SIL/CONIN/093CHICKSANDS PRIORYNotes on charter re land at Conington, in Chicksands charters ex Proc Beds Hist Record Soc 1913, 12.1932
SIL/CONIN/094ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 13.5.1908
SIL/CONIN/095ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 29.3.1915
SIL/CONIN/096ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 1.11.1922
SIL/CONIN/097PARISH CHURCHBrass indent in north aisle ex BM add MSS Carter Collection 1798
SIL/CONIN/098CONINGTON CASTLEWest view of Castle, church and summer house ex BM add MSS Carter Collection 1798
SIL/CONIN/099BRUCES CASTLECopy of part of letter to Rev Noble, 15.9.1925
SIL/CONIN/100CONINGTON CASTLELetter from Wm Page re account of Castle for VCH, 7.11.1930
SIL/CONIN/101BRUCES CASTLELetter from Wm Page re partition of Conington in 33 Edw III, 15.11.1930
SIL/CONIN/102BRUCES CASTLETranscript in Latin of inquisition post morten into partition of Conington, 11.1930
SIL/CONIN/103BRUCES CASTLEEnglish translation of transcript of inquisition post mortem into partition of Conington, with plan of Bruces Castle, 11.1930
SIL/CONIN/104BRUCES CASTLELetter to Wm Page re inquisition post mortem into partition of Conington, with plan of Bruces Castle, 3.12.1930
SIL/CONIN/105BRUCES CASTLEPlan of Bruces Castle moat traced from 6" OS
SIL/CONIN/106BRUCES CASTLECopy of letter to Wm Page re inquisition post mortem into partition of Conington, 3.12.1930
SIL/CONIN/107BRUCES CASTLELetter from Wm Page, 6.12.1930
SIL/CONIN/108HISTORYLetter from Wm Page re rough draft of Conington & Mr Heathcote's notes, 20.12.1930
SIL/CONIN/109HISTORYLetter from Wm Page, 2.1.1931
SIL/CONIN/110HISTORYLetter to Wm Page re place-name and boundaries, 5.1.1931
SIL/CONIN/111STUKELEYLetter to Wm Page re Stukeley's itinerary, 13.6.1933
SIL/CONIN/112HISTORYNotes and sketch map on Earl Simon's grant to Sawtry
SIL/CONIN/113CONINGTON CASTLENotes re Fotheringhay & Sir Robt Cotton removing bits to Conington, ex Cambs County Geogs for Northants
SIL/CONIN/114COTTON, HEATHCOTESketch family tree & mention of sale to Heathcote, "1752 - No, 1771"
SIL/CONIN/115CONINGTON CASTLENotes re dismantling, sale to Sir John Heathcote, restoration & enlargement, with drawings of arch sections, 30.5.1905
SIL/CONIN/116CONINGTON CASTLESketch plan & notes, 16.9.1921
SIL/CONIN/117CONINGTON CASTLESketch plan of castle from 6" OS, 5.1.1931
SIL/CONIN/119CONINGTON CASTLESketches & notes ex Heathcote's Reminiscences of Fen & Mere (& on back sketch plan of railway nearby)
SIL/CONIN/120CONINGTON CASTLESketch of archway showing Ladds' theory of its origin, 16.9.1921
SIL/CONIN/121CONINGTON CASTLELetter from J.N. Heathcote criticising VCH proofs, 19.7.1933
SIL/CONIN/122CONINGTON CASTLEPostcard from J.N. Heathcote re Ladds' visiting the Castle "on Wednesday", postmarked 24.7.1933
SIL/CONIN/123CONINGTON CASTLESketches & notes, 26.7.1933
SIL/CONIN/124CONINGTON CASTLEScale of 1800 plan of Castle
SIL/CONIN/125CONINGTON CASTLEGround plan of part of Castle
SIL/CONIN/126CONINGTON CASTLEGround plan of Castle "from memory", 26.7.1933
SIL/CONIN/127CONINGTON CASTLE3 plans of Castle: as built, Mr Heathcote's alterations, as in RCHM, with dates of building phases and other notes, 15.9.1934
SIL/CONIN/128CONINGTON CASTLESketch plans for comparison with Conington: of Aston Hall; Oxborough Hall, Norfolk; Barrington Court; Moreton Old Hall, Cheshire; Ludlow House, Salop; Severn End, Worcs; Compton Winyates; 9.1934
SIL/CONIN/129CONINGTON CASTLESketch plan of Compton Winyates
SIL/CONIN/130CONINGTON CASTLEPrints of Hinchingbrooke House & Conington Castle by J.P. Neale, published 1830
SIL/CONIN/131BRUCES CASTLEDraft for VCH, 12.2.1932
SIL/CONIN/133CONINGTON CASTLELetter to Wm Page, 16.2.1932
SIL/CONIN/134HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 7.12.1935
SIL/CONIN/135HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 9.12.1935
SIL/CONIN/136TURKILLNotes on career and dates
SIL/CONIN/137BRUCES CASTLE Sketch map from 6" OS
SIL/CONIN/138EARTHWORKSSketch map of linear earthworks etc from 6" OS
SIL/CONIN/139ROUND HILLSketch map from 6" OS
SIL/CONIN/140COTTONQuotation from "Beauties of England" describing Sir Robert's big fish skeleton
SIL/CONIN/141ROUND HILLPlan, from 25" OS
SIL/CONIN/143BRUCES CASTLESketch plan with notes, ex Garrood, 12.1924
SIL/CONIN/144EARL OF HUNTINGDONFamily tree with coats of arms from Conington church cenotaph
SIL/CONIN/145PARISH CHURCHDrawings and notes of monuments, 30.5.1905
SIL/CONIN/146HISTORYNotes on MIs in churchyard of rectors & their wives, incumbents & advowson, carved stones in Rectory garden, restorations, brasses and monuments, refs in wills, Earls of Huntingdon, Sir Robert Cotton's fish and RB inscriptions; various sources and dates
SIL/CONIN/147HISTORYCopy of paper by Norman Heathcote on boundaries in AD 957 charter and place name, with map, 11.2.1922
SIL/CONIN/148CONINGTON FENAD 1274 charter giving boundaries of Conington Fen, ex Dugdale's "Imbanking & draining"
SIL/CONIN/149CONINGTON FENSketch map and key showing boundaries of Conington Fen from charters of 957 & 1274
SIL/CONIN/150HEATHCOTEMonumental inscriptions in churchyard, 9.4.1915
SIL/CONIN/151HEATHCOTEFamily tree ex Burke's Peerage & Baronage (under earls of Ancaster)
SIL/CONIN/152CROWN AND WOOLPACKRef in Torrington diaries as "just built" in 1791
SIL/CONIN/153MOATBrief description of moat NE of church, ex OS
SIL/CONIN/154ROUND HILLDescription of earthworks, ex OS
SIL/CONIN/155BRONZE SPEARHEADProof of short article on discovery with MS corrections, ex CHAS 4
SIL/CONIN/156BRONZE SPEARHEADSketch map showing where spearhead was found, ex 6" OS, 3.1921
SIL/CONIN/157EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/CONIN/158CONINGTON FENSale particulars of Connington Fen Estate, with map, 6.9.1919
SIL/CONIN/159CONINGTON & HIGNEYSale particulars of the Conington & Higney Estates, with map, 4.2.1922
SIL/CONIN/160PRESS CUTTINGSCHAS excursion (2pp), parish church, incumbents (3pp), Col White, Bruces & Bruces Castle (2pp), Heathcotes (7pp), Bruce Seton, Icthyosaur vertebrae, bronze spearhead & Crown & Woolpack (2pp)
SIL/COPPN/01LENVEYSEFeet of Fines for Essex (Essex Arch Soc 1929): refs to Le Enveyse family (various spellings)
SIL/COPPN/02KING CHARLES COTTAGEPhoto, from Cambridge County Geographies
SIL/COPPN/03FORMER CHURCHNotes on site & tradition that stones were re-used in bridge at Alconbury Weston
SIL/COPPN/05HISTORYVCH draft (by Miss Russell) with corrections, 7.10.1932
SIL/COPPN/06HISTORYFinal draft, 4.1934
SIL/COPPN/07HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 10.10.1932
SIL/COPPN/08HISTORYCorrected copy of SIL/COPPN/07, 20.10.1932
SIL/COPPN/09HISTORYCorrections to final draft of VCH, 4.1934
SIL/COPPN/10HISTORYCorrections to final draft of VCH, 4.1934
SIL/COPPN/11HISTORYCorrections to 1st proof of VCH, 7.1934
SIL/COPPN/12HISTORYCorrections to 1st proof of VCH, 7.1934
SIL/COPPN/13HISTORYCorrections to page proof of VCH, 9.1935
SIL/COPPN/14HISTORYCorrections to page proof of VCH, 9.1935
SIL/COPPN/15HISTORYLists of overlords of Coppingford and Upton
SIL/COPPN/16MOATSSketch map of homestead moats traced from 25" OS
SIL/COPPN/17MOATSSketch map of homestead moats traced from 25" OS
SIL/COPPN/18MOATSSketch map of homestead moats traced from 6" OS
SIL/COPPN/19MOATSSketch map of homestead moats traced from 25" OS, with surveyed measurements and sections added 22.10.1925
SIL/COPPN/20MOATSSketch map of homestead moats from survey, 1.1.1925
SIL/COPPN/21FORMER CHURCHNotes on stones, site, refs in wills, ex various sources
SIL/COPPN/22PRESS CUTTINGSStory re problem of parish with only two ratepayers; union of benefices proposal, transcripts of registers
SIL/COPPN/23EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/COVIN/01PARISH CHURCHPage from the "Church Builder" on "The Society's Work", inc ref to grant towards thorough restoration needed at Covington, 15.6.1882
SIL/COVIN/02FIELD MAPFields, railway, bench mark & Three Shires Stone, from 25" OS
SIL/COVIN/03BEREWICK, BAYONCEExtract from Feet of Fines for Essex
SIL/COVIN/04THREE SHIRES STONEMap of the Stone & Three Shire House, ex 25" OS, 11.1918
SIL/COVIN/05THREE SHIRES STONEMeasured sketch elevation and plan with note re its having been moved slightly, 24.8.1892
SIL/COVIN/06PARISH CHURCHSketch of church plate, 18.5.1915
SIL/COVIN/07PARISH CHURCHSketch of carved tympanum over doorway, ex Romilly Allan
SIL/COVIN/08PARISH CHURCHDrawing of doorway and measured drawings of font, 17.8.1892 checked 30.7.1890
SIL/COVIN/09PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of apex stone of gable, ex Allen, 26.8.1911
SIL/COVIN/10PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of nave wall and parapet, 9.1911
SIL/COVIN/11PARISH CHURCHSketch of something showing the angle it leans, with plumb lines, 2.8.1911
SIL/COVIN/12PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of tower, measured by Hunter, 9.1911
SIL/COVIN/13PARISH CHURCHPlan of plinths and notes on MIs in churchyard, 31.7.1934
SIL/COVIN/14PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan, 17.8.1892 checked 30.7.1897
SIL/COVIN/15PARISH CHURCHMeasured elevations and plans of chancel, 25.11.1905
SIL/COVIN/16PARISH CHURCHScale elevation and plan of font, 8.1892.
SIL/COVIN/17PARISH CHURCHGround plan, 7.1934
SIL/COVIN/18SALES PARTICULARSCovington lots in Kimbolton Castle Estate sale, 19-20.7.1918
SIL/COVIN/19ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 1.7.1910
SIL/COVIN/20ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 14.10.1920
SIL/COVIN/21PARISH CHURCHList of registers and plate, 12.6.1928
SIL/COVIN/22MANOR & CHURCHLists of Lords of the Manor and Patrons ex directories, 1854-1906
SIL/COVIN/23PARISH CHURCHNotes on building dates, monuments, fittings, plate, 12.6.1928
SIL/COVIN/24MANOR & CHURCHLists of Lords of the Manor and Patrons ex directories 1854-1940; note on 1659 inscription on chimney and on enclosure map
SIL/COVIN/25PARISH CHURCHHistory and description for VCH
SIL/COVIN/26PARISH CHURCHHistory and description for VCH
SIL/COVIN/27HISTORYVCH draft (by Miss Simpkins), 11.10.1932
SIL/COVIN/28HISTORYVCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/COVIN/29HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 12.10.1932
SIL/COVIN/31HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 18.10.1932
SIL/COVIN/32HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/COVIN/33HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 4.1934
SIL/COVIN/34HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 7.1934
SIL/COVIN/35HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 7.1934
SIL/COVIN/36PARISH CHURCHGround plan showing building dates
SIL/COVIN/37HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/COVIN/38HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/COVIN/39PARISH CHURCHGround plan showing building dates from VCH proof, 1.1935
SIL/COVIN/40PARISH CHURCHGround plan showing building dates from VCH proof, 1.1935
SIL/COVIN/41MOATSPlan of homestead moats from 6" OS
SIL/COVIN/42MOATPlan of moat near church from 25" OS
SIL/COVIN/43ESTATE MAPTracing of Cosmo Wallace's 1764 map of Duke of Manchester's enclosures in Conington, with field names and areas
SIL/COVIN/44PARISH CHURCHPages from SIL's day book re inspections 25.11 & 4.12.1905
SIL/COVIN/45PARISH CHURCHLetter to Rev Heaton re state of church, 5.12.1905
SIL/COVIN/46PARISH CHURCHPage from SIL's day book re inspections & meetings with Archdeacon Vesey
SIL/COVIN/47RECTORYNote that Rev Tukes has recently sold rectory, 9.3.1943
SIL/COVIN/48PARISH CHURCHSketch with notes of painted glass in north window of chancel, 9.8.1911
SIL/COVIN/49PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of wrought iron handle plate on south door of nave, 20.7.1920
SIL/COVIN/50PARISH CHURCHInscriptions, building details, incumbents, archdeacon's notebooks, wills, chantry; various sources
SIL/COVIN/52EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/DENTN/01PARISH CHURCHNotes on building dates, various sources
SIL/DENTN/02PARISH CHURCHNotes on sale of register, also Rev Westlake, 8.5.1911 & 29.3.1932
SIL/DENTN/03PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches on building dates, 8.5.1911
SIL/DENTN/04PARISH CHURCHLetters from Rev F.R. Hawkes Mason re church plate, 12.8.1925 & 19.8.1925; with note added by SIL 17.3.1932
SIL/DENTN/05INCUMBENTSNote re death of Rev Moore, 20.10.1815, ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/DENTN/06INCUMBENTSExtract from 1918 Crockford re Rev Westlake, 14.2.1927
SIL/DENTN/07PARISH CHURCHNotes on 1259 clergyman, rebuilding, plate, various sources
SIL/DENTN/08PARISH CHURCHFull-size drawing of chalice
SIL/DENTN/09PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of plate, 7.3.1928
SIL/DENTN/10PARISH CHURCHList of registers, 17.3.1932
SIL/DENTN/11PARISH CHURCHNotes on registers, parts of building, monuments, 17.3.1932
SIL/DENTN/12PARISH CHURCHNotes on descriptions and dates of parts of building, fittings, plate, 7.3.1928
SIL/DENTN/13PARISHNote on uniting benefice of Denton and Caldecote with Stilton, 31.7.1928
SIL/DENTN/14PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/DENTN/15PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/DENTN/16HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 1.7.1933
SIL/DENTN/17HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 1.7.1933
SIL/DENTN/18HISTORYVCH draft (Miss M.E. Simkins), 1.7.1933
SIL/DENTN/19HISTORYNotes on VCH final draft, 10.1934
SIL/DENTN/20HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 7.1933
SIL/DENTN/21ADVOWSONNotes on sale of Glatton Estate & advowson, 4.9.1933
SIL/DENTN/22HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft with Cotton family tree, 10.1934
SIL/DENTN/23HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 10.1934
SIL/DENTN/24PARISHNote re 1853 union of Denton & Caldecote, ex Parl Returns 6.8.1869
SIL/DENTN/25HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 3.4.1935
SIL/DENTN/26HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 4.1935
SIL/DENTN/27HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proofs, 7.12.1935
SIL/DENTN/28HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proofs, 9.12.1935
SIL/DENTN/29PRESS CUTTINGSCHAS excursion to church, CHAS list of register transcripts, Rev Whitelaw obits, property sales
SIL/DENTN/30EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/DIDDN/01PARISH CHURCHDescription of restored ancient windows by Rev E.H. Vigers
SIL/DIDDN/02PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev E.H. Vigers re paper on windows, 6.10.1949
SIL/DIDDN/03NOTE TO PRINTERInstructions to printer, presumably re Rev Vigers' article
SIL/DIDDN/04PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan ex RCHM, 4.1930
SIL/DIDDN/05PARISH CHURCHRough notes re window glass
SIL/DIDDN/06PARISH CHURCHRough notes re window glass
SIL/DIDDN/07PARISH CHURCHDrawings and notes re windows as restored, 14.5.1949
SIL/DIDDN/08PARISH CHURCHTracing of part of the matrix of the Taylard brass, kneeling figure with prayer scroll
SIL/DIDDN/10PARISH CHURCHCopies of two letters to Rev Vigers with notes on the window glass, 16.5.1949, 20.5.1949 & 25.5.1949
SIL/DIDDN/11PARISH CHURCHAnother copy of parts of SIL/DIDDN/10, 16.5.1949, 19.5.1949 & 25.5.1949
SIL/DIDDN/12PARISH CHURCHReport to Vicar and PCC re plaster on walls etc, 24.4.1930
SIL/DIDDN/13DIDDINGTON HALLNotes on visit to Diddington Hall with C.F. Tebbutt, with plans, 15.1.1931
SIL/DIDDN/14GYMBER, TAYLARDExtracts from wills of Henry Gymber and Walter Taylard 1466, 1464, ex WMN's Book PR
SIL/DIDDN/15TAYLARDLatin MI of William Taylard and wife, 11.1897
SIL/DIDDN/16TAYLARDCorrections to account of the Taylard family in Hunts Post, ex WMN
SIL/DIDDN/17TAYLARDWill of William Taylard, 1505, ex WMN
SIL/DIDDN/18GYMBER, TAYLARDList of wills with dates
SIL/DIDDN/19TAYLARDWill of Elizabeth Taylard, 1517, ex WMN's Book WWW
SIL/DIDDN/20NEYLLExtracts from will of John Neyll, 1518-20
SIL/DIDDN/21CONDARExtracts from will of Matthew Condar, vicar of Diddington, 1530, ex WMN's Book WWW
SIL/DIDDN/22RAYMENTEExtracts from will of Robert Raymente, 1546, ex WMN''s Book WWW
SIL/DIDDN/23TAYLARDRough notes re sale of manor, ex WMN 1907
SIL/DIDDN/24TAYLARDSlightly less rough copy of SIL/DIDDN/23, with family tree
SIL/DIDDN/25PARISH CHURCHFaculty books extract for a "Dormitory", 1813
SIL/DIDDN/26PARISH CHURCHGround plan "sketched on spot" with measured drawings of priest's door, 31.8.1888
SIL/DIDDN/27PARISH CHURCHDrawing of south side with notes on materials, 31.8.1888
SIL/DIDDN/28TAYLARD"Notes on the Taylard Brass and Taylard Family", reprinted from Hunts Post 12.12.1901
SIL/DIDDN/29BRUDENELLFamily tree, Dodington, Oxon
SIL/DIDDN/30BOWYERChurchyard MI to Laura and Thomas Bowyer, 1917 & 1927
SIL/DIDDN/31PARISH CHURCHMeasured elevations of clerestories, 12.10.1931
SIL/DIDDN/32PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of stone coffin lid in churchyard, 1.6.1932
SIL/DIDDN/33PARISH CHURCHDrawing and notes on modern west screen, 12.12.1941
SIL/DIDDN/34PARISH CHURCHExtract from 1813 faculty re Dormitory for Thornhill family
SIL/DIDDN/35MANORNote of transfers of manor 15 & 16C (Swynford, Littlebury, Bagley, Taylard), 2.1928
SIL/DIDDN/36DIDDINGTON HALLNotes and diagrams on visit to Hall with C.F. Tebbutt, inc pictures, grounds & carved stone in gardener's cottage, 15.1.1931
SIL/DIDDN/37GYMBERBrief note on will & burial before high altar
SIL/DIDDN/38THORNHILLFamily tree, Diddington Church 10.4.1913, (?from memorials)
SIL/DIDDN/39PARISH CHURCHNotes on various architectural details, 10.4.1913
SIL/DIDDN/40PARISH CHURCHNotes on plate, registers & Taylard brass, 20.5.1913
SIL/DIDDN/41HALL, PARISH CHURCHNotes on architectural details, 10.4.1913
SIL/DIDDN/42THORNHILLMemorials in Boxworth Church inc Rev John Thornhill, 28.3.1927
SIL/DIDDN/43PARISH CHURCHNotes & diagrams on memorials in churchyard & on south aisle wall, 16.4.1930
SIL/DIDDN/44DIDDINGTON HALLSketch of base of classical column found in gardens, ex C.F. Tebbutt 4.2.1930 .
SIL/DIDDN/45INCUMBENTSLetter from recently instituted Rev Passingham re dilapidations, 6.4.1922
SIL/DIDDN/46DOMESDAYExtract re Diddington
SIL/DIDDN/47INCUMBENTSNote re 14C rectors
SIL/DIDDN/48PARISH CHURCH, HALLBrief note to Mr Emery, apparently re proposed visit (?by CHAS), 1.3.1913
SIL/DIDDN/49DIDDINGTON BRIDGERough sketch and notes, 2.5.1901
SIL/DIDDN/50DIDDINGTON BRIDGEDiagram and brief notes, neater copy of SIL/DIDDN/49, 2.5.1901
SIL/DIDDN/51TAYLARDNote that Walter Taylard built chapel at Gamlingay 1466/7
SIL/DIDDN/52GENEALOGYBrief note from St Johns College records, 3 Henry 8
SIL/DIDDN/53TAYLARD, DRUELLExtracts from Patent Rolls, Feet of Fines etc
SIL/DIDDN/54TAYLARDLetter to Mayor of Huntingdon from Dutch lawyer A.F. Telders re Taylards, with whom he claims relationship, 7.4.1926
SIL/DIDDN/56PARISH CHURCHNote that Thackray & Co have a plan of the church.
SIL/DIDDN/57TAYLARD, DREWELLNote re marriage, ex WMN
SIL/DIDDN/58ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 14.9.1907
SIL/DIDDN/59ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 20.3.1913
SIL/DIDDN/60ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 27.8.1921
SIL/DIDDN/61PARISH CHURCHNotes and diagrams on MIs and architectural details, 8.1930, 1.9.1930, 8.9.1930, 1.10.1931, 2.11.1931
SIL/DIDDN/62THORNHILLNote on antecedents of Noel Thornhill, ex Sir Arthur Dilley, 4.12.1930
SIL/DIDDN/63PARISH CHURCHNotes on wills, burials, repairs etc.
SIL/DIDDN/64PARISH CHURCHNotes on architecture, monuments, plate, registers, 20.10.1927
SIL/DIDDN/65HISTORYRefs in Patent Rolls & Lansdowne MSS
SIL/DIDDN/66PARISH CHURCHQueries about building & history, 3.12.1927 & 28.2.1928
SIL/DIDDN/69HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 10.1930
SIL/DIDDN/70HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 10.1930
SIL/DIDDN/71HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 10.1930
SIL/DIDDN/72HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 18.8.1931
SIL/DIDDN/73HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 20.8.1931
SIL/DIDDN/74PARISH CHURCHPhotographs of exterior & interior, from VCH proofs
SIL/DIDDN/75MOATPlan of homestead moat at Boughton ex OS 25"
SIL/DIDDN/76MOATPlan of homestead moat at Boughton ex OS 25"
SIL/DIDDN/77MOATMeasured sketch plans of homestead moat at Boughton, 23.9.24
SIL/DIDDN/78MOATNotes on the homestead moat at Boughton, ex Mr Wood of the Ordnance Survey 31.7.1924
SIL/DIDDN/79INCUMBENTSNotes on resignation of Rev Higgins & institution of Ven Knowles, 1938
SIL/DIDDN/80THORNHILLNotes on memorials to Rev Thornhill at Boxworth church, 21.4.1939
SIL/DIDDN/81ARCHAEOLOGYDiscovery of Roman pottery, ex C.F. Tebbutt 25.9.1925
SIL/DIDDN/82CHERRYNotes re baptisms, 29.12.1936
SIL/DIDDN/83CHERRYLetters from Society of Genealogists re Cherry baptisms, 23.12.1936 & 31.12.1936
SIL/DIDDN/84REGISTERSCopy of letter to Rev Passingham (now at Leighton Bromswold) re Diddington registers, 31.7.1939
SIL/DIDDN/85REGISTERSRev Passingham's reply to SIL/DIDDN/84, 1.8.1939
SIL/DIDDN/86ESTATE MAPSNote on "Mr Thornhill's maps" of 1808 & 1859, 27.1.1938
SIL/DIDDN/87PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (2pp), Taylard brass, incumbents (2pp), Thornhill (4pp), Bower, RB pottery
SIL/DIDDN/88EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/EARTH/01HERMITAGEBrief note by SIL re discovery of cellar, possibly related to medieval hermitage, when 19thC Hermitage House demolished in 1939, ex CHAS 6
SIL/EARTH/02MASON, CHATTERISWills, ex Rev Noble's book "OO"
SIL/EARTH/03BRYAN, NOTTINGHAMWills, ex Rev Noble's book "WWW"
SIL/EARTH/04ROWLEYAction re will of Thos Rowley of Earith, ex Rev Noble 13.12.1899
SIL/EARTH/05ARCHAEOLOGYDiscovery of RB pot containing chicken bones dredged from the Ouse, ex Antiq Journ 16 (Oct 1936)
SIL/EARTH/06BULWARKCopy of Rev Evelyn-White's article, ex PCAS 1908
SIL/EARTH/07BULWARKPlan and location map ex Miller & Skertchley "Fenland Past & Present"
SIL/EARTH/08BULWARKNotes and bibliography, with plans and maps
SIL/EARTH/09BULWARKPlan, ex Stowe MSS, traced from tracing lent by Page, 12.1924
SIL/EARTH/10BULWARKMeasured sections of earthworks, 16.10.1924
SIL/EARTH/12BULWARKPlan ex 25" OS with scale and sections added, 16.10.1924
SIL/EARTH/13BULWARKSections across earthworks
SIL/EARTH/14INCUMBENTS, WEST WATERLetter from Rev Peake with extract from 1652 Close Roll, 21.1.1931
SIL/EARTH/15INCUMBENTSLetter from Rev Peake, 27.1.1931
SIL/EARTH/16WEST WATERTracing of map with boundaries, West Water etc
SIL/EARTH/17WEST WATERCopy of letter to Rev Peake re going to look at line of the West Water, 22.10.1931
SIL/EARTH/18EARITH CHAPELVestigial sketch map including "S Jams Erith"
SIL/EARTH/19EARITH CHAPELSketch plan showing site of Earith Chapel and other places in the village, 5.11.1912
SIL/EARTH/20EARITH BRIDGEMeasured sketches of stones at "The Pingles", probably from ancient bridge, on back of postcard from SIL's cousin re his father's arrival in Huntingdon, postmarked 12.9.1913
SIL/EARTH/21EARITH BRIDGEMeasured drawings of stones at "The Pingles" probably from ancient bridge, 16.9.1913
SIL/EARTH/22HERMITAGEScale drawings of stones from a barn wall at Hermitage, in C.F. Tebbutt's garden, ex CFT
SIL/EARTH/23EARITH CHAPELNotes re Chapel used for ordinations 1569 & sold 1571, ex Rev Peake, 4.1927
SIL/EARTH/24HERMITAGECase re Bishop Cox of Ely giving communion at house which used to be the hermitage, ex Strype's Annals of Reformation
SIL/EARTH/25HERMITAGEMeasured plan of cellar at the Hermitage, with notes, 18.7.1939
SIL/EARTH/26EARITH BRIDGELetter from Rev Peake re Celia Fiennes' ref to bridges in "On a Side Saddle through England" (1695), 18.11.1931
SIL/EARTH/27EARITH BRIDGENotes re commission into extra-parochial house at the Hermitage, ex C.F. Tebbutt, 4.2.1930
SIL/EARTH/28EARITH BRIDGENotes re dates of buildings & rebuildngs ex Mr Todd, 31.10.1933
SIL/EARTH/29EARITH BRIDGERef in Cambridge Independent Press 15.4.1865, ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/EARTH/30EARITH BRIDGENotes from Hunts Quarter Sessions re cost of repairs in 1865, ex C.F. Tebbutt 17.2.1934
SIL/EARTH/31EARITH BRIDGE, HERMITAGEExtensive notes from various sources, inc VCH draft and 1941 letters from C.F. Tebbutt
SIL/EARTH/32BULWARKMap of roads, rivers and Bulwark
SIL/EARTH/33HERMITAGEMeasured plan, and drawing of window, of cellar at Hermitage House, ex C.F. Tebbutt, 7.1939
SIL/EARTH/35EARITH CHAPELSketch plan showing site of Earith Chapel and other places in the village, ex Rev Sayers 5 11.1912
SIL/EARTH/36HERMITAGEDraft of CHAS article on cellar found at Hermitage House in 1939
SIL/EARTH/37HERMITAGEOffprint of SIL's article on cellar found at Hermitage House in 1939, ex CHAS 6
SIL/EARTH/38EARITH CHAPELVCH draft on chapel of St James
SIL/EARTH/39EARITH CHAPELVCH draft on chapel of St James
SIL/EARTH/40HERMITAGE, BOUNDARYLetter to Wm Page re site of Hermitage and possible changed course of Cambs-Hunts county boundary, with map, 29.1.1930
SIL/EARTH/41BOUNDARIESLetter from Wm Page re county boundary, 31.1.1930
SIL/EARTH/42BOUNDARIESLetter to Wm Page re county boundary, 3.2.1930
SIL/EARTH/43BOUNDARIESLetter from Wm Page re county boundary, 5.2.1930
SIL/EARTH/44PRESS CUTTINGSFloods, Hermitage and May Fair, Miscellaneous, Property sales (5pp), Bridge and Hermitage (2pp)
SIL/EARTH/45EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/EASTN/001LADDSManor of Spaldwick, admission of Nathaniel Costin on surrender of John Ladds, 24.10.1797
SIL/EASTN/002BEADONPlan & list of fields in Col. Beadons Sale 1913
SIL/EASTN/003PARISH CHURCHList of registers ex Archdeaconry records, 15.7.1846
SIL/EASTN/004PARISH CHURCHPages from Ladds' daybook, notes and sketches re restoration, 12.1.1903 to 29.1.1904
SIL/EASTN/005HISTORYCopy of letter to Wm Page re "Easton, Beds" & "Easton, Hunts", 20.4.1927
SIL/EASTN/006HISTORYNotes re correspondence with Dr Fowler of Apsley Guise re "Easton, Beds" & "Easton, Hunts", 30.3.1933
SIL/EASTN/007PARISH CHURCHRefs in Archdeaconry records to visitations 1668 & 1697
SIL/EASTN/008PARISH CHURCHLetter to Rev Sharland re survey of south aisle, 20.1.1903
SIL/EASTN/009PARISH CHURCHTwo copies of VCH plan with building dates
SIL/EASTN/010LADDSAbstract of title to freehold and copyhold closes, Martha Ladds of Ellington, 1846
SIL/EASTN/011FOX & HOUNDS INNDraft copy conveyance, William Ladds & Robert Mash to Arther Wellington Marshall, 19.11.1870
SIL/EASTN/012LADDSLists of fields sold by exors of William Ladds (d.1831) to Duke of Manchester in 1834 and Thomas Earle Welby in 1836
SIL/EASTN/013DAYNotes on mortgage and conditional surrender by Thomas Day of Spalwick to John Hughes of Uffington, Berks, of lands in Spaldwick and Stow Longa, 28.5.1832
SIL/EASTN/014LADDSSketch maps of various fields in Easton with details of areas, sales etc.
SIL/EASTN/015LADDSLists of old inclosures with their owners at Enclosure and two columns "sold to Ladds" and "sold by Ladds"
SIL/EASTN/016LADDSNotes, lists and sketch plans of fields
SIL/EASTN/017LADDSNotes and sketch plans of fields "Sold to Welby 1836 D of M[anchester] sale 1918"
SIL/EASTN/018LADDSNotes and sketch plans of fields
SIL/EASTN/019LADDSLists of fields with names and areas, 1833 and 1846
SIL/EASTN/020LADDSNotes on fields and whether or not they belonged to the Duke of Manchester
SIL/EASTN/021LADDSSketch plan and notes on fields in Easton Town lands
SIL/EASTN/022LADDSSketch plan and notes on copyhold lands in 1846 atstract of title under will of William Ladds of Spaldwick
SIL/EASTN/023LADDSSketch plan and notes re 1846 indenture between exors of Wm Ladds of Spaldwick and Reuben Dent of Ellington, miller.
SIL/EASTN/024PARISH CHURCHDetails of repairs to chancel, 1868
SIL/EASTN/025PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter to Rev Sharland re lightning strike to church spire, 17.7.1908
SIL/EASTN/026PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter to J.W. Gray & Son re possible need to repair 1908 lightning conductor, 28.1.1921
SIL/EASTN/027LADDSNotes and sketch plan of land at Easton inc Fox & Hounds Inn
SIL/EASTN/028GLEBEEaston & Stow Longa glebe lands traced from OS 6" & 25", 9.12.1916 & 20.2.1917
SIL/EASTN/029PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of chancel arch and a window tracery, by John Ladds.
SIL/EASTN/030PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan of chancel, ex John Ladds' pocket book 1863-64
SIL/EASTN/031PARISH CHURCHList of letters and papers and notes on their contents, re restoration of chancel 1864-71
SIL/EASTN/032PARISH CHURCHNotes from B.H. Beedham to John Ladds re work needed to chancel, 17.2.1868
SIL/EASTN/033PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter from Ewan Christian to the Secretary of the Ecclesiastical Commission re repairs to chancel, 8.7.1869
SIL/EASTN/034PARISH CHURCHCopy of specification by Ewan Christian for repairs to chancel, 18.8.1869
SIL/EASTN/035PARISH CHURCHCopy of advertisement inviting builders to quote for repairs to chancel, 2.6.1871, posted to John Ladds
SIL/EASTN/036PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter to Rev Sharland re repair work needed on south aisle, 20.1.1903
SIL/EASTN/037PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet for £400 for repairs to south aisle
SIL/EASTN/038PARISH CHURCHDrawing of stone coffin lid found in fragments in south aisle wall, built up against inside north wall of nave.
SIL/EASTN/039PARISH CHURCHInvitation to Patronal Festival and Re-opening Service, 29.6.1904
SIL/EASTN/040PARISH CHURCHPages from SIL's day books with notes and drawings re visits: an old hinge, 30.8.1907; lightning strike to spire, 7.7.1908, 14.8.1908; 2.9.1908 "all work done"; 23.9.1908.
SIL/EASTN/041PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of spire and bell frame, 7.7.1908
SIL/EASTN/042PARISH CHURCHNotes on 19C names and dates on bell frame and spire light
SIL/EASTN/043PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of belfry and tracery, 23.9.1908
SIL/EASTN/044PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of parts of spire, 14.8.1908
SIL/EASTN/045PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches and estimates, 15.10.1915
SIL/EASTN/046PARISH CHURCHPhotographs of church exterior ex CHAS 2.
SIL/EASTN/047PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings and notes on work to be done on chancel, ex John Ladds
SIL/EASTN/048PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawngs of windows etc in chancel, by John Ladds 19.3.1868
SIL/EASTN/049PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of chancel, section and east window, by John Ladds 18.3.1868
SIL/EASTN/050PARISH CHURCHDrawing and measured drawings of chancel and details of tracery, by John Ladds 19.3.1868
SIL/EASTN/051PARISH CHURCHScale drawings of the chancel, various elevations and plan, before restoration; measured by John Ladds 3.1868 & drawn by SIL 5.1891
SIL/EASTN/052PARISH CHURCHRough drawings with detailed measurements of the south aisle
SIL/EASTN/053PARISH CHURCHRough drawing with measurements of battlements on nave gable, 15.10.1913
SIL/EASTN/054PARISH CHURCHRough drawings with measurements of nave east end and west doorway section, 30.9.1903
SIL/EASTN/055PARISH CHURCHRough drawings with measurements of buttresses
SIL/EASTN/056PARISH CHURCHDrawings with measurements of buttresses, 16.7.1903
SIL/EASTN/057PARISH CHURCHRough drawings with measurements of parts of porch
SIL/EASTN/058PARISH CHURCHDesign for new glass for south aisle windows, for Rev Sharland 27.4.1903
SIL/EASTN/059PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of "old fragments found" (carved stonework, see SIL/EASTN/060)
SIL/EASTN/060PARISH CHURCHScale drawings of "fragments found", 17.8.1903
SIL/EASTN/061PARISH CHURCHDrawings with measurements of south aisle windows, "Ashley's figures", 2.10.1903
SIL/EASTN/062PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of porch windows, 19.19.1903
SIL/EASTN/063PARISH CHURCHMeasurements & diagram of chancel seats (on postcard postmarked 6.1.1904)
SIL/EASTN/064PARISH CHURCHMeasured rough drawings of old altar table, 1.1904
SIL/EASTN/065PARISH CHURCHRough drawing of western bays of nave roof (on envelope postmarked 5.2.1904)
SIL/EASTN/066PARISH CHURCHDrawings with measurements and notes of nave roof
SIL/EASTN/067PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of a few details of roof (on envelope postmarked 17.11.1903)
SIL/EASTN/068PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of a few details of roof (on postcard postmarked 28.6.1903)
SIL/EASTN/069PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of clerestory window and part of roof, 1.1904
SIL/EASTN/070PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of parts of tower, 28.2.1907
SIL/EASTN/071PARISH CHURCHDrawing of whole building from the north, 27.8.1886
SIL/EASTN/072PARISH CHURCHReversed photograph of drawing of lead rainwater spouts
SIL/EASTN/073PARISH CHURCHFull size drawings of chalice with details of hallmarks, 1892-96
SIL/EASTN/074PARISH CHURCHMeasured plan of chancel, one corner blocked in in heavy black wash, by John Ladds about 1868
SIL/EASTN/075PARISH CHURCHMeasured and very detailed ground plan, 2.8.1897
SIL/EASTN/076PARISH CHURCHScale ground plan and measured elevation of north arcade & clerestory, 7.1901
SIL/EASTN/077PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of parts of steeple, 2.9.1908
SIL/EASTN/078PARISH CHURCHScale drawing of hinge on south aisle door, 7.1897
SIL/EASTN/079PARISH CHURCHGround plan with dates of building phases, original draft for VCH
SIL/EASTN/080PARISH CHURCHGround plan, 1934
SIL/EASTN/081PARISH CHURCHNotes on VCH illustrations, 5.5.1934
SIL/EASTN/082PARISH CHURCHPieces of appeal leaflet including two photos of exterior views which SIL is proposing to re-use in VCH
SIL/EASTN/083LANDHOLDINGNotes on calculating the ratio of hides to knights' fees at Sawtry, Grafham and Catworth - but marked "Easton"
SIL/EASTN/084DOMESDAY BOOKNotes on entries re "Estone, Beds" ex VCH Bedfordshire vol i, 12.1932
SIL/EASTN/085HISTORYTwo letters from Wm Page re VCH, various matters, 14.4 & 22.4.1927
SIL/EASTN/086PARISH CHURCHNotes on archdeaconry records re state of chancel in 1864, and 1846 terrier listing plate, bells & registers
SIL/EASTN/087PARISH CHURCHList of registers and plate, 24.4.1929
SIL/EASTN/088PARISH CHURCHList of queries with the answers to them, and notes & diagrams on some architectural details, 25.7.1932
SIL/EASTN/089EKINSNotes re family as recorded in Easton or Stow registers
SIL/EASTN/090EKINSNotes and family tree
SIL/EASTN/091REGISTERSExtracts from Easton registers 1604-05, ex Hunts Transcripts at Lincoln
SIL/EASTN/092LANDHOLDINGNotes re ratio of hides to knights' fees at Easton
SIL/EASTN/093REGISTERSExtracts from Easton registers 1604-05 from Hunts Transcripts at Lincoln, ex Canon Noble
SIL/EASTN/094HISTORYRefs to Easton & Stow in Ramsey Abbey Cartularies & Chronicle
SIL/EASTN/095INCUMBENTSList of some of the vicars of Easton and Easton with Stow Longa 1265 to 1916
SIL/EASTN/096GLEBEPlan with measurements of Glebe farm buildings ex 25" OS, 20.2.1917
SIL/EASTN/097LANDHOLDINGExtracts from deeds of 1732-33, with explanatory rough plan, 29.3.1917
SIL/EASTN/098LANDHOLDINGList of fields as they appear in 1846 terrier and on OS map, with field names and areas
SIL/EASTN/099LANDHOLDINGLists of fields in Easton Glebe & at Spaldwick & Stow Longa, from 1846 terrier & OS map
SIL/EASTN/100GLEBEList of property of Stow and Easton Glebe from tithe map & OS, ex Mr Cook 5.1.1918
SIL/EASTN/101GLEBEDetails of sale of Stow & Easton Glebe, 21.8.1920
SIL/EASTN/102SCHOOLSDrawing of New Schools design by John Ladds
SIL/EASTN/103PARISH CHURCHVarious pieces of information re building, MIs, glebe, ex Rev Sharland, Dr Fernie etc
SIL/EASTN/104PARISH CHURCHGround plan showing building dates
SIL/EASTN/105PARISH CHURCHDraft description and history for VCH
SIL/EASTN/106PARISH CHURCHDraft description and history for VCH
SIL/EASTN/107DOMESDAY BOOKExtracts from VCH Beds re "Estone" manor in Domesday Book & elsewhere, 11.1932
SIL/EASTN/108DOMESDAY BOOKExtracts from Beds Hist Records Soc 1913 Domesday Notes re "Estone" manor etc
SIL/EASTN/109MANORNotes on VCH draft, 13.8.1932
SIL/EASTN/110DOMESDAY BOOKTabluated extracts from Domesday Book re Easton, ex VCH Beds i
SIL/EASTN/111HISTORYPart of VCH draft re manor and charities, by Miss Russell 12.11.1932
SIL/EASTN/112MANORPart of VCH final draft, 5.1934
SIL/EASTN/113MANORCorrections to VCH draft, 23.11.1932
SIL/EASTN/114MANORCorrections to VCH draft, 12.1932
SIL/EASTN/115MANORNotes on correspondence with Dr Fowler of Aspley Guise, 3.1933
SIL/EASTN/116HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 5.1934
SIL/EASTN/117HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 5.1934
SIL/EASTN/118HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 9.1934
SIL/EASTN/119HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 9.1934
SIL/EASTN/120ENCLOSUREBrief details of 1775 Enclosure Act
SIL/EASTN/121ENCLOSUREDetails of old enclosures and allotments ex 1774 enclosure map
SIL/EASTN/122ENCLOSUREBrief details of 1774 enclosure map, ex parish council 30.3.1938
SIL/EASTN/123ENCLOSURERough tracing of the 1774 enclosure map with Ladds lands coloured, 3.1943
SIL/EASTN/124ENCLOSURERough tracing of the 1774 enclosure map with lands of various owners coloured, 3.1943
SIL/EASTN/125PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (2pp), war memorial, Rev Sharland, Burton, property sales (3pp)
SIL/EASTN/126EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/EASTN/127TOWN LANDSCopy of 1827 indenture with sketch map
SIL/EASTN/128TOWN LANDSDraft of 1827 release indenture
SIL/EASTN/129PROPERTY SALESale particulars with acknowledgement by purchaser, meadow & arable, 16.8.1844
SIL/EASTN/130PROPERTY SALEDetails of sale of four farms at Spaldwick, Easton, Ellington & Barham, 1.11.1913
SIL/EASTN/131PROPERTY SALEDetails of properites in Kimbolton Estate sale, 19-20.7.1918
SIL/EASTN/132GLEBEDetials of sale of Spaldwick & Easton Glebe estates etc, 21.8.1920
SIL/EASTN/133SCHOOLEngraving of New School
SIL/ELLIN/001CAMBERWELL BEAUTYNote on boyhood memory of sightting a Camberwell Beauty, on the bridge at Berry Gore Meadow, 24.8.1880
SIL/ELLIN/002PARISH CHURCHGround plan of south aisle (on back of unfinished letter dated 16.5.1933)
SIL/ELLIN/003PARISH CHURCHPlans and elevations for restoration of nave roof, 4.1905
SIL/ELLIN/004PARISH CHURCHSketch of wall painting above chancel arch, 17.9.1935
SIL/ELLIN/005PARISH CHURCHNotes of costing of repairs, & letters re bad state of spire discovered while fitting lightning conductor, 20.10.1933 & 27.10.1933
SIL/ELLIN/006PARISH CHURCHNotes in daybook re restoration work, 17.3.1908 & 21.3.1908
SIL/ELLIN/007PARISH CHURCHNotes, diagrams & draft reports on bells, 7.1938 to 8.1939 & with report from 3.1907
SIL/ELLIN/008PARISH CHURCHAppeals pamphlet for roof restoration, 1904
SIL/ELLIN/009PARISH CHURCHLetter to vicar & churchwardens re repairs to nave roof & underpinning, estimated at £1500, 18.12.1920
SIL/ELLIN/010PARISH CHURCHLetter to vicar & churchwardens re repairs to aisle roofs, 9.1.1934
SIL/ELLIN/011PARISH CHURCHLetter to vicar & churchwardens re repairs to north aisle roof and pointing of tower & spire, 7.7.1938
SIL/ELLIN/012PARISH CHURCHCaculation of cubic footage for fire insurance
SIL/ELLIN/013PARISH CHURCHSketch of wall painting above chancel arch
SIL/ELLIN/014HISTORY"Ellington, Hunts", offprint of article by SIL from CHAS 7
SIL/ELLIN/015PARISH CHURCHSketched ground plans and sections showing building dates with notes on entries in Valor Eccles
SIL/ELLIN/016GEOFFREY LE BERENote re marriage, ex Clay's History of Landbeach (CAS 8o publication 1861)
SIL/ELLIN/017MANORCopy of letter to Rev Noble, various items inc sale of Manor of Ellington by John Throckmorton in 1768-9, 24.10.1904
SIL/ELLIN/018INCUMBENTSNote re Rev Miller leaving, 1.4.1904
SIL/ELLIN/019PARISH CHURCH"Papers belonging to Ellington Church, Hunts", proofs of article by SIL in CHAS
SIL/ELLIN/020HENSONExtracts from wills, Henson family but also Bull, Peete, Ibate, Grumbold, Nary, Marrit, Young, Frank, Andrews
SIL/ELLIN/021STRANGWARDCopy of will of 1802, proved 1805
SIL/ELLIN/022ENCLOSUREList of old enclosures, with owners, field names, whom exchanged with and areas, 9.1937-1.1938
SIL/ELLIN/023ENCLOSURERough copy of list of old enclosures, 9.1937
SIL/ELLIN/024ENCLOSURESketched maps & lists of part of parish
SIL/ELLIN/025ENCLOSURECopy of part of 1774 enclosure map showing area around village
SIL/ELLIN/026ENCLOSURECopy of part of 1774 enclosure map showing area around village
SIL/ELLIN/027ENCLOSUREBrief notes on part of enclosure award
SIL/ELLIN/028ENCLOSURERough copy of award
SIL/ELLIN/029ENCLOSURECopy of 1778 list of old enclosures, with owners, field names, whom exchanged with, areas and values.
SIL/ELLIN/030WATSONCopies of lists of Dr Watson's estates in Brampton, Easton, Spaldwick, Stow and Barham, ex 1778 Survey of Ellington, 1943
SIL/ELLIN/031ENCLOSUREList of closes, collating the 1774 & 1778 maps
SIL/ELLIN/032ENCLOSURETracing of map copied from part of the Enclosure map, 9.1938
SIL/ELLIN/033FOXOriginal MS: mortgage agreement signed by Samuel Fox, 1682
SIL/ELLIN/034KING, ANGELLOriginal MS: Bond, Thomas King to John Angell, 1716
SIL/ELLIN/035THROGMORTON, ENSAMOriginal MS: Indenture between Throgmorton and ?Ensam, 2 Charles I
SIL/ELLIN/036THROGMORTON, ENSAMOriginal MS: Indenture between Throckmorton & Ensam, 13 Charles I
SIL/ELLIN/037THROGMORTON, ENSAMOriginal MS: Indenture between Throckmorton & Ensam, 13 Charles I
SIL/ELLIN/038JACKSONOriginal MS: Manorial document re Thomas Jackson, 1721
SIL/ELLIN/039JACKSONOriginal MS: Abstract of title by Jackson to an estate at Ellington, 1732
SIL/ELLIN/040FERRAR, MITCHELLOriginal MS: Appointment of Robert Mitchell as deputy steward of the Manor of Ellington by Edward Ferrar, 29.9.1740
SIL/ELLIN/041JACKSONOriginal MS: Manor of Ellington, surrender by Samuel & Elizabeth Jackson, 16.1.1724
SIL/ELLIN/042BIDWELL, WHITWORTHOriginal MS: Bond by William Bidwell to William Whitworth, 2.9.1760
SIL/ELLIN/043LADDS, MEASURESOriginal MS: Absolute surrender William Ladds to John Measures of Vessel Way Close, 6.1.1841
SIL/ELLIN/044LADDS, MEASURESOriginal MS: Copy of indenture, William Ladds and Benjamin Measures re Vessel Way Close, 22.10.1855
SIL/ELLIN/045LADDS, MEASURES, SHARMANOriginal MS: Copy of indenture, William Ladds, Benjamin Measures & Samuel Sharman re Duke of Cumberland PH, 22.10.1855
SIL/ELLIN/046LADDS, MEASURES, ELDERTON, HUNNYBUNOriginal MS: Copy of indenture, William Ladds, Benjmin Measures, George Elderton & Martin Hunnybun re Great Thorpe or Dovehouse Close, 22.10.1855
SIL/ELLIN/047LADDS, MEASURES, MANCHESTEROriginal MS: Draft bargain and sale, William Ladds, Benjamin Measures & Duke of Manchester, copyhold property at Ellington, 22.10.1855
SIL/ELLIN/048THROCKMORTONNotes on will of Ema Throckmorton, copied by WMN ex Archd of Huntn Court 28.1.1599
SIL/ELLIN/049ENCLOSURE, PARISH CHURCHTracings of enclosure map (traced from photo), elevation and sections of church door checked by SIL 5.9.1888, & sketch of village from hill on north side of brook by John Ladds
SIL/ELLIN/050PARISH CHURCHElevation and sections of column, by John Ladds
SIL/ELLIN/051PARISH CHURCHSketches of window, font cover, tower, spire and bell, also detail of carving at Woolley church, by John Ladds 6.9.1863
SIL/ELLIN/052PARISH CHURCHSketches of section across nave and aisles, piers etc, by John Ladds
SIL/ELLIN/053PARISH CHURCHNeater version of SIL/ELLIN/052 by John Ladds, 2.1876
SIL/ELLIN/054PARISH CHURCHSketches of bells and their inscriptions, part of spiral stair, part of roof, view of church from a distance, all by John Ladds
SIL/ELLIN/055PARISH CHURCHSketches of ground plan, font, tracery and chancel arch, by John Ladds 5.10.1858
SIL/ELLIN/056PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan and elevation of west end, by John Ladds about 1862
SIL/ELLIN/057PARISH CHURCHSketch ground plan and elevation of spire, with survey angles to calculate heights, by John Ladds about 1862
SIL/ELLIN/058PARISH CHURCHElevations of various parts of the building with notes and measurements, by John Ladds about 1862
SIL/ELLIN/059PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of nave roof section and some tracery, by John Ladds 8.1863
SIL/ELLIN/060PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of altar and nave roof, by John Ladds
SIL/ELLIN/061PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of modern carved oak gate posts, by John Ladds 25.11.1862
SIL/ELLIN/062PARISH CHURCHSketch and notes of part of south aisle roof, by John Ladds
SIL/ELLIN/063PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of various parts of the roofs, by John Ladds 1876
SIL/ELLIN/064PARISH CHURCHSketches and notes of nave roof, arcade & clerestory, by John Ladds 18.11.1881
SIL/ELLIN/065PARISH CHURCHElevation of spire with survey lines to calculate heights, by John Ladds 1857?
SIL/ELLIN/066PARISH CHURCHElevations and plan of the chancel before the 1863 restoration, drawn by SIL from John Ladds' measurements, 8.1891
SIL/ELLIN/067PARISH CHURCHElevations and plans of the altar and font before the 1863 restoration, measured by John Ladds 1858 & 1863, drawn by SIL 9.1891
SIL/ELLIN/068PARISH CHURCHElevation and plan of the chancel doorway, by John Ladds 7.1870
SIL/ELLIN/069PARISH CHURCHMeasured elevation and sections of north doorway into the nave, by John Ladds 16.7.1870
SIL/ELLIN/070PARISH CHURCHSections of moulding of the chancel door, by John Ladds 7.1870
SIL/ELLIN/071PARISH CHURCHElevation of north door, no date
SIL/ELLIN/072PARISH CHURCHView of church from the south-west, 10.1883
SIL/ELLIN/073PARISH CHURCHView of the church from the south, 28.8.1886
SIL/ELLIN/074PARISH CHURCHPlan of plot in south-west angle of tower and aisle, "containing tombs of the Ladds" and sketches of tower lights, by SIL 5.9.1888
SIL/ELLIN/075PARISH CHURCHGround plan, measured by John Ladds & drawn by SIL, 9.1891
SIL/ELLIN/076PARISH CHURCHSketch of south side of chancel & partial notes of MIs, 3.1915
SIL/ELLIN/077PARISH CHURCHSketches of carved heads and measured section of moulding
SIL/ELLIN/078PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of windows and plinths, and of stone figure of a lady found recently in the churchyard, 23.5.1934
SIL/ELLIN/079PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of bells and bellframe, 20.9.1904 with sketch from 1876 measurements by John Ladds; cracks in south wall of chancel, 28.5.1907; angels in roof; Taylor & Co's estimates for work on the bells, 13.5.1904; damaged stones on north aisle parapets, 22.3.1907
SIL/ELLIN/080PARISH CHURCHMeasured sections of capitals of nave south-side piers
SIL/ELLIN/081PARISH CHURCHSketch of parapet of east gable, 16.10.1907
SIL/ELLIN/082PARISH CHURCHSketches and calculations of base of spire, 30.10.1933
SIL/ELLIN/083PARISH CHURCHNotes on damaged stonework in the chancel, 23.9.1908
SIL/ELLIN/084PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of clerestory, 30.12.1907
SIL/ELLIN/085PARISH CHURCHSketches of parts of organ front and south arcade, 2.11.1915
SIL/ELLIN/086PARISH CHURCHScale for photograph with measurements to the top of the spire (120, feet presumably), 30.10.1933
SIL/ELLIN/087PARISH CHURCHSketch of cracks on south side of chancel, 28.5.1007
SIL/ELLIN/088PARISH CHURCHElevation and section of north aisle parapet showing restoration work to be done, 4.1907
SIL/ELLIN/089PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of north clerestory and gargoyle, 11.5.1907
SIL/ELLIN/090PARISH CHURCHNotes on damage and work needed in north and south aisles & chancel, 31.5.1920
SIL/ELLIN/091PARISH CHURCHElevation and plan of font, 8.1892
SIL/ELLIN/092PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of roof and carvings, 20.9.1907
SIL/ELLIN/093PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of nave battlements, roofs, window, 1907
SIL/ELLIN/094PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches & plans of various parts of the building, 15.3.1915 & 24.7.1930
SIL/ELLIN/095PARISH CHURCHGound plan with measurements, 15.9.1931 & 30.5.1932
SIL/ELLIN/096PARISH CHURCHMeasured elevation of arcade pier
SIL/ELLIN/097PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of pier, 19.7.1934
SIL/ELLIN/098PARISH CHURCHSketch of wall paintings over chancel arch, 11.1.1934
SIL/ELLIN/099PARISH CHURCHNotes and drawings of carved angel on south aisle roof, 9.9.1935
SIL/ELLIN/100PARISH CHURCHDescription and two drawings by John Ladds, in "The Building News" 30.10.1891
SIL/ELLIN/101PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet to restore roofs, 1904
SIL/ELLIN/102PARISH CHURCHEllington Church, Huntingdonshire, Roof Restoration Fund. First Subscription List, 1905
SIL/ELLIN/103PARISH CHURCHPhotograph, exterior from north-east, as in appeal leaflet SIL/ELLIN/101
SIL/ELLIN/104PARISH CHURCHLeaflet advertising re-opening services after restoration of the nave roof, 28.10.1908 & 1.11.1908
SIL/ELLIN/105PARISH CHURCHThe Office of Benediction of the Organ, 20.1.1916
SIL/ELLIN/106PARISH CHURCHService and Organ Recital, 23.1.1916
SIL/ELLIN/107PARISH CHURCHChurch Restoration Fund £2000 needed, appeal for restoration of aisle roofs, 1934
SIL/ELLIN/108PARISH CHURCHSketch of stone coffin found under south aisle, 1915
SIL/ELLIN/109PARISH CHURCHNotes on restoration work needed and funds available, 20.12.1935
SIL/ELLIN/110PARISH CHURCHPhotograph, exterior from north, captioned "Mentioned in Doomsday" [sic] so presumably from an appeal leaflet
SIL/ELLIN/111PARISH CHURCHGift Sunday, £1000 needed for repairs to our beautiful church, 19.6.1938
SIL/ELLIN/112PARISH CHURCHGift Day and Garden Party at the Vicarage and Thank Offering Service, 8.7.[?1934]
SIL/ELLIN/113PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building dates
SIL/ELLIN/114PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building dates for VCH, 1.1935
SIL/ELLIN/115PARISH CHURCHDrawings of bells and their inscriptions, and steps to belfry, by John Ladds 1876
SIL/ELLIN/116PARISH CHURCHA Garden Fete will be held in the Vicarage Grounds, 25.6.1932
SIL/ELLIN/117PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of stone coffin found under the south aisle, 15.7.1915
SIL/ELLIN/118PARISH CHURCHSketch of part of stone effigy of a lady recently found in the churchyard, 23.5.1934
SIL/ELLIN/119PARISH CHURCHSketches of wall painting over chancel arch, with list of restoration work to be done on church interior, 17.3.1908
SIL/ELLIN/120PARISH CHURCHDrawings of wall painting over chancel arch, carved bosses on nave roof and gargoyle on clerestory, 9.1907
SIL/ELLIN/121PARISH CHURCHPrinted leaflet for re-opening of chancel after rebuilding with full choral service, with MS letter from Rev Potter thanking John Ladds for the "corona", 11.1863
SIL/ELLIN/122PARISH CHURCHPrint showing view from the south-west "From the Vicarage Lane", signed V.A.M. Grimley 1930.
SIL/ELLIN/123PARISH CHURCHArticle on history and description, 12.1899
SIL/ELLIN/124PARISH CHURCH, MANOR, WINDMILLDescription and history for CHAS article, 9.1939
SIL/ELLIN/125PARISH CHURCHNotes on history, description and restorations, from various sources inc personal inspections & info ex John Ladds (notebooks etc presumably)
SIL/ELLIN/126PARISH CHURCHNotes on the 1863 restoration ex various sources
SIL/ELLIN/127PARISH CHURCHDetailed measured drawings of plate, 19.7.1918
SIL/ELLIN/128PARISH CHURCHSketches of plate hallmarks and rough exterior view of church with lines for perspective or measuring height of spire
SIL/ELLIN/129PARISH CHURCHTwo accounts of damage in a gale, ex unnamed newspapers
SIL/ELLIN/130THROCKMORTONFamily tree with notes, 12.1930
SIL/ELLIN/131MANORNames and dates of lords of the Manor, ex court rolls
SIL/ELLIN/132THROCKMORTON, MANORThrockmorton family tree, list of lords of the Manor, 12.1930
SIL/ELLIN/133PARISH CHURCHList of queries to check, and the answers, 30.5.1932
SIL/ELLIN/134PARISH CHURCHHistory and description for VCH
SIL/ELLIN/135HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 26.10.1932
SIL/ELLIN/136MANORNotes on lords of the Manor, ex VCH draft 31.10.1932
SIL/ELLIN/137PARISH CHURCHSketch of old chest, now in the tower, 9.8.1939
SIL/ELLIN/138HOUSES, MILLDrawings of old houses in the village and of the windmill, by Violet Grimley, one dated 1932
SIL/ELLIN/139HISTORY1st proof for CHAS article "Ellington, Hunts", 8.2.1949
SIL/ELLIN/140HISTORYDraft of CHAS article, with sketch map of parish boundary, 9.1939
SIL/ELLIN/141MANORNotes on lords of the manor, 7.11.1932
SIL/ELLIN/142MANORNotes on lords of the manor, "with Mr Albert Peacock" 7.11.1932 (fair copy of SIL/ELLIN/141)
SIL/ELLIN/143BEDELLFamily tree
SIL/ELLIN/144HISTORYCorrected draft for VCH draft ("Miss Russell"), 24.10.1932
SIL/ELLIN/145HISTORYFinal draft for VCH, 5.1934
SIL/ELLIN/146HISTORYCorrections to VCH, 31.10.1932
SIL/ELLIN/147HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 5.1934
SIL/ELLIN/148HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 5.1934
SIL/ELLIN/149HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 9.1934
SIL/ELLIN/150HISTORYCorrections to VCH first proof, 9.1934
SIL/ELLIN/151HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/ELLIN/152HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.1935
SIL/ELLIN/153HISTORYNotes on MS sources, VCH slips, 5.1936
SIL/ELLIN/154HOUSES, MILLMap of part of Ellington based on the 1774 enclosure map & others, showing positions of farms, windmill etc, 1949
SIL/ELLIN/155EARL, DAY, LADDSNotes on 1839 indenture between Robert Earl, William Day & Wm Ladds re South Doles
SIL/ELLIN/156MONK, LADDSExtracts from marriage registers 1787 & other dates, inc Lydia Ladds of Ellington
SIL/ELLIN/157BERNARDList of Bernard property at 1774 Enclosure
SIL/ELLIN/158BERNARDList of acres of property held by Sir Robert Bernard, c1800
SIL/ELLIN/159LADDSFamily tree with notes, ex Ellington registers 28.8.1904
SIL/ELLIN/160HISTORYDraft of CHAS article
SIL/ELLIN/161CHARTERSList of charters ex Cartularium Monasterii Rameseia, 3.7.1897
SIL/ELLIN/162CHARTERSTranscripts of charters ex Cartularium Monasterii Rameseia, 3.7.1897 corrected 25.9.1904
SIL/ELLIN/163CHARTERSRefs to Sibthorpe ex Cartularium Monasterii Rameseia
SIL/ELLIN/164CHARTERSTranscript of charter ex Cartularium Monasterii Rameseia
SIL/ELLIN/165MANOR, LIVING, LANDNotes on various MSS ex Rev Noble, 1899 & 1906
SIL/ELLIN/166MANORNotes on the Manor ex Ramsey Abbey charters etc
SIL/ELLIN/167MANOR, LIVINGNotes on the Manor and the living and their possession by Ramsey Abbey, with list of Abbots
SIL/ELLIN/168MANORList of Lords of the Manor and Stewards, ex Court Rolls 1914 & 1915
SIL/ELLIN/169LADDSNotes on transactions involving Ladds, and a few other names, ex Court Rolls 27.3.1914, 22.4.1914, 26.7.1915
SIL/ELLIN/170JACKSONNotes on transactions involving Jackson & on the nature of the Court Rolls in general, 3-4.1914
SIL/ELLIN/171LADDS, JACKSONNotes on transactions involving Ladds, and a few other names, ex Court Rolls 27.3.1914, 22.4.1914, 26.7.1915
SIL/ELLIN/172ENSAM, THROCKMORTON, JACKSONFamily tree of Robert Ensam & Mary Throckmorton, ex Ellington registers
SIL/ELLIN/173INCUMBENTSCopy of letter to Rev Grimley from the Bounty Office, 5.2.1898
SIL/ELLIN/174PEPYSPostcard from Wm Noble re enquiry by Lilian Redstone about Samuel Pepys' mother, 22.1.1914
SIL/ELLIN/175PEPYSLilian Redstone's card with scribbled notes, 22.1.1914
SIL/ELLIN/176PEPYSLetter from Lilian Redstone re her Pepys enquiry, 11.2.1914
SIL/ELLIN/177PEPYSLetter from Lilian Redstone with thanks for notes from Ellington court rolls, 24.4.1914
SIL/ELLIN/178COURT ROLLSCopy of letter from Lilian Redstone, with ref to interest in Norbury family, 11.10.1920
SIL/ELLIN/179COURT ROLLSLetter from John Beagarie re Lilian Redstone's research etc, 27.10.1920
SIL/ELLIN/180COURT ROLLSLetter from John Beagarie re Lilian Redstone's research etc, 15.11.1920
SIL/ELLIN/181COURT ROLLSLetter from Lilian Redstone with thanks for SIL's help with court rolls & Norbury family, 19.11.1920
SIL/ELLIN/182INCUMBENTSList of rectors & patrons 1577 to 1822
SIL/ELLIN/183FARM BUILDINGSNotes & plans re farm buildings (?where) and work needed to be done on them (in envelope postmarked 24.1.1920)
SIL/ELLIN/184PARISHCopy of Rev Grimley's draft answers to questions requested by Diocesan Board of Finance, 4.1922
SIL/ELLIN/185COTTON FARMSales particulars with plan, sale by Lieut Col Beadon 1.11.1913
SIL/ELLIN/186BROOK HOUSE FARMDrawing by John Ladds 1879
SIL/ELLIN/187BROOK HOUSE FARMDrawing by the young SIL 30.8.1886
SIL/ELLIN/188SCHOOLPlans, section and elevation, by John Ladds 24.9.1870
SIL/ELLIN/189BROOK HOUSE FARMDrawing by the young SIL 30.8.1886
SIL/ELLIN/190BROOK HOUSE FARM ?Drawing of parts of farm buildings, 5.9.1888
SIL/ELLIN/191HOUSEDrawing of Mrs Rowlatt's house, 5.9.1888
SIL/ELLIN/192HOUSESPrint of the Old Mermaid and cottages by Violet Grimley, one sent as Christmas card 1943
SIL/ELLIN/193BROOK FARMPrint of Brook Farm Corner, by Violet Grimley 1932
SIL/ELLIN/194WINDMILLPrint of Ellington mill sent as Christmas card by C.S. Bartindale, 1931
SIL/ELLIN/195WINDMILLPrint of Ellington mill by Violet Grimley, one sent as Christmas card 1935
SIL/ELLIN/196ELLINGTON GROVEPrint of thatched cottages by Violet Grimley, 1934
SIL/ELLIN/197COTTAGEPrint of thatched cottage by Violet Grimley, Christmas 1936
SIL/ELLIN/198COTTAGEPrint of thatched cottage by Violet Grimley, sent as Christmas card 1937
SIL/ELLIN/199OLD MERMAIDPrint of the Old Mermaid Inn by Violet Grimley, sent as Christmas card 1938
SIL/ELLIN/200MOATSMap of moats at Thorpe Lodge, Sibthorpe, ex 6" OS
SIL/ELLIN/201WINDMILLSketch map showng former and present positions of mill, based on Jefferys 1768 map, ex C.F. Tebbutt 12.4.1933
SIL/ELLIN/202KIMBOLTON CASTLE ESTATESale particulars including Brook House Farm, Red Lodge, Redwood Lodge Farm, Ellington Thorpe Farm, Dyes House, West Wood, etc, 19-20.7.1918
SIL/ELLIN/203ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 14.4.1910
SIL/ELLIN/204ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 27.1.1916
SIL/ELLIN/205ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 11.11.1920
SIL/ELLIN/206WILLSVarious extracts from archdeacon's books ex Rev Noble
SIL/ELLIN/208PARISH REGISTERSList of registers, 11.9.1928
SIL/ELLIN/209PARISH REGISTERSList and description of registers, 7.1915
SIL/ELLIN/210ESTATE MAP, BERNARDSketched copy of pre-Enclosure estate map of Sir Robt Bernard, ex Mandeville 44
SIL/ELLIN/211ESTATE MAP, SPARROWSketched copy of 1813 estate map of Lady O.B. Sparrow, ex Mandeville 46
SIL/ELLIN/212MOATSSketch map of two homestead moats, ex OS 6"
SIL/ELLIN/213MOATSSketch map of homestead moats at Sibthorpe/Ellington Thorpe, ex OS 6"
SIL/ELLIN/214MOATSMap of moats at Ellington Thorpe traced from OS 25", 11.9.1924
SIL/ELLIN/215MOATSMap of moats at Ellington Thorpe traced from OS 25"
SIL/ELLIN/216MOATSMap of moats at Ellington Thorpe traced from OS 25", with measured sections of the earthworks, 10.12.1924
SIL/ELLIN/217MOATSSketch of section through homestead moats at Ellington Thorpe with measurements, 10.12.1924
SIL/ELLIN/218MOATSPlan and sections of homestead moats at Ellington Thorpe, fair copy of earlier versions, 12.1924
SIL/ELLIN/219DAY, ELDERTONAbsolute surrender, John Hill Day to George Elderton, original deed 12.11.1840
SIL/ELLIN/220CHAMBERLAIN, LE BECHEFamily trees, ex CAS 8vo 1861 History of Landbeach
SIL/ELLIN/221SIBTHORPE, GRYM, PUNT, SAPCOTEDescent of Sibthorpe through family trees of Grym, Punt and Sapcote
SIL/ELLIN/222MANORSNotes ex Blore's "Rutland", Lt Paxton transcripts and 1907 notice on church door
SIL/ELLIN/223THROCKMORTONExtracts from the parish registers 1608-61
SIL/ELLIN/224MANORS, ADVOWSONExtracts & notes from various sources
SIL/ELLIN/225PARISH REGISTERS, DORRINGTONExtracts re Dorrington family & description of early registers
SIL/ELLIN/226PARISH REGISTERS, PEPYSNote on lack of any reference to Pepys family in first register & description of second register
SIL/ELLIN/227CHURCHWARDENSNotes from churchwardens' books 1697-1818 and from churchwardens named in archdeacon's visitation records, 1878-88
SIL/ELLIN/228WHITWELL, ROGERS, STRANGWARDNotes on property following enquiry to Rev Grimley, 1907-08
SIL/ELLIN/229EATON, WIGSTON, PETERHOUSEVarious notes on owners of property at Ellington, 1906, 1918, 1897 & 1904
SIL/ELLIN/230ENCLOSURE, SCHOOL, OLD STONE, MANORVarious notes on Award Map, 1871 repairs to National School master's house, carved stone found near Weir, sales of Manor
SIL/ELLIN/231HOUSES, MILLMemories about old houses and moving the mill, ex John Ladds, Rev Sharland and C.F. Tebbutt
SIL/ELLIN/232PARISH CHURCH CHESTDetails of papers and registers in the church chest & some notes on their contents, 17.3.1908
SIL/ELLIN/233PARISH CHURCH CHEST"Papers belonging to Ellington Church, Hunts" by SIL, offprint of article in CHAS vol. 7, 1948
SIL/ELLIN/234PARISH CHURCH CHESTDetails of deeds in a small leather box in the church chest, 17.3.1908
SIL/ELLIN/235PARISH CHURCH CHESTPapers belonging to Ellington Church: draft of CHAS article (see SIL/ELLIN/233)
SIL/ELLIN/236PROPERTY SALEPoster advertising auction of pasture and feeding land, 6.9.1856
SIL/ELLIN/237FARM SALEPoster advertising auction of livestock, hay, straw & equipment, by assignees of John Harding, 16.5.1855
SIL/ELLIN/238PROPERTY SALEParticulars for sale advertised in SIL/ELLIN/236, 6.9.1856
SIL/ELLIN/239PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (11pp), vicars (5pp), various inhabitants (3pp), windmill (2pp), Friendly Society & the Old Mermaid (2pp), various (2pp), property sales (6pp)
SIL/ELLIN/240EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/ELTON/001PARISH CHURCHLetter from H.E. Hankins to Rev Hodgson re subsidence & the effect on it of restoration work in 1872 & 1883, 10.3.1922
SIL/ELTON/002PARISH CHURCHReport to rector & PCC re underpining tower, with estimates, 13.3.1922
SIL/ELTON/003PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter to Rev Hodgson re Hankins' letter (SIL/ELTON/001), 14.3.1922
SIL/ELTON/004PARISH CHURCHSketch sections with measurements showing strata, one in well near church, the other ex Prof Lebour
SIL/ELTON/005ELECTIONSLetter from Granville Proby re dates at which "Whig" and "Tory" were replaced by "Liberal" and "Conservative", 24.8.-- (year torn off)
SIL/ELTON/006FLOODSNote on ref in Gentleman's Magazine to flood 6.6.1807 at Crowland, Caxton, Kimbolton, Gt Staughton & Elton, ex Dawes MSS
SIL/ELTON/007PARISH CHURCHSketch plans and sections with measurements of various parts of tower, 17.1.1922 & 7.2.1922
SIL/ELTON/008PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on cracks in tower and west end, 17.1.1922; also calculation of various distances nearby inc ref to lighting-up time, ?purpose, 18.9.1919
SIL/ELTON/009PARISH CHURCHSketch sections with measurements showing strata, one in well near church, the other ex Prof Lebour, 10.1911 copied 17.1.1922
SIL/ELTON/010PARISH CHURCHPhotograph of Saxon crosses in churchyard, ex Cambridge County Geographies
SIL/ELTON/011PARISH CHURCHSections with measurements showing strata, one in well near church, the other ex Prof Lebour, by W.H. Wood 10.1911 traced by SIL 1921 17.1.1922
SIL/ELTON/012PARISH CHURCHSketches of bannner of Knights of St Patrick in arms of Earls of Carysfort, 19.9.1919
SIL/ELTON/013PARISH CHURCHDrawing, exterior view from south-west, traced from "Sweeting"
SIL/ELTON/014PARISH CHURCHDrawing of section of moulding on arch, ex Bloxam's "Gothic Architecture" p. 223
SIL/ELTON/015PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on bells before and after rehanging, 30.9.1936 & 11.5.1937
SIL/ELTON/016PARISH CHURCHReport to rector and PCC re rehanging bells, 17.10.1936
SIL/ELTON/017PARISH CHURCHNote re recasting of fourth bell & remounting all of them in 1896, 7.2.1922
SIL/ELTON/018RECTORY, INCUMBENTS, PARISH CHURCHNotes re various items, 17.9.1923
SIL/ELTON/019PARISH CHURCHNote on consecration of churchyard - 1868 or 1869?, 22.9.1933
SIL/ELTON/020PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes on shields & inscriptions
SIL/ELTON/021PARISH CHURCHBrief note on two restorations of chancel
SIL/ELTON/022PARISH CHURCHNotes on shields of two Thomas Probys, died 1684 & 1689, 4.9.?1900
SIL/ELTON/023PARISH CHURCHNotes on chancel underpinned 1905 & subsequent cracking, 17.1.1922
SIL/ELTON/024PARISH CHURCHSketch with notes of south door, also two MIs from churchyard, 18.9.1935
SIL/ELTON/025PARISH CHURCHLetter and sketches of shields, ex Rev Noble 25.6.1928
SIL/ELTON/026PARISH CHURCHSketches of shields of Richard Cumberland in Peterborough cathedral and Fuller from a History of Lynn
SIL/ELTON/027PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Hodgson re visit by SIL to see plate and registers, 28.7.1928
SIL/ELTON/028PARISH CHURCHDrawing of shield with arms of Thos Ball & Ann Cumberland
SIL/ELTON/029PARISH CHURCHDrawing with notes of shield with arms of Thos Ball & Ann Cumberland
SIL/ELTON/030PARISH CHURCHDrawing of shield, Thomas Ball & Martha his wife
SIL/ELTON/031PARISH CHURCHArms and inscription of Rev Thomas Ball 1670, traced from Rev Noble's rubbing of communion plate, with notes, 21.6.1928
SIL/ELTON/032PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter to Rev Noble re shields, inscriptions and plate, 13.8.1928
SIL/ELTON/033PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of arms and MIs, Revs Ball & Foster, 13.8.1928
SIL/ELTON/034INCUMBENTSFamily tree of Balls, inc several rectors of Elton, ex VCH 8.1935
SIL/ELTON/035PARISH CHURCHGround plan showing building dates, ex VCH
SIL/ELTON/036PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of plate, arms, inscribed slab, 18.9.1923
SIL/ELTON/037PARISH CHURCH, ELTON HALLNotes ex archdeaconry records re building of Elton Hall & church plate
SIL/ELTON/038PARISH CHURCHNotes on monuments, ex "Whistler"
SIL/ELTON/039PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of MIs, registers & plate, 12-13.8.1928
SIL/ELTON/040PARISH CHURCHNotes on fittings and plate
SIL/ELTON/041INCUMBENTSList of some supposed rectors of Elton, Lansdowne MSS ex Rev Vigers 9.9.1932
SIL/ELTON/042PARISH CHURCHCommercial leaflet listing buildings with lightning conductors by Joseph Lewis, inc Elton
SIL/ELTON/043ELTON HALLCopy of letter from F.H.H. Gillemard to Rev Noble re county boundary passing through the dining room table, 26.2.1909
SIL/ELTON/044WILLSNotes on wills 1536-1540, ex Rev Noble's book WWW
SIL/ELTON/045WALKERNotes on 1598 will of Ann Walker, ex Rev Noble's book WW
SIL/ELTON/046TYRETNotes on 1428 will of Robert Tyret, ex Rev Noble's book PR
SIL/ELTON/047DEFOENote that Daniel Defoe not born at Elton, ex Rev Noble 22.9.1925
SIL/ELTON/048ELTON HALL, PARISH CHURCHArticle (CHAS?) on group visit to Elton Hall, church & rectory
SIL/ELTON/049RECTORYPlan and notes of part of rectory showing possible secret chamber, 18.9.1923
SIL/ELTON/050RECTORYNotes on 1st acacia in England, village cross & sundial in garden (stolen) and ghost (rather dull), 18.9.1923
SIL/ELTON/051RECTORYNotes and sketches of painted crest and shields in glass brought from Fotheringay Castle, 19.9.1919
SIL/ELTON/052MOATSketch plan of position of moat near Sheepwalk Farm ex OS 6"
SIL/ELTON/053MOATSketch plan of position of moat near Sheepwalk Farm
SIL/ELTON/054MOATSketch plan of moat near Sheepwalk Farm, ex OS 25" corrected by the 6"
SIL/ELTON/055MOATSketch plan of moat near Sheepwalk Farm
SIL/ELTON/056RECTORY, GLEBENotes & sketch plans of rectory (2 floors, roof & stables) & glebe land in village, 16.9.1924
SIL/ELTON/057GLEBENote on extent in 1905
SIL/ELTON/058RECTORYNotes, sketch plans & measurements 19.9.1919
SIL/ELTON/059RECTORYCopy of description in letting particulars, ex Rev Hodgson 11.8.1920
SIL/ELTON/060RECTORYPlan of house and fields, ex OS 25" 9.8.1920
SIL/ELTON/061RECTORYSketches of shields & notes on cost of repairs, 16.9.1924
SIL/ELTON/062RECTORYPlan for proposed sale of house & glebe, ex OS 25" 2.1925
SIL/ELTON/063RECTORY, GLEBEPlan of house & glebe, ex OS 25" 9.8.1920
SIL/ELTON/064RECTORYPlan for proposed sale of house & glebe, ex OS 25"
SIL/ELTON/065RECTORYPlans of ground and first floor, 9.1919
SIL/ELTON/066RECTORYReport to Rev Hodgson re reducing the size of the rectory, 2.10.1919
SIL/ELTON/067SAPCOTEFamily trees, ex VCH for Coppingford & Elton
SIL/ELTON/068SAPCOTEFamily tree ex VCH draft 6.1935
SIL/ELTON/069SAPCOTEFamily tree with notes on arms, ex 1618 Visitation of Rutland
SIL/ELTON/070SAPCOTEFamily trees and notes ex Whistler's "History of Elton" ("not correct, SIL"), Sweeting's "Churches near Peterborough" and Feet of Fines
SIL/ELTON/071SAPCOTEFamily tree, 2.1917
SIL/ELTON/072SAPCOTEFamily tree, 2.1917
SIL/ELTON/073SAPCOTEFamily tree, 20.7.1923
SIL/ELTON/074SAPCOTE, ELTON HALLThe end part of a brief history of the family and the house
SIL/ELTON/075SAPCOTE, ELTON HALLNotes on the motto in corrupt French carved on the tower at Elton Hall
SIL/ELTON/076SAPCOTE, ELTON HALLSuggested explanation of the motto in corrupt French carved on the tower at Elton Hall
SIL/ELTON/077SAPCOTENotes on 1434 will of John Sapcote, ex Rev Noble 9.1898
SIL/ELTON/078SAPCOTERefs in Huntingdonshire Feet of Fines, 21.6.1925
SIL/ELTON/079SAPCOTENotes on 1510 brass of Lady Anne Phelip (?nee Sapcote) at Cheneys, Bucks, 7.1896
SIL/ELTON/080SAPCOTENotes on 1553 brass in Lincoln cathedral of Henry & Jane Sapcote, ex Mon Brass Soc Trans vol 21
SIL/ELTON/081SAPCOTENote on 1544 marriage licence of Robert Apreece & Lady Christian Sapcote (widow), ex Rev Noble 23.11.1923
SIL/ELTON/082SAPCOTE, ELTON HALLFamily tree and notes re Sapcotes and when the chapel at Elton Hall was built, 31.3.1926
SIL/ELTON/083SAPCOTENotes on second marriage, c. 1480, of widow of Lord Fitzwarin to Sir John Sapcote, ex "Peerage" vol 5 p 508-10
SIL/ELTON/084ESCUTCHEONS, ELTON HALLPictures of shields, in windows and carved in stone, in chapel & parlour of Elton Hall, ex 1613 Visitation
SIL/ELTON/085ELTON HALLNotes & sketches on various aspects of the house & contents, ex Col D.J. Proby 18.9.1923
SIL/ELTON/086PROBYFamily tree
SIL/ELTON/087PROBY, COTTONRegister entries of baptisms and burials in 1660s at Conington (Cambs, not Hunts), ex Ely Episcopal Records 1891
SIL/ELTON/088PROBYNotes on 1611 will of John Probie of Godmanchester, ex Rev Noble 11.8.1937
SIL/ELTON/089SAPCOTE, ELTON HALLSketch of the lettering of the motto on the tower at Elton Hall, ex Mr Chambers of Hist Mon Comm 11.6.1925
SIL/ELTON/090PROBY, ELTON HALL1668 ref to recent building of Elton Hall, ex Lansdowne MSS 921
SIL/ELTON/091PROBYDescription and transcript of Sir Thomas Proby's account book of 1663-88, 14.4.1935
SIL/ELTON/092CARYSFORT, ELTON HALLLetter from Granville Proby re Lady Carysfort's notes, 11.3.1935
SIL/ELTON/093CARYSFORT, ELTON HALL, CHURCH, HISTORYExtracts from Lady Carysfort's notes, 3.1935
SIL/ELTON/094ELTON HALLSketch of the south front, ex Granville Proby 14.4.1935
SIL/ELTON/095ELTON HALLNotes and sketches of Elton Hall and of prints and photos of it, 9.3.1935
SIL/ELTON/096CARYSFORT, ELTON HALLCopy of letter to Granville Proby re Lady Carysfort's notes, with table of SIL's views of how the house developed based on the notes and on prints and pictures, 26.3.1935
SIL/ELTON/097PARISH CHURCHNotes on restorations by Revs Faber and Claughton
SIL/ELTON/098ELTON HALLTwo letters re prints, Lady Caryfort's notes & alterations to building, 1.4.1935 & 4.4.1935
SIL/ELTON/099ELTON HALLNotes with sketches on conversation with Granville Proby re alterations, 14.4.1935
SIL/ELTON/100ELTON HALLSketch elevations of the Hall as it was before 1812, 3.1935
SIL/ELTON/101ELTON HALLSketch section showing alterations as stated by Proby, 14.4.1935
SIL/ELTON/102ELTON HALLLetter and sketches re measurements & alterations of rooms in the Hall, 23.5.1935
SIL/ELTON/104ELTON HALLSketches & measurements of west turrets in 1818
SIL/ELTON/105ELTON HALLSection through part of the Hall, 22.6.1935
SIL/ELTON/106ELTON HALLNotes on conversation (and visit to Hall?) with Granville Proby re date when chapel became library, 28.6.1939
SIL/ELTON/107ELTON HALLNotes & sketches on prints and photos showing changes to the Hall, 28.8.1945
SIL/ELTON/108ELTON HALLNotes on prints and photos showing changes to the Hall, 8.1945
SIL/ELTON/109ELTON HALLSketch & measurements of the tower, 30.8.1945
SIL/ELTON/110ELTON HALLNotes on alterations in 1814, 30.8.1945
SIL/ELTON/111ELTON HALLSketch plan of part of Hall traced from one of Proby's, 1856, 1.10.1945
SIL/ELTON/112ELTON HALLSketch of south front "to show raising of walls &c", 3.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/113ELTON HALLSketch plan with notes of chapel & anteroom, on visit to Hall with Granville Proby, 1.10.1945
SIL/ELTON/114ELTON HALLDraft letter to Proby re alterations, 23.10.1945
SIL/ELTON/115ELTON HALLPlan of building between chapel & Sir Thomas Proby's wing, 23.10.1945
SIL/ELTON/116ELTON HALLLetter with notes, sketches & photograph re alterations to the Hall, 31.10.1945
SIL/ELTON/117ELTON HALLNotes on other renaisance houses and their architects, and on refs to Elton Hall in books, 6.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/119ELTON HALLDraft letter to Proby re alterations to the Hall & other architects & houses, 8.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/120ELTON HALLLetter from Proby re alterations to the Hall, 10.11,1945
SIL/ELTON/121ELTON HALLList by Granville Proby of sources of information on the Hall and alterations to it, 1.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/122ELTON HALL"Elton Jottings", copy of Lady Carysfort's notes, 1.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/123ELTON HALLDraft letter to Proby re Lady Carysfort's notes and alterations to the Hall, 11.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/124ELTON HALLCopy of letter to Proby as sent, 11.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/125ELTON HALLGranville Proby's notes on the history of the Hall and alterations to it, received by SIL 22.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/126ELTON HALLMore of Granville Proby's notes on the Hall, received by SIL 29.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/127ELTON HALLDraft notes on the Hall & sketch plan, presumably SIL's response to SIL/ELTON/125-6, 2.1.1946
SIL/ELTON/128PROBYFamily tree
SIL/ELTON/129MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENTPS to letter from Granville Proby re Stooks Smith & McCalmont, 24.8.1945
SIL/ELTON/130ELTON HALLAdvertisement for builders including print of 17C doorway at Raynham Hall, Norfolk, from "The Builder" 12.10.1945
SIL/ELTON/131ELTON HALLSketches and notes on gable and chapel
SIL/ELTON/132ELTON HALLDrawings of ceilings at Wilton (Inigo Jones) & Elton Hall drawing room, also chimneypiece at Elton, 19.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/133ELTON HALLDrawings of 1882 gable
SIL/ELTON/134ELTON HALLGround plan of part of the building
SIL/ELTON/135ELTON HALLSketch plan of ridge and parapets of part of the building
SIL/ELTON/136ELTON HALLGround plan of part of the building
SIL/ELTON/137ELTON HALLSketch plan with notes of basement
SIL/ELTON/138PROBYNote re Rev David William Garrow, married Charlotte Caroline Proby, ex East Herts Arch Soc Transactions 1943-44
SIL/ELTON/139ELTON HALLNotes from Granville Proby re staircases etc
SIL/ELTON/140ELTON HALLSketch plan with notes of principal floor
SIL/ELTON/141ELTON HALLPlan of part of the building (2 copies)
SIL/ELTON/142ELTON HALLSketch plan of part of west wall and porch
SIL/ELTON/143ELTON HALLLetter to Granville Proby re building history, 23.10.1945
SIL/ELTON/144ELTON HALL?Obscure sketch of unknown object
SIL/ELTON/145ELTON HALLSketches & notes by Granville Proby of arrangement of rooms & stairs in projecting wing, 4.2.1946
SIL/ELTON/146ELTON HALLLetters from Granville Proby, 1.12.1945, 13.12.1945, 28.12.1945, 6.1.1946 & 15.1.1946
SIL/ELTON/147ELTON HALLVestigial sketch plans of parts of the building
SIL/ELTON/148ELTON HALLNotes re house and its occupation by the Earls of Carysfort, 12.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/149ELTON HALLNotes and sketches on chimney pieces and ceilings at various houses, 12.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/150ELTON HALLNotes on various architects, 19.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/151ELTON HALLA few rough notes on moat, Probys etc
SIL/ELTON/152ELTON HALLRough notes on various subjects
SIL/ELTON/153ELTON HALLRough sketch plan of location of chapel and tower
SIL/ELTON/154ELTON HALLRough sketch plan & notes on "Priest's Room" in basement
SIL/ELTON/155PROBYNotes on ref to Sir Thomas Proby in Bridges' History
SIL/ELTON/156ELTON HALLNotes on heights and floor levels of various rooms, 3.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/157PROBYRef to Sir Thomas & Heneage Proby, ex VCH iii
SIL/ELTON/158ELTON HALLNotes & sketch plan on various subjects
SIL/ELTON/159PROBYCopy of 1925 MI to Captain Lord Proby (died of Yellow Fever 1804) in St Michael's cathedral, Barbados
SIL/ELTON/160ELTON HALLDrawing with measurements of chimneypiece in drawing room, with small sketch of comparable one at Raynham Hall, Norfolk
SIL/ELTON/161ELTON HALLExtracts from Lady Carysfort's notes
SIL/ELTON/162ELTON HALLNotes on alterations to the building presumably ex Lady Carysfort's notes, 19.12.1845
SIL/ELTON/163ELTON HALLNotes and rough sketches on alterations to the building, on visit with Granville Proby 11.1.1946
SIL/ELTON/164ELTON HALLBrief notes on alterations to the building
SIL/ELTON/165ELTON HALLList of heights of various rooms, with diagram on how wooden windows should be recessed, 1.194- [date illeg., probably 1946]
SIL/ELTON/166ELTON HALLNotes on ceiling and mantelpiece at St Giles, Dorset, for comparison with Elton, 19.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/167ELTON HALL"Comments" on an account of alterations to the building (presumably in a letter or paper from Granville Proby), 28.11.1945
SIL/ELTON/168ELTON HALLList of contents of "Mr Proby's Big Book of Drawings", 12.1945
SIL/ELTON/169ELTON HALLPlan of part of building
SIL/ELTON/170ELTON HALLNotes of conversation with Granville Proby re the Proby family, alterations to the Hall and drawings of it, 31.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/171BERRY LEASDrawing of the house, credited to RA Exhibition 1929, ex "The Builder" 10.5.1929
SIL/ELTON/172BERRY LEASPhotographs and a few details from "Architecture Illustrated", 6.1931
SIL/ELTON/173BERRY LEASPhotographs, plans & short article, ex "The Builder " 5.7.1946
SIL/ELTON/174MANORRefs in Cartularium Mon Rameseia
SIL/ELTON/175PARISH CHURCHRef in Inquis ad Quod Damnum, ex Rev Noble
SIL/ELTON/176NEWMANNotes on 1611 will, ex Wood 84
SIL/ELTON/177KINGSTONNotes on wills of various Kingstons, various dates and sources
SIL/ELTON/178ENCLOSURESketch & notes on 1784 enclosure & estate map, 13.10.1937
SIL/ELTON/179ENCLOSURENotes on (?photographic) copy of the 1784 map
SIL/ELTON/180PROBYCoat of arms from Granville Proby's bookplate, 12.1945
SIL/ELTON/181COUNTY BOUNDARYPhotograph of the Nene forming boundary between Hunts & Northants near Elton, ex Cambridge County Geographies for Hunts.
SIL/ELTON/182ELTON HALL, RAMSEY ABBEY PLATEInscription on cabinet at Elton Hall containing the Ramsey Abbey plate found at the draining of Whittlesea Mere
SIL/ELTON/183ELTON HALL, COUNTY BOUNDARYCopy of letter from F.H.H. Gillemard to Rev Noble re county boundary at one time passing through the dining room table at Elton Hall, 26.2.1909
SIL/ELTON/184PROBYLetter from Granville Proby re his father's death, 24.11.1931
SIL/ELTON/185PROBYLetter from Granville Proby re his mother's death, 14.3.1937
SIL/ELTON/186MANORCopy of title page of Elton Manorial Records, by Granville Proby (Roxburghe Club), 12.1944
SIL/ELTON/187HISTORYCopy of letter to Granville Proby re Elton article for VCH, 29.1.1935
SIL/ELTON/188ELTON HALLDraft history & description for VCH, 3.1935
SIL/ELTON/189ELTON HALLCopy of letter to Granville Proby, returning Sir Thomas Proby's Accounts Book & re western extension to the Hall, 1.5.1935
SIL/ELTON/190ELTON HALLCopy of letter to Granville Proby re changes to Elton Hall for VCH, 24.6.1935 & 2.7.1935
SIL/ELTON/191ELTON HALLLetter from Granville Proby re changes to Elton Hall, 5.7.1935
SIL/ELTON/192ELTON HALLCopy of letter to Granville Proby re changes to Elton Hall, 10.7.1935
SIL/ELTON/193ELTON HALLCopy of notes by Granville Proby on SIL's draft account of the Hall for VCH, 8.1935
SIL/ELTON/194ELTON HALLDraft history & description for VCH, 3.1935
SIL/ELTON/195ELTON HALLLetter from Granville Proby re SIL's account of the Hall for VCH, 10.9.1935
SIL/ELTON/196ELTON HALLRevised version of VCH account of the Hall in the light of later research, 14.12.1945
SIL/ELTON/197PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH, 6.1931
SIL/ELTON/198PARISH CHURCHQueries and answers about architectural details and MIs, 18.8.1931
SIL/ELTON/199PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/ELTON/200HISTORYVCH draft (Miss Jamison), 20.6.1935
SIL/ELTON/201HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 20.6.1935
SIL/ELTON/202HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 6.1935
SIL/ELTON/203HISTORYLetter from Catherine Jameson re Granville Proby's suggestions on the VCH draft, 5.8.1935
SIL/ELTON/204ELTON HALLNotes from Miss Jameson re Notes & Queries refs to the Sapcote motto quoted in Whistler's "History of Elton", 5.8.1935
SIL/ELTON/205HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 8.1935
SIL/ELTON/206HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 8.1935
SIL/ELTON/207HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 31.8.1935
SIL/ELTON/208HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 31.8.1935
SIL/ELTON/209HISTORYCorrections to VCH slip proof, 6.9.1935
SIL/ELTON/210HISTORYRefs in Cartularium Mon. Rameseia
SIL/ELTON/211MANORRef in VCH slips to commission of inquiry in 1572-3, 9.1935
SIL/ELTON/212HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 7.12.1935
SIL/ELTON/213HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 9.12.1935
SIL/ELTON/214MANORCopy of title page of Elton Manorial Records, by Granville Proby (Roxburghe Club), 12.1944
SIL/ELTON/215ELTON HALLPlan of basement ex RCHM
SIL/ELTON/216ELTON HALLPhotograph of Buck's 1730 print of the view from the north, "VCH photo book p. 1"
SIL/ELTON/217ELTON HALLPhotograph of J. Carter's 1791 drawing of the view from the north, BM Add MSS 22930 fol 7a, "VCH photo book p. 7"
SIL/ELTON/218ELTON HALLPhotograph of a drawing of the south-east front c. 1800, "VCH photo book p. 6"
SIL/ELTON/219ELTON HALLPhotograph of a drawing of the south-east front c. 1800 by Lady Fanny Proby, "photo book p. 6"
SIL/ELTON/220ELTON HALLPhotograph of G. Clarke's 1850 print of the south front, "VCH photo book p. 7"
SIL/ELTON/221ELTON HALLPhotograph of G. Clarke's 1850 print of the north front, "VCH photo book p. 7"
SIL/ELTON/222ELTON HALLPhotograph of G. Clarke's 1850 print of the west front, "VCH photo book p. 7"
SIL/ELTON/223ELTON HALLPhotograph of south-west front c. 1855, "Photo book p. 22"
SIL/ELTON/224ELTON HALLPhotograph of south-east front c. 1875, "VCH photo book p. 20"
SIL/ELTON/225ELTON HALLPhotograph of a drawing of the south-west front by Cuthbert Bede c. 1852, "photo book p. 8"
SIL/ELTON/226ELTON HALLPhotograph of a tracing by Cuthbert Bede from a photograph of the south-east front c. 1850, "photo book p. 8"
SIL/ELTON/227ELTON HALLPhotograph of the same tracing as SIL/ELTON/226 but reversed, "photo book p. 8"
SIL/ELTON/228ELTON HALLPhotograph of a tracing by Cuthbert Bede from a photograph of the north front c. 1850, "photo book p. 8"
SIL/ELTON/229ELTON HALLPhotograph of a tracing by Cuthbert Bede from a photograph of the south-west front c. 1850 - but photographed reversed, "photo book p. 8"
SIL/ELTON/230ELTON HALLPhotograph of the south-east front "from Whistler c. 1892"
SIL/ELTON/231ELTON HALLPhotograph of the south-east front from Cambridge Counties Geography Hunts
SIL/ELTON/232ELTON HALLPhotograph of the south-east front for VCH, "VCH photo book p. 20"
SIL/ELTON/233ELTON HALLPhotographs of the Hall from the north and of the stable building, for VCH, "Photo book p. 13"
SIL/ELTON/234ELTON HALLPhotograph of the gatehouse for VCH, "photo book p. 23"
SIL/ELTON/235ELTON HALLPhotograph of part of the gatehouse showing Sapcote arms & motto, for VCH, "photo book p. 23"
SIL/ELTON/236ELTON HALLPart of the dust jacket of RCHM showing the gatehouse
SIL/ELTON/237ELTON HALLAerial photograph of the Hall, outbuildings and park, 1926, ex Surrey Flying Services
SIL/ELTON/238ELTON HALLPhotograph of interior of entrance hall from the north-east, by SIL 1946, "Photo book p. 30"
SIL/ELTON/239ELTON HALLPhotograph of interior of entrance hall from the north in 1940, by SIL 1946, "Photo book p. 31"
SIL/ELTON/240ELTON HALLPhotograph of interior of inner hall from the north-west in 1940, by SIL 1946, "Photo book p. 32"
SIL/ELTON/241ELTON HALLPhotograph of interior of inner hall from the south-east in 1940, by SIL 1946, "Photo book p. 33"
SIL/ELTON/242ELTON HALLPhotograph of the dining room with chimney piece in 1940, by SIL 10.11.1945, "Photo book p. 36"
SIL/ELTON/243ELTON HALLPhotograph of drawing by Cuthbert Bede of chimney piece in Drawing Room in 1856, by SIL 31.10.1945, "Photo book p. 36"
SIL/ELTON/244ELTON HALLPhotograph of drawing by William Wells of Drawing Room in 1818, by SIL 31.10.1945, "Photo book p. 39"
SIL/ELTON/245ELTON HALLPhotograph of drawing room in 1940, by SIL 1946, "Photo book p. 40"
SIL/ELTON/246ELTON HALLPhotograph of 1856 plan by Henry Ashton of principal storey with proposed alterations, "loose plan between 7 & 7" [sic]
SIL/ELTON/247ELTON HALLPhotograph of 1856 plan by Henry Ashton of basement with proposed alterations, "p. 7"
SIL/ELTON/248ELTON HALLPhotograph of plan of principal floor, presumably also 1856 by Ashton, "3rd Earl's Plan, p. 9a"
SIL/ELTON/249ELTON HALLPhotograph of plan of basement story, presumably also 1856 by Ashton, "3rd Earl's Plan, p. 9b"
SIL/ELTON/250ELTON HALLPhotographs of two elevations and section through kitchen, 1856 by Henry Ashton, "p. 7a"
SIL/ELTON/251ELTON HALLTracing of section through dining room & kitchen in SIL/ELTON/250
SIL/ELTON/252ELTON HALLSection through dining rooms & drawing room with measurements, "Page 10 in Book"
SIL/ELTON/253ELTON HALLPlans of upper room in tower & inner library, 21.4.1883, "Page 10 in Book"
SIL/ELTON/254ELTON HALLSection through new staircase with measurements, 29.12.1945, "page 11 in Book"
SIL/ELTON/255ELTON HALLPlan of principal & back staircase, with measurements, "p. 12 in book"
SIL/ELTON/256ELTON HALLPlan of part of basement, "p. 13 in book"
SIL/ELTON/257ELTON HALLPlan of principal & back stairs, "page 16 in book"
SIL/ELTON/258ELTON HALLDrawing of stable yard from photograph, "photo book p. 13"
SIL/ELTON/259ELTON HALLTracing of c. 1872 photograph of west front, by SIL 1946, "Photo book page 22"
SIL/ELTON/260ELTON HALL3 tracings of sketches, c.1856 ?by Cuthbert Bede, of south front, part of north side & west front, by SIL 1946, "Photo book p. 8"
SIL/ELTON/261ELTON HALLTracing of sketch, perhaps 1791 by J. Carter, of park gateway or of the "Great Gateway"; with tracing of specimen of Carter's handwriting, "page 18 in book" and "page 1a in book"
SIL/ELTON/262ELTON HALLSketch plan with measurements of Compton Wynyate, Warwicks
SIL/ELTON/263ELTON HALLSktch plan of the Hall as built by the Sapcotes
SIL/ELTON/264ELTON HALLPart of plan, "Back c.1730"
SIL/ELTON/265ELTON HALLTracing of Ashton's 1856 plan of basement, by SIL 12.1945, "Design no. 1 page 6 in book"
SIL/ELTON/266ELTON HALLTracing of Ashton's 1856 plan of principal floor and chamber storey, by SIL 12.1945, "Design no. 1 page 3 in book"
SIL/ELTON/267ELTON HALLTracing of Ashton's 1856 plan of basement, by SIL 12.1945, "Design no. 2 page 5 in book"
SIL/ELTON/268ELTON HALLTracing of part of Ashton's 1856 plan of principal floor, "part of Design no. 2, page 4 in book"
SIL/ELTON/269ELTON HALLTracing of Ashton's 1856 plan of basement, by SIL 12.1945, "Design no. 3 page 7 in book"
SIL/ELTON/270ELTON HALLTracing of Ashton's 1856 plan of principal floor, by SIL 12.1945, "Design no. 3, page 7 in book"
SIL/ELTON/271ELTON HALLTracing of Ashton's plan of basement showing house as altered by 3rd Earl, by SIL 1945, "Page 9 in book"
SIL/ELTON/272ELTON HALLTracing of Ashton's plan of principal floor showing house as altered by 3rd Earl, by SIL 1945, "Page 9 in book"
SIL/ELTON/273ELTON HALLSketch plan of house in 1852
SIL/ELTON/274ELTON HALLTracing from photograph of 3rd Earl's plan of principal floor, by SIL 1945
SIL/ELTON/275ELTON HALLPlan of basement showing building phases
SIL/ELTON/276ELTON HALLPlan of principal floor showing building phases
SIL/ELTON/277ELTON HALLPlan of first floor showing building phases
SIL/ELTON/278ELTON HALLPhotograph of two 1818 watercolours showing south-east front and west front
SIL/ELTON/279ELTON HALLPhotograph of two watercolours showing library and tower in 1819 and west front in 1817
SIL/ELTON/280ELTON HALLPhotograph of two 1818 watercolours showing the house and tower from the plantation
SIL/ELTON/281ELTON HALLPhotograph of 1817 watercolour showing "view from my window"
SIL/ELTON/282ELTON HALLPhotograph of 1818 watercolour showing arch under the Oundle Road
SIL/ELTON/283ELTON HALLPhotograph of 1817 water colour showing the Kent seat in the shrubbery
SIL/ELTON/284PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (2pp), rectors (3pp), Lord Carysfort's death 1909 (3pp), Elton Hall theft of books 1938 (3pp), Col Douglas Proby (5pp), Lady Margaret Proby (2pp), Graville Proby (5pp), Proby family (3pp), Elton Hall (2pp), Glenart Castle Ireland burned, Berry Leas, photograph of village, various (3pp)
SIL/ELTON/285EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/EYNES/001PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of cross-section of unidentified feature, marked (just visible) "Eynesbury Church Full size"
SIL/EYNES/002PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of cross-section of unidentified feature, similar to that in SIL/EYNES/001 and so perhaps also from the church, marked "with Wrycroft 7.5.1929"
SIL/EYNES/003FERRERSNote on Lord Ferrers of Chartley, with ref to Complete Peerage and note that there is an extract in the Southoe file
SIL/EYNES/004PARISH CHURCHNote re collection for steeple and "church fallen down 9.5.1686" ex Elton Briefs
SIL/EYNES/005PARISH CHURCHSection & elevation of proposed alteration to vestry, 6.1929
SIL/EYNES/006BULLExtracts from wills of Bull family 1692-1739, 11.1897 & 29.12.1897
SIL/EYNES/007PARISH CHURCHNote on excavation of 13-14C urn from churchyard, ex C.F. Tebbutt 25.9.1946
SIL/EYNES/008WEALD CHAPELSketch section and notes of excavation, ex J.R. Garrood 19.10.1941.
SIL/EYNES/009PARISH CHURCHDescription of two floor slabs ex Gorham's Eynesbury & St Neots
SIL/EYNES/010PARISH CHURCHList of patrons 1223 to 1890, 22.1.1898
SIL/EYNES/011PUTTOCKS HARDWICKList of chaplains and patrons of the Free Chapel of St Thomas the Martyr 1222 to 1546
SIL/EYNES/012PUTTOCKS HARDWICKList of chaplains and patrons of the Free Chapel of St Thomas the Martyr, 1222 to 1546
SIL/EYNES/013RECTORY, TOLLER, 1823 FLOODCopy of inscriptions on two panels over fireplace at Rectory re James Toller & 1823 flood, 20.6.1912
SIL/EYNES/014ARCHAEOLOGY, PALAEONTOLOGYExtracts from 1866 paper by George Dawson Rowley, "upon the Remains of Man & Extinct Mammalian Fauna found at Eynesbury"
SIL/EYNES/015CONEYGEAREMap with notes, 13.12.1917
SIL/EYNES/016CONEYGEAREMap of earthworks with notes, 13.12.1917
SIL/EYNES/017PARISH CHURCHRough sketch plans, ex Emery 12.8.1908
SIL/EYNES/018PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes of brass flag from pinnacles, 1687 inscription & pulpit, 18.3.1918
SIL/EYNES/019PARISH CHURCHDrawing with notes of church as it used to be, ex sketch in vestry, 27.6.1919
SIL/EYNES/020PARISH CHURCHNotes on rehanging and recasting bells in 1810 & 1905
SIL/EYNES/021WAR MEMORIALDraft of inscription 17.5.1919
SIL/EYNES/022RECTORYMeasured drawings of carved beam over drawing room fireplace, 20.6.1912
SIL/EYNES/023RECTORYSketches of arms carved on oak panel in drawing room, and arrangement of fireplace beams and inscriptions referred to in SIL/EYNES/013 & 022, 24.2.1912
SIL/EYNES/024RECTORY, TOLLER, 1823 FLOODCopy of inscriptions over fireplace at Rectory re James Toller & 1823 flood, with measured sketch of carving, 20.6.1912
SIL/EYNES/025PARISH CHURCHSketch of 1688 inscription in chancel, 27.7.1917
SIL/EYNES/026ARCHAEOLOGY, CONEYGEARENotes and sketches of excavation of Beaker cemetery at Coneygear, ex C F. Tebbutt 6.5.1930.
SIL/EYNES/027PARISH CHURCHSketch plan with measurements of remains of ancient doorway in south wall of chancel, 1929
SIL/EYNES/028WILLIAM COLELeaflets advertising publication of Rev William Cole's Paris Journal and his Blecheley Diary, marked "Feb 1931"
SIL/EYNES/029THE LAURELSSales particulars, 11.7.1918
SIL/EYNES/030MANORDescent of the Manor, Humbly & Maule, ex R.H. Edleston 20.6.1932
SIL/EYNES/031PARISH CHURCHNotes on Fire Insurance and 1927 memorial window to Hephziba Jeeves, 27.2.1930
SIL/EYNES/032TOLLERDeath notice in Cambridge Chronicle of 13.2.1818, ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/EYNES/033BRIEFSRef to 1689 brief for Eynesbury in Hatfield parish register quoted in Herts Mercury of 27.6.1891, ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/EYNES/034CARVED STONESketch and notes of stone in Mr Leete's garden, originally from Ramsey, ex C.F. Tebbutt 22.8.1927
SIL/EYNES/035RECTORY, CARVED STONESketch with measurements of stone at Rectory, 16.8.1912
SIL/EYNES/036CALDECOTE MANOR FARMNote that farm said to have been a cell of Gt Gransden Priory, and pebble causeway joining the two has been found, ex Brady
SIL/EYNES/037PARISH CHURCHSketch with measurements of vane and ball on tower, ex Arthur Ashley 14.11.1922
SIL/EYNES/038PARISH CHURCHList of rectors and patrons 1233 to 1890.
SIL/EYNES/039PARISH CHURCHNames of two rectors, Marmion in 1644 & Turner in 1651, source?
SIL/EYNES/040CHANTRYNote on 1548 sale of land in Eynesbury lately belonging to Swavesey chantry, ex CHAS vol. 1 p. 93
SIL/EYNES/041MANORNote on 1260 descent of Manor of Eynesbury Berkeley, ex Gorham's History
SIL/EYNES/042THE FERNS, CARVED STONESSketches and notes on stones at the Ferns, from Post Bridge in Cambridge Street, St Neots, ex C.F. Tebbutt 4.10.1928
SIL/EYNES/043CALDECOTE MANOR FARMMap of field drains for the farm estate
SIL/EYNES/044PARISH CHURCHLetter to "Will" from Thos Garratt re papers and drawings on St Neots and Eynesbury churches, 16.3.1906
SIL/EYNES/045PARISH CHURCH"The Carved Bench-Ends in Eynesbury Church, Huntingdonshire" by C.H. Evelyn-White, offprint from CHAS
SIL/EYNES/046PARISH CHURCH"Eynesbury and its Church" by William Emery, offprint from CHAS
SIL/EYNES/047SHEEP STEALINGBill poster offering reward, Eynesbury Hardwicke, 14.1.1848
SIL/EYNES/048SHEEP STEALINGBill poster offering reward, 22.6.1848.
SIL/EYNES/049PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes and measurements of nave roof and gable, 25.3.1905
SIL/EYNES/050PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of proposed new vestry showing gravestones in the area it would cover
SIL/EYNES/051PARISH CHURCHPlan of gravestones in area affected by proposed new vestry
SIL/EYNES/052PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of site for churchyard cross, with notes and measurements, 13.12.1917
SIL/EYNES/053PARISH CHURCHGround plan with notes & measurements, 22.8.1928
SIL/EYNES/054PARISH CHURCHBlock plan (i.e. ground plan with exterior measurements only) & plan of part of churchyard, 18 & 25.3.1918
SIL/EYNES/055PARISH CHURCHGround plan with measurements, and sketches of other features, 26.10.1921, 13.8.1925, 24.9.1925 & 15.5.1928
SIL/EYNES/056PARISH CHURCHSketches and notes of SIL's discussions with Canon Philips re organ and new rood, 13.8.1934
SIL/EYNES/057ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 23.2.1912
SIL/EYNES/058ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 25.6.1917
SIL/EYNES/059ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 10.4.1923
SIL/EYNES/060WILLExtracts from 1463 will of William Lyght, ex Rev Noble's book PR
SIL/EYNES/061PARISH CHURCHRepairs needed following collapse of steeple, documents at Lincoln March 1685, ex Rev Noble's book MM
SIL/EYNES/062WILLNote on 1546 will of parson Hugh Gibson, ex Rev Noble's book WW
SIL/EYNES/063WILLSNotes on 16C wills, ex Rev Noble's book WWW
SIL/EYNES/064MOATSBrief descriptions of moats at Caldecote and Puttocks Hardwicke
SIL/EYNES/065PARISH CHURCH, WILLSBequests and repairs to church, 1463, 16C & 1685, ex Rev Noble's books
SIL/EYNES/066PARISH CHURCHComposition of patronage and tithes, and rebuilding of north porch, ex Gorham
SIL/EYNES/067PARISH CHURCHCalculations of floor areas of chancel, nave, aisles & tower [for insurance?]
SIL/EYNES/068PARISH CHURCHIllustrations for the CHAS articles (SIL/EYNES/045-46), by Thos Garratt
SIL/EYNES/069PARISH CHURCHGround plan showing building dates.
SIL/EYNES/070ARCHAEOLOGYSketch of stone mace head found in Eynesbury cemetery, ex C.F. Tebbutt 7.7.1943
SIL/EYNES/071PARISH CHURCHNotes on church before and after restorations, ex Emery & Rix collections 15.5.1928
SIL/EYNES/072PARISH CHURCHList of MIs in various parts of the building, 15.5.1928
SIL/EYNES/073PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of registers and plate, 22.8.1928
SIL/EYNES/074PARISH CHURCHList of queries to check, 23.6.1928
SIL/EYNES/075PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/EYNES/076PARISH CHURCHDescription of indents of brasses, from VCH draft
SIL/EYNES/077PARISH CHURCHDraft description for VCH
SIL/EYNES/078HISTORY, MANORS, ADVOWSONNotes on and corrections to VCH proofs, 10.1930
SIL/EYNES/079MANORDescent of Manor ex Domesday Book & VCH
SIL/EYNES/080HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 10.1930
SIL/EYNES/081HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs
SIL/EYNES/082HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs
SIL/EYNES/083PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building dates, ex VCH
SIL/EYNES/084PARISH CHURCHPhotographs of exterior, interior and of pre-restoration drawing, ex VCH
SIL/EYNES/085ARCHAEOLOGYBrief note on illustrations of finds in 1866 paper by George Dawson Rowley
SIL/EYNES/086LAUNCELYN'S BURYSketch map of moat, ex 6" OS
SIL/EYNES/087CRANE HILLDescription of round barrow ex Gorham's St Neots
SIL/EYNES/088EYNESBURY HARDWICKSketch map of homestead moat, ex 6" OS 9.12.1924
SIL/EYNES/089CONEYGEARESketch map of earthworks, 22.10.1924
SIL/EYNES/090CONEYGEAREExtracts from description of earthworks in Gorham's St Neots
SIL/EYNES/091WEALDSketch map of moat and chapel site ex 6" OS 4.11.1924
SIL/EYNES/092CALDECOTE MANORSketch map of moat ex 6" OS
SIL/EYNES/093CONEYGEARESketch and notes on AS pot, ex Cyril Fox Arch Cambridge Reg quoting Gorham
SIL/EYNES/094CONEYGEARESketch with measurements of plan and sections through earthworks, 22.10.1924
SIL/EYNES/095CONEYGEAREPlan traced from 25" OS with measurements of earthworks added 22.10.1924
SIL/EYNES/096CONEYGEAREPlan traced from 25" OS with earthworks added, 23.10.1924
SIL/EYNES/097CONEYGEAREPlan traced from 6" OS with measurements of earthworks added
SIL/EYNES/098CONEYGEARETracings from OS maps with plans, sections and measurements added
SIL/EYNES/099CONEYGEARENote on A-S pot ex Garrood ex Fox's "Arch of Cambridge Region", 19.1.1925
SIL/EYNES/100CONEYGEAREMeasured section with notes on finds, ex C.F. Tebbutt 23.5.1929
SIL/EYNES/101EYNESBURY HARDWICKPlan of moat ex 25" OS with measured section, 9.12.1924
SIL/EYNES/102CONEYGEARENote by C.F. Tebbutt on his excavations, 2.1935
SIL/EYNES/103WEALD, WINTRINGHAM, PUTTOCKS HARDWICKExtracts from Gorham's "St. Neots" re chapels
SIL/EYNES/104CONEYGEAREArchaeological section of west side of earthwork
SIL/EYNES/105CONEYGEAREArticle and photos on Beaker sherds by C.F. Tebbutt, in Antiq Journ 10.1930
SIL/EYNES/106EYNESBURY HARDWICK, LANSBURY FARMNotes on swing bridge over moat and robbery at farm, ex C.F. Tebbutt 2.10.1934
SIL/EYNES/107ENCLOSURENotes on fields of "Rector for tithes", ex 1800 map 21.7.1937
SIL/EYNES/108ENCLOSURENotes on fields of "Rector for tithes", ex 1800 map
SIL/EYNES/109MEMORIAL CROSS.Copy of inscription, 27.6.1919
SIL/EYNES/110PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (9pp), incumbents (3pp), Emery (2pp), various residents (3pp), feast & flood, property sales (2pp)
SIL/EYNES/111EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources, also with separate folders for Caldecote, Puttocks Hardwick & Weald
SIL/FARCT/01PARISH CHURCHBrief note on architectural periods
SIL/FARCT/02MILDMAYFamily tree, also brief note on house built 1899-1902
SIL/FARCT/03PARISH CHURCH PLATELetter from J.E. Foster of CAS re photos of Farcet paten, 26.3.1904
SIL/FARCT/04PARISH CHURCH PLATENotes with photo, ex PCAS 44 (1904)
SIL/FARCT/05VILLAGE CROSSMeasured sketch plan and elevation of base, 30.7.1917
SIL/FARCT/06GLEBESketch plan, 30.7.1917
SIL/FARCT/07BELLAMYLetter from Hamilton Hall re stones in sanctuary with arms of Bellamy & Godfrey, 8.11.1930
SIL/FARCT/08BELLAMYPostcard from Hamilton Hall correcting SIL/FARCT/07, 10.11.1930
SIL/FARCT/09DEVIE vs BROWNLOWNote re exemption from tithes as stated in case of Devie vs Lord Brownlow
SIL/FARCT/10PARISH CHURCH PLATENote & sketch of the Farcet paten, ex Church Congress at Cambridge, 1910
SIL/FARCT/11PARISH CHURCHSketch of 1674 MI to Dorothea Wright and notes about architectural periods of building, 28.4.1915
SIL/FARCT/12VILLAGE CROSSMeasured plan and elevation of base, neater version of SIL/FARCT/05, 30.7.1917
SIL/FARCT/13INCUMBENTSNote re exchange Revs Horne & Bassett-Pike, ex Morning Post 5.2.1925
SIL/FARCT/14PARISH CHURCH BELLSNote that Rev Owen's book numbers the bells in the wrong order, ex Mr Clapham 24.3.1926
SIL/FARCT/15BELLAMYNotes of entries in Farcet register transcripts, 2.1931
SIL/FARCT/16BELLAMYNotes of entries in Farcet register transcripts 1660-1747, 3.1931
SIL/FARCT/17BELLAMYLetter from Dr Hall re transcripts in SIL/FARCT/16, 25.3.1931
SIL/FARCT/18PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on monuments
SIL/FARCT/19ANDREWNotes on 1645 will of Alice Andrew, ex WMN's Book OO
SIL/FARCT/20PARISH CHURCH BELLSRepeat of SIL/FARCT/14 but here dated 24.4.1926
SIL/FARCT/21PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on plate, registers & monuments, 7.6.1929
SIL/FARCT/22ARCHAEOLOGYRefs to RB & medieval potsherds in collection of Peterborough Nat Hist Soc, ex 50th report 1922
SIL/FARCT/23ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 16.7.1917
SIL/FARCT/24ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 9.5.1923
SIL/FARCT/25PARISH CHURCHRefs to "Farcet Chapel", repairs, plate etc, various sources ex WMN
SIL/FARCT/26PARISH CHURCHDraft history and description for VCH
SIL/FARCT/27PARISH CHURCHList of queries re architectural details, 1.9.1931
SIL/FARCT/28PARISH CHURCHDraft history and description for VCH
SIL/FARCT/29HISTORYNote that VCH drafts & comments are filed under Stanground, 7.1933
SIL/FARCT/30MANORCopy of letter to Ginn & Co Solicitors of Cambridge re their being lords of the manor, 29.7.1935
SIL/FARCT/31HISTORYVCH proof with corrections
SIL/FARCT/32INCUMBENTSNames and dates 1908-1937
SIL/FARCT/33PARISH CHURCH REGISTERS"Briefs in Farcet Church" by E.G. Swain, ex CHAS 3 (1911)
SIL/FARCT/34HISTORYRef to Farcet being confirmed to Abbey of Peterborough by Pope Eugenius III 1145-53, ex Hugh Candidus
SIL/FARCT/35PRESS CUTTINGSParish church, incumbents (3pp), Lady Marshall obit, Bird & Bloxsome (2pp), windmill, cemetery & railway crossing, property sales (2pp)
SIL/FARCT/PONDERSBRIDGEPONDERSBRIDGEPondersbridge is part of the parish of Farcet but has its own file: SIL/PBDGE
SIL/FENS/01FENLAND MAGAZINELetter re. article on Fenland Maps, 18.8.1935
SIL/FENS/02MRS RAMSDEN PAPERLetter re. consultations on Ramsden paper
SIL/FENS/03MAPSLetter re. inclusion of maps and brackets in a "Paper", 10.8.1935
SIL/FENS/04HISTORY OF HUNTINGDONLetter re. restoration of the Middle Level, 23.2.1935
SIL/FENS/05MAPSLetter re. use of Dr. Darby special map rather than Crowther map and problems arising, 2.8.1935
SIL/FENS/06RAMSEY ABBEY CHRONICLELetter re article in Chronicle, 20.8.1935
SIL/FENS/07MAPSIncomplete letter re. maps, 31.7.1935
SIL/FENS/08JAMESONLetter re. Jameson alterations to an article, 5.3.1936
SIL/FENS/09`HISTORYExtracts from "Millers Fenland P & P" noting land wasting, malaria, decoys and largest pike
SIL/FENS/10MIDDLE LEVEL, FENSCopy of VCH article entitled "Middle Level of Fens and its Reclamation"
SIL/FENS/11PROBY, CROWTHERLetter to SIL re permissions to reproduce maps for VCH article by Miss Crowther on the Reclamation of the Fens, ex Granville Proby 26.6.1934
SIL/FENS/12PROBY, CROWTHERFurther letter re SIL/FENS/11, ex Granville Proby 28.6.1934
SIL/FENS/13MAPSNotes re maps referred to in SIL/FENS/11 and SIL/FENS/12, 6.7.1934
SIL/FENS/14HISTORYCorrections to "The Reclamation of the Middle Level of the Fens", by Phyllis M Crowther BA, 4.1934
SIL/FENS/15HISTORYFurther amendments re SIL/FENS/14, 7.1934
SIL/FENS/16MAP, BADESLADEMap titled "The Middle Level of the Fens showing the Works of the Adventurers", after Thos Badeslade 1724
SIL/FENS/17HISTORYLetter to SIL ref possible rewriting/revisions by Dr Darby to Miss Crowther's VCH article, ex Granville Proby 22.11.1934
SIL/FENS/18HISTORYCopy of SIL's response to SIL/FENS/17 agreeing to Dr Darby's rewriting of the article & querying mapS to be used, 24.11.1934
SIL/FENS/19HISTORYFurther correspondence to SIL re article and maps, SIL's visit to Elton, & agreement with London University, ex Granville Proby 21.1.1935
SIL/FENS/20HISTORYLetter to SIL enclosing proof Fens article & maps, with further suggestions, ex Granville Proby 24.1.1935
SIL/FENS/21HISTORY, ELTON HALLCopy of SIL's response to SIL/FENS/20 re maps, and queries re Elton Hall article, 26.1.1935
SIL/FENS/22HISTORY, ELTON HALLFurther correspondence to SIL relating to Miss Crowther's article & to history of Elton Hall, ex Granville Proby 28.1.1935
SIL/FENS/23HISTORYCorrections to "Reclamation of Middle Level" by Dr Darby, 2.1935
SIL/FENS/24HISTORYFurther corrections ref SIL/FENS/23, 2.1935
SIL/FENS/25HISTORYCopy of Dr Darby's letter to Mr Proby re amendments to Fens article, 19.2.1935
SIL/FENS/26HISTORYLetter to SIL re Dr Darby's letter SIL/FENS/25, & comment ref Whittlesey Mere, ex Granville Proby 21.2.1935
SIL/FENS/27HISTORYLetter to SIL enclosing copies of the Cotton Map for Fens article, ex Granville Proby 25.2.1935
SIL/FENS/28HISTORYLetter to SIL re amendments to Fens article, ex Dr Darby 27.2.1935
SIL/FENS/29HISTORYLetter to SIL re further amendments to Fens article, ex Dr Darby 18.3.1935
SIL/FENS/30HISTORYSIL copy letter to Dr Darby with extracts from Ramsey Abbey Chronicles giving description of Fens in 10thC, 20.3.1935
SIL/FENS/31HISTORYNote ref Fens article proof, ex Dr Darby 8.6.1935
SIL/FENS/32HISTORYSIL copy letter to Dr Darby ref corrections to Fens article proof, 7.6.1935
SIL/FENS/33HISTORYFurther SIL copy letter with comments on Fens article, 13.6.1935
SIL/FENS/34HISTORYNote to SIL ref article corrections, ex Dr Darby 15.6.1935
SIL/FENS/35FEN RECLAMATIONProof sheets for article "Reclamation of the Fens" with additional comments, 6.1935
SIL/FENS/36FEN RECLAMATIONProof sheets for article "Reclamation of the Fens" with ref locations deleted, 6.1935
SIL/FENS/37FEN RECLAMATIONLetter from Darby re proofs of Reclamation article, 30.6.1935
SIL/FENS/39FENLANDSComments on 1st proof of article, 7.1935
SIL/FENS/40FENLANDSCopy of letter to Miss C… ( Ms Cunningham ?) re proof of Dr Darby's paper with corrections and alterations by him, 8.7.1935
SIL/FENS/41FENLANDSDraft letter to Dr Darby with comments on his Fenland article, 7.1935
SIL/FENS/42FENLANDSLetter to Dr Darby with comments on Fenland article, 10.9.1935
SIL/FENS/43MIDDLE LEVEL OF THE FENSCopy of proposed changes to page proof of article "The Middle Level of the Fens" 9.1935
SIL/FENS/44MIDDLE LEVEL OF THE FENSCopy of additional comments to page proof after Dr Darby corrections, 9.1935
SIL/FENS/45WHITTLESEA MERELetter to Dr Darby re "The Mere" and possible change to page proof of article in SIL/FENS/44
SIL/FENS/46FENLANDSLetter from Dr Darby re. page proof corrections, 23.9.1935
SIL/FENS/47FENLANDSLetter from Dr Darby re. page proof corrections, 26.9.1935
SIL/FENS/48FENLANDSPC from Dr. Darby re. queries on page proofs, 7.10.1935
SIL/FENS/49FENLANDSLetter to Dr Darby re. outstanding query to be answered, 8.10.1935
SIL/FENS/50FENLANDSPC from Dr.Darby re. queries, 11.10.1935
SIL/FENS/51FENLANDSPC from Dr.Darby re. queries, 10.11.1935 or 1936?
SIL/FENS/52VCHLetter from Dr. Darby re. queries, 28.11.1935
SIL/FENS/53VCHNote re. substitute for last clause of Fenland article, 28.11.1935
SIL/FENS/54VCH FENLANDS ARTICLELetter ex. Dr. Darby re. article, 29.11.1935
SIL/FENS/55VCH FENLANDS ARTICLELetter ex. Dr. Darby re. article and Mrs Ramsden's authorship, 15.1.1936
SIL/FENS/56FENLAND MAPSCopy of letter to Ms Cunningham re. corrections to list of maps, 30.1.1936
SIL/FENS/57FENLAND MAPSLetter ex Ms Cunningham re corrections requested by Dr. Darby, 4.3.1936
SIL/FENS/58FENLANDNote and copy of letter to Ms Cunningham in reply to SIL/FENS/57, 4.3.1936
SIL/FENS/59PHILLIPPS MSSLetter ex. Granville Proby (House of Lords) re. MSS and Mrs Ramsden authorship, 12.6.1936
SIL/FENS/60VCHCopy of letter from House of Lords to Mrs Ramsden re authorship of Darby article issue, 10.6.1936
SIL/FENS/61VCHLetter from Dr. Darby acknowledging receipt of the published VCH, 7.12.1936
SIL/FENS/62FEN RECLAMATIONNote on place names, 2.1935
SIL/FENS/63DUGDALE FEN JOURNEYNote on place names, 31.7.1935
SIL/FENS/64DUGDALE FEN JOURNEYWritten copy of journey taken from Rev Nobles typewritten copy, 29.12.1934
SIL/FENS/65VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDNotes on items requiring comment in 1st proof, 31.12.1935
SIL/FENS/66VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDNotes on items requiring comment in 1st proof, 1.1936
SIL/FENS/67VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDProposed alterations to Page Proof of "Maps of the Fenland", 17.2.1936
SIL/FENS/68VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDEx Brit. Museum Map room letter re corrections to page proof of "Maps of the Fenland", 13.2.1936
SIL/FENS/69VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDEx. Laymans, letter re corrections to page proofs, 14.2.1936
SIL/FENS/70VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDEx Brit. Museum, letter from Laymans with corrections to page proofs, 15.2.1936
SIL/FENS/71MAPS OF THE FENLANDPage proof of "Maps of the Fenland", proposed alterations, 17.2.1936
SIL/FENS/72VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDLetter ex Laymans re proposed alterations to page proofs, 19.2.1936
SIL/FENS/73VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDPC ex Laymans, additional note to SIL/FENS/ 72, 23.2.1936
SIL/FENS/74VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDEx Brit. Mus, (Laymans) further notes on Fenland Maps, 26.2.1936
SIL/FENS/75VCH MAPS OF THE FENLANDDraft of Addenda to beplaced at end of "Maps of the Fenland",
SIL/FENS/76MAPS OF THE FENLANDPrinted copy of complete article with corrections
SIL/FENS/77MAPS OF FENLANDCorrection sheet to pg 299 of SIL/FENS/76
SIL/FENS/78MAPS OF FENLANDCorrection sheet to pg 304 of SIL/FENS/76
SIL/FENS/79MAPS OF FENLANDAdditional sheets fo Addenda , see pg 306 of SIL/FENS/76
SIL/FENS/80MIDDLE LEVEL DRAINAGEEx "The Builder" article titled " The Coffer-Dam and Syphons For The Middle Level Drainage" 2.5.1863
SIL/FENS/81RECLAMATIONSEx. "The Builder" article titled " Ancient Reclamations", 31.8.1878
SIL/FENS/82RECLAMATIONSEx. "The Builder" article titled " Ancient Reclamations", 14.9.1878
SIL/FENS/83RIVER NENEEx. "The Builder" article titled " The Vagaries of a Waterway", 11.10.1884
SIL/FENS/84FENS MAPNote relating to a map of the Fens, 26.6.1936
SIL/FENS/85FENS MAPPC stating unable to supply map required by SIL/FENS/83
SIL/FENS/86MAPEx "The Small Farmer in England" copy of map titled "The Isle of Ely", 11.1901 or 7
SIL/FENS/87FEN DRAINAGEEx "Engineering" articles related to Fen drainage, 8.4.1913
SIL/FENS/88FENLANDArticle ex Peterborogh Hist. Scty. titled "Notes on the Fenland and its Meteorology", 1908
SIL/FENS/89PRESS CUTTINGSMisc. collectio n of Press Cuttings
SIL/FENST/01ADVOWSONNotes on 1344 litigation re advowson
SIL/FENST/02PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches re inspections and repairs needed with estimates, 6.9.1933, 19.6.1934, 22.5.1934, 18.7.1934, 16.8.1934
SIL/FENST/03FIREExtracts from Abbots Ripton briefs re fire at Fenstanton in April 1737, ex Rev Vigers
SIL/FENST/04VICARAGENotes on building of Vicarage, and note that Rookery Farm is Rectory Farm, 1907
SIL/FENST/05PARISH CHURCHBrief notes on 1330 matrix of monumental brass in chancel
SIL/FENST/06PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketch plans of location for proposed heating system (tortoise stove), 16.7.1931
SIL/FENST/07PARISH CHURCHSketch elevations with measurements of W, S and E faces of tower, 1.1914
SIL/FENST/08EARTHWORKSketch plan of earthwork near Hall Green Brook with ref to 1012 charter, ex 25" OS
SIL/FENST/09INCUMBENTSCopy of letter re institution of Rev [illeg], 22.1.1927
SIL/FENST/10PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter re possible danger of ringing the bells, 3.6.1937
SIL/FENST/11PARISH CHURCHLetter to Vicar and PCC re tower and north aisle parapets, 16.10.1933
SIL/FENST/12PARISH CHURCHLetter to Vicar and PCC re tower and other parts of the building, 3.1.1934
SIL/FENST/13HISTORYNotes on 1592 MS survey of Fenstanton & Hilton etc by John Heram, owned by P.G.M. Dickinson 7.5.1947
SIL/FENST/14WRIGHT INGLE, GROVE HOUSENotes and sketches on life (fanciful) of Wright Ingle and on John Hammond and Grove House, told to SIL by Dr Semple, then living in Grove House, 3.3.1912
SIL/FENST/15INCUMBENTSNotes on rectors and vicars, various sources, ex Rev H.G. Frewer 9.1907
SIL/FENST/16ADVOWSONNotes on 1344 litigation re advowson
SIL/FENST/17WHITE LION PUBMention in will at Peterborough, ex Rev Noble 18.10.1926
SIL/FENST/18INCUMBENTSNotes on 14C change from rectory to vicarage, ex Rev Noble 14.8.1897 - 28.3.1898
SIL/FENST/19PARISH CHURCHNotes on article in Hunts County News 1.5.1897
SIL/FENST/20WALL PAINTINGNotes on discovery of 1632 painting of Prince of Wales feathers in house being demolished, ex Dr Sempel 3.3.1912
SIL/FENST/21PARISH CHURCHRough notes and sketches on architectural details, inscriptions and plate, 14.9.1910
SIL/FENST/22PARISH CHURCHCopy of Latin inscription on frontal of retable
SIL/FENST/23PARISH CHURCHNotes on taxation in Nonarum Inquisitiones 1341, also 1291
SIL/FENST/25PARISH CHURCHDrawings of window tracery and panel of pulpit, 29.6.1892
SIL/FENST/26PARISH CHURCHNotes on taxation by Pope Nicholas IV in 1291
SIL/FENST/27MOWBRAY, SEGRAVE, BARKLEYFamily tree, 27.10.1900
SIL/FENST/28MANORNotes on info from various MS sources re Fenstanton & HIlton, 30.5.1903
SIL/FENST/29HISTORYNotes on info from various MS sources
SIL/FENST/30DOMESDAYTranscript of entry for Fenstanton, land of Gilbert de Gand
SIL/FENST/31INCUMBENTSNote of 1545 will of Sir Thomas Elkyns vicar of Fenstanton, Archdeaconry court, ex WMN's book WW
SIL/FENST/32VILLAGE CLOCKSaid to have come from Conington Hall, ex M.J. Allen 5.1917
SIL/FENST/33DICK TURPINFesntanton his reputed home, ex Archdeacon Vesey in a paper 10.1909
SIL/FENST/34PARISH CHURCH PLATEDescription of 1619 chalice & its inscription, ex Church Congress at Cambridge 1910
SIL/FENST/35GALLOWSSketch map of road from Fenstanton to Hilton with gallows marked at crossroads
SIL/FENST/36INCUMBENTSInvitation to institution of Rev Campbell, 21.7.[1919]
SIL/FENST/37HISTORYVarious bits of info re houses etc, ex Miss Peet, 8.1927
SIL/FENST/38ADVOWSONNote from Rev Dickson re delay in his institution so that patronage could be transferred from Trinity Hall to the bishop, 3.1929
SIL/FENST/39ADVOWSONSNote on advowsons given to bishop - Wyton, Broughton & Fenstanton, ex Clapton 7.9.1928
SIL/FENST/40ADVOWSONNote re augmentation, ex Lansdowne MSS 7.1904
SIL/FENST/41MANORNotice of meeting of the Court Baron of Fenstanton & Hilton, on Hilton church door 7.1904
SIL/FENST/42RECTORY FARMNote re house built by a former vicar c.1850, 19.9.1907
SIL/FENST/43ENCLOSURENote from Rev Noble re his failulre to find the Fenstanton Award, 10.1907
SIL/FENST/44BISHOP'S HOUSENote re ref in N&Q 3.9.1910
SIL/FENST/46PARISH CHURCHInvitation to opening of Church Hall, 20.6.1932
SIL/FENST/47CLOCK HOUSE, CHEQUERSNotes re SIL's photos, 20.4.1897
SIL/FENST/48ADVOWSONNote re 1654 augmentation, ex Lansdowne MSS
SIL/FENST/49ADVOWSONNotes on patrons etc, ex Mr Frewer's notes 19.9.1907
SIL/FENST/50ADVOWSONPart of postcard re failure to find ref to Fenstanton
SIL/FENST/51ADVOWSONPostcard from Rev Noble re vicar's obligations for repairs, 20.10.07
SIL/FENST/52MANORNotice of meeting of the Court Baron of Fenstanton & Hilton, on Hilton church door 7.1904
SIL/FENST/53PARISH CHURCHNotes & measured sketches on details of history & architecture, inc altar frontal, brass matrix, building of spire, tower arches & bell frame, 9.1933-22.5.1934
SIL/FENST/54PARISH CHURCHLeaflet advertising church fete, 14.6.1934
SIL/FENST/55PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet, in the form of a letter from vicar & churchwardens, seeking £150 for various repairs, 22.1.1934
SIL/FENST/56COOCH, ALLINManor of Fenstanton & Hilton, authority to enter satisfaction on conditional surrender, 17.4.1823
SIL/FENST/61HISTORYBrief history of manor, advowson & parish church
SIL/FENST/62HISTORYBrief history of manor, advowson & parish church
SIL/FENST/63WILLSExtracts from 16C wills ex Rev Noble's book WWW
SIL/FENST/64WILLSAnother copy of part of SIL/FENST/63
SIL/FENST/65HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 10.1930
SIL/FENST/67PARISH CHURCH13C inscription on coffin lid of William de Longthorne, 18.11.1927
SIL/FENST/68PARISH CHURCHDescription on 1860 restoration ex The Ecclesiologist & CAS Report, both of 1860
SIL/FENST/69REGISTERSNote that an 1822 terrier mentions another marriage register for 1811-13
SIL/FENST/70COWLINGNote on MI and window of Mary Anne Cowling (died 1884), 16.7.1931
SIL/FENST/71PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches on windows, MIs, plate & registers, 18.11.1927 & 6.9.1928
SIL/FENST/72PARISH CHURCHNotes on MIs in south aisle, 6.9.1928
SIL/FENST/73PARISH CHURCHHistory & description draft for VCH
SIL/FENST/74PARISH CHURCHHistory & description draft for VCH
SIL/FENST/75HISTORYNotes on manor and advowson ex VCH draft, 10.1930
SIL/FENST/76HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 10.1930
SIL/FENST/77HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 31.10.1930
SIL/FENST/78HISTORYBrief correctons to VCH proofs
SIL/FENST/79HISTORYBrief correctons to VCH proofs, 20.8.1931
SIL/FENST/80PARISH CHURCHPlan and photographs of interior & exterior, ex VCH
SIL/FENST/82PARISH CHURCHMeasured plan and sketches of chancel, 2.11.1936
SIL/FENST/83ENCLOSUREBrief notes on copy of 1810 award map.
SIL/FENST/84MANOR HOUSEProperty sale particulars under the will of Miss Peet, Manor House and a number of cottages, by Cyril Watts 23.2.1942
SIL/FENST/85PEETPostcard from C.F. Tebbutt re Miss Peet's collections disposed of under her will, 18.20.1941
SIL/FENST/86PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (6pp), incumbents (5pp), Wright Ingle, Coote (5pp), various (2pp), bishop Cox at Fenstanton not Longstanton, mill on Low Road, Cambs Hunt & feast week, property sales (8pp)
SIL/FENST/87EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/FLETN/01MANORCopy of letter to Granville Proby re purchase & sale of Fletton by Probys, 5.4.1935
SIL/FLETN/02RECTORY OBELISKMeasured sketch & details of inscription on obelisk in ?rectory garden, also Weldon stone cross in the "oakery", 1.1913 & 5.12.1919
SIL/FLETN/03PARISH CHURCHSketches with measurements of details of windows, 13.3.1912
SIL/FLETN/04LOORWYTHENotes on the 1532 will of Thomas Loorwythe, ex Rev Noble's Book WWW
SIL/FLETN/05REGISTERS, RECTORYNote re discovery of old books & registers, also date of ?rectory, 21.2.1929
SIL/FLETN/06REGISTERSList of parish registers, ex Mr Stearn 13.6.1929
SIL/FLETN/07PARISH CHURCHRefs to plate & bells in archdeacon's notebook 1748 & terrier 1709
SIL/FLETN/08PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of plate, 1897-98
SIL/FLETN/09PARISH CHURCHNote on MIs, 1.9.1931
SIL/FLETN/10PARISH CHURCHNotes of queries to answer & list of monuments, 5.9.1931
SIL/FLETN/11PARISH CHURCHNote re location of monuments in chancel - wall or floor?, 5.9.1931 & 12.5.1932
SIL/FLETN/12GLEBENotes & sketch maps mostly ex 25" OS map, 5.12.1919
SIL/FLETN/13LOORWITHNote re 1544 ref to Thomas Loorwith at Peterboro Consistory Court
SIL/FLETN/14PARISH CHURCHNote that spire was struck by lightning 16.7.1917
SIL/FLETN/15PARISH CHURCHSketch of the exterior traced from photo in Sweeting
SIL/FLETN/16PARISH CHURCHNote of damage caused by lightning strike to spire 14.7.1917
SIL/FLETN/17RECTORYSketches of coat of arms of Rev Theed (rector 1830-51) carved on dining room chimneypiece, 11.8.1926 checked 21.7.1930
SIL/FLETN/18RECTORYSketches of obelisk in garden & coat of arms on chimneypiece, 6.12.1932
SIL/FLETN/19HISTORYRefs to Peterborough Abbey's ownership of Fletton on Hugh Candidus (Mellors' translation)
SIL/FLETN/20PARISH CHURCHSketches of Saxon stones in chancel buttresses, ex RCHM
SIL/FLETN/21PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/FLETN/22PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/FLETN/23HISTORYCopy of draft for VCH, by Miss Jamison 18.7.1933
SIL/FLETN/24HISTORYExtracts from final draft for VCH, 11.1934
SIL/FLETN/25HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 24.7.1933
SIL/FLETN/26HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 26.7.1933
SIL/FLETN/27PARISH CHURCHCorrections to VCH final draft, 11.1934
SIL/FLETN/28PARISH CHURCHCorrections to VCH final draft, 11.1934
SIL/FLETN/29PARISH CHURCHCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 4.4.1935
SIL/FLETN/30HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 4.1935
SIL/FLETN/31HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 12.1935
SIL/FLETN/32HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 12.1935
SIL/FLETN/33HISTORYNote on VCH final revise
SIL/FLETN/34MOATSketch plan with measurements, moat in "The Oakery", Fletton Glebe, 11.10.1926
SIL/FLETN/35PARISHRef to Stanground & Farcet disunited in 1851, ex copy at Ely of Returns to House of Commons 1869-70
SIL/FLETN/36PARISH CHURCHView from south-east traced from photo of 1820 drawing reproduced in VCH, 5.1935
SIL/FLETN/37PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (2pp), Manor House & Mill etc, incumbents (2pp), fossils & buried river in brick pit (3pp), sewage works, Fletton Tower & Proby's Foundation, War Memorial Hall opening (2pp), model of new river bridge, property sales
SIL/FLETN/38EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/FOLKS/01INCUMBENTSNotes on rectors & clergy from registers, ex Rev Cook, 6.1911
SIL/FOLKS/02PARISH CHURCHPhotograph of north door ex VCH
SIL/FOLKS/03GLEBESale particulars of Glebe estates at Orton Waterville, Folksworth & Morborne, Dilley Son & Read 3.7.1920
SIL/FOLKS/04SHEEPS LAIRS FARMNotice of sale of "model dairy farm", ex Hunts Post 12.5.1932
SIL/FOLKS/05WINE BOTTLEExtract from list of accessions from 50th report of Peterboro' Nat Hist Soc, inc 17C wine bottle dug up at Folksworth, 1922
SIL/FOLKS/07ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 17.10.1923
SIL/FOLKS/09NEWMANNotes on inquest into estate and will of Edward Newman, 18.4.1628
SIL/FOLKS/10NEWMANNotes on will of Edward Newman, 3.8.1628, proved 29.3.1630, ex Rev Noble's book OO
SIL/FOLKS/11GORENANotes on the will of Rev Francis Gorena, 1538, ex C. Dawes' notes
SIL/FOLKS/12MANOR, PARISH CHURCHNotes on descent from Giffard to Apreece & Robertson, written for Hunts in 20th Century but not printed
SIL/FOLKS/13ROBERTSONMI in churchyard of William Henry Robertson 1848-1918, 6.10.1923
SIL/FOLKS/14FOX INNSketch & dimensions of stone in yard, 20.11.1924
SIL/FOLKS/15PARISH CHURCHNote on 14C cross on east gable of nave
SIL/FOLKS/16PARISH CHURCHNotes on building dates with sketches of details, 27.7.1907
SIL/FOLKS/17INCUMBENTSDuplicated card re institution of Rev Hinchcliffe, 2.4.1917
SIL/FOLKS/18PARISH CHURCHNotes on rebuildings and architectural details, 27.5.1910
SIL/FOLKS/19PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches re plate and incumbents' details ex registers, 26.5.1910
SIL/FOLKS/20PARISH CHURCHNotes on incumbents and other items ex registers, 26.5.1910
SIL/FOLKS/21GRENENotes on 1537 will of Rev Francis Grene, ex Rev Noble's Book WWW
SIL/FOLKS/22PARISH CHURCHVarious items ex 1657 will of John Castle of Glatton, archdeacon's notebook c.1705 & 1709 terrier
SIL/FOLKS/23PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of plate, 9.8.1928
SIL/FOLKS/24PARISH CHURCHNotes on plate & registers, 13.8.1928
SIL/FOLKS/25PARISH CHURCHBrief notes on building, fittings & plate
SIL/FOLKS/26PARISH CHURCHList of queries about the building, with answers, 10.3.1932
SIL/FOLKS/27PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/FOLKS/28PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/FOLKS/31CASTEL, SHERARDGenealogical details ex Glatton registers & transcripts from All SS Huntingdon & Woodstone
SIL/FOLKS/32HISTORYDraft for VCH by Miss Simkins, 19.7.1933
SIL/FOLKS/33MANOR, ADVOWSONPart of final draft for VCH, 10.1934
SIL/FOLKS/34HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 27.7.1933
SIL/FOLKS/35HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft
SIL/FOLKS/36HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 10.1934
SIL/FOLKS/37HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 10.1934
SIL/FOLKS/38MANORCorrected draft for VCH, 2.1935
SIL/FOLKS/39MANORLetter from Valerie Cunningham of VCH re delay in publishing vol. iii and revised descent of de Folksworths, 13.2.1935
SIL/FOLKS/40MANORCopy of Miss Jamison's notes on Folksworth, various queries, 2.1935
SIL/FOLKS/41MANORCorrections to VCH corrected draft, 2.1935
SIL/FOLKS/42MANORCorrections to VCH corrected draft, 2.1935
SIL/FOLKS/43HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 10.4.1935
SIL/FOLKS/44HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 16.4.1935
SIL/FOLKS/45HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 12.1935
SIL/FOLKS/46HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 12.1935
SIL/FOLKS/47HISTORYCopies of VCH slips, 4.1935
SIL/FOLKS/49DE PABENHAMPart of family tree
SIL/FOLKS/50EARTHWORKNote on fortified hilltop
SIL/FOLKS/51EARTHWORKPlan & sections, with measurements, of homestead moat ex 6" OS, 20.11.1924
SIL/FOLKS/52PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (2pp), 17C Assizes case
SIL/FOLKS/53EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/G.GID/01ENGAINEFamily tree, 5.1931
SIL/G.GID/02ENGAINEFamily tree, 12.1932
SIL/G.GID/03PARISH CHURCHList of vicars and patrons, 5.1949
SIL/G.GID/04PARISH CHURCHLetter re list of vicars and patrons from Rev Jones, 2.6.1949
SIL/G.GID/05HIGBY1634 will of Richard Higby and 1633 will of Jane Higby, with Higby baptisms & burials from registers, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.GID/06SUNDIALMeasured sketches of inscribed stones & sundial in vicarage garden, 8.10.1913
SIL/G.GID/07WORD SQUAREArticle on ancient pavements, inclulding one with the SATOR AREPO etc word square at Pieve Terzagni (Italy), ex The Builder 13.10.1906
SIL/G.GID/08FARMHOUSESketch & notes on old stone farmhouse at north end of village, 17.8.1909
SIL/G.GID/09FARMHOUSENotes & sketches re old stone farmhouse at north end of village, stones thought to come from demolished church at Barnwell, 8.10.1913
SIL/G.GID/10FARMHOUSENotes on old stone farmhouse at north end of the village, 26.5.1936
SIL/G.GID/11DOMESDAYRefs to Gt Gidding & Steeple Gidding
SIL/G.GID/12FITZWILLIAM HUNTNotes on Gt Gidding kennels, used only for cubbing in autumn as too far from Milton, and on neighbouring hunts areas
SIL/G.GID/13FRANCISNote ex Notes & Queries 22.4.1905 - only "J.C. Francis" & "1614" legible
SIL/G.GID/15STONEMeasured sketch of stone in vicarage garden, came from Barnwell church, 20.7.1926
SIL/G.GID/16INCUMBENTSNote on resignation of Rev Porter in 1855
SIL/G.GID/17ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 27.6.1913
SIL/G.GID/18PARISH CHURCHInscription on roof beam in west aisle, 1629 John Lamb churchwarden, 1913
SIL/G.GID/19PARISH CHURCHSketches of arms in chancel, presumably from windows, 30.5.1905
SIL/G.GID/20PARISH CHURCHDrawing of arms in chancel, 26.5.1936
SIL/G.GID/21WATSONFamily tree (later Earls of Rockingham)
SIL/G.GID/22PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of MIs, and window in north wall of chancel, 17.8.1909
SIL/G.GID/23SUNDIALSketch & notes of sundial in vicarage garden, 24.3.1911
SIL/G.GID/24PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches: churchwarden name & date on S aisle roof, font cover and word square, 16.7.1913
SIL/G.GID/25PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketch on possible need to underpin tower, 18.3.1924
SIL/G.GID/26WILLS16C wills ex Rev Noble's book WWW
SIL/G.GID/27GAYNES CLOSELetter from Rev Jones re moat, 9.10.1931
SIL/G.GID/28GAYNES CLOSEMap showing site, ex Rev Jones 9.10.1931
SIL/G.GID/291641 MAPPart of a letter (from whom?) re a 1641 map of Gt Gidding at Rockingham Castle, 12.12.1932
SIL/G.GID/30PARISH CHURCHNotes on state of repair and fittings at various dates, ex archdeacon's notes and terriers
SIL/G.GID/31LADDSRefs in Gt Gidding registers, ex Rev Noble 28.3.1898, 7.1909 & 9.1909
SIL/G.GID/32CHURCH PLATENotes & sketches of hallmarks on cup and chalice with comparisons with plate in many other Hunts churches
SIL/G.GID/33CHURCH PLATECopy of letter to Rev Jones re hallmarks, 11.5.1933
SIL/G.GID/34MANORNote re tenure of manor from the king for hunting wildcats & foxes, 7.11.1898
SIL/G.GID/35MANORNotes, obscure but seem to relate to descent of manor, 20.5.1930
SIL/G.GID/36ENGAINERefs in Round's "Feudal England"
SIL/G.GID/37ENGAINEFamily tree, ex Peerage 17.1.1922
SIL/G.GID/38ENGAINEFamily tree, 12.1932
SIL/G.GID/39ENGAINEFamily tree, ex Mr Ross 25.10.1932
SIL/G.GID/40ENGAINERefs from various MS sources
SIL/G.GID/42DELAHAYEFamily tree, by Dr Palmer in CAS octavo publication, 1935
SIL/G.GID/43ENGAINEFamily tree, 12.1932
SIL/G.GID/44ENGAINEPart of family tree
SIL/G.GID/45ENGAINERefs in Essex Feet of Fines, 1926
SIL/G.GID/46ENGAINENotes, perhaps of descent of manor through the family, 5.2.1912
SIL/G.GID/47PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches re plate, 4.6.1931 & 30.9.1931
SIL/G.GID/48PARISH CHURCHList of registers, 30.9.1931
SIL/G.GID/49PARISH CHURCHMeasured plans & drawings of chancel, 18.11.1936
SIL/G.GID/50PARISH CHURCHCalculations of future cost of repairs, maintenance & insurance of chancel, 12.1936
SIL/G.GID/51PARISH CHURCHLetter to Ely Diocesan Board of Finance re future provision for chancel, 9.1.1937
SIL/G.GID/52PARISH CHURCH1843 MI to Rev Johnson, 26.5.1936; sketch plan of vicarage, 18.3.1924
SIL/G.GID/53PARISH CHURCHSketches & notes re arms in windows, list of queries to check, 30.9.1931
SIL/G.GID/54PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/G.GID/57HISTORYCorrections to VCH footnotes, 4.1936
SIL/G.GID/59PARISH CHURCHVCH page proofs, marked "correct"
SIL/G.GID/61HISTORY, MANORS, ADVOWSON, CHARITIESVCH page proofs with corrections
SIL/G.GID/62HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 19.5.1936
SIL/G.GID/63HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 24.5.1936
SIL/G.GID/64HISTORYPartial note, presumably connected with some stage of the VCH corrections
SIL/G.GID/65MANORSCopies of the VCH slips, numerous refs from numerous sources, 2.1936
SIL/G.GID/66DOMESDAYMap suggesting location of manors, with grids to try to establish area in hides
SIL/G.GID/68ENGAINEFamily tree
SIL/G.GID/69ENGAINEFamily tree
SIL/G.GID/70MANORRefs in Ramsey Abbey Chronicle & Cartulary
SIL/G.GID/71ENGAINEFamily tree and refs in Pipe Rolls
SIL/G.GID/72WATSONFamily tree
SIL/G.GID/73MANORIAL MAPSketch of 1541 map of manor in possession of L. Watson, 8.3.1933
SIL/G.GID/74MANORIAL MAPSketch of part of 1541 map of manor in possession of L. Watson, 8.3.1933
SIL/G.GID/75MOAT, PLACE NAMESLetter from J.R. Garrood re his interviews with oldest inhabitants, 27.2.1936
SIL/G.GID/76PLACE NAMESNote re Engaine Close, ex J.R. Garrood
SIL/G.GID/77EARTHWORKSSketch map of earthworks, disused brickworks but mistaken for moat, ex OS 6"
SIL/G.GID/78ENCLOSURENotes & sketches of maps in possession of parish council clerk
SIL/G.GID/79ENCLOSURECopy of 1858 & 1869 enclosure awards, 11.1937
SIL/G.GID/80ENCLOSURECopy of 1869 award, 11.1937
SIL/G.GID/81ENCLOSUREComparison of owners' names on Map B in 1858 and 1869 awards
SIL/G.GID/82ENCLOSURENotes on 1858 and 1869 maps and awards
SIL/G.GID/83PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (3pp), vicars (3pp), Fitzwilliam Hunt (4pp), mill, miscellaneous, property sales
SIL/G.GID/84EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/G.STA/001PARISH CHURCHDay book entries re inspecting repairs to bell frame, 20 & 27.11.1901
SIL/G.STA/002PARISH CHURCH, DYERSketches & notes of coat of arms on Dyer monument, ex Fernie
SIL/G.STA/003PARISH CHURCHBrief note re 1812 faculty for Sir Jas Duberley to have a "Dormitory", ex faculty books
SIL/G.STA/004EYNESFORDLetter re refs to Eynesfords in "Domesday Monachorum" at Canterbury, ex Wm Page 3.6.1931
SIL/G.STA/005DENT, MARRAMExtracts from 17C wills, ex Rev Noble 6.5.1898
SIL/G.STA/006WAUTON16-17C family tree
SIL/G.STA/007PARISH CHURCH, HOWENotes on arms on silver cup among the church plate
SIL/G.STA/008THE DOLESSketch plan with notes
SIL/G.STA/009LYMAGEField map with notes of Lymage Wood & Lymage Farm, 1940
SIL/G.STA/010WELLCopy of certificate of water analysis of sample from deep well, ex J. West Knights Public Analyst 12.5.1909
SIL/G.STA/011ORCHIDBrief & obscure note re butterfly orchid at Gaines
SIL/G.STA/012ENGAINERefs to Rich & Wm Engaine in 12C papal document re Peterboro Abbey, in Hugh Candidus
SIL/G.STA/013INCUMBENTSNote re 1830 burial of Rev Clare, ex transcripts
SIL/G.STA/014FLOODNote re 1807 flood in Gent's Mag, ex Dawes MSS
SIL/G.STA/015GAYNES HALL, CHAPEL YARD, AGDEN GREENCopy of letter re Gaynes Hall moat, Chapel Yard at Perry & windmill at Agden Green, to C.F. Tebbutt 28.7.1942
SIL/G.STA/016GAYNES HALL, CHAPEL YARD, AGDEN GREENExtracts from 1608 survey re Gaynes Hall, Chapel Yard at Perry & windmill at Agden Green, ex C.F. Tebbutt 26.7.1943
SIL/G.STA/018DE ESSEFORDNotes re refs in Essex Feet of Fines
SIL/G.STA/019MANORNotes re 13C descent, 27.11.1909
SIL/G.STA/020MANOR, INCUMBENTSNote re transaction involving Rev de L'Isle in Feet of Fines, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/021DE CRIOLLFamily tree, ex Clutterbuck's Herts
SIL/G.STA/022DE CRIOLLDraft 13C family tree, 10.5.1931
SIL/G.STA/023MANOR, DE CRIOLL13-14C family tree, 16.12.1906
SIL/G.STA/024MANORNotes re descent from 13C
SIL/G.STA/025MANOR, DE CRIOLLNotes & family tree re descent of manor, 16.12.1906
SIL/G.STA/026MANORExtract re final agreement de Beauchamp & de Eynesford, ex Hunter's Fines 1195-1214
SIL/G.STA/027MANOR, DE EYNESFORDExtract (in Latin) from 1205 royal charter to Wm de Eynesford, ex Brit Mus Rot Cart in Turr
SIL/G.STA/028DE EYNESFORD, DE CRIOLL12-13C family tree
SIL/G.STA/029DE CRIOLL, DE BEAUCHAMP13C de Beauchamp family tree, ex Burke Ext Peerage; 13-15C de Crioll family tree, 14.2.1902
SIL/G.STA/030DE CRIOLL13-14C family tree, 16.12.1906
SIL/G.STA/031DE CRIOLL11-15C family tree with notes, part ex Peerage, 26.11.1898
SIL/G.STA/032DE LEYBOURNENotes, refs & family tree, ex various sources 2.1902
SIL/G.STA/033DE CRIOLL, DE LEYBOURNEFamily trees, notes & refs, ex various sources 2.1902
SIL/G.STA/034DE CRIOLL12-14C draft family trees, 14.2.1902
SIL/G.STA/035MANORNotes, refs & family trees re 12-14C descent of manor, ex various sources 13.8.1902
SIL/G.STA/036MANOR, DE CRIOLL, DE BEAUCHAMPNotes, refs & family trees re 12-13C descent of manor, 9.1902
SIL/G.STA/037MANOR, DE CRIOLL, DE CRETINGNotes re two 13C IPMs, from Record Office ex Rev Noble 10.1902
SIL/G.STA/038DE CRIOLLNotes & family tree re 13-14C refs, ex The Reliquary 1893
SIL/G.STA/039DE EYNESFORD, DE BEAUCHAMP, DE CRIOLL12-13C family tree, 16.12.1906
SIL/G.STA/040DE CRIOLLNotes re 13-14C refs
SIL/G.STA/041DE CRIOLLNotes re 14C IPMs in Calendarium Genealogicum, ex Rev Noble's Book PR
SIL/G.STA/042ADVOWSON, MANORNotes re ref to advowson & to 1802 sale of manor, ex Harleian MSS 2.4.1898
SIL/G.STA/043DE CRIOLLNotes re 13C IPM, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/044DE CRIOLLExtracts from 1408 will, ex Lambert's Pal Lib Archb Regs
SIL/G.STA/045DE CRIOLLNotes re 14C IPMs in Calendarium Genealogicum, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/046MANOR, ADVOWSON, DE CRETINGNotes re 1295 IPM of Adam de Creting, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/047MANOR, ADVOWSONRefs to manor (1343-4) & advowson (1345-6), source not clear
SIL/G.STA/048WAUTON14-15C refs in Essex Feet of Fines, ex 1926-38 publications
SIL/G.STA/049WAUTONFamily tree, ex Palmer's "John Layer" CAS octvo pubs 1935
SIL/G.STA/050WAUTON16C refs, source not clear
SIL/G.STA/051WAUTONDraft 14-17C family tree
SIL/G.STA/052PARISH CHURCH, WAUTONLetter re brass matrix, organ, 16C register entry for Elizabeth Wauton & descent of Mary Newman, ex Rev Watson 19.4.1899
SIL/G.STA/053WAUTONEntries in 16-17C registers, 3.1899
SIL/G.STA/054MANOR, WAUTON1541 ref to Thos Wauton buying land in Gt Staughton, Feet of Fines ex Rev Noble 22.8.1899
SIL/G.STA/055WAUTON14C refs to John de Wauton & 16-17C family tree
SIL/G.STA/056MANOR, WAUTONExtracts from 1556 will of Thos Wauton, ex PCC
SIL/G.STA/057WAUTONExtracts from 1558 will of Wm Wauton, ex Huntn archd court
SIL/G.STA/058WAUTONNotes on 1560 will of Clemens Wauton with part family tree, ex Rev Noble 2.3.1898
SIL/G.STA/059WAUTONExtracts from 1605 will of George Wauton, ex PCC
SIL/G.STA/060WAUTON/WALTONNotes re 1656 marriage settlement Valentine Wauton & Thos Pride, re their children Robert Wauton & Elizabeth Pride, ex Clayton MSS lent by John Beagerie
SIL/G.STA/061MANOR, WAUTON1541 ref to Thos Wauton buying land in Gt Staughton, Feet of Fines ex Record Office 22.8.1899
SIL/G.STA/062MANOR, WAUTON, THROGMORTONExtracts from 1624 reports by Sir Robt Osborne re forced occupation of Manor House by John Throgmorton, in Cal S P Dom, ex Mr Beagerie & Rev Watson
SIL/G.STA/063MANORNote re 1786 lease in Rept Crown Lands
SIL/G.STA/064MANOR, LEDERExtracts from 1501-2 will of Thos Leder, ex Huntn archd
SIL/G.STA/065MANOR, LEDERNote re 17C descent of Place House
SIL/G.STA/066MANOR, LEDERBrief notes re 1557 will of Oliver Leder, ex Rev Noble 21.3.1898
SIL/G.STA/067LEDERNotes re 1557 will of Oliver Leder, ex Rev Noble 24.7.1899
SIL/G.STA/068LEDERNotes on 1557 will of Oliver Leder, Huntn archd court ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/069DOUGHTYExtracts from 1663 will of Anna Doughty, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/070BAWDWYNBrief notes on 1565 will of Agathie Bawdwyn of Midloe, ex Rev Noble 16.3.1898
SIL/G.STA/071NEWMANNotes re 17C descent, ex Rev Noble 1.3.1898 & 8.4.1898
SIL/G.STA/072NEWMAN, WAUTONPart of letter re 1675 marriage of Mary Newman to John Conyers & their children, also re Clemens Wauton, ex Rev Noble 7.3.1898
SIL/G.STA/073NEWMANLetter re family trees provided by Mr Newman, ex Rev Noble 25.11.1919
SIL/G.STA/074NEWMAN, CONYERSNotes re 17C family members, ex Rev Noble 5.1.1903
SIL/G.STA/075NEWMANNotes on refs in 1684 Hunts Visitation & 17C register entries at Newton Bromswold (Northants), ex Rev Noble 5.1.1903
SIL/G.STA/076NEWMANRefs in Tilbrook registers (Beds Transcripts) & 17-18C part family tree ex Dr Newman, ex Rev Noble 30.3.1906
SIL/G.STA/077NEWMAN, CONYERSCopy of letter re Mary Newman & John Conyers, H.E. Newman to Rev Noble 10.11.1919
SIL/G.STA/078BALDWIN, NEWMAN, CONYERSDraft 17C family tree
SIL/G.STA/079BALDWIN, NEWMANCopy of letter re family trees etc, H E Newman to Rev Noble 22.11.1919, ex Rev Noble 1.1920
SIL/G.STA/080BALDWIN, NEWMANAbstracts of 1657 will of John Baldwin & 1678 will of Robert Baldwin, ex Rev Noble ex H.E. Newman 1.1920
SIL/G.STA/081NEWMAN15-18C family trees, ex Rev Noble ex H.E. Newman 1.1920
SIL/G.STA/082CONYERS, NEWMAN, WAUTONDrafts of 16-18C family trees
SIL/G.STA/083STAUGHTON HOUSESketch plan & drawings with some measurements of architectural details & Conyers arms, 21.8.1912
SIL/G.STA/084STAUGHTON HOUSESketch plan & sketch of Conyers arms on rainwater heads with brief notes, 21.8.1912
SIL/G.STA/085CONYERS, STAUGHTON HOUSEPart of letter re Conyers family possibly living at Staughton House, ex Rev Watson 14.8.1902
SIL/G.STA/086CROFTNotes re 1323 will of Peter de Croft in bishop's register at Lincoln, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/087DYER"Wincanton's Greatest Son - a Biography of Sir James Dier etc etc" by George Sweetman, 1886
SIL/G.STA/088DYER"The Origin of the Swinnerton Dyers, Baronets" by Mark W Bullen, reprint from Miscellanea Genalogica et Heraldica 1905
SIL/G.STA/089DYERBrief notes re 17C descent
SIL/G.STA/090DYERTranscript of 1525 will of Edward Dyer, ex Peterborough Huntn Archd Court
SIL/G.STA/091MANOR, DYER, WAUTONExtracts from Chancery Proceedings Thos Wauton & Wm Dene re land bequeathed by Edw Dyer, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/092DYERNotes on 1620-21 IPM of Sir Wm Dyer
SIL/G.STA/093DYER, FRANCKLYN, GERYExtract re purchase by Ludovic Dier & George Francklyn of various messuages, Feet of Fines ex Rev Noble's Book S+
SIL/G.STA/094PLACE HOUSENotes re descent 17-19C
SIL/G.STA/095DILLINGTON, GAINSNotes re descent of manors from 1296
SIL/G.STA/096DIDDINGTON, DILLINGTONBrief notes of refs in Cart Mon Ram
SIL/G.STA/097DILLINGTONNotes on refs in Cart Mon Ram, 9.1902
SIL/G.STA/098ENGAINENotes re descent of manor of Blatherwick, Northants, ex Whellan's 1849 Hist Gaz & Directory of Northants
SIL/G.STA/099HISTORYNotes re descent of where? through Engaines & Broughtons, ex Cart Mon Ram
SIL/G.STA/100HISTORYNotes re descent of a manor in Wales, ex Journ Brit Arch Assoc & The Welsh Marches by H C Crompton
SIL/G.STA/101ENGAINEPart of letter re Margaritta Engaine, ex Rev Noble 14.3.1899
SIL/G.STA/102ENGAINENotes on 12-14C refs & family trees
SIL/G.STA/103ENGAINEExtract from 14C IPM of Rich de Clifford with ref to John & Johne Engaine, ex Rev Noble 10.5.1906
SIL/G.STA/104ENGAINEExtracts from 13C IPMs of Vital Engaine & son Henry, ex Brit Mus Cal IPM 17.4.1906
SIL/G.STA/105ENGAINEBrief & obscure notes re 12-13C refs to Engaines
SIL/G.STA/106ENGAINEExtract & notes from "Gaynes in Upminster" by J.H. Round & "Some Essex Brasses" by Miller Christy et al, both in Trans Essex Arch Soc 1909
SIL/G.STA/107ENGAINEBrief note re 1242 ref to John Dengayne's houses at Blatherwyck & Elyngton, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/108ENGAINENotes on 13C refs to Wm & Vital Engaine in Lincoln Roll of Presentations
SIL/G.STA/109ENGAINENotes, transcripts (Latin) & family trees re 13-14C refs in Lincoln Roll of Presentations etc
SIL/G.STA/110ENGAINENotes on 13C refs in Lincoln Roll of Presentations
SIL/G.STA/111ENGAINE, MOYGNE, CRETING, CRIOLLTable of refs in Cart Mon Ram, 24.1.1898
SIL/G.STA/112ENGAINEPart family tree
SIL/G.STA/113ENGAINENote re 13C ref to John Engayne in Cart Mon Ram c1267-1285
SIL/G.STA/114ENGAINEPart family tree 13-14C
SIL/G.STA/115ENGAINETranslations of 13C entries in Rotulis Finium
SIL/G.STA/116ENGAINEExtracts (Latin) from 13C entries in Rotulis Finium
SIL/G.STA/117ENGAINE12-13C family tree in Peerage, ex Mr Hodgson of Elton 17.1.1922
SIL/G.STA/118ENGAINE12-14C notes, refs & family tree, ex Cart Mon Ram
SIL/G.STA/119ENGAINE11-14C family tree, 28.8.1899
SIL/G.STA/120ENGAINE11-14C family tree, 28.8.1899 with later corrections
SIL/G.STA/121ENGAINE11-13C family tree, 9.8.1907
SIL/G.STA/122ENGAINE11-13C family tree, 24.4.1920
SIL/G.STA/123ENGAINE12-14C family tree (two versions)
SIL/G.STA/124BROUGHTON, ENGAINE, CRETING, MANORSExtract from 1517 will of John Broughton & brief 14C refs, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STA/125MANORAccount of descent of ownership 12-14C, 10.1902
SIL/G.STA/126DILLINGTON MANORAccount of descent of ownership 11-17C, 9.1902
SIL/G.STA/127MANORRefs to groves & woodland in Cart Mon Ram
SIL/G.STA/128CROMWELLNote re 16C refs in Ramsey Abbey MSS re tenancy of Gaynes Manor & 16C family tree, ex Rev Noble 18.1.1898, 12.4.1898 & 2.9.1897
SIL/G.STA/129HISTORYExtensive notes & comments re articles in parish magazine, 7.1902
SIL/G.STA/130INCUMBENTSNotes re vicars etc 1557-1895, ex registers, vicars' books & parish magazine 24.10.1899 & 4.11.1899
SIL/G.STA/131RECTORY MANORNotes re 17C ownership
SIL/G.STA/132GAYNES HALLDrawings & notes of arms in window glass, 8.9.1908
SIL/G.STA/133GAYNES HALLBrief survey notes & sketch, "with Mr Read" 11.6.1920
SIL/G.STA/134HISTORYAdvertisement for Rev Watson's "History of Great Staughton"
SIL/G.STA/135EARTHWORKSNotes re moats at Cherry Orchard Farm & Agden Green
SIL/G.STA/136EARTHWORKSSketch plan & section with measurements of mound, ex Capt Duberly
SIL/G.STA/137VICARAGENotes re 1631 sale (of Rectory Manor?) & old & new vicarages, ex Wragg 5.6.1929
SIL/G.STA/138BRIDGENote re earlier ford & poor condition of bridge, ex M.J. Allen 16.7.1930
SIL/G.STA/139PARISH CHURCHSketch plan & section with measurements of column base in Miss Murfin's stable yard, brief notes re architectural details & 1890 Duberly MI, 11.1907
SIL/G.STA/140CRETINGNotes re 1503 will of Walter Creeting, ex Rev Noble 29.11.1903
SIL/G.STA/141MANORObscure note re sale of Crown Lands, 30.8.1921
SIL/G.STA/142MANORNote re 1786 lease to Earl Ludlow, in Rept Crown Lands at Brit Mus
SIL/G.STA/143HISTORYBrief obscure 16C & 14C refs
SIL/G.STA/144DILLINGTON CHURCHNotes re old farm house at Rushey Farm, Hail Weston, demolished & found to contain worked stone perhaps from a church, ex Rushforth 9.9.1914
SIL/G.STA/145DILLINGTON CHURCHNotes re church, now pulled down, where it was and where various frags are now, ex Mr Rushforth 3.10.1913 & 9.9.1914
SIL/G.STA/146DILLINGTON CHURCHRough notes re church, site & frags, ex Mr Rushforth 3.10.1913 & 9.9.1914
SIL/G.STA/147EARTHWORKSSketch map with notes of moat & earthworks at Cretingsbury, 21.8.1912
SIL/G.STA/148HISTORYLetter re his History of Gt Staughton, ex Rev Watson 24.7.1916
SIL/G.STA/149PLACE HOUSESketch of window with brief notes, 18.7.1906
SIL/G.STA/150PLACE HOUSEBrief notes re repairs being carried out, ex Mrs Murchison 6.1926
SIL/G.STA/151THROGMORTONLetter re Peters & Morleys marrying Throgmortons, & re document concerning somebody's private chapel, ex Rev Noble 3.4.1898
SIL/G.STA/152PARISH CHURCH, INCUMBENTSNotes re various 16C wills with refs to vicars and to the church, ex Rev Noble's Books WW & WWW
SIL/G.STA/153MILLDraft conveyance of mill 31.12.1822 Sam Parker to John Marshall
SIL/G.STA/154HISTORYLetter re manor, rectory & Baldwin family with transcript of 1637 conveyance of manor & advowson Viscountess Campden to St John's College Oxford, ex Rev Watson 4.1.1898
SIL/G.STA/155INCUMBENTSList of vicars 1537-1895 with queries, 2.11.1899
SIL/G.STA/156PLACE HOUSEBrief history
SIL/G.STA/157MANORSSketch map with notes & showing boundary between Gaines & Beachamstead, ex Wade Gery & Brackenbury 1.1940
SIL/G.STA/158ENCLOSURESketches, measurements & notes re 1807 award maps, 5.4.1940, 19.4.1940 & 20.4.1940
SIL/G.STA/159HISTORYVoluminous notes, extracts, family trees etc, passing between SIL, Rev Williams & Rev Watson, 10.1897, 11.1897, 8.1897, 28.2.1898, 31.3.1898, 5.1898, 31.10.1898, 4.1.1899, 23.1.1899, 10.6.1899, 24.8.1899, 28.8.1899, 14-30.12.1899, 19.2.1900, 9.1901
SIL/G.STA/160HISTORYVoluminous notes, extracts, family trees etc, passing between SIL, Rev Williams & Rev Watson, 21.1.1898, 28.3.1898, 31.10.1898, 12.12.1899
SIL/G.STA/161HIISTORYNotes, extracts & refs from vicars' books, registers & St John's Coll Oxford archives, ex Rev Watson 4.1.1898, 3.1899, 8.1899
SIL/G.STA/162LYMAGEField map of Lymage with farms, woods & parish boundaries, 1940
SIL/G.STA/163PARISH CHURCHLetter re memorial floor slabs found in chancel, register entries for Conyers & Wauton, & Mary Newman, ex Rev Watson 21.3.1899
SIL/G.STA/164PARISH CHURCHDescription & history for guided visit
SIL/G.STA/165PARISH CHURCHAdvertisement for "Popular Concert" in schoolroom, proceeds for choir and church expenses
SIL/G.STA/166PARISH CHURCHBrief notes re building dates
SIL/G.STA/167PARISH CHURCHBrief note re 1866 restoration
SIL/G.STA/168INCUMBENTSBrief note re Rev Owen, vicar 1733, once at St Lawrence at Reading, ex Rev Noble 30.5.1901
SIL/G.STA/169PARISH CHURCHSketch of date 1656 in lead, 12.1907
SIL/G.STA/170PARISH CHURCHLetter re bells, font & date of 1866 restoration works, ex Rev Watson 25.11.1901
SIL/G.STA/171PARISH CHURCHNotes & rough sketches re architectural details & stone capital in vicarage garden, 3.10.1913
SIL/G.STA/172PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches re architectural details S side of chancel & E window, 9.9.1914
SIL/G.STA/173BARNACK, BROUGHTONFamily tree 14-16C with sketches of arms
SIL/G.STA/174PARISH CHURCHDrawing of exterior from SE with brief notes, 3.9.1888
SIL/G.STA/175PARISH CHURCHFloor plans with detailed measurements & elevation of ?chancel arch with measurements, 3 & 5.11.1900
SIL/G.STA/176PARISH CHURCHSketches with measurements of parts of tower, 20.11.1901
SIL/G.STA/177PARISH CHURCHSketch section of nave with measurements & notes, 30.11.1901
SIL/G.STA/178PARISH CHURCHFloor plan with some measurements, 18.9.1928
SIL/G.STA/179PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes & measurements of 19 & 20C MIs, with Mrs Duberly 18.5.1917
SIL/G.STA/180PARISH CHURCH, CONYERS, DUBERLYSketches & notes re of arms on Conyers & Duberly MIs 2.7.1917; one page on reverse of letter re Major Duberly tablet, ex Brindley 29.6.1917
SIL/G.STA/181PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYElevation with measurements & notes re position of tenants' memorial, 13.8.1917
SIL/G.STA/182PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYElevation of proposed position of tablet to Major Duberly in Gaynes Chapel
SIL/G.STA/183PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYScale elevation with measurements & notes of position of tablet to Major Duberly in Gaynes Chapel, 28.6.1917
SIL/G.STA/184PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYSketch of pair of raised arms (i.e. anatomical arms, not heraldic) to show difference between dexter & sinister
SIL/G.STA/185PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYLetters re faculty for Moulton & Duberly tablets & accuracy of Duberly arms, ex G. Maile & Son sculptors, 29.5.1917 & 9.6.1917
SIL/G.STA/186PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYTracing of Duberly arms received by G. Maile & Son from College of Arms, 8.6.1917
SIL/G.STA/187PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYSketch of tenants' memorial to Major Duberly with some measurements, ex G. Maile & Son
SIL/G.STA/188PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYDescription of Duberly arms ex Burke, with sketch of crest & notes re hatchments in church 29.7.1897
SIL/G.STA/189PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYWording for tenants' tablet to Major Duberly, ex G. Maile & Son 21.5.1917
SIL/G.STA/190PARISH CHURCH, DYERRough sketch of the Dyer tomb, 11.1900
SIL/G.STA/191PARISH CHURCH, PULPITDrawings with measurements of details of "old pulpit", 14.11.1902
SIL/G.STA/192PARISH CHURCH, REGISTERSNotes re sounding board of 1752 pulpit, churchyard wall built 1756, 1748 register entry re burial after drowning, ex Rev Rushforth, 3.10.1913
SIL/G.STA/193PARISH CHURCHPart of article re redesign of font using original bowl & restoration of bells with their inscriptions
SIL/G.STA/194PARISH CHURCHSketch elevation of font base with notes & measurements, 5.6.1929
SIL/G.STA/195INCUMBENTSQuery re Rev Robinson, resigned or died 1572, ex Rev Noble 11.11.1924
SIL/G.STA/196INCUMBENTSNotes re 1572 refs to Rev Scofield & ?patrons, ex Rev Noble's Books CC, BB & AA 11.11.1924
SIL/G.STA/197PARISH CHURCHHistory & description, 10.1900-8.1908
SIL/G.STA/198PARISH CHURCHHistory & description, 10.1900-8.1908
SIL/G.STA/199DUBERLYPart 19C family tree
SIL/G.STA/200PARISH CHURCHTranscripts of MIs, 10-12.1902
SIL/G.STA/201PARISH CHURCHList of memorials with their names, dates, positions & types, 1.5.1907
SIL/G.STA/202PARISH CHURCHTranscript of MIs in chancel floor with some sketches of coats of arms
SIL/G.STA/203PARISH CHURCHTranscripts, notes & sketches of memorials in sanctuary
SIL/G.STA/204PARISH CHURCHLetter re MI rubbings, to Ernest Lunn 28.4.1902
SIL/G.STA/205PARISH CHURCHLetter correcting SIL re MIs, ex Ernest Lunn 30.4.1902
SIL/G.STA/206PARISH CHURCH, CONYERSTranscript of 17C Conyers MI & 17 & 18C register entries, 3.1899
SIL/G.STA/207PARISH CHURCH, HISTORYNotes re church architecture, inc Wauton & Beverley tombs with sketches, & ownership of Place House, Manor etc, for visit by CHAS 8.9.1908
SIL/G.STA/208PARISH CHURCHNotes re 16-18C register entries, ex Rev Noble 23.4.1906
SIL/G.STA/209PARISH CHURCH, INCUMBENTSNotes re incumbents & patrons ex vicars' books & re entries in 16C marriage registers, 5.10.1899
SIL/G.STA/210INCUMBENTSList of incumbents & patrons 1506-1895, 13.12.1899
SIL/G.STA/211PARISH CHURCHCopy of article re restoration of font & bells
SIL/G.STA/212PARISH CHURCHArticle re restoration of font, 24.9.1900
SIL/G.STA/213WILLSObscure notes re wills (& meaning of Medeshamstead - AS name for Peterboro')
SIL/G.STA/214PARISH CHURCHNotes re design, costings & site for restored font, 7.1901
SIL/G.STA/215PARISH CHURCHLetter re meeting to discuss font restoration, ex Rev Watson 23.7.1901
SIL/G.STA/216PARISH CHURCHLetter re restoration of font & bells, ex Rev Watson 7.8.1901
SIL/G.STA/217MANORSBrief notes re Oliver Leder's 1539 purchase of Rectory Manor & House
SIL/G.STA/218PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYTranscript of MI to Arthur Grey Duberly, 19.7.1939
SIL/G.STA/219PARISH CHURCH, VICARAGEBrief notes re vicarage & bells, 30.5.1928
SIL/G.STA/220PARISH CHURCHSketch plans & elevations with measurements & notes of chancel, chancel roof, windows & gable cross, 22.1.1937
SIL/G.STA/221BRIDGELetter re stones from demolished old bridge, ex Rev Wragg 12.12.1931
SIL/G.STA/222BRIDGESketches with measurements & notes of carved stones from bridge, 16.12.1931
SIL/G.STA/223EARTHWORKSSketch plan of moat or similar at Agden Green, ex OS 25"
SIL/G.STA/224BRIDGEDrawings with measurements & notes re carved stones from old bridge, 17.1.1932
SIL/G.STA/225BRIDGELetter re carved stones from old bridge, ex Rev Wragg 4.2.1932
SIL/G.STA/226BRIDGEDraft article on carved stones from old bridge, 1.1932
SIL/G.STA/227BRIDGEArticle "Great Staughton Bridge", 1.1932
SIL/G.STA/228EAST HILL FARMSale particulars, Dilley Son & Read 13.6.1918
SIL/G.STA/229PROPERTY SALEDetails of various lots in Kimbolton Castle Estates Sale 19-20.7.1918
SIL/G.STA/230HISTORYCopy of notes re refs in Domesday & Cart Mon Ram with SIL's comments, esp re possible existence of churches at Perry or Dillington, original to Rev Rushforth 13.10.1914
SIL/G.STA/231HISTORYDraft article for "Hunts in the 20th Century"
SIL/G.STA/232CRETING, WAUTONVarious refs in Feet of Fines for Essex
SIL/G.STA/233LYMAGENotes & sketch map re Lymage Farm and Lymage Wood, 18.1.1921
SIL/G.STA/234ROADSNotes re two lanes "out of repair" in grand jury presentment at 1681 Assizes, ex papers bought by Granville Proby from Rbt Rowley 6.1934
SIL/G.STA/235PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYSketch plans with measurements of architectural details & note re MI, 22.1.1937
SIL/G.STA/236PLACE HOUSETranscript of 1812 advert for letting in Cambridge Chronicle
SIL/G.STA/237CRETING, DE KYMEObscure notes re 13C refs
SIL/G.STA/238DE CRETINGObscure note re 13C ref
SIL/G.STA/239DE BEAUCHAMPPart family tree 13-14C
SIL/G.STA/240PLACE HOUSE, STAUGHTON HOUSENotes with sketch re architecture & owners, ex F.B Thackray 10.10.1907
SIL/G.STA/241INCUMBENTSBits of letter re 15, 16 & 17C incumbents, ex Rev Noble 13.12.1899
SIL/G.STA/242CONYERSBrief note & sketch re 18C arms of Sir Baldwin Conyers & his wife Dame Margaret, ex MIs?
SIL/G.STA/243PARISH CHURCHBrief notes re 19C MIs in burial ground, 21.11.1907
SIL/G.STA/244KERIEL, DENGAYNEObscure note re 15C refs in IPM & Chancery suit, ex Rev Noble 19.1.1899
SIL/G.STA/245PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes of coats of arms presumably ex MIs, inc Stonham & Engaine
SIL/G.STA/246PARISH CHURCH, CONYERS, ONSLOWSketches with notes of coats of arms & notes re 1838 MI to Gen Onslow
SIL/G.STA/247PARISH CHURCH, DUBERLYBrief notes & sketches of Duberly arms
SIL/G.STA/248PARISH CHURCHOutline sketches with names of coats of arms
SIL/G.STA/249PARISH CHURCHDrawings with notes re carved arms in chantry chapel, 19C Duberly window inscription & 19C Onslow MI, 10.1907
SIL/G.STA/250ONSLOW, BALDWINBrief ref to Lord Onslow d 1717 & daughter Elizabeth d 1730?, ex Collins' peerage
SIL/G.STA/251PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches re architectural details, 4.1896
SIL/G.STA/252STAUGHTON HOUSE, HISTORY, DILLINGTON CHURCHLetters re repairs to parish room, owners of Staughton House, & traditions re a church at Dillington etc, ex Rev Rushforth 30.9.1914-15.10.1914
SIL/G.STA/253INCUMBENTSList of incumbents & patrons 1506-1909 & dates of bishops' mandates for inductions 1687-1909
SIL/G.STA/254BASMEAD BARN FARMNote that county & parish boundary passes through middle of house, ex Wragg 14.8.1934
SIL/G.STA/255PROPERTY SALEAdvertising bill re auction of Trap Close, F. Maddison 13.9.1860
SIL/G.STA/256PROPERTY SALESale particulars for houses & 17 acres, William Medland 9.1859
SIL/G.STA/257ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 2.7.1906
SIL/G.STA/258ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 22.9.1913
SIL/G.STA/259DUBERLYFamily tree 18-20C
SIL/G.STA/260MANORSNote re 18C lords & lady of Manor of Gaynes, Perry & Dillington
SIL/G.STA/261MANORSNote re 18C lords & lady of Manor of Gaynes, Dillington & Perry, 12.1930
SIL/G.STA/262PARISH CHURCHNotes re architecture & monuments, 18.9.1928
SIL/G.STA/263PARISH CHURCH, LEDERTranscript of 1539 MI to Olyver Leder & wife Frances
SIL/G.STA/264PARISH CHURCHNotes re refs in wills, repairs, bells etc, ex various sources
SIL/G.STA/265PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches re plate, bells & registers, 30.5.1928
SIL/G.STA/266PARISH CHURCHPage from VCH draft.
SIL/G.STA/267PARISH CHURCH, CONYERSList of MIs, part Conyers 17-18C family tree
SIL/G.STA/268PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/G.STA/269PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/G.STA/270HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 5.1931
SIL/G.STA/271DE EYNESFORD, DE CRIOLLFamily tree 12-13C, 5.1931
SIL/G.STA/272HISTORYTable of owners of the big houses, ex VCH proofs 5.1931
SIL/G.STA/273HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 5.1931
SIL/G.STA/274HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 5.1931
SIL/G.STA/275HISTORYCopy of letter to Wm Page re corrections to VCH proofs, 22.5.1931
SIL/G.STA/276HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proofs, 10.1931
SIL/G.STA/277HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proofs, 10.1931
SIL/G.STA/278HISTORYPlan & photos of parish church, photo & print of Place House, ex VCH
SIL/G.STA/279EARTHWORKSSketch map with measurements of moat etc at Cretingsbury, ex 6" OS
SIL/G.STA/280EARTHWORKSSketch map of moat etc at Gaynes Hall, ex 6" OS
SIL/G.STA/281EARTHWORKSSketch map with measurements of moat at Dillington, ex 6" OS
SIL/G.STA/282EARTHWORKSSketch plan & section with measurements of mound W of Place House
SIL/G.STA/283EARTHWORKSElevation & plan with measurements of mound W of Place House, by SIL & Garrood 24.9.1924
SIL/G.STA/284EARTHWORKSSketch map of moats at Place House, ex 6" OS
SIL/G.STA/285EARTHWORKSSketch map of moat against county boundary near Lt Staughton church, ex 6" OS
SIL/G.STA/286EARTHWORKSSketch map of moat at Cherry Orchard Farm, ex 25" OS ex Mr Wood
SIL/G.STA/287EARTHWORKSSketch map & plan of mound & ditch at Agden Green, ex 6" OS
SIL/G.STA/288EARTHWORKSSketch map & sections with measurements of earthworks at Cretingsbury, 21.8.1912 & 24.9.1924
SIL/G.STA/289EARTHWORKSSketch sections with measurements of earthworks at Cretingsbury, 24.9.1924
SIL/G.STA/290EARTHWORKSScale sections of earthworks at Cretingsbury
SIL/G.STA/291EARTHWORKSScale plan of earthworks at Cretingsbury
SIL/G.STA/292EARTHWORKSScale plan with sections of earthworks at Cretingsbury, 12.1924
SIL/G.STA/293EARTHWORKSScale plan of earthworks at Gaynes Hall, ex 25" OS
SIL/G.STA/294EARTHWORKSScale plan of earthworks at Gaynes Hall, ex 25" OS
SIL/G.STA/295EARTHWORKSSketch map of moat at Dillington, ex H. Wood of Ordnance Survey 8.7.1924
SIL/G.STA/296EARTHWORKSSketch plans & sections with measurements of earthworks near Place House, 24.9.1924
SIL/G.STA/297EARTHWORKSMap of Place House and nearby fields, ex 6" OS
SIL/G.STA/298EARTHWORKSSketch map & section with measurements & notes of moat etc at Place House, 24.9.1924
SIL/G.STA/299EARTHWORKSPlan of moat at Cherry Orchard Farm
SIL/G.STA/300EARTHWORKSNotes & sketch map re supposed barrows S of Gt Staughton & moat at Cherry Orchard Farm, ex H. Wood of Ordnance Survey 31.7.1924
SIL/G.STA/301EARTHWORKSSketch sections with measurements of windmill site at Agden Green, 24.9.1924
SIL/G.STA/302PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (3pp), incumbents, Cretingsbury, Gaynes Hall (2pp), Duberly (2pp), miscell, obits (2pp), Place House, bridge, miscell, property sales (4pp)
SIL/G.STA/303EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/G.STA/304EXTRACTS, GAYNESVarious items from various sources
SIL/G.STA/305EXTRACTS, AGDEN GREENVarious items from various sources
SIL/G.STU/001PARISH CHURCHDrawing of decoration on buttress or similar
SIL/G.STU/002PARISH CHURCHLetter re dating & identity of Styvele brass indent, ex H.W. Macklin 12.9.1898
SIL/G.STU/003PARISH CHURCHSketch and notes re Styvele brass indent
SIL/G.STU/004TORKINGTONLetter re 1737 will of Wm Torkington, ex Rev Noble 8.6.1928
SIL/G.STU/005TORKINGTON, KNYVETTLetter re family histories & wills, ex Rev Noble 1.4.1912
SIL/G.STU/006ENCLOSURESketch with notes & measurements of 1816 award map
SIL/G.STU/007PARISH CHURCHDaybook entries during restoration work, 14.1.1907, 13 & 15.9.1908, 21, 22, 27 & 30.10.1909, 30.12.1909, 14-17.2.1910 & 11.3.1910
SIL/G.STU/009VICARAGEExtracts from terriers of 1709 & 1724, ex Huntn archdeaconry records
SIL/G.STU/010MANORSNotes on 16-18C refs to Camoys Manor with family tree showing descent, 10.1910
SIL/G.STU/011MANORSNotes on abstract of title to Camoys Manor with transactions 16-18C, ex Conington Castle MSS 19.1910
SIL/G.STU/012ADVOWSONNotes re 1628 description of glebe etc, ex Conington Castle MSS
SIL/G.STU/013PARISH CHURCHNotes re dedication, ex Rev Noble 18.10.1926
SIL/G.STU/014TORKINGTON, LADDS, EDISRefs in registers, 14.1.1907, 6.9.1909 & 1.1912-12.1913
SIL/G.STU/015LADDS, BRADSHAW, EDISNotes re register entries to check
SIL/G.STU/016TORKINGTONRefs in registers, 14.1.1907
SIL/G.STU/017EDIS, BRADSHAW, LADDSRefs in registers, 1.9.1909
SIL/G.STU/018EDIS, BRADSHAWNotes re 18C MIs in churchyard
SIL/G.STU/019EDIS, BRADSHAWRefs in registers
SIL/G.STU/020EARTHWORKSSketch map & notes re moat etc at Prestleys, ex Rev Vigers 27.9.1909
SIL/G.STU/021STUKELEY, STONENote re Sir George Stukeley changing his name from Busk, & 17C entries re Stone family cut out of registers, ex Miss Ebden 7.1909
SIL/G.STU/022PARISH CHURCHPhoto of rubbing of de Styvele brass matrix, ex CHAS?
SIL/G.STU/023PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet re recent restoration work & list of subscribers, 8.1.1910
SIL/G.STU/024EVERYNGNotes re Chancery case 1513-18, ex Rev Noble 7.2.1908
SIL/G.STU/025INCUMBENTSNote re institution of Rev Porter, in Ely Dioc Rem 1906
SIL/G.STU/026EARTHWORKSSketch map of moats, ex Pollard 7.1911
SIL/G.STU/027HISTORYArticle re manors, earthworks, parish church, for Hunts in 20th Century
SIL/G.STU/028INCUMBENTSNote re previous career of Rev Porter, 5.2.1906
SIL/G.STU/029GT STUKELEY HALLNotes re owners 1900-04, ex F.B. Thackray 11.10.1910
SIL/G.STU/030BOND, ADVOWSONNotes re 1698 MI of Prudence Bond on stone in vicarage garden, & that advowson given to Soc for Maintenace of the Faith, ex F.B. Thackray 16.12.1905
SIL/G.STU/031PROPERTY SALENotes re 1908 purchase of farms & meadows by Lord Sandwich from Howard Coote
SIL/G.STU/032PROPERTY SALEField map of farms & meadows bought by Lord Sandwich in 1908, 5.1918
SIL/G.STU/033PROPERTY SALENotes re sales of Three Horseshoes Farm & Hungry Hall, ex M.J. Allen 10.1.1921
SIL/G.STU/034COTTONFamily tree 1570-1752 & notes re Conington Castle estate
SIL/G.STU/035CAMOYSNotes re descent of manor, & of Lt Stukeley
SIL/G.STU/036BOYSBrief note re 1581 will of Lawrence Boys, Huntn archdeaconry ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STU/037PARISH CHURCHNotice of thanksgiving service for completion of restoration, 27.4.1910
SIL/G.STU/038TORKINGTONNotes re 19C MIs in churchyard, 22.12.1909
SIL/G.STU/039INCUMBENTSNotes re MIs in churchyard for Revs Ebden, Malpas & Jackson, 30.8.1908
SIL/G.STU/040PROPERTY SALENotes re sale of various lots inc glebe smallholding, inc buyers & prices, 9.10.1920
SIL/G.STU/041PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet for funds for restoration, to English Church Union members 24.4.1909
SIL/G.STU/042PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches re architectural details & carved stones, 30.3.1910
SIL/G.STU/043PARISH CHURCHPartial description, & of carved stones found during restoration & of De Styvele brass
SIL/G.STU/044PARISH CHURCHBrief notes re stones found during restoration
SIL/G.STU/045PARISH CHURCH"Great Stukeley Church, Hunts" by SIL, proofs of article in CHAS
SIL/G.STU/046PARISH CHURCH"Great Stukeley Church, Hunts" by SIL, offprint from CHAS 3 (1911)
SIL/G.STU/047PARISH CHURCH"The Stukeley Brass, Great Stukeley, Hunts," draft article for CHAS
SIL/G.STU/048PARISH CHURCHDrawing & notes of the de Styvele brass, ex Surtees Soc "Letters & Extracts of Dr Stukeley" 10.1898
SIL/G.STU/049PROPERTY SALESale catalogue glebe & other estates, with buyers & prices added, Dilley Son & Read 9.10.1920
SIL/G.STU/050TORKINGTONFamily tree, ex registers 12.1913
SIL/G.STU/051CAMOYSFamily tree showing descent of manor, 1.1912-12.1913
SIL/G.STU/052PARISH CHURCHTranscripts of registers 16-18C, ex Rev Noble 25.1.1912
SIL/G.STU/053KING16-17C register entries
SIL/G.STU/054KINGLetter re family history, to Rev Noble from Arthur Hill 25.11.1913
SIL/G.STU/055KINGNotes re Bishop King & transcript of 1704 letter re his family, ex Rev Noble ex Arthur Hill
SIL/G.STU/056KINGNotes re 16-17C wills, ex Rev Noble 12.1913
SIL/G.STU/057RUSTNotes on 18C register entries, 1.1912-12.1913
SIL/G.STU/058KINGPart family trees
SIL/G.STU/059KINGNotes on 17C wills, ex Rev Noble 12.1913
SIL/G.STU/060KINGFamily tree 16-17C
SIL/G.STU/061PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet re recent restoration work & list of subscribers, 8.1.1910
SIL/G.STU/062DE STUKELEY, PARISH CHURCHLetter re Stukeley family & church restoration, ex Howard Coote 27.4.1910
SIL/G.STU/063INCUMBENTSList of vicars & patrons 1220-1618
SIL/G.STU/064DE STUKELEYRefs in Cart Mon Ram, 11.1909
SIL/G.STU/065PARISH CHURCHRefs in Card Pole's visitation & in 16C wills showing religious practices
SIL/G.STU/066DE STUKELEYPart family tree 12-13C ex Cart Mon Ram refs
SIL/G.STU/067CAMOYS, DE STUKELEYFamily trees showing descent of manor
SIL/G.STU/068DE STUKELEYRefs in Descriptive Cat Ancient Deeds
SIL/G.STU/069DE STUKELEY15 & 16C refs re Lt Stukeley
SIL/G.STU/070DE STUKELEYFamly tree 14-16C
SIL/G.STU/071DE STUKELEYRefs in Cart Mon Ram, 11.1909
SIL/G.STU/072DE STUKELEYList of refs - source?
SIL/G.STU/073DE STUKELEYRef to 1359 papal letter re Christian burial for John de Stukeley guilty of contumacy against bishop of Ely, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STU/074DE STUKELEYBrief list of 14C refs
SIL/G.STU/075DE STUKELEYPart family tree 12-14C
SIL/G.STU/076DE STUKELEYPart family tree 17-18C, by Dr Wm Stukeley ex Surtees Soc 10.1898
SIL/G.STU/077STUKELEYExtracts from Dr Stukeley's diary vol 1 re various people
SIL/G.STU/078DE STUKELEYPart family trees 13-15C
SIL/G.STU/080CAMOYSNote that Kemmis family of Wyton are descended from Camoys of Stukeley, ex Miss Ridgley 3.1910
SIL/G.STU/081PARISH CHURCHTwo letters re discovery of Styvele brass indent, ex H.W. Macklin 16 & 18.2.1910
SIL/G.STU/082DE STUKELEYFamily tree and notes, ex Harl MS 1417 & Add MS 5838
SIL/G.STU/083DE STUKELEYFamily tree 13-16C, 8.1899
SIL/G.STU/084MANORS, DE STUKELEYHistory 3.1910, with list of refs in Domesday & other sources 11.1909, & De Stukeley family tree 14-16C
SIL/G.STU/085EARTHWORKSPlan and notes of earthworks etc at Prestleys & Bellamys Grove, ex Rev Vigers 21.10.1938
SIL/G.STU/086EARTHWORKSSketch plan of moat at Prestleys
SIL/G.STU/087DE STUKELEYNotes re 15C refs in registers of Archbps of Canterbury
SIL/G.STU/088DE STUKELEYNotes re 16C IPMs, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STU/089KINGPostcard re Bishop King, ex Rev Noble 19.9.1907
SIL/G.STU/090KINGNote that lady has been enquiring about bishop King, ex Rev Porter 28.6.1907
SIL/G.STU/091ADVOWSONNote re purchase and gift to Society for Maintenance of the Faith
SIL/G.STU/092KINGPostcard re Edward King listed in Crockfords as bishop of Elphin in 1611, ex Rev Noble, 11.7.1907
SIL/G.STU/093WATERLOO LODGENote re 1919 sale of farm, D of Manchester to Nichols
SIL/G.STU/094PARISH CHURCH, TORKINGTONSketch and notes re hatchment in N aisle, 30.8.1909
SIL/G.STU/095PARISH CHURCHSketch elevations & plans with measurements & notes of various details, 9.1909, 14.10.1909, 1.11.1909, 3.11.1909, 15-16.2.1910
SIL/G.STU/096PARISH CHURCHSketches with measurements of bellframe & Lombardic inscription, 18.4.1913
SIL/G.STU/097PARISH CHURCHScale drawing with measurements of carved stone coffin lid, 1909
SIL/G.STU/098INCUMBENTS, REGISTERSNotes re registers & dates of vicars' & curates' signatures, ex Rev Noble 14.1.1907
SIL/G.STU/099INCUMBENTS, REGISTERSList of vicars and curates 1570-1811 as shown in register entries, 14.1.1907
SIL/G.STU/100INCUMBENTSNames & dates of some 19C vicars
SIL/G.STU/101LADDS, EDISPart family trees 18-19C
SIL/G.STU/102INCUMBENTS, REGISTERSList of vicars and curates 1570-1811 as shown in register entries, 14.1.1907
SIL/G.STU/103INCUMBENTS, REGISTERSNote that John Brock signs 1776-90, 3.12.1913
SIL/G.STU/104PARISH CHURCHNote that name on Lombardic slab is NOKE, 10.10.1919
SIL/G.STU/105EARTHWORKSTracing of moat at Prestley wood, ex OS 25"
SIL/G.STU/106EARTHWORKSTracing of round barrows, ex OS 25"
SIL/G.STU/107EARTHWORKSTracing of moat at Prestley wood, ex OS 25"
SIL/G.STU/108EARTHWORKSSketch plan & section with measurements of round barrow
SIL/G.STU/109PARISH CHURCHNotes re plate, ex Cambridge Church Congress
SIL/G.STU/110PARISH CHURCHTranscripts of MIs turned down & used as step to N door of nave, 2.1910
SIL/G.STU/111PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes & measurements of various details, & 1772 MI of Ann Cope, 13-14.4.1910
SIL/G.STU/112PARISH CHURCHVery rough sketch with a few measurements of a hatchment
SIL/G.STU/113EARTHWORKSNotes re moat at Prestleys
SIL/G.STU/114PARISH CHURCHNotes, drawings & rubbing of MIs
SIL/G.STU/115EARTHWORKSRough sketch plan & elevation of round barrow
SIL/G.STU/116GREEN ENDLetter re old smithy burned down, ex Rev Clapton 5.3.1929
SIL/G.STU/117WASHINGLEY FARMNote re name, ex Rev Clapton 22.6.1929
SIL/G.STU/118PARISH CHURCHNotes re 1549 will of Hen Torkington with refs to lamps etc, ex Rev Noble
SIL/G.STU/119PARISH CHURCHRough notes and sketches of details, 6.10.1909
SIL/G.STU/120PARISH CHURCHBrief note re date of organ
SIL/G.STU/121ADVOWSON, STUKELEY HALLNotes re purchase & gift of advowson to Society for the Maintenance of the Faith, & re sales of the Hall, ex Rev Clapton 28.12.1929
SIL/G.STU/122INCUMBENTSPartial list of vicars & patrons 1790-1906
SIL/G.STU/123DE STUKELEY17C refs in registers of St Margaret's, Westminster, ex Burke
SIL/G.STU/124ENCLOSURE, TORKINGTON, WATERHOUSE, PARISH CHURCHVarious 19C refs in Cambridge Chronicle, ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/G.STU/125PARISH CHURCHPlan of tower showing position of carved corbels with notes, ex Rev Vigers 10.1921
SIL/G.STU/126PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches re carved heads in tower, 6.3.1922
SIL/G.STU/127PARISH CHURCHEtching of exterior view from NW, 30.9.1851
SIL/G.STU/128INCUMBENTSNotes on previous career of Rev Porter, ex Benefices Act
SIL/G.STU/129INCUMBENTSNotes on previous career of Rev Clapton, ex 1918 Crockford 14.2.1927
SIL/G.STU/130MANORSNote re 1366-67 case re manor of Prestelee, ex Hunts Feet of Fines
SIL/G.STU/131INCUMBENTSNote re institution of Rev Clapton, 7.2.1922
SIL/G.STU/132MANORSCorrespondence & notes re 1517-18 purchase of manor of Washingley by St John's College, ex Feet of Fines & in letters between bursar, Rev Vigers & SIL 28.9.1929-1.10.1929
SIL/G.STU/133TORKINGTONPart family tree 16-18C
SIL/G.STU/134DE STUKELEYFamily tree 15-16C & notes, ex Harl MS 1417
SIL/G.STU/135INCUMBENTSRefs to vicars in 16C wills, ex Rev Noble's Book WW
SIL/G.STU/136TORKINGTONNote re 1791 death of Sarah Torkington in Gents Mag, ex Rev Noble's Book FF
SIL/G.STU/137ENCLOSURENotes re award & list of allotments, 9.1929 checked 12.1939
SIL/G.STU/138ENCLOSURESketch map of land exchanged between Earl of Sandwich & John Heathcote, ex award map 9.1929
SIL/G.STU/139ENCLOSUREField map of award, traced ex OS 6" with allotments added from award map
SIL/G.STU/140ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 22.11.1905
SIL/G.STU/141ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 12.2.1912
SIL/G.STU/142ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 3.10.1921
SIL/G.STU/143PARISH CHURCHNotes re 1505 will of John Maryatt & 1539 will of Rev Wm Marshall, refs to church, ex Rev Noble's Book WWW
SIL/G.STU/144INCUMBENTS, WILLSNotes re 16C wills inc refs to Rev Depying, ex Rev Noble's Book WWW
SIL/G.STU/145PARISH CHURCHNotes re monuments, ex Wm Page 4.1927
SIL/G.STU/146PARISH CHURCHNotes re refs in 16C wills, plate in RCHM, de Stukeley stone found 6.2.1910, & registers
SIL/G.STU/147MANORSFamily trees & other refs re descent of Camoys Manor, ex registers & Heathcote MSS
SIL/G.STU/148PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of plate, 29.6.1927
SIL/G.STU/149PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of ciborium
SIL/G.STU/150PARISH CHURCHCopy of note re hallmark of ciborium, original to Wm Page 27.10.1927
SIL/G.STU/151PARISH CHURCHList of registers, 29.6.1927
SIL/G.STU/152PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/G.STU/153PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/G.STU/154HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 8.1930
SIL/G.STU/155HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 8.1930
SIL/G.STU/156MANORSFamily trees showing descent of Camoys Manor, ex VCH proofs 8.1930
SIL/G.STU/157HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs inc Stukeley family tree, 8.1930
SIL/G.STU/159HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proofs
SIL/G.STU/160HISTORYCorrection to VCH page proofs, 10.8.1931
SIL/G.STU/161MANORS, ADVOWSONCopy of letter re recent descent, Wm Page to Rev Clapton 9.12.1929
SIL/G.STU/162DE STUKELEYLetter re Stukeley family tree, ex Wm Page 31.12.1930
SIL/G.STU/164ADVOWSONRefs in Lincoln Records Soc publications
SIL/G.STU/165MANORSRefs to cases re Manor of Washingley, various sources ex VCH slips 7.1935
SIL/G.STU/166EARTHWORKSSketch map of moat, mound etc around Prestley & Washingley Farm, 10.1935
SIL/G.STU/167MANORSRef in Essex Feet of Fines, 10.1935
SIL/G.STU/168DE STUKELEYCopy of letter re de Styvele brass & Wm Stukeley, John Stucley to Rev Clapton 27.7.1935
SIL/G.STU/169DE STUKELEYNotes re Stukeley family tree in 1534 IPM
SIL/G.STU/170DE STUKELEYFamily tree, revised 10.1934
SIL/G.STU/171EARTHWORKSSketch plans of moats & barrows at Prestley, Green End etc
SIL/G.STU/172EARTHWORKSSketch plans of moats & barrows, ex OS 25"
SIL/G.STU/173PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (6pp), incumbents (2pp), Coote & Stukeley Hall (4pp), right of way case (2pp), obits (3pp), property sales (3pp)
SIL/G.STU/174MANORS, DE STUKELEYNotes re history & descent, 3.1910
SIL/G.STU/175EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/GLATT/001GLEBEBrief notes on description in Huntingdon Archdeaconry Records No. 275 Terriers
SIL/GLATT/002GLATTON HALL ESTATENotes on titles to lots in sale, 6.3.1918
SIL/GLATT/003GLATTON HALL ESTATENotes on sale details, 6.3.1918
SIL/GLATT/004GLATTON HALL ESTATECopy of map from sale details, 6.3.1918
SIL/GLATT/005GLATTON HALL ESTATEDetails of lots in sale, 6.3.1918
SIL/GLATT/006WELLCopy of certificate of analysis of drinking water, 5.2.1932
SIL/GLATT/007GLATTON HALLMeasured drawings of oak door and knocker handle, 7.9.1911
SIL/GLATT/008PARISH CHURCH, HISTORYNotes and sketches of architectural details of church, extracts re advowson, manor etc, 30.5.1905
SIL/GLATT/009PARISH CHURCH, HISTORYNotes on architectural details and general history, 5.1905
SIL/GLATT/010PARISH CHURCHHistory & description
SIL/GLATT/011PARISH CHURCHRough notes about architectural details and history, 1.1909
SIL/GLATT/012CASTELL1657 will, and family tree, ex Rev Noble
SIL/GLATT/013HENSON, DODMIs in parish churchyard, 9.1912
SIL/GLATT/014PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Lee re wall in churchyard, stone from it available for proposed new work, 11.5.1909
SIL/GLATT/015MANORHistory of descent, 7.1911
SIL/GLATT/016MANOR, PARISH CHURCHDraft history for "Hunts in 20th Century"
SIL/GLATT/017GLEBESketch maps of fields in Glebe, various dates & sources
SIL/GLATT/018GLEBENotes on rent, ex Rev Lee 6.1903
SIL/GLATT/019INCUMBENTSDetails of Rev Britton's career, ex Benefices Act notice 26.9.1928
SIL/GLATT/020ROMAN COINNote on gold Valentinian coin found in well, ex Mr Bodger 31.3.1910
SIL/GLATT/021ROMAN POTNote & sketch map re cinerary urn found under cottage, ex Dr Garrood 1.1922
SIL/GLATT/022PARISH CHURCHNotice re fete in aid of roof fund, with participation by Lord Burghley & Beverley Nichols, 15.6.1933
SIL/GLATT/023PARISH CHURCHAppeal fund leaflet for repair of nave roof
SIL/GLATT/024PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plans (very detailed), 26.7.1922, 19.8.1929, 18.9.1929
SIL/GLATT/025PARISH CHURCHSketch plans & elevations of roofs, with measurements & notes, 17.10.1922
SIL/GLATT/026PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of double aumbrey, 24.10.1922
SIL/GLATT/027PARISH CHURCHSketches with notes of tower & bells, 15.1.1930
SIL/GLATT/028PARISH CHURCHGround plan, with notes & plinth added 4.1.1932
SIL/GLATT/029PARISH CHURCHMeasured plans of belfy & bell frame, 22.3.1932
SIL/GLATT/030PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of part of bell frame, 1932
SIL/GLATT/031PARISH CHURCHSketches of roof with measurements and notes, 25.4.1932 & 5.5.1932
SIL/GLATT/032PARISH CHURCHMeasured ground plan of chancel, 18.9.1929
SIL/GLATT/033PARISH CHURCHTracings of date Anno 1617 carved in east beam of nave roof, 28.8.1933
SIL/GLATT/034PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of stonework, ?tomb, in churchyard, 4.2.1913
SIL/GLATT/035MANORNote on descent of Lordship, Fielden to a syndicate to Edleston, ex Edleston 20.6.1932
SIL/GLATT/036LAND SALEBrief note re Fielden buying land
SIL/GLATT/038SHERRARDNote querying date George Sherrard died - Jan 1818 or 1818/19?, ex Rev Noble
SIL/GLATT/039CASTELL, SHERARDFamily details from MI in south aisle of parish church & from registers
SIL/GLATT/040CASTELLNotes re wills and Chancery suit, 17C
SIL/GLATT/041BORIE, BEIGLEMIs of John Borrie 1925 & Victor Beigle 1930, in parish churchyard 16.10.1933
SIL/GLATT/042PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of carved stone to be built into W wall of S aisle, 14.9.1936
SIL/GLATT/043NICHOLSThatched Cottage, Beverley Nichols' house at Glatton, ex Lighting & Heating in Town & Country, trade publication by Thorn & Hoddle Ltd 6.1936
SIL/GLATT/044INCUMBENTSNote re career of Rev Rogers, ex Benefices Act 9.6.1936
SIL/GLATT/045ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 30.6.1906
SIL/GLATT/046ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 21.8.1912
SIL/GLATT/047ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 10.10.1923
SIL/GLATT/048WILLSNotes on 1484 & 1532 wills of Gold & Castell, ex Rev Noble's book WWW
SIL/GLATT/049WILLSNotes on 16C & 17C wills of Castell et al, ex Rev Noble's books PP & WWW
SIL/GLATT/050INCUMBENTS, RECTORYRefs to 1558 will of Rev Joones ex Rev Noble's book WWW, & to 1723 faculty re malting at rectory ex Huntn Archdeacon records
SIL/GLATT/051PARISH CHURCHNotes on MIs in churchyard, 17.8.1909
SIL/GLATT/052PARISH CHURCHNotes on restorations and changes, ex Rev Lee 7.9.1909
SIL/GLATT/053PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches on architectural details and MIs, 6.9.1912
SIL/GLATT/054PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches on bells, fresco & restorations and changes, some ex Mr Yardie died 1909 aged 81, 16.9.1921
SIL/GLATT/055PARISH CHURCHPart of report on visit by CHAS members, 16.9.1921
SIL/GLATT/056PARISH CHURCHSketch of Norman stones E window of S aisle, 18.9.1922
SIL/GLATT/057PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of nave pier in S aisle, sketch of dogtooth frags in E gable, 17.10.1922
SIL/GLATT/058PARISH CHURCHDrawings of nave bench ends, 31.10.1922
SIL/GLATT/059PARISH CHURCHInscription in NE corner of nave, 15.1.1930
SIL/GLATT/060PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of MIs, plate & registers, 18.9.1929
SIL/GLATT/061PARISH CHURCH, ADDENBROOKE, SHERARDMIs of Nicholas Addenbrooke 1778 & Rev Castel Sherard 1803, ex Rev Vigers 5.5.1932
SIL/GLATT/062PARISH CHURCHBrief note re plate & registers
SIL/GLATT/063PARISH CHURCHNotes re architectural details and building dates
SIL/GLATT/064PARISH CHURCHQueries re architectural details and the answers to them, 4.1.1932 & 22.3.1932
SIL/GLATT/065PARISH CHURCHQueries re architectural details and the answers to them, also drawings of font & roof details, 26.3.1923 & 5.5.1932
SIL/GLATT/066PARISH CHURCHRefs to advowson, bells & plate in archdeaconry records, ex Rev Noble's book PP
SIL/GLATT/067PARISH CHURCHSketch ground plans of building dates, 26.12.1931
SIL/GLATT/068PARISH CHURCHTable of information re 19C restorations ex various sources, 26.3.1932
SIL/GLATT/069PARISH CHURCHQueries re plate & registers with the answers to them, 20.5.1932 & 31.10.1934
SIL/GLATT/070PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of font with proposed new steps, 17.8.1932
SIL/GLATT/071PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of "ANNO 1615" carved on E beam of nave roof
SIL/GLATT/072FEASTNote re feast on 3rd Sunday in July, with refs to Missenden Abbey & feast of St Mary Magdalen, 1929
SIL/GLATT/073PARISH CHURCHSketches of 1759 inscription, coat of arms and carving
SIL/GLATT/074PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GLATT/075PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GLATT/076PARISH CHURCHBrief description of building phases & dates
SIL/GLATT/077HISTORYVCH draft by Miss V. Cunningham revised by Wm Page, 21.8.1933
SIL/GLATT/078PARISH CHURCH, CHARITIESBrief notes for VCH final draft, 11.1934
SIL/GLATT/079HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 25.8.1933
SIL/GLATT/080HISTORYCorrections to VCH, 28.8.1933
SIL/GLATT/081HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 11.1934
SIL/GLATT/082CASTELFamily tree
SIL/GLATT/083HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 11.34
SIL/GLATT/084PARISH CHURCHAdditional comment on VCH typescript
SIL/GLATT/085PARISH CHURCHAdditional comment on VCH typescript, 17.12.1934
SIL/GLATT/086HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 4.1935
SIL/GLATT/087HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 17.4.1935
SIL/GLATT/088HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 12.1935
SIL/GLATT/089HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof
SIL/GLATT/090PARISH CHURCHGround plan with building dates
SIL/GLATT/091PARISH CHURCHFundraising appeal leaflet for restoration of nave roof
SIL/GLATT/092PARISH BOUNDARYNote that Holme separated from Glatton in 1857, ex 1869 Parl returns to Ho of Commons
SIL/GLATT/093MANORSketch copy of map, with arms, ex map held by Hunts County Council 20.3.1934
SIL/GLATT/094EARTHWORKSSketch map of moat at Manor Farm, 1.1925
SIL/GLATT/095EARTHWORKSPlan & sections with dimensions of moat at Manor Farm, 1.7.1925
SIL/GLATT/096INCUMBENTSNotes on 1773/1778 will of N. Addenbrooke
SIL/GLATT/097MAPLetter from C.F. Tebbutt re 1613 map of Glatton, 27.2.1934
SIL/GLATT/098DEADMAN'S GRAVESketch map showing location
SIL/GLATT/099SHERARDNote on 1814 death of Rev Philip Castel Sherard at Brighton
SIL/GLATT/100PARISH CHURCHSketch plan of cracks in wall, 14.8.1935
SIL/GLATT/101PARISH CHURCHDrawings with measurements of parts of the north aisle showing cracks, 9.6.1936
SIL/GLATT/102PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of inspections with MJA of work on north aisle, 2, 9, 14 & 21.9.1936
SIL/GLATT/103PARISH CHURCHElevations and plan of underpinning at NW corner, 6.1936
SIL/GLATT/104INCUMBENTSNote re 1616 marriage licence for Rev Reynolds, ex Ely bishops' registers per E.H. Vigars
SIL/GLATT/105MAPSLetter from Rev Wells of Stanground re location of Glatton enclosure map, 27.3.1940
SIL/GLATT/106MAPSCopy of letter to F. Coles re location of Glatton enclosure map, 20.4.1940
SIL/GLATT/107ROMAN GLASSReport of discovery of RB glass cinerary urn, in Antiq Journ 1925
SIL/GLATT/108PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (7pp), incumbents, Beverley Nichols (5pp), history, folklore, Sherard, miscellaneous, property sales
SIL/GLATT/109EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/GODMC/001FIREBrief for collection at Abbots Ripton for loss by fire at GMC, 16.5.1724 ex Rev Vigers
SIL/GODMC/002LADDSRefs in Huntingdon archdeaconry records to acounts of Wm & Thos Ladds, no date & 1680
SIL/GODMC/003PARISH CHURCHNotes from faculty books re seats, pulpit & gallery, 1705, 1737 & 1825
SIL/GODMC/004BILL OF COMPLAINTTorn frag of MS, ?17C handwriting, words "Bill of Complaynt" visible
SIL/GODMC/005CAUSEWAY HOLME"1 year Henry VI A Copy of a Record touching or Concerning Causeway Holme 4 Acres 3 roods" (text in Latin)
SIL/GODMC/006ST TIBBAArticle by Rev. W.G.F. Hughes, Peterborough Nat Hist Soc 51st report 1922
SIL/GODMC/007CRUCIFIXION PLAQUESketches & notes of medieval plaque, showing crucifixion & symbols of the Passion, found on Chadleigh House Estate, ex Lea 1.3.1948
SIL/GODMC/008ISLAND HALLPages from SIL's day book re work at Island Hall, 27.11-16.12.1907
SIL/GODMC/009ISLAND HALLCopy of plans & elevations for new bedrooms, 10.1907
SIL/GODMC/010PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of font, 4.5.1921
SIL/GODMC/011PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of font, found in grounds of Chadleigh House but moved to church, 6.9.1907
SIL/GODMC/012PARISH CHURCHLetter to vicar & churchwardens re war memorial tablet & re-erection of font, 25.5.1920
SIL/GODMC/013PARISH CHURCHInscription for war memorial, 17.11.1920
SIL/GODMC/014PARISH CHURCHList of names for war memorial
SIL/GODMC/015ENCLOSUREPlan of commonable messuages, ex 1809 award
SIL/GODMC/016SCULPTURE"Sculptured Stone from Godmanchester", from The Church Builder 1871
SIL/GODMC/017REGISTERSTranscripts of various entries: Bywater, Negus, Hunnybun, Maule, Markham
SIL/GODMC/018SPARROWMap of meadows owned by Lady OBS
SIL/GODMC/019PARISH CHURCHDescription, written for Rev A.F. Sutton, 6.1908
SIL/GODMC/020PARISH CHURCHDescription, written for Rev A.F. Sutton, 6.1908
SIL/GODMC/021PARISH CHURCHDescription, 6.1911
SIL/GODMC/022PARISH CHURCHNumbered list and plan of wood carvings, 3.8.1909 with added notes 8.4.1926
SIL/GODMC/023PARISH CHURCHNumbered list of carvings on stalls, by Mr Clapham 4.1926
SIL/GODMC/024PARISH CHURCHNote re theories about misericord carvings of hare & sun, fox & goose, ex Canon Sloman 7.9.1908
SIL/GODMC/025PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of architectural details, 17.7.1908
SIL/GODMC/026PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of old stone loose in porch, 8.4.1926
SIL/GODMC/027PARISH CHURCHNotes on description & history by Abi Albon in Hunts County News 28.11.1896, 2.1902
SIL/GODMC/028MANOR HOUSEParish magazine 8 1908, inc ref to supposed 5th-century episcopal palace at GMC
SIL/GODMC/029PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of architectural details, 7.9.1908
SIL/GODMC/030PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings calculating height of tower & spire, also weathercock, 17.10.1908
SIL/GODMC/031PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of roofs with calculations of price for lead and oak, also comparison figures from Hemingford Abbots, 2.9.1916
SIL/GODMC/032PARISH CHURCHMeasured plans & drawings of south aisle & altar, 27.4.1920 & 15.3.1922
SIL/GODMC/033PARISH CHURCHMeasured plans & drawings of south & north aisle & altar table, 27.4.1920 & 15.10.1921
SIL/GODMC/034PARISH CHURCHDrawing of two windows at east end of south aisle
SIL/GODMC/035PARISH CHURCHRough measured drawings of windows in south aisle & nave piers, 22.8.1934
SIL/GODMC/036PARISH CHURCHNotes on windows, paving and MI to Isaack Ireland, ex Lansdowne MSS 921
SIL/GODMC/037PARISH CHURCHSketch & notes of arms & MIs in north aisle, Chapman & Clarke, 3.8.1909
SIL/GODMC/038WEEMSTranscript of the Mary Ann Weems MI in churchyard, 3.8.1909
SIL/GODMC/039PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketch of MIs and arms in chancel & south aisle, Hawkins, Worley, Betts, 3.8.1909
SIL/GODMC/040TOWGOODOrder of service for marriage of Towgood & Betts, 17.12.1925
SIL/GODMC/041PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch of part of matrix of brass in chancel, 8.11.1909
SIL/GODMC/042PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketch cross-sections of parts of screen
SIL/GODMC/043PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketch on architectural details, 11.2.1922
SIL/GODMC/044PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches on room over the north porch, 20.11.1922
SIL/GODMC/045PARISH CHURCHNotes on the plate, ex Church Congress at Cambridge 1910
SIL/GODMC/046PARISH CHURCHNotes on the bells, ex Hunts County News 9.5.1913
SIL/GODMC/047PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter from A. Sloman, re font in Chadleigh House grounds believed to belong to the church, 6.9.1907
SIL/GODMC/048PARISH CHURCHDraft reply to Mr Sloman re font, 7.9.1907
SIL/GODMC/049PARISH CHURCHNotes on recollections of old gardener on movements of the font, ex Mr McFadyen, 5.10.1907
SIL/GODMC/050ADVOWSONNotes on descent from King Edgar to Dissolution, ex Fox's "Godmanchester"
SIL/GODMC/051PARISH CHURCHNote on room over south porch, 18.4.1921
SIL/GODMC/052INCUMBENTSNote of Rev Sloman's departure to Sandy, in Ely Dioc Remembrancer 1.1914
SIL/GODMC/053INCUMBENTSNote of Rev Cardale's institution, in Ely Dioc Remembrancer 3.1914
SIL/GODMC/054PARISH CHURCHCopy of notes on history, 2.1922
SIL/GODMC/055ADVOWSONNote on gift by King Edgar to Ramsey Abbey, ex Chron Abb Ram, 17.2.1922
SIL/GODMC/056TILLARD, THOMPSONFamily tree "From GMC church" , 10.1922
SIL/GODMC/057PARISH CHURCHDraft report to Rev Kitchener re organ chamber, 21.7.1926
SIL/GODMC/058PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter to Rev Kitchener re organ chamber
SIL/GODMC/059TILLARDFamily tree, 10.1901
SIL/GODMC/060BAUMGARTNERCoat of arms and family tree, 5.10.1907
SIL/GODMC/061EMMANUEL KNOLLScrap of note re Mr Page wanting to level the barrow
SIL/GODMC/062EMMANUEL KNOLLLetter from Rev Peskett of Longstanton that E. Page has bought the land and intends to level the barrow, 1.12.1913
SIL/GODMC/063EMMANUEL KNOLLUrgent pencil note from F.B. T[hackray] that Page is levelling the barrow
SIL/GODMC/065EMMANUEL KNOLLBrief note that mound has been levelled but that site was excavated in the presence of Cambs & Hunts Arch Soc members
SIL/GODMC/066EMMANUEL KNOLLSketch plan & section with dimensions, 22.1.1914
SIL/GODMC/067EMMANUEL KNOLLRough sketch plan and sketches of finds, 18.2.1914
SIL/GODMC/068EMMANUEL KNOLLSketch plan & section with dimensions, measured 18.2.1914
SIL/GODMC/069EMMANUEL KNOLLLetter from Dr Garrood with the Hunts Cyclists at Filey, re bones found at the Knoll, 5.8.1915
SIL/GODMC/070EMMANUEL KNOLLLetter from McKenny Hughes re pot & coins from the Knoll, 4.8.1915
SIL/GODMC/071EMMANUEL KNOLLNote re man found murdered nearby 50 years ago, 18.2.1914
SIL/GODMC/072EMMANUEL KNOLL, KING'S BUSHInformation from F.B. Thackray re trees, one near cottage "farther on towards Fenstanton" (i.e. from the Victory Tree presumably) called the Ghost Tree and one across the road from King's Bush, 16.6.1910
SIL/GODMC/073EMMANUEL KNOLLNote that name is marked on OS map
SIL/GODMC/074EMMANUEL KNOLLNote of mention by Committee on Ancient Monuments in Journ Arch Assoc, ex Wm Page 1914
SIL/GODMC/075EMMANUEL KNOLLSketch plan of Knoll and neighbouring tumulus, traced from OS 25" ex Mr Andrews 26.8.1924
SIL/GODMC/076EMMANUEL KNOLLDescription of levelling & excavation, presumably for Trans CHAS
SIL/GODMC/077EMMANUEL KNOLLCorrections to article on excavation, can't read author's signature
SIL/GODMC/078EMMANUEL KNOLLOffprint of CHAS article on excavation
SIL/GODMC/079EMMANUEL KNOLLOffprint of Michael Green's article in PCAS 64 (1973) re-examining the 1914 excavation
SIL/GODMC/080PORCH FARMDescription of RB burial group found in 1940
SIL/GODMC/082KING'S BUSHCopy of letter to A.W. Clapham re history & significance of the tree, 8.5.1926
SIL/GODMC/083VICARAGEGround plan with location of discovery of urn & bones, & pottery, 26.11.1925
SIL/GODMC/084VICARAGERough note re archaeological finds
SIL/GODMC/085VICARAGESection of RB cinerary urn
SIL/GODMC/086VICARAGEDrawings, sections & profiles, with notes & measurements, of RB pottery found digging foundations for new vicarage, 5.6.1926 & 29.8.1926
SIL/GODMC/087VICARAGEProfiles of RB pot, presumably from vicarage site
SIL/GODMC/088VICARAGEBrief note, sketches and cut-out profiles of RB pots
SIL/GODMC/089VICARAGERubbings of supposed RB coin from vicarage site, 23.6.1926
SIL/GODMC/090VICARAGEPaper on excavations of RB site at vicarage, 9.1926
SIL/GODMC/091VICARAGENotes on excavations of RB site at vicarage, in Antiq. Journ. 1.1927
SIL/GODMC/092VICARAGEOffprint of notes on excavations of RB site at vicarage, in Antiq. Journ. 1.1927
SIL/GODMC/093ROMAN ROADMap of line of road from Cambridge, with finds & section, ex 6" OS 26.11.1925
SIL/GODMC/094MOATSketch map with dimensions, moat in Back Church Lane, ex 25" OS
SIL/GODMC/095ROMAN ROADSketch map of line of road from Cambridge with measured section, ex 6" OS map, 12.8.1925 & 26.11.1925
SIL/GODMC/096MOATBrief description of moat in Back Church Lane
SIL/GODMC/097CAMBRIDGE ROADNote re skull found by builders in Cambridge Road, ex J.R. Garrood 16.11.1925
SIL/GODMC/098CAMBRIDGE ROADNotes re RB pottery, ex C.F. Tebbutt 28.11.1925
SIL/GODMC/099CAMBRIDGE ROADReport on RB site, in Antiquaries Journal 7.1927
SIL/GODMC/100ROUND CLOSEMeasured drawings of RB pot, ex Dr Garrood 29.9.1926
SIL/GODMC/101PORCH HOUSE, RIVERSIDEMap and notes re RB burials & finds north of Porch House, & stone mortar on site of boathouse, ex Borissow 28.12.1909
SIL/GODMC/102PORCH HOUSEMap and notes re RB burials & finds north of Porch House
SIL/GODMC/103RIVERSIDEMeasured drawing & notes re stone mortar found on site of boathouse
SIL/GODMC/104WEST STREETRubbings of two RB coins from Mr Gadsby's garden, 9.1910
SIL/GODMC/105ROMAN COINDrawing & inscription of coin of Vespasian, 1.9.1924
SIL/GODMC/106GREEN ENDNote re RB cinerary urns found by Rev Walker when digging in his garden for gravel c.1905
SIL/GODMC/107CHADLEIGH HOUSENote of RB coins found, ex Brayley's "Beauties of England & Wales"
SIL/GODMC/108ENCLOSUREList of houses with common rights, with conditions, ex Enclosure Award 3.1908
SIL/GODMC/109OCCUPIERSList of occupiers of various houses in 1809
SIL/GODMC/110CONTROL OF SLUICESNotes from report of Board of Health enquiry into water supply, inc ref to 1515 ruling that inhabitants have right to control sluices in time of flood, 21.9.1908
SIL/GODMC/111PARISH CHURCHDescription & history, 2.1922
SIL/GODMC/112SAXON ENGLANDSketch maps of kingdoms AD878 & earldoms AD1065
SIL/GODMC/113BRONZE AGENote re dates of Bronze Age in Central Europe & Britain
SIL/GODMC/114ST IBBS, DRAYTON, EARLDOMSNotes re St Ibbs anchoritess of GMC, Michael Drayton had house at GMC, Ouse was boundary between Mercia & East Anglia, ex Rev W.O'F. Hughes 26.10.1910
SIL/GODMC/115HISTORYHistory & description for "Hunts in the 20th Century"
SIL/GODMC/116CORPUS CHRISTI, BELLE ISLENote that Corpus Christi House belongs to Eccles Commissioners & brief notes on Corpus Christi (belongs to Fairey)
SIL/GODMC/117CORPUS CHRISTINote re 1367 indulgence re Feast of Corpus Christi at GMC, ex bishops memoranda
SIL/GODMC/118CARVED STONEMeasured sketch of large voussoir in stable yard of The Chestnuts, 10.12.1902
SIL/GODMC/119DODGSONNote re 1794 death of Thomas Dodgson at Farm Hall
SIL/GODMC/120TUDOR HOUSEDrawing of panels in southern gable with possible date of 1600, 11.2.1918
SIL/GODMC/121RED HOUSENote that house was shop & occupied as two houses, ex C. Mayfield, 11.1907
SIL/GODMC/122CARVED PANELDrawing of carved panel with decoration and coat of arms, no information on origin
SIL/GODMC/123VICARAGENote re sale, 7.11.1925
SIL/GODMC/124MILLPhotograph, ex Cambridge County Geographies
SIL/GODMC/125TOWN HALLNotice re proposal to celebrate coronation with panel in Council Chamber giving names of all bailiffs & mayors, 9.5.1911
SIL/GODMC/126MAYORSList 1835 to 1902, ex Hunts Historical Sketches
SIL/GODMC/127PROPERTY SALENotice of sale of two houses with pasture & arable, 19.3.1915
SIL/GODMC/128PROPERTY SALENotice of sale of two pastures, 15.5.1918, with notes of previous purchaser and of their withdrawal from sale
SIL/GODMC/129PROPERTY SALENotice of sale of two arable fields, 15.5.1918, with notes of prices paid
SIL/GODMC/130PROPERTY SALENotice of sale of house and shop, 15.5.1918, with note of buyer and price
SIL/GODMC/131FROSTENotes on 1491 will of T. Froste
SIL/GODMC/132LOCKINGTON1545 list of land, from will?, Alice Lockington
SIL/GODMC/133ROBYNSNotes on 1558 wills of Richard & Joan Robyns
SIL/GODMC/134STREET NAMESMap of streets with names, ex Mitchell 24.8.1926
SIL/GODMC/135ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 30.12.1913
SIL/GODMC/136WILLSList of 16C & 17C wills, ex Rev Noble's books WWW & OO
SIL/GODMC/137PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH, 16.8.1928
SIL/GODMC/138PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of memorials, plate & registers, 2.8.1928
SIL/GODMC/139PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GODMC/140PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GODMC/141HISTORYNotes on VCH proof, 11.1930
SIL/GODMC/142HISTORYDraft corrections to VCH proofs, 11.1930
SIL/GODMC/143HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 11.1930
SIL/GODMC/144HISTORYBlank sheet headed Godmanchester, 20.8.1931
SIL/GODMC/145HISTORYNote: p 0166 nil, 20.8.1931
SIL/GODMC/146HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 28.8.1931
SIL/GODMC/147HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 29.8.1931
SIL/GODMC/148HISTORYIllustrations from VCH proofs: parish church plan & two photos & drawing of borough seal
SIL/GODMC/149VINTERNotes on 1611 will of Robert Vinter
SIL/GODMC/150PROBIENotes on 1611 will of John Probie
SIL/GODMC/151DOMESDAYPart of the entry for Godmanchester, 17.2.1922
SIL/GODMC/152EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/GODMC/153PARISH CHURCHQuestions to be put to a witness in c.1678 enquiry re a seat in the church, ex Rev Noble
SIL/GODMC/154TRYCENotes re 1680 dispute between John Tryce & Thomas Tryce re will of Margaret Tryce, ex Rev Noble
SIL/GODMC/155CARVED STONEMeasured sketch of large voussoir in stable yard of The Chestnuts, 10.12.1902
SIL/GODMC/156PARISH CHURCHExtract from letter from "Kathleen" re one of the spire pinnacles damaged in recent storm, 1.8.1900
SIL/GODMC/157BOROUGH SEALMeasured sketch
SIL/GODMC/158ISLAND HALLNote & sketch re intials & dates (1768) scratched on bricks in ktichen, & gothic carved stone found when digging foundations, 11.1907
SIL/GODMC/159ISLAND HALLNote re date 1772 scratched on brick of south wing
SIL/GODMC/160MANOR HOUSENote re old cottage next to Chadleigh House being Manor House, ex Messrs Beart & Hunnybun 10.1907
SIL/GODMC/161PARISH CHURCHNotes & measured sketch re vestries & organ chamber buttress, 7.7.1926
SIL/GODMC/162CHINESE BRIDGENote of names written on bridge abutment & on wall between school & river
SIL/GODMC/163PARISH CHURCHNotes on weights & tones of bells, ex 1894 note by Stainbank hung in belfry
SIL/GODMC/164PARISH CHURCHNote on 1776 faculty re changes to seating, ex archdeaonry faculty book
SIL/GODMC/165PARISH CHURCHNotes & measured sketches re attempt to find piscina & sedilia, 1.5.1929
SIL/GODMC/166SPARROWSketch of undated map of fields owned by Lady Olivia Sparrow
SIL/GODMC/167RIVERSIDESale catalogue, 30.8.1919
SIL/GODMC/168PROPERTY SALECatalogue, house & fields property of James Stocker, 1.7.1803
SIL/GODMC/169PROPERTY SALECatalogue, messuage & fields, 15.4.1803
SIL/GODMC/170ENCLOSUREList of houses with rights to commons, with order for stocking commons
SIL/GODMC/171PROPERTY SALEMap of fields, from sale catalogue of property of exors of late Dr Baumgartner
SIL/GODMC/172PROPERTY SALESale catalogue of two farms and land, GMC & Hemingford Abbots, 30.7.1887
SIL/GODMC/173GLEBESale catalogue of Glebe Estate: Vicarage Farm and land, 15.5.1918, with MS notes of buyers & prices
SIL/GODMC/174PROPERTY SALESale catalogue, pasture & smallholding by Mr J.P. Harcourt, 17.7.1918
SIL/GODMC/175PROPERTY SALESale catalogue, pasture & arable at GMC & Spaldwick 23.11.1918, with MS notes of buyers & prices
SIL/GODMC/176OLD COURT HALLSale catalogue, by will of late Gerald Hunnybun, 18.9.1935
SIL/GODMC/177RIVERSIDESale catalogue, house & grounds with pasture & spinney, by F.C. Boyes, 30.6.1923
SIL/GODMC/178THE PRIORYSale catalogue, by exors of late Henry Mason 13.6.1932
SIL/GODMC/179SIMPSON V GODMANCHESTERTranscript of Simpson v Godmanchester in the House of Lords, ex Law Reports 1896, with family tree of Spencer, Ashley etc
SIL/GODMC/180BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of documents: muniments of the Borough, of the Grammar School and of the parish church, private deeds re GMC, & private documents not related to GMC "mostly useless;" 11.1938
SIL/GODMC/181BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of packets, 20.11.1933
SIL/GODMC/182BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 1, part of the 1377 GMC court rolls
SIL/GODMC/183BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 2, transcript of MSS temp Edw III
SIL/GODMC/184BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 3, transcript of 1578 depositions re GMC part of Duchy of Lancaster
SIL/GODMC/185BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 4, transcript of 1331 record of inquisition re causeway from Huntingdon bridge, 9.7.1933
SIL/GODMC/187BOROUGH MUNIMENTSSecond copy of MS in SIL/GODMC/185, 6.1933
SIL/GODMC/188BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 5, 15-17C legal cases re flood gates & causeways, with transcript of 1428 judgment of assizes re land between GMC & Huntingdon
SIL/GODMC/189BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTranscript of MS in packet 5, 1428 indictment of men of GMC for opening flood gates
SIL/GODMC/190BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTranscript of MS in packet 5, 1431 award of arbitrators between GMC & Prior of Huntingdon re bridges & flood gates
SIL/GODMC/191BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTranscript of MS in packet 5, record of 1434 action in Chancery between GMC & Prior of Huntingdon re Causeway Holme
SIL/GODMC/192BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTranscript of MS in packet 5, draft petition to king by bailiffs of GMC re Causeway Holme
SIL/GODMC/193BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTranscript of MS in packet 5, 1487 award of arbitrators between GMC & Prior of Huntingdon re Causeway Holme & bridges
SIL/GODMC/194BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTranscript of MS in packet 5, 1568 verdict of jury re Causeway Holme & repair of bridges
SIL/GODMC/195BOROUGH MUNIMENTSAbstract of MS in packet 5, draft copy of 1569 indenture re Causeway Holme & repair of bridges
SIL/GODMC/196BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTranscript of MS in packet 5, 1656 indenture between Robt Cooke & John Negus re repair of bridges
SIL/GODMC/197BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 6, with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/198BOROUGH MUNIMENTSLst of contents of packet 7, with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/199BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 8, with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/200BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 9, with transcripts
SIL/GODMC/201BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 10, with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/202BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 11, with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/203BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 12 (muniments of QE Grammar School), with transcripts & abstracts inc sketch of fragmentary seal of the school
SIL/GODMC/204BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 13 (re QE Grammar School), with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/205BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 14 (re parish church), with abstracts & transcripts
SIL/GODMC/206BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 15 (private documents connected with GMC), with transcripts & abstracts
SIL/GODMC/207BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 16 (private documents connected with GMC), with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/208BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 17 (private documents), with transcripts
SIL/GODMC/209BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 18 (private documents not connected with GMC), with transcripts & abstracts
SIL/GODMC/210BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 19 (private documents not connected with GMC), with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/211BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 20 (private documents not connected with GMC), with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/212BOROUGH MUNIMENTSList of contents of packet 21 (private documents re Hemingford Grey), with abstracts
SIL/GODMC/213BOROUGH MUNIMENTSTwo letters from K. Hunnybun thanking SIL for sorting records, 21.11 & 19.121933
SIL/GODMC/214BOROUGH MUNIMENTS"Report on the Records of the Borough of Godmanchester" by Miss Mary Bateson, offprint from "Hunts Historical Sketches" 7.10.1902
SIL/GODMC/215TURNPIKE"An Act to repair and widen the road leading from Godmanchester . . . through Fen Stanton and Cambridge to the First Rubbing House on Newmarket Heath, etc" (18 George II, 1745)
SIL/GODMC/216LADDSRefs in borough records 22.9.1908
SIL/GODMC/217PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (13pp), vicars (11pp), Tillard (2pp), Beart (2pp), Hunnybun (2pp), other notables (23pp), RB archaeology (6pp), topography & old buildings (8pp), water mill (2pp), 1902 fire, miscell, steam mill closure, miscell (14pp), borough records (3pp), miscell (9pp), war memorial (2pp), property sales (13pp)
SIL/GRAFM/001PARISH CHURCHPages from SIL's daybook re restoration of spire with estimates & sketches, 9.6.1902, 19.3.1903, 27-28 & 30.3.1903, 4 & 6.5.1903; also letter from Rev Turner 20.12.1934
SIL/GRAFM/002PARISH CHURCHPages from SIL's daybook re rebuilding porch, 6.8.1902 & 1.9.1902
SIL/GRAFM/003DUBERLYNote of baptism of Ellen Grey Duberly 1.5.1844 ex transcripts
SIL/GRAFM/004LANDHOLDINGExtracts from Ramsey cartularies
SIL/GRAFM/005BEADLESNotes on will of Robt Beadles died 1688, ex Huntn Archdeaconry records
SIL/GRAFM/006LANDHOLDING, DE GRAFHAM, BROUGHTONNotes ex various sources & dates, also de Grafham & Broughton family trees, 2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/007LANDHOLDINGNotes re valuations & areas, various dates & sources, 2-3.1902
SIL/GRAFM/008INCUMBENTSList of rectors & patrons 1473-1895, ex Rev Noble via Rev Hooper
SIL/GRAFM/009BIGGNotes re 1747 will of John Bigg, ex PCC 109 Strahan
SIL/GRAFM/010HISTORYLetter from Rev Hooper re his "Short History", 13.5.1902
SIL/GRAFM/011HISTORYNotes from Rev Hooper re his "Short History"
SIL/GRAFM/012PARISH CHURCHList of expenses for restoration 1803-1900, ex churchwardens' books
SIL/GRAFM/013PARISH CHURCH, FAIRCLOUGH, IRELANDMIs found beneath floor of chancel, 6.1902
SIL/GRAFM/014PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches on plate, registers, incumbents etc
SIL/GRAFM/015PARISH CHURCHNotes on restoration and MIs, 1902
SIL/GRAFM/016PARISH CHURCHTranscript of 1724 terrier of rectory & glebe, ex Rev Hooper
SIL/GRAFM/017LANDHOLDINGRefs in Cal Pat Rolls & Placita de Quo Warranto, temp Edw I
SIL/GRAFM/018PARISH CHURCHIncomplete note re 1341 return of assessors of ninths
SIL/GRAFM/019BIGGFamily tree with notes
SIL/GRAFM/020BIGGCopy of SIL/GRAFM/019 with additions
SIL/GRAFM/021PARISH CHURCHRepair fund appeal leaflet for reroofing of aisles, 16.5.1907
SIL/GRAFM/022PARISH CHURCHRepair fund appeal leaflet for reroofing of aisles with list of subscribers & balance sheet, 5.1907
SIL/GRAFM/023ENGLISH SEAMENPage of leaflet advertising Froude's "English Seamen in the 16C" with print of Lords Buckhurst, Nottingham & Mountjoy
SIL/GRAFM/024DOMESDAYBrieif notes re holdings of king & sheriff
SIL/GRAFM/025ADVOWSONNote re 1316 presentation by John Engaine, ex Rev Noble 8.1898
SIL/GRAFM/026ADVOWSONNote re agreement between John Engaine & Rbot de Gretford on advowson, ex Feet of Fines 14 Edw II
SIL/GRAFM/027PARISH CHURCHColumn re 1902 restoration ex Hunts Historical Sketches
SIL/GRAFM/028SPARROWNotes on arms, ex Burke 4.1902
SIL/GRAFM/030MANORNote re c.1600 sale by Towse to Oliver Cromwell
SIL/GRAFM/032PEDLEY, BIGGFamily tree, ex Grafham registers 25.4.1902
SIL/GRAFM/033CHARITIESNotes ex Kelly's 1894 directory
SIL/GRAFM/034PARISH CHURCHPoster advertising service for re-opening after restoration, 18.6.1903
SIL/GRAFM/035PARISH CHURCHInvitation to service for re-opening after restoration, 18.6.1903
SIL/GRAFM/036PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet for underpinning, with subscribers & balance sheet, 5.1902
SIL/GRAFM/037PARISH CHURCHAppeal leaflet for repointing, with subscribers & balance sheet, 8.1905
SIL/GRAFM/038SUMMERHOUSESketch plan of lawn with summerhouse, 16.10.07
SIL/GRAFM/039ADVOWSONList of patrons 1242-1895, 22.1.1898
SIL/GRAFM/040INCUMBENTSList of rectors & patrons 1222-1918, 27.6.1918
SIL/GRAFM/041PARISH CHURCHDrawing of exterior from the south, 30.8.1886
SIL/GRAFM/042PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of arcade, 5.9.1888
SIL/GRAFM/043PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of north side of tower & spire, and sketch of 1657 inscribed stone, 27.7.1903 & 10.4.1906
SIL/GRAFM/044PARISH CHURCHPencil sketch of exterior from south-east, by John Ladds 16.10.1907
SIL/GRAFM/045PARISH CHURCHDrawing of steeple with measurements of heights of the various stages, 1903-6
SIL/GRAFM/046PARISH CHURCHFaint sketch of ?windows, 16.10.07
SIL/GRAFM/047INCUMBENTSCopy of note loose in register re 17C rectors
SIL/GRAFM/048PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of mouldings of east window in south aisle
SIL/GRAFM/049STONE STOUPSNotes & sketches of stone stoups found "old site of house", 16.10.07
SIL/GRAFM/050MANORNote on sale by Wm. Towse to Oliver Cromwell c 1600, ex Rev Noble from RA MSS
SIL/GRAFM/051MANOR, ADVOWSONPart of brief list of Lords of Manor & patrons 1854-1910
SIL/GRAFM/052PARISH CHURCH, BRAMPTON PARKBrief notes on S aisle being called Huntingdon chapel and on Lady Olivia BS building Brampton Park
SIL/GRAFM/053MANOR, ADVOWSONRefs in 1447 will of Henry Heth, ex Rev Noble from Lincoln 3.9.1898
SIL/GRAFM/054PARISH CHURCHSketch of half effigy/brass of priest, N [illeg] of church, on back of envelope postmarked 19.11.190- [illeg]
SIL/GRAFM/055PARISH CHURCHSketch of church from south with proportions, on back of envelope postmarked 7.6.1902
SIL/GRAFM/056BIGG, FORTREYMIs of John Bigg 1748 & Elizabtha Fortrey 1708
SIL/GRAFM/057IRELAND1770 MI of Henry Ireland, farmer
SIL/GRAFM/059INCUMBENTSInfo from Rev Hooper on institution & resignation, first & last service 1895-1906
SIL/GRAFM/060INCUMBENTSPage from SIL's day book re visit to say goodbye to Rev & Mrs Hooper, 8.10.1906
SIL/GRAFM/061INCUMBENTSNote on previous career of Rev Gordon, ex Benefices Act 14.11.1906
SIL/GRAFM/062INCUMBENTSPostcard from Rev Gordon re his institution, 4.1.1907
SIL/GRAFM/063PARISH CHURCH1771 inscription on old lead re Wm Peacock of St Neots, 10.1908
SIL/GRAFM/064PARISH CHURCHSketches of various architectural details, 5.2.1913
SIL/GRAFM/065ELWOOD FARMLetter from G. Page re Gt Stukeley church but with PS re Elwood Farm being partially burnt down, 24.9.1913
SIL/GRAFM/066PARISH CHURCHNote re Mr Clapham's opinion of some stones in chancel, 24.3.1926
SIL/GRAFM/067INCUMBENTSPostcard from Rev Brierly re his institution, 1.4.1926
SIL/GRAFM/068PARISH CHURCHLeaflet re sale for church repair fund, 19.6.1902
SIL/GRAFM/069INCUMBENTSNotes re various 17C dates, on old envelope postmarked 24.5.1902
SIL/GRAFM/070PARISH CHURCHPostcard from Rev Hooper to SIL at Doughty Street arranging to see him next day, with notes & sketches of architectural details, 9.8.1902
SIL/GRAFM/071PARISH CHURCHPostcard from Rev Hooper to SIL at Doughty Street re desirability of repairing roof immediately, with notes on register entries re John Dunton, 6.8.1902
SIL/GRAFM/072PARISH CHURCHRough sketch of spire with a few measurements, 1903
SIL/GRAFM/074PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of pillar base but labelled "stoup", with note on back re village cross at Stilton, 1.9.1902
SIL/GRAFM/075PARISH CHURCHMeasured sketches of east, centre and west capitals on "S", 28.11.1902
SIL/GRAFM/076LEEDSNote re 1588 Edward Leeds or Ledes
SIL/GRAFM/077PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Brierly re SIL seeing registers & plate, 28.7.1928
SIL/GRAFM/078INCUMBENTSRefs to Revs Puckle 1825-53 & 1853-92, ex Peterhouse Admissions 5.4.1934
SIL/GRAFM/079PARISH CHURCH8 pages of rough measured sketches & notes on re-used postcard & envelopes; 6 pages of plans and elevations in ink & wash on tracing paper, with cracks etc added in red; various dates 1902-06
SIL/GRAFM/080PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawing of north elevation of steeple, 4.4.1906
SIL/GRAFM/081PARISH CHURCHSketched ground plan with measurements, 17.2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/082PARISH CHURCHMIs in chancel, 17.2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/083PARISH CHURCHSketch elevations of arcades with measurements, and other architectural details, 8.1902
SIL/GRAFM/084PARISH CHURCHGround plan with measurements, 2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/085PARISH CHURCHGround plan including furniture with measurements, 2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/086PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of elevations, 2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/087PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of elevations, 2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/088PARISH CHURCHMeasured drawings of elevations with notes on work needed, 2.1902
SIL/GRAFM/089PARISH CHURCHPlan of plinths with measurements, 7.6. & 19.7.1934
SIL/GRAFM/090PARISH CHURCHSketched ground plan with building dates
SIL/GRAFM/091PARISH CHURCHGround plan, 7.1934
SIL/GRAFM/092HARRISONMI in churchyard of John & Mary Harrison, 28.5.1934
SIL/GRAFM/093PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Hooper re damage to memorial stones in chancel & suggestion that they should be moved to a side chapel and the chancel floor tiled, 31.5.1902
SIL/GRAFM/094PARISH CHURCHLetter from Rev Hooper re memorial stones etc in chancel, 14.6.1902
SIL/GRAFM/095PARISH CHURCHLetters from J.W. Gray & Son re replacing weather vane, 25.3 & 27.3.1903
SIL/GRAFM/096PARISH CHURCHCopy of letter from J.W. Gray & Son re replacing weather vane & repointing spire, 7.4.1903
SIL/GRAFM/097INCUMBENTSPostcard from Rev & Mrs Hooper re moving to Coventry
SIL/GRAFM/098PARISH CHURCHFloor plan with building dates, ex VCH 1.1935
SIL/GRAFM/099PARISH CHURCHLithograph of the steeple, ex Wicke's "Towers & Spires"
SIL/GRAFM/100ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 11.10.1906
SIL/GRAFM/101ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 3.1.1913
SIL/GRAFM/102ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection, 20.10.1921
SIL/GRAFM/103INCUMBENTSExtracts from 16C wills with refs to Thomas Wassell as curate, ex Rev Noble's book WWW
SIL/GRAFM/104PARISH CHURCHRefs in archdeaconry records & terriers
SIL/GRAFM/105LANDNotes on 1348 charter re 4 selions, John Russell & Sir John de Pappeworth, Add Charters 33315 ex Dr Page 8.1933
SIL/GRAFM/106PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches (hallmarks) on plate & registers, 31.7.1928
SIL/GRAFM/107PARISH CHURCHNotes on architecture & dates
SIL/GRAFM/108PARISH CHURCHList of queries and answers to them, 27.1.1932
SIL/GRAFM/109PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GRAFM/110PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GRAFM/111HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 30.1.1933
SIL/GRAFM/112HISTORYNotes on Miss Russell's VCH draft, 25.1.1933
SIL/GRAFM/113HISTORYCorrections to VCH draft, 6.2.1933
SIL/GRAFM/114HISTORYNotes on revised VCH draft 16.8.1933 with annotations 5.1934
SIL/GRAFM/115HISTORYCorrections to revised VCH draft, 16.8.1933
SIL/GRAFM/116HISTORYCorrections to revised VCH draft, 19.8.1933
SIL/GRAFM/117HISTORYCorrections to VCH final draft, 5.1934
SIL/GRAFM/118HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 10.1934
SIL/GRAFM/119HISTORYCorrections to VCH 1st proof, 10.1934
SIL/GRAFM/120HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 10.1935
SIL/GRAFM/121HISTORYCorrections to VCH page proof, 10.1935
SIL/GRAFM/122EARTHWORKSSketch plan of moat at Manor House, ex Mr Andrews
SIL/GRAFM/123EARTHWORKSSketch plan of moats at Manor House, ex OS map
SIL/GRAFM/124EARTHWORKSSketch plan of moat east of village, ex OS map
SIL/GRAFM/125EARTHWORKSSketch plan of moat east of village, ex OS 25" 11.9.1924
SIL/GRAFM/126EARTHWORKSSketch plan of moats at Manor House, ex OS 25" 11.9.1924
SIL/GRAFM/127EARTHWORKSPlan of moats at Manor House, ex OS 25"
SIL/GRAFM/128PROPERTY SALESGrafham properties in sale particulars, Kimbolton Castle Estates Sale 19-20.7.1918, with photos & MS notes of buyers and prices
SIL/GRAFM/129GLEBE FARMSale particulars, 14.8.1919
SIL/GRAFM/130ENCLOSURESketch of map traced from 1774 enclosure map, 17.2.1938
SIL/GRAFM/131ENCLOSURETracing of 1775 map of Perry with old enclosures and open fields, 7.1940
SIL/GRAFM/132ENCLOSURESketch map of Perry as enclosed in 1807
SIL/GRAFM/133ENCLOSURETracing of pre-enclosure map of Grafham (probably 1767-74), 6.1940
SIL/GRAFM/134SPARROWMap showing Lady Olivia's property in Grafham, Buckden & Brampton, with field names & areas
SIL/GRAFM/135BEDELLSExtracts from 1617 will of Wm Bedells yeoman, ex Rev Noble
SIL/GRAFM/136PRESS CUTTINGSParish church (2pp), incumbents (2pp), John Dunton, Brown, Horsford, miscellaneous, fires, property sales
SIL/GRAFM/137EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources
SIL/GRAFM/138EXTRACTSVarious items from various sources re Perry
SIL/GT.GR/01HISTORYNotes on Rev Edmonds' 1892 "History of Great Gransden"
SIL/GT.GR/02VILLAGEDrawings of various buildings copied from Rev Edmonds' 1892 "History of Great Gransden", 23.4.1899
SIL/GT.GR/03PARISH CHURCH, OLEYOrder of service for unveiling memorial tablet, 12.10.1910
SIL/GT.GR/04WILLIAMS MSSLetter from J.M. Edmonds re publishing MSS, 29.6.1915
SIL/GT.GR/05WILLIAMS MSSLetter from J.M. Edmonds re MSS, 3.7.1915
SIL/GT.GR/06PARISH CHURCH, OLD BUILDINGSNotes, ex Rev Edmonds, 7.1907
SIL/GT.GR/07PARISH CHURCH, WEBBNotes on restoration part financed by T.V. Webb, son of Master of Clare, ex Illus Ch News 11.5.1895
SIL/GT.GR/08PARISH CHURCH, OLD BUILDINGSLetter from Rev Edmonds, 5.7.1907
SIL/GT.GR/09HISTORYObscure notes re moat, Roman pottery etc, 17.9.1907
SIL/GT.GR/11SAFFORDNote re tradition Cromwell recruited members of the family with "offer of a hatful of gold"
SIL/GT.GR/12MANOR, CLAREBrief notes re link with Clare family & Clare Hall
SIL/GT.GR/14MANOR1571 ref in Feet of Fines, ex Rev Noble
SIL/GT.GR/15CAESARFamily tree, ex Wm Emery & given to SIL by A. Wrycroft 14.1.1932
SIL/GT.GR/16PARISH CHURCH, OLEYPage from SIL's daybook re visit to plan memorial tablet, 13.4.1910
SIL/GT.GR/17PARISH CHURCH, OLEYDrawing of paterae in surround of memorial tablet, 12.10.1910
SIL/GT.GR/18PARISH CHURCH, OLEYInscription for memorial tablet, 13.7.1910
SIL/GT.GR/19PARISH CHURCH, OLEYInscription on memorial tablet
SIL/GT.GR/20INCUMBENTSCard re institution of Rev Alexander. 20.11.1916
SIL/GT.GR/21INCUMBENTSNote re 1812 death of Rev Fallowfield at Bristol Hot Wells, Cambridge Chron ex C.E. Dawes' notes
SIL/GT.GR/22INCUMBENTSPostcard from Rev Alexander re his institution, 21.11.1916
SIL/GT.GR/23INCUMBENTSPostcard from Rev Bayley re his institution, 26.2.26
SIL/GT.GR/24PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketches of plate, fire hooks & churchwardens books exhibited at 1910 Church Congress at Cambridge
SIL/GT.GR/25PARISH CHURCHNotes and sketch of old glass in S window of chancel, 14.12.1925
SIL/GT.GR/26INCUMBENTSPostcard from Rev Edmonds
SIL/GT.GR/27PARISH CHURCHSketch and note of coat of arms on W door, 1909
SIL/GT.GR/28PARISH CHURCHSketch of coat of arms in S window of chancel, 7.1.1925
SIL/GT.GR/29MASONRef to Mason's 1754 "foolish pamphlet" ex Add MSS 5819
SIL/GT.GR/30WILLSRefs to wills of Wm Harrison (vicar), Jer. Disher, James Kettle, ex Rev Noble's books
SIL/GT.GR/31ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 22.4.1909
SIL/GT.GR/32ECCLESIASTICAL DILAPIDATIONSRequest for inspection 3.5.1916
SIL/GT.GR/33WILLS, PARISH CHURCHRefs to wills of John Rachedale (vicar), Thomas Buttin, John de Swynligh; also archdeacon's notebook, registers, brass matrices; ex Rev Noble's books
SIL/GT.GR/34PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketches of MIs and plate, 6.7.1927
SIL/GT.GR/35PARISH CHURCHNames of churchwardens 1674 & 1686, ex terriers
SIL/GT.GR/36PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketch of MIs, 26.8.1930
SIL/GT.GR/37PARISH CHURCHNotes & sketch of MIs, 4.3.1942
SIL/GT.GR/38PARISH CHURCHBrief notes on architectural details & plate, 6.7.1927
SIL/GT.GR/39BELLS, EAYRE, TAYLORNotes on Joseph Eayre, Rbt Taylor & the Gransden tenor bell, source?
SIL/GT.GR/40PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GT.GR/41PARISH CHURCHDraft history & description for VCH
SIL/GT.GR/42HISTORYNotes on VCH proofs, 11.1930
SIL/GT.GR/43HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 11.1930
SIL/GT.GR/44CAESARFamily tree, ex Edmonds' "History of Gt Gr"
SIL/GT.GR/45HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 11.1930
SIL/GT.GR/46HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 8.1931
SIL/GT.GR/47HISTORYCorrections to VCH proofs, 8.1931
SIL/GT.GR/48PARISH CHURCHPhotographs exterior & interior, ex VCH