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BUNTING, George1888EP/S.IVE/02St Ives from the west, with the Backwater and the steeple of the parish church in the foreground; the Free Church, New Bridges and the steam mill behind; Bridge Terrace and Fenstanton church in the right background. A lurid pink and yellow sky, the right half of the picture apparently out of perspective with the left half.
BUNTING, GeorgeNo dateEP/HEM.G/01The Ouse at Hemingford Grey, looking down the river at the church with the boathouse in the right foreground and two boats on the river; dark and gloomy, and the perspective of the landing stage a bit peculiar.
COOKE, Edward William, R.A.1855EP/CONIN/01A disused drainage mill in the snow: the mill with its sails and scoop wheel - all showing signs of dilapidation - towards the left of the picture on the bank of a frozen drain; on the right is a waggon loaded with bundles of reeds with more bundles on the ground behind it; two more mills in the background; the landscape covered in snow and the sky grey and overcast.
COOKE, Edward William, R.A.1855 (contd.)EP/CONIN/01 (contd.)
HADDON, Trevor1933EP/S.IVE/06Herbert Norris: half-length seated portrait, showing Norris in grey suit, blue waistcoat and red patterned tie, sitting in a chair with an open book on his lap, looking to the right.
LEWIS, Steve2008EP/BLUNT/01Skaters on Bury Fen: an expanse of ice and snow with trees behind and the steeple of Bluntisham church beyond them, a colourful sunset sky in the background; many skaters on the ice.
MENCE, Anne StrangeNo date (i)EP/HEM.G/04Hemingford Grey water mill: seen from the other side of the river and showing the mill and the mill house with outbuildings, lock and footbridge to the right.
MENCE, Anne StrangeNo date (ii)EP/S.IVE/09St Ives bridge and chapel, from downstream, with the extra storeys still on the chapel; trees and glimpses of buildings on the left, the Manor House and Quay to the right, rowing boats moored in the foreground.
MENCE, Anne StrangeNo date (iii)EP/S.IVE/10St Ives bridge and chapel from upstream, with the extra storeys still on the chapel; the Manor House, Free Church spire and other buildings on the left, one with a signboard reading "Boats [illeg.]"; also bundles of osiers on the bank and boats beside them; outhouses of the Dolphin on the right; the roof of the Masonic Lodge and the chimney in Wellington Street in the background.
MENCE, Anne StrangeNo date (iv)EP/S.IVE/11St Ives parish church steeple from the west, with trees around it, the backwater in the foreground, also the churchyard wall and wooden boathouse; in the right background is the old granary where the Norris Museum was later built and the spire of the Free Church.
MENCE, Anne StrangeNo date (iv) (contd.)EP/S.IVE/11 (contd.)
MILNE, William Watt1938EP/S.IVE/01The Broadway, St Ives: looking east with the Norris Museum just visible in the right foreground, as far as the Victoria Memorial and the shops at the east end of the street, with the Free Church spire behind. There is a laden cart on the left of the street and a tree prominent in the right foreground.
MILNE, William Watt1944EP/SAWTY/01A cottage garden at Sawtry: a central mass of colourful flowers with hollyhocks to left and right and a little grass in the foreground; a path on the right side leads back to a thatched cottage; two women with baskets are on the path apparently gathering flowers. The top of the cottage is cut off (but actually present over the runner of the frame) and there is an open landscape in the left background.
MILNE, William Watt1944 (contd.)EP/SAWTY/01 (contd.)
MILNE, William WattNo date (i)EP/HOUGH/01A thatched cottage at Houghton: the cottage in two blocks, the further one taller and the nearer one lower with a dormer window in the roof; there are figures sitting in front of the door and two women standing in the path in front of it; a dead tree in the right foreground, open landscape with distant woods in the left background.
MILNE, William WattNo date (i) (contd. 1)EP/HOUGH/01 (contd. 1)
MILNE, William WattNo date (i) (contd. 2)EP/HOUGH/01 (contd. 2)
MILNE, William WattNo date (ii)EP/HEM.G/02Hemingford Grey watermill: with the mill house to the left and weir to the right, trees and reeds on the right side and more trees behind the buildings; fishermen at various places near the mill.
MILNE, William WattNo date (iii)EP/S.IVE/05A man ploughing with two horses - apparently unfinished or a sketch: the horses on the left, pulling vigorously, with the man braced against them on the right of the picture; the plough itself is suggested by a few lines of paint; vivid patches of textures in the sky, brown plough soil below.
MILNE, William WattNo date (iv)EP/WYTON/01The Three Jolly Butchers at Wyton: the pub in the right foreground with big chimney stack and gabled wing, the pub sign on a post beside the road and a group of customers with two heavy horses in front of the pub; thatched cottages in the background - very different from the real appearance of this street, with a gap in the houses beyond the pub and the cottages on the left built on a high bank, with the street running down to a flat landscape and distant horizon behind.
MILNE, William WattNo date (v)EP/S.IVE/12The Angler's Rest and the parish church: the Angler's Rest on the right with trees to the left and the church behind; three people outside the house are watching a group of people in the churchyard - one seems to be dressed in full-length white so perhaps a wedding.
MILNE, William WattNo date (v) (contd.)EP/S.IVE/12 (contd.)
MORGANS, PhyllisNo dateEP/HUNTS/01"Still of the Evening, near Huntingdon": a fisherman in shirtsleeves and trilby hat, standing fishing beside an area of water surrounded by trees, with a pink-tinged sky behind.
MORGANS, PhyllisNo date (contd.)EP/HUNTS/01 (contd.)
MUIRHEAD, JohnNo dateEP/HOUGH/02A scene of water meadows, with a river in the foreground and an angler on the left sitting on a staunch or revetted bank; a stile on his right and two ladies with baskets beside the river; in the background are meadows, tress and a distant church spire (or is it a poplar?).
PETERS, T.1919?EP/HEM.A/02The Backwater at Hemingford Abbots: a view across river channels and meadows with willow trees in the foreground and a line of trees and a church steeple behind.
R., E.E.1887EP/S.IVE/08St Ives bridge from the west: with Hemingford Meadow in the foreground, the Manor House and the buildings behind it to the left of the bridge and the outhouses of Lindsells or the Dolphin on the right; the pigments rather yellowy-brown.
SADLER, Walter DendyNo dateEP/HEM.G/03"The Broken Pitcher": in a doorway into a kitchen or dairy a young red-haired girl in 19th-century costume sits and weeps over the remains of a jug of milk which has broken on the steps down from the door; leaning up to the right of the door are objects including two baker's peels and a broom.
SADLER, Walter DendyNo date (contd.)EP/HEM.G/03 (contd.)
STRANGE, AnneNo dateSee Anne Strange MENCE.
TYRRELL, Edwin RobertNo dateEP/S.IVE/04St Ives bridge and chapel, seen from downstream before the removal of the chapel's upper storeys in 1930; on the left are trees and a boat with masts, on the right the Manor House with a tree in front of it; the parish church spire just visible behind the bridge.
UnknownNo dateSAVNM2014.6Oil painting on board of St Ives bridge from the east with a view of the Quay, with 3 rowing boats in right foreground, the nearest boat is named 'Polly'. Two people can be seen on the Quayside and one person is standing at the foot of the bridge. The spire of All Saints can be seen in the background. The painting belonged to the donor's husband's Aunt, Connie Foreman who lived in Hartford Street, Cambridge for most of her life (this is where it was hung). She died in the 1970s or 1980s.
UNKNOWNNo date (i)EP/HUNTN/01Oliver Cromwell: a head-and-shoulders portrait with face turned slightly to the left, shown wearing a feathered hat, white shirt collar and armour on breast, shoulders and arms; the wart over the right eye is present but apart from that it is not an accurate likeness; in a black oval on a slightly lighter background.
UNKNOWNNo date (i) (contd.)EP/HUNTN/01 (contd.)
UNKNOWNNo date (ii)EP/HUNTN/02Oliver Cromwell: a head-and shoulders portrait with face turned slightly to the right, shown bare-headed with white shirt-collar and armour on breast, shoulders and arms; in an oval with painted frame round it within a rectangular canvas.
UNKNOWNNo date (iii)EP/S.IVE/07St Ives bridge and chapel, seen from downstream before the removal of the chapel's upper storeys in 1930; on the left are trees and glimpses of buildings, on the right are moored boats and the buildings behind Wellington Street, with the Manor House and the spire of the parish church in the right background; a horse and cart are crossing the bridge, there is a sunset glow in the sky.
UNKNOWNNo date (iv)EP/HEM.A/01The Black Bridge, Hemingford Abbots: a wooden footbridge with railings over a river channel, with rushes to the left and trees on the right, a faint church spire in the background; a lady in floor-length white dress looks over the railings.
WESTON, Henry F.No dateEP/S.IVE/03The Old Court Hall, St Ives: a jettied, three-storey building with tiled roof, the ground floor bay windows apparently boarded up - so perhaps painted shortly before demilition in 1887.
WHYMPER, CharlesNo dateEP/HOUGH/03"A Wise Old Owl": a long-eared owl in a tree, ears up and with one foot raised, looking to the right of the picture where, in the background by a fence, a man in plus fours and cloth cap has his arm round a young woman. 1920s to judge by her dress.
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